"What really turns you on?"

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12 Jan. '19

“What really turns you on?” she asked.

“Hmm, let me see,” he hedged. “To be honest, there’s not much about sex that doesn’t turn me on!

“Yeah, OK, it might be a silly question, but I just want to make this good for you.”

“Well, I love watching porn. Maybe we could watch one together and copy what they do?” he suggested.

“Oh, cool,” came the reply. “I think I have just the movie.”

She hurried away in to the other room and returned clutching a DVD. She had fancied Greg as soon as he walked into the bar and now she had him all to herself, she wasn’t going to waste the opportunity. She fumbled with the DVD and finally managed to get it into the player. A bit more fiddling with menus and stuff and the movie stared. ‘Hot Vixens’ screamed the title. Greg thought it sounded promising.

“OK?” she asked.

“Perfect!” came the reply.

Sarah settled back into Greg’s arms as the porno started. No long set-ups, the couple on the screen were naked in seconds and the girl was going down on the guy already.

“Sheesh, these guys don’t mess about!” observed Greg.

Sarah giggled and moved closer to Greg, reaching up to kiss him tenderly. Greg responded and felt a tightness in his boxer shorts. They made out to the slurping sounds of the girl on the screen being throat-fucked by the stud. Greg eased Sarah’s top over her head and was pleased to see she wasn’t wearing a bra. He had suspected as much, but didn’t like to ask when they were eating dinner. Her breasts were full and firm with very long nipples. Greg moved his head down and took one of those hard nipples into his mouth, gently sucking and nibbling on it. This made Sarah tingle all over and she started to move her hand down to Greg’s groin, stroking his growing cock from outside his jeans.

Greg’s shirt came off, followed by those pesky jeans. As he slid his boxers off, releasing his erect cock, Sarah slid out of the rest of her clothes, then they held each other, enjoying the feeling of naked skin against naked skin. Greg’s hard cock was pressed against Sarah’s belly and it felt good. They kissed again and Greg moved his hands all over Sarah’s soft, smooth body. When his hand gently gripped her ass cheek, she let out a little moan. Then his fingers moved in between her cheeks and he could feel her moist pussy lips.

“Aren’t we supposed to be watching this?” she asked with a grin on her face.

“Oh, fuck, yeah!” replied Greg. “Rewind it a bit, would you please?” he asked politely.

Sarah knew why. The first blowjob scene was probably about to end and Greg wanted Sara to copy it. He got into the same position as the stud on the screen and Sarah kneeled in front of him. Greg gasped out loud when Sarah grabbed his dick and started slobbering over it, just like the ‘Vixen’ on the screen. She spat on it, rubbed it all over her lips, then pulled his foreskin right back before running her tongue all around the head. It felt amazing and quite kinky too as they both watched the screen. Sarah was doing a great job of copying the actress, even managing to deep-throat Greg’s massive boner without gagging. He held the back of her head and throat-fucked her along with the on screen couple. It was hot!

“I’m no stud, Baby” bemoaned Greg, “so I won’t be able to last as long as this guy. Maybe ease off a little?”

Sarah smiled. “I think you’re doing pretty good so far,” she said and winked at Greg.

Greg puffed his chest up, feeling pretty damn pleased with himself. He pulled his cock out of Sarah’s mouth, leant down and kissed her deeply.

“How about we swap?” he asked.

“Mmmm, yes please!” replied Sarah.

As they changed positions in front of the sofa, the on-screen couple were swapping too. They waited to see how they were going to do it and copied them. The girl was on her back and the guy lifted her ankles and bent her legs right back, lifting her ass into the air, pussy exposed perfectly for licking. Greg did the same to Sarah, who was eager to feel Greg’s tongue on her hot pussy lips. Her clit was tingling with anticipation. The stud started licking the actress’s asshole, so Greg did the same, gently at first, then with a bit more vigour and depth until he was tongue-fucking Sara’s ass and loving every second of it. Sarah squirmed beneath him, enjoying the sensation of his tongue in her anus. Then the stud started to spank the actress and Greg did the same, sending stinging, tingling waves all through Sarah’s body. After four or five smacks, he moved up to her pussy, running his tongue up and down the lips, then parting them and tasting her soaking cunt for the first time. Sarah yelped loudly as he buried his tongue into her soaking slit, in and out like a mini cock. Then he moved up to her clit, softly rubbing the underside of his tongue on it. He heard the porn actress moaning and Sarah was doing the same.

