Tennessee Cowgirl

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14 Jan. '19

Back about 1994, I finally figured out that raising cattle wasn’t the way to become a millionaire.  It was a living, and one I really enjoyed, but market fluctuations in beef prices made profit a little hard to predict.  It seemed like prices would fall about the same time my steers were ready for market, and half the time I’d be lucky to make enough to pay my farm and household expenses.  

I wasn’t about to give it up.  My family had owned the three hundred acres of woods and pasture for over a hundred years. I was twenty-five and hoped to keep the farm in the family for another sixty or so years once I found a woman who’d like that kind of life.  I just had to find some way to get a more secure source of income to do either of those things.

I was watching a movie one night, and found the answer, or at least I hoped it was the answer.  The movie was about some city guys who went to a “dude ranch” on vacation.  Of course, since it was a comedy it was a little far-fetched, but it did give me an idea.  

I’ve always had a couple of horses around the farm.  A horse is a good way to work cattle.  Cattle don’t get as spooked by four-legged critters as they do by a two-legged farmer trying to herd them into a pen.  I also just like riding a horse.  Maybe I never grew out of my “cowboys and Indians” stage of life, but I figured there must be at least some other people who would like to try what I did.  

Over one winter, I drew up the brochures and arranged some advertising.  By the time the spring calves were dropping, I was getting inquiries about my “Weekend Roundups”, “Day in the saddle” trips, and the special “Week on the Range”.  When the first deposit checks came in, I invested in some very tame saddle horses and a draft team, and an Amish carriage maker built me a reasonable copy of an old-time chuck wagon.

Things went pretty well that summer, and when I closed down for the winter, I’d made as much from my Tennessee “dude ranch” as I made in beef sales.

The second year was even better.  Word had spread to Nashville, Louisville, and Bowling Green, and I was attracting even more weekend cowboys.  I even had a couple of wives come along.  I decided cowgirls were OK too, and put that in my advertising.

It was late in my third year when she wrote me about a day trip.  Beverly explained she wanted more than just sitting on a horse in the middle of a line of other horses following a trail they’d been down a thousand times.  I wrote back a couple of available dates, and she sent me a check to reserve her place on July 18.

July 18 rolled around, and as it so happened, I had to get this year’s calves in for their shots.  My cowboys and cowgirls would be helping me drive them into the big pen outside the barn.

The day went well.  All my guests could ride pretty well, and none of the horses acted up.  We rode out to find the cows and calves in the morning, and then had lunch from the chuck wagon.  After a little rest time for the guests, we walked the calves back to the pen.  There was a little excitement when the fat bank manager from Louisville went to sleep on his horse and almost fell off, but other than that, by three the cows and their calves were in the pen, and my guests were brushing out the horses.  By five, they were all gone except Beverly.  She finished brushing out Dusty, my buckskin mare, turned her out in the pen, and then walked toward me.

I admit I hadn’t paid much attention to Beverly other than to make her feel at home and to show her enough about riding and cows that she wouldn’t get hurt.  I’d watched her a couple of times during the drive and she seemed to be doing all right.  About the time I was realizing she was pretty good looking, one of the other guests, a wimpy little guy from Nashville, rode up to complain that we hadn’t galloped the horses.  By the time I’d explained that that would only make the cattle run in all directions, we were back at the barn.  Now, I got to look at Beverly without any interruptions.

She was maybe in her late forties and was indeed a pretty woman, and she was definitely all woman.  Women with no figures don’t do much for me.  I like my women to be round and soft, and Beverly was all that.  Even though her jeans and T-shirt didn’t fit very tightly, I could see she had nice hips and thought she probably had nice legs too.  The T-shirt pulled just right about then and outlined her breasts, and they also looked pretty great to me.  She was a brunette and I was wondering if that was her real color when she smiled and laughed.

“Am I that dirty?”

“Dirty?  No, why?”

“You were staring at me.  I thought I must be a mess or something.”

