Up Helle Aa

Info silverhawk
05 Jan. '19

It seemed like I’d spent half my life in an airplane when I finally landed at Sumburgh Airport in Shetland Islands.  My trip started on a cold, rainy, January morning  in Nashville, Tennessee.  From there I’d changed planes three times and spent a little more than twenty-four hours in the air or waiting for my next flight.  By the time the small plane left Aberdeen airport, I was thinking how I was going to thank my boss for sending me to Lerwick in January.  I’d narrowed my choices down to either a hard kick in his fat ass or pissing on his desk.

I knew I’d do neither when I got back.  Both were just the rambling of a mind addled by almost no sleep, bad food, and cramped seating.  Besides, either would get me fired.

At least the rental car was nice.  Half an hour after claiming my bags, I was sitting in an almost new VW Passat and driving up A970 toward Lerwick and the Lerwick Hotel.  It wasn’t as cold as I’d imagined it would be.  The radio said it was four Celcius.  My mental calculation told me that was about 40 Fahrenheit.  It was only a couple degrees warmer than that when I left Nashville.

It was Monday afternoon about two when I checked in, and I didn’t have to be anywhere until Wednesday morning, but I’d traveled enough to know sleeping was the worst thing I could do.  If I slept then, I’d be awake half the night, and sleepy again the next afternoon.  Instead, I put my clothes away and took a walk down to the beach that was just behind the hotel.  

It really wasn’t a beach, at least not like any other beach I’d seen before.  There was no sand, just grey-black rock that sloped down to the water.  There was what appeared to be a walking path, though, so I continued my walk.  

It was relaxing, actually.  There were the same wave sounds I’d heard at other beaches, and here and there a bird kind of like the seagulls back home screeched as it flew past.  There were several around, but they were bigger than seagulls and were brown instead of white.  Floating in the gentle waves were ducks of some kind.  Every once in a while, one of them would dive down in the water and stay down for what seemed like forever.

I almost didn’t see her at first.  Her jacket about the same color as the rocks, and she had her face turned away from me.  She sort of blended in to the surrounding rock.  

I don’t like scaring people, especially women, and this one didn’t seem to know I was there.  I coughed in order to make some noise that she could hear over the sound of the surf.  

She turned and smiled.


She was an older woman, well, some people would have called her older.  I thought she looked about my age, at least her face had the character I’d always associated with women my age.  The rest of her, what I could see anyway, didn’t.  Short, light brown hair framed a pretty face, and she was definitely slender.  

I smiled back.


She grinned.

“I think you’re not from Shetland, are you?”

“No, I’m from Tennessee… in the US.”

“I see.  You’re watching the bonxie’s and divers.  Are you a birder?”

“I’m not sure what a birder is, but I’m just trying to stay awake after my flight.  I thought they were gulls and ducks.”

She smiled again.

“Your gulls are skuas.  We call them bonxies.  The ducks are red throated divers.  What brings you to Lerwick In January?  Most tourists come in summer.”

“My job.  My company is bidding on some equipment for one of your wind farms.  I have meetings with them on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.”

“You’ll have some time to look around then.”

“I do, but I’m not sure what there is to see.  I read about a castle and some old ruins.  I don’t have to leave until Saturday, so I thought I’d see them.”

The woman rose to her feet and dusted off her round, shapely bottom.

“Will you be going to Up Helly Aa?  That’s why I’m here.”

I grinned.

“If I knew what that was I could probably tell you.”

She smiled.

“Oh, you simply must go.  It’s great fun, though it would probably seem a bit odd to you.  Up Helly Aa is a celebration that goes back to when the people here were Norse.  It’s a fun time.  I come every year.  There are parties after the celebration, and I’m staying here, at the Lerwick, so I don’t have to drive afterwards.  It’s tomorrow night, if you might be interested.”

It was one of those things you say that you really hadn’t planned on saying, but that seems to pop out of your mouth on it’s own.

“I would, but I don’t know my way around.  I’m staying at the Lerwick too.  Could…could you show me?”