He pursed his lips around Sarah’s clitoris and sucked while tickling the tip with his tongue. Sarah knew she was going to orgasm very soon if he kept this up, but Greg had one eye on the screen. He saw the stud slip a finger into the girl’s ass as he continued to lick her, so Greg copied him.

“OH FUCK!” screamed Sarah, as his finger slid deep into her. The orgasm hit her and took her breath away. Greg kept licking and thrusting his finger into her as she spasmed and Sarah thrashed around, her legs flailing around Greg’s ears, her moans and gasps coming hard and fast. He eased the pressure off and slipped his finger out then gently lapped the juice from Sarah’s crotch. She collapsed onto the floor and Greg grinned.

“No good?” he asked sarcastically.

“Oh my fucking God!” was Sarah’s imaginative reply.

Greg hit the pause button to let Sarah recover a bit. She lay on her back and he could see her tummy still twitching. He bent down to kiss her tummy softly and tickled her belly button with his tongue.

“Now I want you inside me and Greg? I want you to fuck me hard!” ordered Sarah.

“OK, if I must, I must. Get on your knees and show me that sexy ass,” Greg replied, as he restarted the movie.

Sarah flipped her body over then sexily slid her knees up the bed while bending them, giving Greg a perfect view of her smooth ass. She was firm but curvy, just how Greg liked a girl to be. Firstly, he gently massaged Sarah’s bum cheeks, kneading and squeezing, loving the feel of her flesh. Then he dipped his head down to taste her slit again. Sarah arched her back so her ass was beautifully presented in all its fuckable glory. Greg couldn’t resist any longer. He stroked his cock a few times then got into position. Rubbing his huge erect penis up and down Sarah’s soaking wet vagina sent more tingles through her whole body. Sarah loved the sensation of being fucked hard and deep just after she had cum. This was going to be great!

Greg glanced at the TV screen and saw the two pornstars going at it hard. He had no illusions about his own prowess, but did his best to copy the stud. He held his cock at Sarah’s vaginal opening, then thrust deep into her in one long push. Sarah nearly fell off the bed, such was the amazing, shocking sensation of Greg’s cock filling her pussy so deep without warning.

“Oh yes, you fucking beast!” cried Sarah. “Fuck me, Baby, fuck me hard!”

Greg wasn’t used to being called a beast! He was a big softy really and loved gentle, sensual lovemaking. But this was animalistic, raw passion and he was aroused as never before. He pulled his cock out almost all the way, then thrust back in hard, his balls and hips slapping against Sarah’s soft, firm ass. It made a very pleasing smacking sound, so he did it again, and again. Harder and deeper with each stroke, Greg was feeling like the on-screen stud as he fucked this beautiful woman. Sarah’s moans and shouts were getting louder and Greg loved the sound of her enjoying his big cock.

“Jesus Christ, fuck me, Baby, fuck me! I’m gonna cum so fucking hard but don’t stop,” gasped Sarah.

Greg grunted his reply but no words came out. He was concentrating on fucking this beauty harder than he had ever fucked anyone in his life. Deep thrust after deep thrust, balls slapping her ass, Sarah’s cries of ecstasy,  he knew he couldn’t last much longer. He didn’t want to cum just yet, so he pulled his cock out of Sarah’s swollen pussy and replaced it with his tongue, licking her clit hard, moving up her lips and pushing it into her ass hole, then back down again. His cock was twitching wildly, but needed a break. Sarah moaned loudly as he continued to lick her gaping pussy. He slipped one, then two fingers into her ass hole and whispered “I’m gonna fuck your ass, no argument.”

