Tri-Flame: Orange is Desires Flame-10

When they got back to Abby’s house, she smiled a devilish smile. No lights on at Vince’s house. She leaned over and started kissing him, her hand caressing him between his legs. Vince returned the kissing and his hand went between her legs.

“Vince, let’s move to the back seat.”


They resumed their passionate maneuvers.

Abby started undoing Vince’s jeans as he was undoing hers.

“Abby, did you forget your panties?”

“No, I try to dress for the occasion and this was the occasion I planned for our first car sex. I’ve a thong on, easy access for you.”

She pulled his pants and boxer-briefs down to his ankles and off. Her jeans joined his. Vince had no difficulty with the shirt’s buttons; his fingers began probing her moist lips and learning the advantages of a thong.

“I see what you mean by easy access and it feels good.”

Abby pulled his shirt off, enjoying the look of his chest and face in the minimal light. She ran her hands all over his chest, arms and through his hair. Her body was responding to how his fingers were teasing and enticing her onward. Her gasps of pleasure and soft “oh yes's” were spurring Vince on. Abby’s head tilted back and his tongue darted to her neck with lingering kisses and small nips.

All this was causing her pussy to get hot and wet. She desired his hard penis and started kissing his face, lips and neck, softly and slowly.  She pulled a towel from the pouch on the back of the front seat.

“Put this towel on the seat and spread your legs a little, I want to admire that cock.”

Vince is prepared for class.

“Vince, would you do something for me?”

“Of course.”

“Stroke yourself while fingering me.”

He slowed his teasing of Abby’s body and gave her a confused look.

I might have to help him out.

He continued his fingering of Abby and slowly began stoking his member.

“Watching you do both is making me hot.”

Vince swirled around her clit and stroked his shaft.

“That’s the way; it feels and looks very nice, just what I wanted to see. Now, you relax and enjoy.”

She dripped her saliva onto his hard-on and tantalized his member, which responded quickly.

“Now that’s the well hung hard-on I’m growing used to.”

They resumed their romantic and passionate kissing, Abby tantalizing his shaft while Vince was teasing her tits and nipples with one hand and pussy with the other. There was a sloshing sound from her vagina that built the fire inside of her. She began inhaling her scent and his; it was intoxicating and relaxing at the same time.

That’s my boy and my body feels so good. I wonder how you'd respond to me using the seat belts on you next time?

Abby turned around and sat above his lap, her legs between his.  She guided his hard shaft into her.

“It feels so good having you inside of me."

She lowered her body, at a snail’s pace.  She squeezed him, often and long, while taking it in.  Vince reached around massaging her breasts and playing with her nipples.

“Abby, this feels awesome! You’re hot, wet and that squeezing is driving me wild.”

“Remember that I have other toys you can play with.”  

He pulled her into his chest, his tongue lingering on her neck and ear, as he blew on both. Abby felt a shiver go down her back. She was maintaining a slow paced rocking and circular motion.

She felt his finger, rub her wet clit.

“That’s right, oh yeah.”

They continued like that, both giving and receiving pleasure.

Abby’s body was boiling between his stone hard shaft in her cunt and his fingers massaging her sex button.

 I’m in paradise, no we’re in paradise.

“Abby, your body is magic. I can’t hold back any longer.”

He grabbed her thighs and moved against her motions. His body tightened as he blew several loads into her love canal. Abby started going faster and faster.

“Oh, Vince you’ve done so well that now I’m coming.”

Her pot frothed over, she flushed, which flowed out and around his cock and the reason for the towel. She relaxed and leaned back into Vince, whose arms enfolded her.

“You’re an amazing lover, Abby.”

“Vince you’re a good lover.  Now, let’s get dressed and go inside.”

“I hope none of the neighbors were looking.”

“Why? You’d like them to see the car rocking?”

Vince turned several shades of red, at her comment.

Abby leaned into his body and kissed him.

“I wouldn’t let anyone see us making love.”

Right now for sure and later not without talking to you about it and a few other things.

They began a bout of romantic kissing as the door closed. They went into the kitchen, and were able to get two glasses of wine from last night’s bottle.

“Abby, thanks for spending the whole day with me. It’s been a very enjoyable day and evening,” as he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her neck.

