The Talent

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16 Jan. '19

It seems to be everywhere I look. Online, on joke sites, even late night TV. Pornography in one form or another is ubiquitous in today’s society. From pretty, half-naked girls to full on hardcore, almost all forms have become mainstream. Nobody turns a hair if you admit to watching it, which is just as well because I watch it a lot. I don’t have any specific kink or fetish, although God knows every possible one is catered for on the good old interweb. I smiled the other day when I was in a newsagent’s shop and I noticed they still sell “top-shelf magazines”. Who buys that these days when you are only one click away from seeing the most beautiful girl fucking a hunky guy or, if it’s your thing, a midget rogering herself with an oversized dildo?

Anyway, a few months ago when I was ‘surfing the net’, code for looking at porn for any parents out there who haven’t twigged yet, I was watching those phoney audition films. You may have seen them. The girl turns up expecting a chat and ends up being fucked four ways till Friday. The cameraman/director’s face is usually blurred to add some kind of authenticity, but most of them, if not all, are made by the porn studios. I got to thinking, wondering what real porn auditions must be like, so I decided to do some research. OK, when I say research, I mean more ‘surfing’, but it was fun. I found what appeared to be genuine auditions for both girls and guys. I’m pretty sure the one I saw where four guys tried out at a British studio was real. It wasn’t very erotic and three of the four guys trying out failed miserably.

It takes quite a lot to be a male porn actor. Firstly, you have to look presentable. Secondly, you have to be well hung. Thirdly, and most importantly, you have to be able to get it up and keep it up for long periods, in front of a load of people including guys, under hot lights and do what the director tells you. Finally, you must be able to produce the all-important ‘money-shot’ virtually on demand.

“Yeah, I could do that!” I hear you say. But could you? Really? That’s the question I asked myself and what follows is the true account of what happened when I actually tried.

I re-watched the hour long ‘documentary’ of the four British guys again. Being a Brit myself, I figured I could relate to them more and if I found a studio willing to audition me, it wouldn’t be too different from what I saw.

I made a few tentative enquiries (having set up a new email account solely for this purpose) and I was quite surprised by the response. It turns out, these studios are always looking for male talent and two of them invited me along for a chat. Now, I had to consider the implications of being filmed and my face being all over the internet. It’s not like I’m a prominent member of society or anything, but I figured my sister might inadvertently stumble across her big brother one day while innocently (ha!) looking around. Worse, what if my Mum has a secret porn obsession? I decided that once I’d been filmed, I’d warn them. No need to say anything beforehand as it may come to nothing. As far as friends are concerned, I wasn’t bothered about them finding out. They might be gobsmacked to see me on the screen, but if all went to plan, they’d be impressed too; at least I hoped they would be. Particularly my mate Steve’s wife, but that’s another story!

OK, I’d made a call and confirmed the first meeting with the studio closest to where I live. Time to spruce myself up a bit. Without trying to sound too big-headed, I’m an OK looking guy, late twenties, over six feet tall, good gym-fit body and, ahem, nicely endowed. Yeah, we all say that, don’t we? But my ruler says nine inches when I measure my cock properly and I know it’s thick because I rarely get a girl to agree to anal with me. Now you can understand one of my motivations for doing this! I love anal sex but it doesn’t happen too often for me, being such a ‘big boy’, as my last girlfriend put it. These girl pornstars love a big whanger up the bum, don’t they? Well, maybe they don’t get the choice, but I’d be willing to try if they were!

Now, clean-shaven, I think. With neatly trimmed pubes and I’ll get a haircut before the meeting. I guess I should get myself a back, sac and crack waxing too. I’ve only had this done once before and it fucking hurt like crazy, but you know what they say, no pain, no gain. I’ll get this done a few days before the first meeting so my poor sensitive areas can recover! I phoned my friend who happens to be a barber and asked him to recommend somewhere I could get this done. He sent me along to a place in town I’d never heard of before and I’ll take a little break from my story to tell you about it.

The ‘salon’ was called Amelia’s and I was half expecting a full-blown ladies hair salon with women of all ages having their hair done and drinking coffee, with Debbie at the nail bar talking about her latest boyfriend and how he treats her like shit. What do you mean, stereotypical? Well, it was nothing like that at all, thank God. In fact, it was all rather mysterious. I got to the address, which was a unit above a parade of shops. When I’d phoned to book the appointment, the girl I’d spoken to said I should go up the fire escape at the side of the shop on the corner and knock the door with the sign that said “Amelia’s”. Fair enough, I thought, and I turned up a few minutes before my appointed time and knocked the door. It opened quickly but I could see nobody there. Whoever had opened it was behind the door and I heard the familiar voice say “Come in, Carl, you’re right on time.”