Sarah replied by holding her ass cheeks and pulling them apart. Greg dipped his tongue into her again and dribbled some spit into her puckered hole. He then eased himself up until his cock was touching her anus. Sarah was shaking with anticipation, almost braced for another hard push, but Greg didn’t want to hurt her. He pushed until her sphincter relaxed and allowed his knob to slip in. Sarah let out another big gasp and Greg pushed slowly, before pulling back. Then he pushed in again, a bit deeper and repeated this until his cock was fully inside Sarah’s ass. The feeling of anal penetration always thrilled Greg and his cock was twitching hard. Despite the little rest he took earlier, he knew he was going to blow soon.

Sarah was in another world. It was a world where nothing but the feelings of ecstasy overtook her and made her head spin with unbridled pleasure. She loved the feeling of a big, strong cock in her tiny little ass more than almost anything else. She was rubbing her clit hard, totally immersed in the moment when another orgasm rose from her loins and exploded in a violent squirt of cum as her body shook, nearly knocking Greg over. But he gripped her hips and kept fucking her ass as more cum gushed from her bright pink pussy. Sarah was crying from the pleasure and begged him not to stop. She had soaked the bed with her cum but didn’t care. All she could focus on was the intense feelings as she came over and over, never wanting it to stop.

Greg loved the sight of her cumming with his dick sliding in and out of her little bum hole. He had discovered a second wind and was able to control his own feelings, enjoying the fact that it was his stud-like fucking that was making Sarah squirt so much cum. Eventually, he felt his own orgasm start to well up and he held Sarah’s hips still as he thrust once more, held his cock deep inside her ass, then let out a loud “Oh, Fuck!” as he came. Spurt after spurt filled Sarah’s ass and Greg resumed his thrusting to make sure every drop came out. Sarah came again as she felt the force of his orgasm inside her and Greg leaned forward and collapsed on top of Sarah, breathlessly panting as his orgasm subsided. Sarah turned her head so Greg could kiss her and they stayed in this position for some time, kissing and whispering words of love to each other. When Greg’s cock started to shrivel, he tried to pull it out but Sarah was clenching her bum muscles so he couldn’t.

“I want it in me forever!” she said, with a cheeky grin on her face.

Greg smiled back at her then smacked her bum cheek, forcing Sarah to release him. He lay beside her, face to face, and they kissed again. Greg reached his hand around to her tender ass hole and slipped a finger in. His cum was starting to ooze out, so it slid in easily, making Sarah moan again.

“In the porno,” said Greg, “the girl would lick her man’s dick clean about now. Just saying…”

“In your fucking dreams, you pervert!” replied Sarah. “In a film I saw, the guy licked his own cum out of the girl’s ass, wanna try that?” she asked, tauntingly.

“For you, Baby, I’d do anything, but you have to kiss me afterwards!” Greg replied.

She had only been kidding, but watched with wide eyes as Greg moved his head down to her ass, placed his hand under her hips to lift her ass up a little, then plunged his tongue right into her anus, moving it around and making Sarah squirm. He tasted his own cum for the first time and made sure it was all over his lips, then moved back up to Sarah and gave her a long, loving kiss. They shared Greg’s cum between their tongues and the pungent taste and smell aroused them both again. Greg’s cock was already rock hard again and he lifted Sarah’s thigh over his own so he could enter her pussy again.

This time, it was slow and sensual but just as hot. They never stopped kissing as Greg thrust gently but firmly into Sarah’s pussy, her lips swollen and sensitive after so many orgasms earlier. Sarah gripped Greg’s ass cheek as he pushed into her and Greg stroked Sarah’s cheek, then kissed her hard as he came again, this time filling her pussy with hot cum. Sarah purred as she felt his cock spasm inside her and when he squeezed her ass cheek, she felt yet another orgasm take control of her body until Greg released his grip and they fell onto their backs, holding each other’s hand like they never wanted to let go.

They both dozed off for a good ten minutes before they heard a ringing in the distance. It wasn’t going to stop and they realised it was the alarm on Sarah’s phone.

“That’s our 30 minute warning, Hun” said Sarah. Mum will be back with the kids so we’d better clean up.”

Greg smiled and said “OK, my love. Oh, I’m working late next week on Thursday, so date night will have to be Friday, is that OK?”

Sarah smirked.  “If next week’s date night is anything like tonight, we’d better ask Mum to take the kids for the whole fucking weekend!