Tri-Flame: Orange is Desires Flame-11

Abby rolled over onto her knees. She reached out and grabbed his face, assaulting his mouth, which he returned, as they fell onto the bed. They kissed and caressed each other for a while, enjoying the music and each other before Vince started removing her outfit.

He pinched her clit, causing Abby to wince.

“Not so hard, it’s swollen, like your cock but more sensitive.  Caress it lightly.”

“Sorry. Your slippery and sexy pussy is awesome, but it’s time to let my prick have it’s time pleasing you.”

Vince moved himself above Abby, kissing her neck and massaging her tits.

He’s taking the lead and I like it.

Vince and Abby made love twice that night and again in the morning. After decoupling, they lay in bed, touching and some romantic light kissing.

I’m so glad that I didn’t call him Ted again. He’s got a glow to him.

“What do you think your parents will say when they find out about your new girlfriend?”

“My mom was happy and she’s known I’ve liked you for a while.”

“You told them?”

“My dad was out sailing. Don’t worry about my dad. I’ve had this discussion about my dating life with them before. Don’t interfere. Accept whoever I’m dating or I bring into the house. Besides, I know from what he’s said before, he thinks you’re a nice person. If he complains, I’ll talk with him.”

“Thanks, Vince.”

“You’re welcome. You do know my birthday is in two weeks. They’re having a party at the lake.  Come down and bring the kids, for at least Friday night. Stay Saturday night if you want, or we can go home then.  Mom’s rules, we won’t be able to sleep together.”

“I’ll see what’s going but that sounds like an enjoyable weekend. I’ll not mind us not sleeping together, I wouldn’t be surprised if we can find some alone time, when we get back.”

She pushed him onto his back and began kissing and caressing his body.


Martin was pissed as he drove home.

“Girls don’t dump me I do the dumping. I gave her a reason to get mad at me. How do I get them both?  Nothing now, but I need to find out about Vince. I’ve seen him before. Yeah, a few weeks ago he watched the kids while Abby and I went out, I’ve seen him before though.”

It took Martin about twenty minutes to learn about Vince.

“A college puke, descent looking, but a smart ass college boy. Science awards, fraternity, typical.  I think he was Carol’s boyfriend. I saw him in some of her pictures.”

He called his cousin, Carol Bari.


“Carol, this is Martin, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, Joel’s over.”

“Did you ever date a Vince Almalfi?”

Carol got quiet, her face scrunched.

“He’s the guy who dumped me.”

“Hate to break the news but…”

“He’s got a new girlfriend, some slutty light brown haired lady, named Abby.”

“How did you know?”

“They came in for ice cream last night. I offered Vince my new number and he gave it back to me, didn’t even look at it. Then she sat down next to him. Bumped into me and I dropped my tray of water glasses, I almost drenched myself. They were all lovey dovey.”

“He dumped you? How and why?”

“He caught me cheating and I thought he was a liar when he told me he was a virgin.”

“Maybe Vince isn’t all that bad. That’s a good line, used it myself.”

“Well, he was serious, I didn’t believe him and I laughed at him.”

“You mean he really was a virgin?


“Well, not any more. He’s with Abby, who dumped me for him. That slutt and Vince are a couple.  Do you want to get revenge with me?”

“Where do I sign?”

“Tell me about Vince. Why would Abby like a college guy like him? He’s what 20?”

“Listen to me on this. Vince is attractive, smart, and a gentleman. You have a hard time with that last one. I don’t mean that as a bad thing.  Since you know Abby, what would make her want a boyfriend and one so young, he’s 21 she’s what twenty-six?”

“Twenty five and the most obvious reason is what she said when I stopped over at her house. She wanted a committed relationship.  No way am I being tied down right now.”

“Okay, she wants to settle down again, make sense. As for Vince, he is charming and not threatening. Vince was at Abby’s house?”

“Yes, they’re neighbors.”

“Tell me what happened?”

Martin explained about the encounter with Abby and Vince.

“Well, that explains part of it, they already know each other. You did a great job of fucking things up right now.  You insulted her and Vince. Why don’t you just drop some rumors about her and him at work?  Doesn’t your good friend work with you? Stuff like she seduced her babysitter.”