I walked through the door into what looked like a private flat with a big massage table standing in the middle of the main room. “Straight through,” the voice encouraged. I turned to look at the owner of the voice and was pleasantly surprised to see a very pretty blonde girl, no more than 30 years old, dressed in a white smock coat. She introduced herself as Amelia and I stuttered, “Yes, um, hi, I’m Carl.” She smiled sweetly and said “Yes, I figured!” OK, not off to a glowing start but I wasn’t really there to impress her with my charm. “I wasn’t sure what to expect,” I said. “You do know what I require?” Amelia chuckled. “Yes, babe, don’t worry. You’ll be in safe hands,” she assured me. I was starting to look forward to being in her safe hands…

She explained the process and it all sounded very straightforward and hygienic, not to say professional. This wasn’t exactly waxing, she described it as ‘sugaring’ and assured me it would be less painful than having hot wax and tear-off strips applied to my crown jewels. That sounded good to me. I’m no coward, but having the hair ripped out from around your scrotum isn’t the best way to spend an afternoon. Or so I thought….

“OK, no putting it off, please have a shower and give me a shout when you’re all dry and ready to go. I’ll be just here,” she said, pointing to the kitchen. I toddled off to the shower, scrubbed myself thoroughly, especially below the waist. I even made sure my anus was as clean as possible, inside and out! All that rubbing and fingering actually got me a little aroused, and as I was towelling off, I realised I had a good semi on. I decided to let it subside before leaving the bathroom. After a few minutes, I was thoroughly dry and walked back into the main room wrapped in a big white towel, carrying my clothes in a neat pile. “Ready!” I shouted and Amelia reappeared, carrying a basket containing various lotions and powders. I have to admit, she looked absolutely gorgeous and was I imagining it? Had she undone one or two buttons of her white smock? Also, when she reached up to a shelf to get something down, I had a great view of her tanned legs. My cock was twitching again!

“You can keep the towel around you, or be naked, I don’t mind either way. But there’s no way to hide your modesty with what we’re about to do, so just try and relax, OK? said Amelia. Relax. Yes, OK. Easier said than done. Oh well, I’d come this far. I dropped the towel, thinking to myself, if I’m nervous being naked in front of a cute girl, I may be choosing the wrong new career. As the towel hit the floor, Amelia patted the massage table and I jumped up on to it. She made no mention of my rather large, semi-hard cock and I admit to feeling a tiny bit deflated.

Amelia explained the process again and asked me to flip over on to my tummy. She started by pouring some very fine powder into her hands and rubbing it all over from the small of my back, over my buttocks, between my cheeks and on down to the top of my thighs. She rubbed it in quite vigorously, then removed the excess with a dry cloth. I’m not excessively hairy and she’d promised to make me look as natural as possible. She started to rub what looked like translucent chewing gum in between her hands and before long, she was pushing it into my skin then pulling it away, over and over all around the small of my back. It didn’t hurt any more than being spanked by a lover. In fact, it was rather a nice feeling. As she moved lower down my body, it hurt a little more. When she asked me to get on my side and pushed her fingers into my crack, it hurt a lot! But the overriding feeling was pleasure. I like a girl fingering my anus and this didn’t feel that different. She was very thorough and very gentle and she finished my back by wet-sponging me, drying me and applying more powder, gently massaging it in. Very nice.

So nice, that when she nonchalantly said “Turn over, please,” I did so with a fully erect penis! She had her back to me as I flipped on to my back. She was powdering her hands again, then turned around to face me. “Oh my fucking God!” she almost shouted. “I see you enjoyed that!” I grinned , a little sheepishly. “Uh, yeah, you could say that,” I admitted. Amelia recovered her composure and said “I’m sorry, that wasn’t very professional of me, but Jesus, I’ve never seen one that big before. You’re a lucky guy!” I wanted to say “Yeah, well in my line of work….” But I didn’t want to jinx anything and just said “Um, thanks?”

