Travels With Peter (ch. 02)

On the road. Traveling east from central Arkansas I was passing through lots of cotton and rice fields that had been harvested months ago. It was still winter but spring was in the air. The farmers would be out working those fields very soon.

I was heading for my next rendezvous with a little Lush friend. My first encounter had been more than worth the whole trip, but I was going to be making myself and many other little cupcakes as happy as I could until the money started running out. So I was heading for Alabama for some southern hospitality and some good old southern fucking. I hoped.

I was taking my time. I wanted to be strong and full of spunk whenever I encountered my online friends. There was no rush. All in good time. I stopped for the day early and relaxed in my motel room after taking in the sights of the rather small city I was in. Not a lot to see but I did love the geography of my country. Finally, after dining at a local diner I went to my room and had a good rest.

Two days later I arrived in the southern Alabama town where Gretchen lived. As always, I was in touch and she would be expecting me. As I drove up to her modest little bungalow I was impressed by how well kept it was. Lovely home and I hoped a lovely little online cupcake. It was late in the afternoon as I walked up the brick walkway to her porch, with its swing and decorative flower pots along all the railings, in anticipation of the spring weather soon to come.

Gretchen greeted me at the front door with her southern charm, but she had a man by her side. Online profiles may not always tell the whole story. I had chatted and cybered with Gretchen many times. Never had a husband or relationship with a man been mentioned. But he was gracious, too. We shook hands and I was ushered in.

We spent the next hour getting acquainted in real life. This was, indeed, her husband Roger and he had no problems with her spending all the time she wanted in online romances. In fact, he encouraged it. I was getting the vibe that Roger was a bit of a sub, and Gretchen was a Domme in this relationship. Not that she had ever played that with me. She was well aware that I didn't go that way. I was always in charge, allowing my little cupcakes to do as they pleased as long as it pleased me too. And I had never had one complaint that they had not been fully satisfied by my efforts.

I do believe I was the one factor in Gretchen's life that allowed her to let down her guard and just be sexually happy without any of the games some online loves felt they had to play. I was just good old-fashioned fucking and sucking, and no strings attached. But what were we going to do today, here and now? That was the question.

Anyway, we had a great meal of chicken fried steak, with mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn on the cob. Plenty of sweet tea, too. Good southern cooking with nice southern folk. I learned that it had all been prepared by Roger. I looked forward to more of his cooking and I was looking forward to the fucking.

After supper we relaxed awhile and then Gretchen rose, took me by the hand, and led me into the large master bedroom with its huge bed. I saw a cabinet on one wall and I knew what it probably held. We might use some of the stuff in there and we might not. I would see how the night progressed.

"Are you okay with Roger being here, maybe joining in?"

"No problems at all little Gretchen, but you know I don't do dick, right? I'm a pussy man."

"Can he play with you, Peter? Just a little?"

"That's great, cupcake. He can play with my cock all he wants. And you better!"

So we all peeled off our clothes. Roger was hard already with a five incher bobbing up and down. Mine was definitely hard and getting harder as I looked at Gretchen's sweet, shaven pussy. Her hair was auburn and came to her shoulders. It was wavy. Her body was not as full as Cindy's had been, but I loved all women. Gretchen had small pointed tits with pink nipples. She had curves with pale skin and I loved that. And her legs were so fine. She must have studied ballet down here in Alabama.

I was standing in the middle of the room when they both converged on me. Gretchen knelt before me with her sweet green eyes looking up with a sort of supplication. I smiled to reassure her that she would get what she needed. Then I felt Roger behind me. His hands were spreading my ass checks and then his tongue started working on my anus. He was certainly enjoying himself. I was too. I loved rim jobs. I didn't give a damn if it was a guy doing it.

Gretchen began worshipping my cock with her hands. She was stroking it and licking the head to get all that good pre-cum seeping out. My balls were large and hanging low. She bent over and began licking and loving them. She sucked one in and rolled it around, then she did the same with the other. As I said in the last chapter, I was keeping it all clean shaven down there. The girls seemed to enjoy that, especially when they were shaven too. My cock was twitching with anticipation.

Roger's tongue was fucking my ass hole. That was nice. It made me harder still. Gretchen was holding my cock while she licked it and nibbled on it as if it were an ice cream treat. Her tongue went up one side of my shaft and down the other. Then, with her saliva lubricating it, she started jacking it with both little hands. All the while she was licking the head harder and harder. Finally, she needed to be face fucked. She look up and said, "Feed me your cock, Peter. Fuck me please. Make me gag with your cum."

All the while Roger's tongue was tossing my salad. I could get into this more often. Now I started thrusting my prick into Gretchen's tightly sucking mouth. It was like a pussy with teeth. Her tongue kept working hard as I fucked her face holding onto her auburn hair with both hands and forcing her to take more and more down her throat. Damn, this was good fucking. At last it was time. I was shooting wads and strings of spunk into her throat and she was choking and swallowing at the same time. Her eyes were watering as they gazed up into mine with such loving adoration. That girl loved cock.

She proved it again after taking all of mine, because Roger must have been jerking all this time. When she had cleaned me out she scrambled behind me. I turned and Roger was on the floor and Gretchen was pumping up and down on his cock and sucking all his cum, just as she had done mine. Then she kissed him and gave him all his cum back along with some of mine. How sweet!

That had been great fun, but I was tiring. I wanted to get some rest. "Daddy, would you like to sleep here with us tonight? It would be fun. I could get in the middle and cuddle with both my men."

