Family Secrets

Info Pelwrath
11 Jan. '19

Family Secrets


Aribella heard the crying when she reached the door.

“Shelia, open up. Tell me what's wrong.”

The door opened, Sheila stood there tears still rolling down her cheeks. She went to her bed, now littered with torn pictures, and a school jacket.

“I love what you've done with your room sis, modern tantrum. You should see about minoring in Interior Decorating. What happened?”

“That mother fucker, Darrel, that's what, Ari.”

Ari sat on the bed. “Please continue.”

“Darrel got arrested for attempting to buy cocaine and possession of oxy with intent to sell.”

“Oh, I see.”

“No, you don't, he called me to see if I would bail him out. He called me his half sister. When I got there, they asked me if I wanted to bail out his girlfriend. I said they can both rot in jail. What the hell am I going to do, Ari? I knew he sold weed to other students but this? I want no part of that.”

“Well you'll get over it and being single again will make your weekends rather interesting, I'd say.”

“Yeah, well maybe but our dance is in two weeks, who can I ask now?”

“You should have no problem getting a date for that.”

“Oh if you mean ‘just a date’ yeah but I don’t want ‘just a date.’

“Would you trust your big sis?”

“You’ll find me a date?”

“Sort of but I'll give you a chance to do it on your own.”

“Maybe, tell me what you’re thinking.”

“If I get a better grade on Tuesdays test, I’ll give you a choice of two guys to pick for a double date with me and Kevin. If you get a better grade, you're on your own.”

“What if he's ugly?”

“Really, Shelia, I'm your big sis, you might not like him, but he won't be ugly.”

“Yeah, okay.”

Next Wednesday, they were in Ari's room.

“Okay, as I did get the better score...”

“It was only by one point.”

“So? Here are the two choices I promised. This Saturday is my birthday and Kevin is taking me out for dinner. You and whoever you chose will double with us.”

“Okay, let me read about them and then I'll choose.”

“No way, you'd be able to do that if you won, you didn't. You get to pick one envelope. Their name, picture, dorm room, phone number and other information is in the envelope. You get to pick one for Saturday night. Oh, Kevin knows and has agreed to it.”

“Okay, what will you tell me about them?”

“They’re both rather nice looking sophomores, clean history, in a fraternity and they’re available and looking. Perhaps for someone like you. One is a transfer student. Showing him around could be interesting.”

“Looking for someone like me means what?”

“You’re available, single and looking, right?”

“Okay, let’s see what you think I'd like. Envelope number 2, please.”

She opened it and dumped the contents on the bed.

“Uh, there's just one problem, Ari, he's white.”

“One of your pledging questions was what you wanted in a husband, black wasn't on the list. If you don't like him after Saturday's date, you don't have to ask him to the dance, but I hope his being white won’t be the reason. Oh, he's Kevin's little brother in the fraternity.”

“So, you already know him.”

“A little. He’s polite, friendly, and smart. Not shy but maybe a bit reserved, not adjusted to America yet..”

“Okay, I'll give this Max Ivano a chance and you’re right, he isn't ugly. Wait, I heard there was a rich foreign transfer student, is Max that student?”

“I can’t say. He’s from Italy, speaks very good English, and has some money.”