“Oh, that.  No, I was just thinking about something.  Did you have a good time today?”

“I had a great day.  I want to do this again, only longer.  When do you have a weekend open?”

We went back to my office so I could check my calendar.  The only weekend that wasn’t filled was the first weekend in September.  Beverly said that suited her fine, and made the deposit.  As she walked back to her car, I got to enjoy the sight of a very female bottom moving sensuously with every step.

The first weekend in September rolled around, but it didn’t look promising.  It was one of those days so humid it felt like you were in a steam bath, and there was rain in the forecast.  I only had two guests booked – Beverly and a guy from Memphis – and I figured they might both cancel.  I don’t give rain checks because raising livestock means you work in all kinds of weather and I want my guests to experience that if they want to.  My deposit isn’t all that big though, and most people don’t relish the idea of sleeping outside in the rain so they cancel.  I still had to bring in some yearlings to sell, so I’d be working anyway.  I stocked up the chuck wagon just to be safe.

That Friday afternoon about three, the guy from Memphis called to cancel.  About  four, I was planning how I would spend my free weekend when a car drove through the gate.  Beverly got out, all jeans and T-shirt and a smile.

“I’m not too late am I?”

“No, I don’t usually get started before five.  Uh, you’ll be the only one on this trip, if that makes a difference.  I had another guy, but he cancelled.”

“I guess he was afraid of getting wet?  Well, it’s his loss.  I still want to go.”

Beverly helped me hitch the team to the chuck wagon, and I made a last trip for ice, beer and some soft drinks.  Then, while I saddled Rowdy, my bay gelding, Beverly saddled Dusty.  It looked like she did pretty well, but I checked the cinch just to be sure.  With Rowdy tied on behind the chuck wagon, and Beverly riding Dusty, we started for my Friday night camping spot.

The weekend trips all stop at two campsites that I keep mowed and sprayed for mosquitoes.  Friday nights, I use the site beside the stream that flows through my property.  I have a little path beside it so my guests can take a walk if they want, and the croaking frogs give it a nice atmosphere at night.  It took about an hour to get there, and after we stripped the horses and tied them out to graze, I asked Beverly if she’d like a drink before we ate.

After I fixed her rum and cola, I lit the fire and started dinner.  Tomorrow night, I had some prime steaks to grill, but tonight, we’d have pretty simple food, just like the food that kept the western cowhands going.  It wasn’t long before I had the bean pot filled with beans and bacon and hung over the fire.  I got myself a beer, and sat down on a log opposite Beverly.  She was staring off into space and didn’t see me for a while.  Suddenly, she smiled.


“You were a million miles away.  What were you thinking about?”

“Oh.  Well, I was just thinking about how nice this life must have been - nobody to tell you where to be all the time, riding horses outside, all that.”

I had to laugh.

“It wasn’t all that great, really.  They were pretty much on their own, but they still had to get the cattle where they were supposed to be without losing any.  There was also the weather.  They worked cattle rain or shine, warm or cold.  It was a rough life.”

“Yeah, I know all that, but it’s so peaceful out here.  I love it.”

Beverly drained her drink.

“I think I’d like another drink, and I’m about to starve.  How’s dinner coming?”

“It’ll be ready by the time I get your drink.  It’s not fancy, but it’s filling.”

“I don’t care.  I’m so hungry I could eat a skunk.”

After we finished eating, I washed up the plates and pot.  The sun was dropping fast, so I lit the lantern and carried it to the fire.  Beverly and I talked until after dark about raising cattle and horses, and living in the country.  She’d grown up with country folk, even though they lived in town, and seemed really interested in how I lived.  Before I knew it, she was yawning in the firelight.  I looked at my watch and it was ten.

“Well, we better hit the sack.  We have a big day tomorrow.  Usually, we sleep on bedrolls by the fire, but it’s likely going to rain tonight.  You take the wagon, and I’ll sleep under it.  That way, we’ll both stay dry.”