She put her hand on her chest.

“My, I haven’t been asked out in a very long time.  I’ll have to think about that.”

I grinned.

“I also hate eating alone.  Would you have dinner with me tonight and tell me about it?”

She grinned.

“Are you Americans always so forward?  You don’t even know my name, and you’ve asked me out…twice.”

“No, not usually.  I just want some company, and you’re the only person in Lerwick I know.”

She laughed.

“Ten minutes isn’t what I’d say is knowing someone, but yes, I’ll have dinner with you.  I’m Helen, and you are?”

“Tom, Tom Hastings.”

She held out a slender hand with soft, slender fingers.

“I’m pleased to meet you Tom.  Where are we dining tonight?”

The restaurant in the hotel seemed to be a nice place.  I met Helen there at six.  She’d changed into a svelt, black dress, black stockings and low heels.  I was right about her being slender, though the hips that made the dress sway were very female.  Her bust wasn’t very big, but that didn’t detract from the pretty woman who smiled and took my arm.

Most of the menu was a complete mystery to me.  After looking at it, I chuckled.

“I have no idea what to order.  What’s a balantine, or a darne, or black pudding?

Helen grinned.

“You being an American, you might just want to order the hot fish platter.”

“No, I want to sample the local food.  I always do that when I’m traveling.  What are you having?

Helen ran her finger down the menu.

“I’m having…I’m having the Darne of Salmon, I believe, and the cullen skink as a starter.”

“Then I’ll trust you and have the same.  I have no idea what a cullen skink is though.”

The meal was great.  So was Helen’s company.  After the waitress cleared our table, I ordered coffee, and at Helen’s suggestion, asked the waitress for Gaelic.  The familiar earthy, smoky taste of really good scotch flowed into my mouth with the first sip.  Helen sipped hers, and then explained Up Helly Aa.

“It’s a traditional mid-winter celebration.  A group of volunteers build a replica of an old Norse longboat, like you’ve probably seen in the cinema.  Several other groups dress up in costume, and at night, pull the boat through the city streets.  Others carry torches to light the way.  They pull it to an open place, and we sing a Norse song.  Then, they throw the torches into the boat and burn it.  When the flames are burning high, we sing a song called 'The Norseman’s Home'.

“After that, the parties begin.  All over the city, there will be parties in church basements, the recreation hall, any place that is large enough.  The groups who pulled the boat and carried the torches will come to each one and do a skit or sing or dance.  It’s great fun.”

“I’d like to see that then.  Would you go with me?”

I walked Helen to her room, and then turned in for the night.  We were to meet at the hotel restaurant at six again the next night, and after eating, Helen said we’d follow the procession as the longboat was pulled through the streets.

I slept until almost noon, and was starving when I woke up.  The restaurant served lunch, so I went there.  I wasn’t sure what haggis tattie skins would taste like, but I’d always heard about haggis.  It tasted pretty good, though I couldn’t identify some of the meats which was probably for the best.  The rest of the afternoon, I just rested.  I wasn’t sure how long the celebration and parties would take, and I wanted to be awake to experience it all.

At six, I walked to the restaurant and saw Helen waiting on me.  Her dress that night was blue, her stockings again black, and her shoes, low black heels.  For the first time in my life, I sampled black pudding, and for the first time in a long time, I found myself wondering if a woman – Helen to be exact, would…but no, she seemed pretty prim and proper.

The procession was awesome, unlike anything I’d ever seen in the US.  At least a thousand men in Viking costumes walked beside and behind the longboat as it was pulled through the city streets. They carried lit torches that streamed sparks of fire in the breeze of the night. The streets were lined with several thousand more men, women, and children cheering the men along.

The longboat reached a strip of bare earth near the water, and the torch bearers circled it as the crowd gathered around.  There were three “hip-hip-horrays” for the people who built the boat, the people who carried the torches, and for the man I assumed to be the honorary leader.  Then, the small brass band that had led the procession began to play again.  The song wasn’t one I recognized, but everyone in the crowd did, including Helen.  It was a lively song about Vikings and their bravery.  