Amelia seemed to be blushing a bit now, unable to take her eyes off my cock. “Look,” she said, “I’m going to have to touch it and hold it as I work around your groin area. I hope you’re OK with that?” I nodded and told her to do whatever she had to do and apologised for my erection, assuring her I wasn’t some kind of pervert. She laughed and said “Oh, don’t worry, it happens all the time. Yours is just so much bigger and thicker than I’ve encountered before.” I lay back with a smile on my face and let her get to work. First, the powder, then the cloth, then the sugar. She actually started at the base of my cock, so just as it was starting to soften, it sprang back to life with her touch. She moved down to my crotch and all around my testicles. She was very gentle and tender again, then it was time for the sponge down and for the powder to be rubbed in. Little Carl got fully stiff again as she did this and Amelia looked me in the eye as she said “I do know a way to make this go down, you know.” I was intrigued. “Oh, really? Well, go on then,” I replied, hoping she meant what I think she did.

She took my cock in her hand and started to stroke it. She pulled my foreskin right back over the glans, exposing the shiny head. I hadn’t expected a happy ending to this kind of treatment, but I was bloody delighted it was going to happen. She stroked my big cock with long, firm strokes and I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation. This girl was good with her hands! I had my eyes shut for a few minutes and when I opened them, I was astounded to see Amelia had removed her smock and was wearing only a white bra and matching thong. She saw my amazement and smiled. “Well?” she asked. “Stunning!” I replied and she giggled. “Firm too, if you’d like to check,” she said, teasingly. Oh yes please, I thought. I reached out my hand and placed it on her hip. Then I moved it around to her ass and gave a little squeeze and Amelia let out a little moan. She continued to stroke my cock tenderly and now I was able to have a good grope of her beautifully soft ass. I was in heaven and totally unprepared for a sudden feeling of warmth as Amelia dipped her head and took my throbbing cock into her mouth. “Oh fuck!” I blurted out and I heard her giggle again. She knew how to suck as well, licking the head all over, then taking me as deep into her mouth as she could. I was gripping her ass hard now and figured she wouldn’t mind if I explored her lower body a bit more. I moved my hand in between her legs and she moaned again, parting her legs a little so I had better access. The thong was tiny, so there wasn’t much material to move aside. I felt her slit and it was already dripping wet. I ran my finger up and down the outside of her pussy, then parted her labia and pushed a finger gently inside her. Amelia gasped a little as I did this and it made my cock twitch even harder. Then I swapped my finger for my thumb so I could rub her clit and she yelped out loud as I frigged her with increasing force.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum!” she said, “don’t stop.” I didn’t stop and as good as her word, she started to convulse and shake as her orgasm wracked her body. I was getting close too so when she had recovered and looked over to me and said “Cum in my mouth”, I lost all self-control and came hard, shooting six or seven big spurts of cum into Amelia’s throat. She didn’t swallow, but let it run out of her mouth back over my cock and she continued to stroke me, making a real mess over my tummy. She squeezed the last few drops out and gave my cock a little kiss. I pulled her towards me, eased myself up and kissed her full on the mouth. She responded by kissing me back passionately until I flopped back down on to the table, breathing hard and feeling weak at the knees. Amelia handed me a towel and said “Feel free to shower again before you go,” and walked back into the kitchen. Wow, did that really just happen? She seemed to be able to turn from professional beautician to sex goddess and back again in the blink of an eye. I practically fell off the massage table and stumbled in to the bathroom and showered off. When I was done, I returned to the main room to find Amelia sitting on the edge of the massage table wrapped in a huge fluffy white towel.

“So, how was that for you, Carl?” she asked. “Mind-blowing!”, I replied. “Can I come again next week or at least buy you dinner some time?” She laughed and said “You’re very sweet, but you won’t need to see me for at least a month and I don’t think my husband would be keen on us having dinner!”

Damn! This girl was full of surprises. I looked at her with a resigned expression and she said “Aww, don’t worry. I think you’re going to make a great porn star!” I looked at her with a mixture of shock and delight. “Plus”, she said, “if you do come back to see me, I’ll know you’re doing well. Who would put themselves through this if they didn’t have to?” We both laughed and I told her I’d be back every week if I could. But there was one more surprise in store for me. I was getting my wallet out to pay her for the sugaring and Amelia said “Put that away! There’s no charge for you, I had as much fun as you did.”  I stuttered, “Are you sure? I mean, your time and materials and…” Amelia shook her head. “It was my pleasure. Any friend of Harry’s (my barber) is a friend of mine. Oh, and just so you know, I’ve never done that with a client before.”

I left Amelia with a peck on the cheek, a smile and a huge thank-you. I skipped down the stairs and returned home even more confident that I’d do OK at the porn audition I had planned for next week. Yes, that is the point of this story, I got carried away. But believe me, Amelia is the kind of girl who makes it very easy to get carried away!