Beverly wasn’t having any of that.  She informed me that she would sleep by the fire, just like me.  She got her overnight bag from the chuck wagon and headed off to the outhouse I’d built a little way from the campsite.  By the time she came back, I had spread the bedrolls and was laying on mine.  

My brochure said to bring clothes to fit the weather forecast.  I suppose Beverly’s little cotton shorts and loose T-shirt qualified.  What I did know is they made her sexier than all get out, and I was glad I still had my jeans on.  I turned out the lantern, and rolled on my side.  Somewhere between then and falling asleep, I thought about what she probably looked like under those shorts and shirt, and wondered how her skin would feel against mine.

The crash of thunder had me on my feet in about three seconds.  Just after that, a bolt of lightening arced to the ground off in the south, and the thunder crashed again.  I felt the first few drops of rain hit my face, and went to get Beverly.

She was already standing, and although I couldn’t see her in the dark, when I touched her shoulder, she was shaking.

“I think we better head for the wagon or we’ll get soaked.”

Another bolt of lightening split the air and for a moment I saw her face.  Yep, she was scared, all right.  I grabbed her bedroll and her hand, and led her to the chuck wagon.  After I moved a couple of things to make room, I rolled her blankets out on the floor and helped her inside.

“It’ll be a little hard sleeping, but at least you’ll be dry.”

“What about you?  Where are you going to stay?”

“Oh, I’ll be outside, under the wagon.  I’ll stay dry.”

About that time, the rain started with a vengeance.   It was one of those southern rainstorms where the sky seems to dump the water in bucketsful.  I found my flashlight and shined it on the ground outside.  The rain was coming down so hard, it couldn’t soak in.  The water was running an inch deep under of the chuck wagon on its way to the river.

“Doesn’t look like you’re going to stay very dry in that.”

“No, it doesn’t, but –“

“But you’re afraid to stay in here with me?”

“Well, in my position, it’s not quite the right thing to do.”

“We’re both over twenty-one, so even if something happened - and I’m not saying I’d ever do that - what would it matter?  Now stop worrying and let’s go to bed.”  Beverly giggled.  “I guess I’m sounding like a wife, aren’t I?  Sorry about that.  I just don’t want you to get soaked on my account.”

Well, I didn’t sleep much that night.  The chuck wagon bed is a little less than three feet wide, and even with my back to Beverly, it was hard to sleep.  She kept touching me.  First it was a foot that brushed against my leg, then she moved and her soft butt pressed into mine.  After about an hour, she turned over and flipped off the blanket in the process.  Her soft breasts brushed my back and a little later she hooked one of her legs over mine.

I did drift off after the rain stopped.  The singing of the meadowlarks woke me.  Beverly had her arm draped around my waist and was snuggled up tight.  With some difficulty, I managed to get up and make my way to the back of the chuck wagon without waking her.  In the dim light that came through the canvas top, I could see that her T-shirt had ridden up as she slept.  The curves of her lower breasts peeked out at me.  If she hadn’t been a client, I’d have…well, but she was a client.  I went outside and cleared the soggy ashes from the fire pit, then got fresh wood from the box I keep filled on the chuck wagon for just such occasions.  I had the fire going nicely and the coffeepot sitting on some hot coals when Beverly walked up.

“I slept like a log, although I’m not sure my back will ever be the same again.  God, it’s beautiful this morning.  Everything smells so clean and fresh.”

“Well, I’ll have the coffee done in five minutes, and breakfast done in another twenty.  You better get changed into your working clothes.”

Beverly came back in fresh jeans and a new T-shirt just as I was scooping a heap of potatoes, ham, and eggs on her plate.  After she sat down, I poured her coffee, then got my food.

The morning went pretty well.  The steers were where I knew they would be, and by noon we had them started back toward the barn.  We went slow.  Even with three hundred acres, it doesn’t take long to get from on side to the other.  I had laid out the route to go around the property line to make the trip last longer.  About noon, we’d stop by the pond that sits on the south end of my place and camp again for the night.  I had a pen there for the steers so we wouldn’t have to find them again on Sunday morning.  After we had the steers in the pen, I unhitched the team and took the saddles and bridles off both our horses, and put them in with the steers.