I suppose there was some sort of signal at the end of the song, but I didn’t hear it.  All I saw was scores of torches arcing through the air to land on the ship.

The blaze started slowly, then grew into a bonfire.  The crowd was cheering until the brass band began to play again.  Then, they all joined in singing another song, but this was different.  The song was slower, and so many people sang, their voices nearly drowned out the band.  

This singing wasn’t the joyful singing of before.  It was almost reverent, and with so many voices blending into one, the sound was much like a choir in a huge cathedral.  I looked at Helen.  She was singing with everyone else.  She blinked and a tear ran down her cheek, then two down the other cheek.

After the last words – “Then let us all in harmony, give honor to the brave, the noble, hardy, northern men who ruled the storming wave”, fireworks began exploding in a burst of colors and patterns overhead.  Helen wiped her cheeks, then turned to me and smiled.

“Now is when the party begins.  Let’s walk over to the leisure complex.  I know the hostess there.”

We stayed through two glasses of ale each during which about ten different groups in costume performed for us.  Some sang, some danced, and there were a couple of skits that were pretty funny.

After the last group had been duly applauded and toasted, Helen tapped on my arm.

“This will go on all night, but I’d like to go back to the hotel if you don’t mind.”

As soon as we were outside the building, Helen took my arm, and we walked in silence for a while.  After we crossed an intersection, she asked what I thought about Up Helle Aa.  I couldn’t tell her enough.

“It was fascinating.  I hope you realize what you have in your heritage.  American heritage only goes back a couple hundred years, and we’re such a mix of cultures no single one really stands out.  Yours goes back since before writing.  I think you’re very proud of that.  I saw you crying during the last song.”

“Yes, I am.  I always cry when I sing that song, even if I’m not at Up Helle Aa.  I don’t know why, really, but it makes me very emotional.”

We made small talk until we reached the hotel.  I walked Helen to her room.  She turned and looked into my eyes and smiled.

“Thank you for taking me tonight.  Up Helle Aa is always better with someone else.”

I chuckled.

“I’m the one who should be thanking you, Helen.  I’d have been in the hotel the whole night if you hadn’t told me about it and showed me around.”

Helen smiled and squeezed my hand.

“You could come in and thank me, you know…and I could thank you.”

I wasn’t sure if I was only hearing what I wanted to hear, or if Helen was really hinting at that.

“By thanking you, do you mean…”

She grinned.

“I did tell you that song makes me emotional, remember?”

Helen’s room was much like mine.  She locked the door behind her and then walked over to me.

“You get in the bed and I’ll be right back.”

Helen stepped out a few minutes later.  The blue dress was gone, but she’d kept the black bra and panties I hadn’t seen as well as her black stockings.  The lace of the stocking tops contrasted nicely with the skin of her satin thighs, as did the lace of her bra.  Some dark brown, silky hair peeked out from the top and sides of the little triangle at the front her thong.

Helen grinned and then turned slowly all the way around.  The narrow strap of her thong outlined the separation of two very enticing ass cheeks.

“I saw you looking at me a lot.  Am I what you imagined?”

I grinned back.

“Hmmm, yes I think so, but you’re a lot sexier with no clothes on.”

“I still have clothes on.  Would you fix that for me?”

“I can’t fix it if you’re way over there.”

Helen turned off the overhead light, and then slipped onto the bed beside me, I reached for her hip and rolled her against my body.  Helen put her thigh over mine and I felt satin sheathed lips gently pressing against my hip.

“Just what would the lady like fixed first.”

Helen giggled.

“You’re not going to get very far if I still have my panties on.”

“Is there something in them that I need to get to?”

She giggled again and stroked my belly until she felt my stiff cock.

“If you’re going to use this, there is.  If you’re not, I’m going to be very disappointed.”

I rolled Helen to her back, raised up and knelt between thighs.

“There are other ways.”