Right, let’s go back to the story and the audition. The studio was about an hour’s drive from my house, so freshly showered and groomed to within an inch of my life, I set off early and with high hopes of a good meeting. I arrived with time to spare and grabbed a quick bite to eat so I didn’t have to worry about my tummy rumbling during the interview. Not your normal job interview, granted, so even more important to be on top form. I arrived at the studios and pressed the buzzer. A girl’s voice said hello and I explained I was here for a meeting. “Oh, the casting?” she asked. “Uh, yes, I guess so. I’m Carl,” I said. “Push the door and come through,” stated the metallic voice.

OK, this looked better than I had anticipated. A really nicely appointed reception area and the girl who I’d spoken to was behind her desk looking very business-like. She asked me to sit while she called Phil, the director. “Oh, I see you’re working with Roxy today, you’re gonna love her!” said Trixie, for that was her name. Roxy? Trixie? OK, I believe you, thousands wouldn’t. So it looked like I’d be called on to perform. Excellent!

Phil bustled in to reception and introduced himself. We shook hands and he looked me up and down. “What do you think, Trixie?” he asked. “Well, I’d fuck him!” she giggled. Phil gave me the thumbs up and said “Follow me.” I winked at Trixie as we left reception and Phil, who it turned out owned the whole operation, proudly gave me the grand tour. He admitted he was filling for time as Roxy hadn’t got in yet. “She’s always fucking late, but when you meet her, you’ll see why we have her on the books!” Excellent!

We sat in Phil’s office and got the preliminaries out of the way. I had to provide health certificates, which I’d acquired following a nervous visit to the GU clinic the previous week. I handed them to Phil and he checked them carefully before returning them to me. He then started to ask me all kinds of questions about what I was and wasn’t prepared to do. “You’re straight, right?” he asked. “Yes,” I replied, “although I admit to having experimented a little with the dark side.” Phil chuckled but I was sure I couldn’t say anything about sex to this guy that he hadn’t heard before. “Cool, so boy/girl, oral, vaginal and anal all OK, I’m assuming?” I nodded. “How about working with more than one girl at a time?” I smiled and nodded again, saying “Sure, bring them on!” No response from Phil this time. “How about MMF?” he asked. I clarified, “You mean me and a couple?” Phil looked up at me over the top of his glasses. “Yes,” he said, “two guys with one girl, sometimes more than two guys.” I grinned and said, rather flippantly, “Well, I’ve had one or two drunken gang bangs in the past, so that shouldn’t be a problem.” Phil nodded, sagely. “Transexuals?” was his next one-word question. I nodded again, not wanting to put up any barriers. I quite liked shemales, actually, or at least, enjoyed shemale porn. “Finally, gay for pay?” he asked, looking right at me. “Sheesh,” I replied. “aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves here?” Phil laughed, “Too fucking right, but that little bitch Roxy still isn’t here!” I laughed too, realising he was already giving me the “post-match” interview as if I’d already passed the audition.

There was a tap on the door and Phil shouted “Come!” The irony of a porn director saying that when someone knocks his door wasn’t lost on me. In rushed Roxy, full of apologies but looking stunning. Phil looked at me. “See what I mean?” he asked. I grinned and nodded while Roxy just looked puzzled. He introduced us properly, saying “This is the young lady you’ll be working with today. Roxy, this is the guy that’s gonna fuck you in five minutes. Not that you don’t look adorable right now, but go and get yourself ready. Carl, I’ll show you to the locker room.” Wow, that’s it, here we go, my first audition was about to start. I undressed down to my boxers and slipped on a robe. Roxy reappeared looking good enough to eat. “I’m fully douched Carl and ready to go. You feeling OK?” she asked me. Aww, I thought. She actually seems to care. I smiled and told her I was feeling good and that she looked lovely. She giggled coquettishly and held her hand out for me to take. She led me through to the set that Carl had shown me earlier. Basically, the set was a big round bed with changeable backdrops and a huge lighting rig, surrounded by cameras on stands and a large boom microphone.