It was hot, like it usually is after a rainstorm makes the humidity rise to nearly a hundred percent, and I was sweating after taking care of the horses.  The second year I was in business, I hauled in several truckloads of sand to make a little beach at one side of the pond.  That beach was where I was headed.  I grabbed a towel and told Beverly I was going for a swim, but that she should help herself to anything she wanted.  A small stand of willows gave me some cover, and in a couple minutes I’d stripped off and waded up to my neck in the water.  It wasn’t all that cool, but it was cool enough to make me feel better.   

The lack of sleep the night before was starting to tell on me, too.  When I started getting women on my trips, I hauled in a couple big rocks and put them in the pond in about three feet of water.  They were a good place for the women to pose for the pictures their husbands or boyfriends took.  I swam over to the largest one.  The water was shallow enough I could sit on the sand bottom with my back against the rock and catch a little nap while I was cooling off.  I was drifting off to sleep when Beverly’s voice woke me back up.

“Hey, this is great!”

I stood up to see what Beverly was yelling about and then dropped right back down.  The water was up to her armpits where she was standing about fifteen feet from me and grinning.

“What are you doing here?”

“Well, I was all hot too, and the drink I fixed didn’t cool me off, so I decided I’d join you.”

“Beverly, I don’t have trunks on.”

She giggled.

“I know.  I saw.  Guess what?  I’m not wearing anything either.”

“So, now what do we do?”

“Well, one of us has to get out first.”

“I’m not going first.”

She giggled again.

“Why.  From what I saw, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.”

“That’s not the point.  You’re a client and it wouldn’t be right.”

“And if I wasn’t a client?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve been staring at me since we started out.  You must like what you see.”

She swam over about ten feet from my rock.  The water was still up to her neck there.

“So do you like me?”

“Well, yes, but…”

“But what?”

“I’m only human, Beverly.  I might do something you won’t like tomorrow.”

Beverly smiled and started walking toward me then, and the closer she got, the more of her rose up out of the water.  First it was the soft swell of the tops of her breasts, then the dark pink of her nipple beds, then her nipples and finally the rounded underside.  Her waist was next, and finally, the neatly trimmed dark brown hair on her mound.  When she stopped, she was only about four feet from me.  She held out her hand and grinned.

“I’m pretty sure I won’t be sorry tomorrow.  Try me.”

Well, by that time, my cock was standing tall.  The way Beverly’s nipples got stiff and her nipple beds wrinkled up didn’t help either.  Neither did the full lips I could see under the hair between her thighs.

It probably wasn’t professional, but I stood up then.  Beverly grinned and took the two steps that separated us, put her arms around my neck and pressed her breasts into my chest.

Beverly giggled.  “It looks like you do like me.  I, uh…I was hoping this would happen, so I brought a blanket.  Wanna join me?”

She was all silky softness in my hands, soft breasts that rolled on her chest in the most erotic way, soft nipples that stood taut and rigid off her breasts when I rubbed my fingertip over them, soft hands that were exquisite when she stroked my stiff cock.  I lightly stroked the small of her back, then let my hand slide down her hips to the little hollow between them and her thighs.

Beverly pressed her belly into me when my fingertips brushed the lips between her thighs, then hooked one leg over mine.  Her lips parted slightly when I touched them again, so I slipped my fingertip between them.  She was satin soft, warm, and slightly wet.  After a few very gentle strokes over her lips, there was a slippery warmth on my fingertips.  I moved one finger to her entrance and slowly slipped it in.

Beverly moved slightly, then rocked her hips into my hand.  I couldn’t have had any doubt she was aroused even if I hadn’t heard the little catch in her breathing when my finger slipped inside her.  When I curled my fingertip up and massaged the little soft pad just inside her entrance, I felt her body squeeze my finger.  I could only imagine what that would feel like around my cock.