I rolled the thin straps of the thong down over her hips until she lifted them, and then pulled them down to her thighs.  Helen chuckled and lifted her legs so I could slide the thong over her feet.

“Are you going to show me those other ways?”

“Each and every one, in due time.”

I gently pulled Helen’s legs back down to my sides, and reached for the garter clip on Helen’s right thigh, but she put her hand on mine.

“Leave them on, please.  They make me feel sexy.”

I lowered my face and kissed Helen’s inner thigh, and then nibbled my way up to the crinkly curls of her mound and inhaled.

“Helen, you’re going to taste so good.”

Helen spread her thighs and sighed.
“If you must, you must.”  Then she giggled.  “I won’t stop you.”

“Good, but you have to wait a little longer.  You still have one thing on.”

Helen’s voice was fearful.

“No, don’t.  You won’t like me.  I’m little.”

I moved closer to Helen’s face.

“I already know that.  What difference does it make?”

“I don’t know.  It just does.”

I smiled and stroked over Helen’s bra.

“Don’t you think I should be the one who knows what I like?”

I slipped the bra up and over Helen’s small breasts.  Her breasts weren’t very large, but she wasn’t really flat chested.  It just looked that way because her bra smoothed out the curves.  I stroked the soft swell of her left breast.

“You know, some men like small breasts.  I happen to be a man who likes all breasts.”

I lightly stroked Helen’s left nipple.  It began to pucker and grow.

“Besides, your nipples are fantastic.”

I leaned down and kissed the swelling nipple, then sucked it gently into my mouth.  Helen caught her breath, and I chuckled.

“Now will you let me take off your bra?”


I sucked her right nipple in my mouth, licked the tip and then pinched it gently between my teeth.  Helen’s body jerked as she caught her breath again.

“How about now?”


I pinched her left nipple gently and then pulled up.


Helen didn’t answer me.  She just reached up, slipped the straps from her shoulders, and then worked the hooks around to her front.  I undid the hooks, and Helen arched her back so I could pull the bra away.  In the light from the lamp on the bedside table I saw the small, soft curves of her breasts and the rigid nipples that grew from Helen’s nipple beds. I wanted to feel them, stiff and erect, slipping through my lips again.

I nuzzled around Helen’s nipples as my fingers traced her side, then over her hip bone and down to the carpet of dark hair on her mound.  For a little while, I just stroked the crinkly hair and used my fingertips to comb through the strands.  Helen evidently didn’t trim much.

When I slipped a fingertip down between Helen’s thigh and one satiny lip, she opened her legs for me.  I licked the tip of the rigid nipple in my mouth to show my appreciation, and stroked two fingers down over her soft, rippled lips.  

The long hair on her mound was matched by the same over her lips and the strands were tangled together.  Carefully, I used my fingertip to separate the tangles until I could slip my finger over the edges of her outer lips without pulling any hair.  In the process, I’d stroked those lips a lot, enough I felt them swell a little.  One fingertip between them told me Helen was getting aroused.  That fingertip came away with a bit of wetness.  Helen opened her thighs wide, and chuckled.

“You’re being very gentle, but I promise I won’t break.”

I slipped my middle finger between her outer lips and then down to her entrance.  She was wetter there, so I pushed that finger inside her and stroked in and out a little.

“Is this too gentle too?”

“Mmmm…no…just about right.”

My finger was wet, so I slowly stroked it from her entrance up over her inner lips to her clit, and then rubbed a circle around the still hidden little button.  Helen moaned.

“Mmmm….more than right.”

I nuzzled my way down her slender body until my lips touched hair, and then kissed and nibbled up each of her thighs, but stopped just as I felt the brush of hair against my face.  The second time I did this, Helen gently pushed my face into her soft, wet lips and murmured, “Show me this way.”

Helen tasted like hot woman when I rasped my tongue from her entrance to her clit.  She moaned like a hot, aroused woman too.  Her hips gave a small jerk when I slipped my tongue into the little spot where her inner lips joined, and moaned again when I sucked that spot.  I sucked again, and slipped my finger back inside her.  Helen’s hips rocked up into my face.