“Vince, you’ve been a gentleman. You’re funny, flirty and romantic. Let’s go upstairs. We’ll clean you off you can put your pajamas on while I use the bathroom.”

She got a warm washcloth while Vince took his clothes off.

“Vince, come here.”

He went into the bathroom.

“I do so enjoy your penis; it needs to get a quick cleaning.”

She wrapped his flaccid dick with the warm washcloth and brought a smile to his face.

I’ll have to remember that for future reference. 

“Okay, get your pajamas on, I’ll be out shortly”

Vince found some soft rock music, kept the volume low and dimmed the lights. Abby came out wearing a black mesh see through, peak a boo rhinestone teddy.

“Very nice setting you created.  Like what you see? I sure like what I’m seeing.”

“Abby, you always seem to make my dreams a reality.”

“Thanks, your eyes and pajama tent are pretty nice to look at as well.”

“What, nothing for my charming personality and good looks?”

“You do know that you’re an incredibly charming man. The compliments and things you say some might think a bit cheesy or lines. I feel your honesty, you say them so naturally.  I’ve heard enough fake compliments and bad lines in my life to know the difference.”

Abby got on the bed, lying on her stomach. A coy smile appeared on her face.

“Vince, what’s on your mind?”

“You are.”

“I’d be insulted if I wasn’t.  What about me is on your mind?”

“How sexy and beautiful you look.”

“That’s all?”

“Well, ah no.”

“Come here, Vince.”

Abby reached back and grabbed a couple of pillows, putting them under chest.

I made the right adjustments.

She grabbed his hard-on and kissed it, enjoying the feel of it growing. She placed his hard prick between two fingers and made a few slow and enjoyable trips up and down. His sigh was musical and then she pulled his pajamas and briefs down.

“I’m going to give you an unusual blow job. I’ll start like this but will roll on to my back. When I do, pleasure my body, you know the buttons. Do your best not to thrust when you’re in my mouth.  I’ll control you with my hands on your legs.”

“Okay, will it hurt?”

Don’t laugh and be thankful the room is dark.

“Not at all, I’ve done this before. Now let me enjoy your hard, large and beautiful penis. Remember that I’m in control. If you’re going to fast or hard, I’ll slow you down.”

She held his hard penis up, so her tongue could swirl its way down. Her other hands fingers softly caressed his testicles.

“Abby, I’ve never had that before. I love it.”

You don’t know the half of it Vince.

 She felt the heat that was radiating from him. She continued holding his rock hard dick up, her fingers slowly rubbing the tip, underside and exploring the slit. She kissed his sack, each of his marbles getting a kiss.

“You’re a goddess, Aphrodite if you don’t remember.”

“I remember. Your sounds are the music of Pan’s pipes, one of which I’m playing.”

She lightly pulled his sack down, kissing both balls, then she sucked one into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, before letting go. The other then received the same treatment.

“I do need to pay attention to each twin, don’t I?”

He’s getting close.

Abby shifted to lying on her back, her head laying over the edge of the bed.

A hand moved to his thigh, the other positioned his swollen prick on her lips. She kissed it and licked the leaking cum from it.

“Vince, I so enjoy giving you a blow job.”

Vince’s hands went to her exposed nipples, lightly pinching and pulling them. The tip of his hard penis was in her mouth. Her tongue encircling it, her legs were bent as Vince moved a hand to her wet pussy. His finger entered her vagina and soon it was joined by a second finger. They moved in and out, then in a scissor motion. His cock was halfway in.

“Oh Abby, this is the greatest, I love it and I’m going to come.”

Me also lover.

Vince’s prick couldn’t take any more and unloaded. Abby was ready but surprised at his four bursts. She came right after he did. Vince kept moving his fingers as she flowed around them.  He leaned down, his lips kissing her ear as she made sure he was empty, before pushing him back. 

“I didn’t think anything could be better than last night, but this was. Abby, you’re the best and if you don’t mind me saying after I’ve rested, I’m going to make love to you as long as I can.”

I’m looking forward to it. This wouldn’t be a bad position to teach him how to go down on me.

“Then what are you still doing standing, while Aphrodite’s replacement is lying on a bed in front of you?”