She moaned, then locked her lips on my lips, her tongue searching my mouth.  It was electric when I felt her small wet tongue touch mine, and more so when she moaned again.  It had been a while since I’d been with a woman, but I didn’t remember any woman responding like Beverly was.  It was fantastic, because the more she moaned, the more her hands stroked me and the harder I got.  She moaned when I stroked lightly beside the little bump at the top of her slit.

“I can’t wait.  Now, make love to me now.”

Beverly rolled to her back and opened her thighs to me.  Her lips were swollen in passion and her inner lips peeked out.  Once I was between her thighs, Beverly grasped my cock and gently pulled me to her entrance.  She rubbed the head over her slippery lips, then pushed it down and pulled again.  The head of my cock slipped inside her so easily I was buried deep in her body almost before I knew what was happening.

She was warm inside, warm and wet.  When I pulled out and pushed back inside her again, Beverly wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me toward her.  Her arms were around my back and pulling me down to her mouth again.  I felt her nipples pressing into my chest.

There is something unbelievably erotic about a woman who honestly enjoys sex, and Beverly was totally enjoying herself.  In turn, the response of her body was rapidly urging me to the point of no return.  Her little moans, the way she used her legs to pull my cock deep inside her and the feeling of tight, wet, warmth around my cock was incredible.  I had to concentrate hard so I wouldn’t spend myself too soon.

“Beverly, I have to slow down”, I groaned.

“No, don’t, I’m…I’m almost there.  It’s been…been so long.  Don’t stop…Oh…don’t stop.”

Well, by then I couldn’t have stopped no matter what.  There is a point when nothing can stop it, and when Beverly drove my cock deep inside her and clamped the shaft with her pelvic muscles, I got to that point.  My hips tensed, and then I shuddered as the first rush of seed raced through my cock.  

It was as if that was what Beverly needed.  She cried out and arched her body into mine.  The head of my cock pressed into the end of her passage just as her hips rocked rapidly and just as the second spurt erupted deep inside her body.  She cried out again and raked her nails down my back, then her body began to shake as the orgasm raced through her.  

It was a while before either of us could breath normally again.  I kept slowly stroking my cock in and out of Beverly.  If felt great, and every so often, Beverly would tense, then moan, then her hips would jerk as another little tremor swept over her.  Finally, my cock slipped out of her, and she giggled.

“Well, that was an experience I won’t forget.”  

She stroked my back and smiled.

“I might have to do this again, just to make sure.”

“Well, you’ll have to give me a little time.  You’re…well…it hasn’t happened that way in a long, long time.”

“So you liked me?”

I laughed. “Beverly, that was fantastic.”

“Yeah, it was pretty fantastic for me too.”

We laid there on the blanket until the sun got too hot, then went back in the pond.  I held Beverly in my arms in the water and closed my eyes.  She was heaven against my body.  I loved the way her breasts felt against my chest and I loved the way her tummy felt against mine.  I really could have stayed there longer, had Beverly not reminded me that I hadn’t fixed her dinner yet.

I started the fire, then fixed us another drink.  While the fire was burning down, I opened cans of new potatoes and green beans.  They went into a pot along with a couple ham hocks, and I hung the pot from a little tripod I carry for that purpose.  I set up the portable grill, and soon the air was filled with the aroma of sizzling steak, green beans, and wood smoke.

By the time I’d cleaned up, the sun was almost down.  I put everything back into the chuck wagon and went to sit beside Beverly.  She was staring at the twilight sky.

“It’s pretty, isn’t it?”

“What’s pretty”, I asked.

“The sky…all the orange and purple of the clouds against the blue.  It’s beautiful.  I don’t get to see this in the city very often.  Too many houses.”

I hoped I didn’t sound like I was propositioning her.

“Well, you’ll just have come out here once in a while, then.”

“Oh, I will.  You can count on that, especially if I get what happened this afternoon.”