I love it when a woman responds to what I’m doing.  I love it so much I don’t want that to ever stop.  I didn’t want it to stop with Helen.

Easing my body down a little so I didn’t have to bend to reach her, I slipped one arm under each of her hips and stroked up her sides to her breasts.  While lightly stroking them, and brushing over her nipples with my fingertips, I slipped my tongue to her clit again.  The little circles I was making were causing Helen to rock her hips.  The little pinches and tugs I made to her nipples caused her tummy to roll, and both were causing a flurry of quiet little gasps and moans.  Those little gasps and moans had my cock swollen tight and wanting to fuck her right then.

Helen was of the same opinion, evidently, because she gasped at my last little lick, rocked her hips, and then put her hands on my head and pushed gently.  Her voice was soft and a little breathless.

“If you keep that up, I won’t be able to stop.”

I chuckled.

“That’s what I’m here for.  We don’t have to stop after that happens.”

I licked her clit again and Helen shuddered.

“Oh….but…I want to feel you inside me.”

“You will, Helen, you will.”

She was close, closer than I thought.  When I sucked gently on her clit, Helen gasped and arched her hips up a little.  I rolled her nipples between my thumbs and fingers, and Helen moaned, then gasped as I sucked again.

Her climax was a quiet arch of her back and a shuddering that went on for several seconds, and then a cry and a rapid rocking of her hips.  I kept sucking her little button as Helen cried out again, then fell back down on the mattress.  Gently she pushed my face away from her and pulled me up beside her.

She giggled.

“I liked that way.  What comes next?”

I nibbled her left nipple.

“If I do my part right, we both will.”

Helen stretched sensuously.

“If I do that again, I might not let you go back to your room.”

“I like your room better anyway.”

Helen felt down my chest and belly until her fingers closed around my rigid cock.  She stroked her fingers over my length, then slowly jacked it.

“So, when are you going to use this?”

I cupped Helen’s sex and massaged gently.

“How about right now?”

I pulled Helen’s thigh over mine, and then pulled her close beside me.  She laughed.

“This is new.  What do you call this way in the US?”

“I call it the lazy cowgirl.  Just lay there against my chest, and I’ll take care of doing what needs doing.”

Helen licked my ear and then whispered, “I need doing.”

She was nicely wet when I probed her puffy lips with my cock head.  We both adjusted a little to get the position right, and with one smooth stroke, I buried my cock inside Helen.  For a moment, I kept still and enjoyed her wet warmth around my shaft and the feeling of her nipples pressing into my side and chest.  I brushed the nipple I could reach and felt a little contraction grab my cock.  Helen caught her breath and rocked her hips down.

I really wanted to enjoy Helen and for her to enjoy me this time.  My strokes were long and slow at first.  With each stroke, Helen gently rocked her hips down and as she began the climb to release, that rocking got stronger.  I put my hand on her ass to hold her tight so I could stroke a little deeper.

I felt Helen’s arm on my chest, and looked down.  She’d moved her fingers to her nipple and was rolling and tugging it in the same rhythm as my strokes.  As I watched, Helen pinched a little harder and pulled out and up.  Her little moan was accompanied by another clench of her muscles around my cock.  I started stroking a little faster.

I wanted it to be one of those long sessions that keep you on the edge for what seems forever, and then when you finally do cum, it’s like nothing else.  I was going to have to be careful, though.

Helen had other ideas about long and slow, or at least her body did.  I felt her heart beating against my chest, and it kept getting faster.  The nipples against my chest and sides were stiff.  What had been deep breaths exhaled in almost a sigh, because faster and more shallow.  

Moving my hand from her ass to the thigh draped over me, I pressed gently on the satiny inner surface.  Helen opened herself by moving her thigh and leg up as I pulled it to my side.  I could slip my hand around her ass cheek and between us then.  It was easy to find the cleft in her inner lips and begin rubbing beside her clit. It wasn’t quite as easy to keep my cock inside her because of what that rubbing did to Helen’s hips.