"Sure, cupcake. Daddy loves his little girl. He'd love to spend the night. Roger can sleep with us too, if he's a good boy."

We spent the night resting there in the large bed. Gretchen in the middle with my hand on one precious tit and Roger's on the other. But it was my cock she held onto all night long. And I awoke with her slowly pumping it. She had certainly grown to love my dick. I loved her pussy too. I wanted to get some of that before I left.

We all arose and took turns showering and getting ready for breakfast. Roger put out a nice spread for us. Waffles and eggs and ham. With real maple syrup. And hot coffee. I was full but not so full I couldn't have some loving for an after breakfast treat.

We did relax. Gretchen and Roger had both taken off work for this special occasion. They had no plans for the rest of the day except spending it with me. That was great by me. I was here for the fun. And I could tell they were too.

Again, Gretchen took my hand and led me into their bedroom. But this time she went to the cabinet. "Today we're going to do something I have dreamed about for a long time. Are you up for it?"

"Hell yes, cupcake. Let's do some serious fucking!"

So she told everyone to strip down again and we did. I haven't really described Roger because I wasn't that interested, but some of you readers might be, so this is what he was like. He had black wavy hair, parted on the side. He was buff and about 6 feet tall. I don't think she would have allowed him to get too soft. I could tell she was a harsh little Mistress. But not to me.

She went over to the cabinet and took out a strap on. She put it on her sweet little body, turned to Roger and the Mistress came out. "Get your ass over there to the chair. Lean up on the back. Spread your legs. I am going to fuck your ass so hard you will cry!" Then she turned to me all demure and said, "Would you please fuck me from behind while I fuck his ass? I've always wanted to do this. Please, Daddy?"

Who was Daddy to say no? This was going to be something new for me too. Gretchen skipped over on her bare dancer's feet, spread some K-Y on her dildo and up her husband's ass hole and started ramming into it with all the force her little body had. I had my prick in hand. I strolled over, reached for the K-Y, spread it on her puckered ass hole and then I gently fed my cock into her ass.

Roger was squealing from the harsh treatment she was giving him. She was whimpering from the nice reaming I was doing for her. I was grunting with lust as I got some fucking done finally. We were syncing our strokes in and out and we were all enjoying ourselves. Roger must have loved having this done to him, he had been so eager to get his ass where she could get to him.

I think this was Gretchen's first ass-fucking. I asked her, "Cupcake, is this your first time?"

"Yes, Daddy. I love it. Please fuck me harder and harder." So I did. I rammed her as hard as she was ramming her husband. I could tell she had been cumming from the first moment she thrust into Roger. The pussy juice was running in dribbles down her pretty legs. Roger was not jerking off today. I think that was not allowed when he was being fucked. He had to await her pleasure.

I could keep this up for a long time, but I could tell her little legs were tiring and I wanted to shoot my seed into her ass before she was completely tuckered out, so I grunted hard and yelled that it was coming and she screamed as I rammed so hard it shook her whole body. My cum was filling her ass and she had to stop fucking Roger. I held onto her waist, pulled her out of Roger, and kept pumping spunk into her ass. I did not stop until I had no more to give. Then I pulled out.

To my surprise Roger immediately got on his hands and knees behind his mistress and started sucking my cum out of her ass. "Good boy, you are such a good boy. Clean mommy's ass good." He licked her as clean as he could and then he came to me and licked my cock clean. Roger was indeed a good boy.

"Gretchen, cupcake, Daddy needs a shower. Tell Roger to leave us alone and we'll shower together. Okay, little girl?"

"Yes, Daddy. Roger go do some house cleaning. But don't get dressed. Do it naked."

She and I went into the bathroom and started showering. She was cleaning both of us. She loved touching my balls and cock. I didn't mind in the least. I was busy sucking on pink nipples hard as rubies. She got us all squeaky clean and by then I was hard again. She was grinning as if she had accomplished a great feat. I laughed. Then I started making out with her. I did love kissing a pretty girl. We embraced under the shower spray and our bodies melded as our mouths did too. Now I wanted some pussy.

I put my hands on her luscious melon ass cheeks. I lifted her up and pressed her against the wall of the shower stall. She had her arms around my neck but she reached down with one hand and placed my cock head at her vulva. I just had to press lightly and he slipped right in. She was so wet from the shower and her own cunt juices that my cock had no resistance. But she was still tight. Very tight. What a great cunt.

Now the real fucking began. I always called fucking pussy "the real fucking" because I loved it so and it was the one kind of sex I would never give up. All the rest could pass away, but not fucking pussy. My little Gretchen loved this fucking too. I could tell by the way she kept humping back at my cock as I thrust it deep into her. I was grinding my whole prick as deep as I could and almost pulling it all the way out before ramming it in deep again. And I was fucking fast too. I don't think I had ever fucked at this speed before. But I wanted that pussy cum.

"Ah hell, that is good pussy, I am cumming, baby, Daddy is cumming, take it all, baby, take it all."

"Fill me, Daddy. Oh god, fill my pussy. Fill me, fill me, fuck me, fuck me. Ahhh."

So we both had our orgasms together. I hoped Roger was listening at the door. Hah. That was fine pussy and mighty fine fucking. This was the best road trip ever.

It was funny. Roger shook my hand as I was leaving later that day. Gretchen gave me a full body embrace and I could feel her hard nipples on my chest. I also gave her the kiss she needed. With plenty of tongue. We would always be online friends. Now we were real life friends.

I got into my Prius and headed out for new adventures on the cyber reality tour.



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