“Yes, but Kyle’s old lady is Abby’s best friend. I’ve seen pictures of them and her first husband, who died, on his desk. I’ve got to be careful because Kyle will hear, then his old lady and possibly Abby.”

“Then stay away from her for a few weeks. In three weeks Vince and I go back to college. She’ll probably dump him by that time and you can do what you want.”

“Why would she do that?”

“She fucked him because he’s a virgin and honestly a darn good looking one. Add in he’s twenty-one and that’s the brass ring. She’ll teach him as much as she can in three weeks then dump him a little before he goes back to college. If not, I’ll know and I can do some stuff at college.”

“Sounds like a plan, Carol.”


*                                        *


Vince woke up first, Abby’s head sleeping on his chest. His hand stroked her hair, while the other traced on her arm, after a little, Abby stirred.

“Good morning, angel,” he said.

“I’ll bet you say that to all the girls.”

“Only the smart and sexy ones I sleep with.”

“That better be a group of one, dear.”

“I only want there to be one in that group and wish I could do this much more often, but I understand why can’t.”

“Does that bother you?”

“I’m a little jealous of the kids, but not bothered. Now, I did mention something about making breakfast for you this morning.”

“Yes, you did.  Should I be prepared, you know, have the fire department standing by?”


Vince did a credible job on the scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and pancakes. Abby sat sideways on his lap as they ate, with Vince doing the feeding. She noticed, when the plate was empty, Vince was a little nervous.

I’ll see how he does this, before helping.

Vince’s eyes were moving from the plate to Abby’s legs and he had a slightly confused look, before smiling. He dipped his finger in the syrup.

“Well, I didn’t spill any but, we didn’t clean the plate, there’s some on my finger.”

“Well, I guess I’ll have to clean that finger off.”

Abby took the finger in her hand; kissed it as her tongue licked the finger clean.

“Tasty, for a finger, is there anything else that has syrup on it?”

“Un… well… I’d like to…”

“Vince, go ahead and say what you want.”

Vince looked a little embarrassed as he spoke.

“I’d like to put some on my penis so you can give me a blow job.”

“Was that so hard? I’d love for you to do that.” 

Abby stood up and Vince spread syrup over his semi-hard dick, his embarrassment fading as he did.

“Stand up, dear. I’ll sit while I clean.”

“Maple-pecan, somehow it tastes a little different on my boyfriend’s penis.”

Her tongue licked his hard-on all over then she took it into her mouth, slowly moving down the shaft. She gave it light nips evoking pleasurable sighs from Vince. His hands were playing with her hair. She moved from caressing his thighs to his butt. She moved her mouth back taking the tip of his penis in her lips. Her tongue flicked wildly on his tip and into the slit.  She descended quickly repeating this several times while squeezing his ass cheeks.

“Oh yes, that feels so good.”

Later this week I’ll teach him about returning this pleasure on me.

He started moving his hips in motion to her mouth. Abby took the signal and just pulled his hips into her mouth as he made three nice deposits.

“Now, for what I wanted to do yesterday morning, our first shower together.”

The shower was enjoyable.  It didn’t take Vince long to become comfortable, though the rules of shower behavior he was totally unfamiliar with. He did okay with the cleaning but needed explanation as to why sex in the shower and taking a shower together are two different activities. He was good at massaging her soapy tits, back, shoulders.  The kissing was even better.  When they were dressed, Abby asked.

“What plans do you have for today?”

“Well, this is gaming day with my friends and Allen, you?”

“Cleaning the house, it seems I was very distracted by some incredible looking boyfriend the past two days. Gaming means that Allen will be dropping the kids off soon.”

“Would you like me to come over later?”

“Would it be okay if you didn’t, tonight at least?”

Vince just wrapped Abby in his arms, giving her several kisses.

“Not at all, just let me know when it’s okay for me to come over.”

“You can come over Monday night and after that. I want to talk with Ted and Barbara about us first.”

“I look forward to Monday night then. I’ll send you my cell number. Then I’ll help you do some cleaning before leaving.”

Later, after the kids were dropped off and the cleaning was done Abby called Morgan.

“Hey girl, surprised you have the energy or time to call me.”

“Ha ha, funny Morgan.”