She started to jerk her hips down into my strokes, and when I pulled back out the rapid rocking up and down they took away all my control. They did that all on their own, because Helen couldn’t have consciously made them move that fast.  It was like a really fast, short stroke hand job, but Helen’s snug passage made it a thousand times more arousing.

When I massaged the little cleft of her clit, Helen gasped, and her hips rocked faster.  I kept up, but there was no way to make it last much longer.  I started rubbing circles around Helen’s clit.  

Things sort of all happened at once a little while later.  Helen gasped, started to shake, and rocked her hips so hard my cock slipped out.  She didn’t stop; she dropped down on my cock, pushed it flat against my belly, and rode out the orgasm with her clit rubbing my shaft.  After several spasms had rocked her body, Helen moved her hand between us, found my cock, and impaled herself again.

It was like she hadn’t already cum.  One second Helen was dropping down on my cock, and the next, she shrieked and her hips started to rock again.  This time, I wrapped my arm around her ass to keep my cock inside of her.  Other than doing that, all I could do was lay there.  Helen was fucking me now, and she was doing a great job.  I felt the tension building just as Helen cried out again.  The first wave swept through her body and pulled my cock along with it.  I couldn’t hold out any longer.  With a grunt and a hard push that lifted us both off the mattress, I shot my load inside Helen’s contracting passage.

Helen moaned at the deep penetration, and her body convulsed, but she was easing down as I shot my last.  She relaxed a little, and I kept stroking my cock in and out just because it felt good.  Her entrance was still contracting and releasing my shaft as I stroked.  

When my cock finally slipped from Helen’s warmth, she sighed as she moved her leg back down beside mine..

“Mmm.  That was so nice.  I think I like being a lazy cowgirl.  If you tell me you’re going to leave tonight, this cowgirl’s going to tie you to the bed with her bra and panties.”

I patted her soft ass.

“I don’t think I’m going anywhere. This bed is a lot nicer than mine.  It has you in it.”

Helen nibbled my neck.

“Good.  I need this again in the morning.”

She fell asleep with her thigh still across my body and her small breasts pressed against my side.

I stayed with Helen that night, all day the next day, and the next night too after more parties.  I guess the people of Shetland love to party, because that’s what they do the evening after Up Helle Aa.  We only stayed for a couple of ales before going back to Helen’s room.  

Once she locked the door behind us, Helen grinned as she took off her dress.

“Last night and this morning you showed me three ways.  Are there any more I should know about?”

I showed her two more.  Helen seemed to like being taken from behind while laying on her tummy.  It’s not my favorite position, but she liked it.  She really liked me rubbing her clit again too.  When she came, she bucked so hard she almost threw me off the bed.

We postponed doing anything the next morning because I had to go to my meeting, but I took a long lunch to see Helen off on her way home.  She smiled and asked if I had time for one more dinner before I left on Saturday.

As I write this, I’m on the flight from Aberdeen to New York.  The fat guy in the seat next to me keeps trying to read what I’m typing, but I’m about done anyway.  All I have to add is that I emailed my boss from the airport in Aberdeen that the meetings went well, and that one of the engineers had let it slip that our proposal was the best they’d received.  It looked as if we might be getting the order.

I also said since they didn’t know much about our products, if we did get the order it would be prudent to send someone to Shetland for a few months to make sure they get everything done correctly.

Now, I know none of the younger guys have the experience to do that, and they wouldn’t want to anyway.  Before I left, they were kidding that the only pussy I’d get would be shetland ponies and sheep.  No, they’d rather stay in Nashville and hit the martini bars after work in hopes of taking some young gal home for the night.

It will probably fall to me to make the trip again, but I won’t mind all that much.  Helen says they have a lot of things to see there, and she’d be more than happy to show them to me.  I think I’ll like seeing things with Helen.  I know I’ll like seeing her, naked and joined to me as we enjoy each other.