Sensing You

Info LorenzoAbajos
02 May. '16

Your heart is beating loud and strong
With every breathless kiss you take
From lips that will not do you wrong
As moisture spreads the love we make.

The moaning that escapes your lips
As all my meat is fed with lust
Forewarns that all my juicy drips
Will land upon your perky bust.

I watch your nipples growing taut
And look upon your swollen mound
With growing needs that can't be fought.
You give me visions that abound.

Your eyes of green are showing tears
And begging is the thing you do,
Because you've needed this for years,
The loving thrusts I'll give to you.

My hands will spread your cunt apart.
I'll enter in your paradise.
Caressing thighs is just the start,
My fingers bringing forth your cries.

I climb between your legs again, 
You hold my cock with gentle hands.
You squeeze it tight and pull me in
And guide me to the promised lands.

Your odor wafts into my nose
Arousing me to greater size.
The scent of you is like a rose
Presenting pussy as my prize.

Your breath is honeyed as you sigh,
My member strokes deep down inside,
Your fragrance soothes and makes me high.
You hump me harder on this ride.

I suck your nipples moist and sweet
And feel the pressure from within.
You smile, you know what you can eat,
My spunk, enough to fill a bin.

I pull it out and you are there
You savor all my creamy come,
And then I lick your quim so bare,
So yummy even you want some.

The sound you make as you are fucked,
The vision of my prick when sucked,

The touch of fingers down my spine,
The smell of pussy just like wine,

The taste of bodies wet with sweat, 
These things are loving things to get.

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