I chuckled.  “That would be hard to do unless we’re alone again.  The other clients wouldn’t really understand, I’m afraid.”

“I can imagine.  I guess you could call me if you have a weekend open…or some other days.  I’m pretty flexible.”

“Well, I don’t usually have many people here during the week.  I still have things to do, so we couldn’t…well, we’d have to pick our times, but I’d love to have you come out.  I’d enjoy having the company, and I could show you a lot more than you’d learn on these weekends, that is, if you want to learn more.”

Beverly smiled at me.  “I’d love to learn more…”.  She caressed my chest, then started unbuttoning my shirt.  “but right now, what I want to do is make love again, here, by the fire.”

We took it slower this time, just enjoying the feeling of touching each other and finding out what we each liked.  I was surprised when Beverly rose to her hands and knees and straddled me.  Her breasts hung just an inch from my face, and it was an easy matter to raise my head, take one of her nipples in my lips and suck gently.  Her little “mmm” told me she enjoyed that.  

She also enjoyed it when I slipped a fingertip between her lips, slowly moved down to her passage, then back up to the little button that swelled under my touch.  I teased her that way, just lightly touching her lips as I tickled the tip of her nipples with my tongue, then making little circles around that little button, until Beverly was almost panting.  Without saying anything, she reached between us, took my cock in her hands and raised herself up.  I watched as she moved my cock to her entrance and moved it around until the head was poised at the opening.  With a little moan, Beverly lowered herself over my cock.  Down, down, down she went until she was sitting on me.

“Oh God, that’s nice.”

I thought it was nice too.  It was really nice to see her ride my cock.  Beverly would raise herself up until I almost slipped out, then lower her body again.  Her swollen lips stretched around my shaft when she pulled out, then rolled inside her along with my cock when she moved back down.  It was a wonderful thing to watch, and an incredible thing to feel.

It was also wonderful to see her breasts moving in the firelight as she moved herself up and down.  It was even more wonderful to feel them in my hands and to feel her nipples become stiff again.  

Beverly came first this time, helped by my caresses and by the fingertip I kept slowly circling that stiff little bump.  Her face was beautiful when it happened.  She arched her back and her mouth opened in a perfect “O”.  The little moan started quietly, then grew into a cry as she threw her head back.  Her hips started jerking rapidly over my cock.  That’s when I lost control and started pumping up into her as the seed surged through my cock.  

When it was over, Beverly sagged into her arms, then lay down on my chest.  We laid there feeling the pounding of our hearts slow.  She was asleep in my arms when I pulled the bedroll over us.

After that weekend, Beverly spent a lot of time at my place.  Even after the weather turned cold, she’d be out at least once a week.  Sometimes, if I was caught up on my chores, we’d spend the day in the house.  More often than not, that meant we spent the day either in bed or naked under a blanket on the couch.  We always made love, and it was always fantastic.

The next spring, Beverly was there to watch the new calves being born and she helped me with a young heifer that had a particularly big bull calf.  When we finished, she was sweating, covered with wet straw, and smiling for all she was worth.  That’s the day I decided to ask her if she’d like to make the farm her home.

She didn’t say yes right away.  Beverly kept me waiting for a week and it was the worst week of my life.  That Saturday, she drove up with her car full of clothes and that smile on her face.  All she said was, “well, you wanted me, and now you got me.”

It’s been a very good year for the business and an even better year for us.  Beverly goes out with me when we have clients unless we have a sick cow that needs nursing.  The clients love her and she loves being with them.  She’s also a better cook than I am.

Once in a while, we ride our horses out to one of the campsites in the evening.  I build a fire while Beverly starts dinner.  After we’ve eaten, we spread out the bedroll and watch the sunset.  After that, well…we’ve learned a lot more about each other, and it just keeps getting better.  As a matter of fact, we’re riding out to the pond tonight.  We’ll have a swim while the fire is burning down, eat, and then make love under the stars. Tomorrow morning, we’ll make love again.  Beverly likes our little private rides.  As for me, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.