One by one, more people joined us on the set. Two cameramen, or videographers, as I learnt they preferred to be called. A sound guy, a lighting girl and, for some reason, Trixie. I was hoping she’d be a fluffer but I had to admit, I didn’t really know if they actually had fluffers! Finally, Phil waltzed in and shouted “Right, where are we?” Trixie, Phil’s PA as it turned out, had a ‘script’ for us. A copy was handed to both Roxy and me to study. They were really taking this seriously. There were no actual lines on the script, just a porno scenario. I was to walk in to my bedroom straight from the shower to find my step-sister on my bed, masturbating. We were to have a bit of an exchange then basically, we’d fuck. Simple. I’d done a bit of am-dram and improv before, so I wasn’t phased by this. I’d also seen like a million porno movies, so I kinda knew what they were wanting. Not exactly method, but I’d do my best!

A quick rehearsal of the lines followed then Phil told me there would be silence for the speaking part while Roxy and I improvised some lines then he’d cut. After that, we’d start with the fun part and it wouldn’t be silent at all. “I’ll be directing you loud and clear, shouting at the other guys, it will get quite noisy. The sex sounds will be dubbed in later.” he informed me. “And I want you to do exactly as I say. The reasons we’re doing this like a full scene are to see how you act, how you take direction and how you fuck in a room full of strangers!” I was starting to feel the pressure, but I was confident that I’d be able to perform. I was also looking forward to seeing Roxy’s reaction when she saw my cock for the first time!

“Action!” shouted Phil. I took a deep breath and re-entered the set, which was now my bedroom. Lying on ‘my’ bed was this beautiful creature, gently stroking her pussy. I should describe Roxy to you. She certainly is a beautiful girl, but not what I would describe as a pornstars bombshell. Firstly, her body was all natural. Secondly, she had the look of the girl next door, a mixture of wide-eyed innocence but with a filthy undercurrent. She was dark blonde, had average sized breasts, a very slim waist and very sexy hips. However, her best feature, other than her pretty face, had to be her ass! Perfectly shaped, curvy but not fat, very firm and oh-so inviting. I was very much looking forward to exploring it in great detail!

I feigned surprise to find my little step-sis on my bed. “Jesus, Sis, what the hell are you doing in my room?” I asked with a mixture of horror and curiosity. “Aww, Bro, I saw you in the shower just now when you were wanking your big cock and it turned me on. I like your bed cos it smells of you.” Roxy replied. I wondered how many times she’d said that line or something very similar. I couldn’t take my eyes off Roxy although I was pretending to half look away. “Come on Sis, we can’t do this. You’re a sexy little bitch, but really, your my lil Sis!” “Step-sis,” she corrected. “So come on, don’t you want some of this?” She flipped on to her tummy and pushed her perfect ass into the air, giving her cheek a little spank, invitingly. “Fuck yes,” I replied, but, you know.” “I won’t tell if you won’t” said Roxy, giggling. “Come on Bro, I’ve wanted to fuck you for ages.”

“Cut!” shouted Phil. “Perfect guys, perfect. Have you done this before, Carl?” he asked, no doubt trying to relax me for the main event. I laughed and saw Roxy give me the thumbs up. I seemed to have passed the first test, but that was the easy part. There was a lot of action around the set now, with lights being set up on stands, cameras being moved about and Roxy was touching up her make-up, despite looking perfect already to me. “If you need a toilet break or anything, now’s your chance,” said Phil. I decided to take a breather to compose myself, so went into the locker area for a few moments, double checking I was fresh and clean where it mattered most. When I walked back into the room, Phil said “Right, we’re ready. Back to your last positions and we’ll take it from there. Carl, I want you to crawl on to the bed behind Roxy and start playing with her ass. After that, just follow what I say, OK?” “Yep,” I replied. “Here we go!”

“Action!” shouted Phil. I walked towards the bed, allowing my towel to drop. I was supposed to have just come out of the shower, so I was now completely naked, as was Roxy. Her ass was in the air wiggling at me and I did as Phil asked. I knelt behind Roxy and started to fondle and caress her beautiful young, firm ass. There was a lot of talking on the set, as Phil had warned me. I heard variously “Move the smaller light over here.” “Trixie, get that reflector closer to Carl’s ass.” “Looking good Carl.” “Jesus, he’s fucking hung!” That last comment from one of the camera guys! “Stay focused, Carl. Grope her ass like you haven’t fucked for a month. You’ve wanted this asshole for ages, so really go for it. Use your hands and mouth.” I was only too happy to oblige and really got stuck into savouring Roxy’s rear end. I spanked it, squeezed it, kissed it, licked it and even inserted a finger into her tight hole, which brought a little gasp from Roxy’s lips.

“OK, Roxy, turn over and have a look at what Carl has got for you!” I’m happy to report, little Carl hadn’t let me down. He was fully erect and pointing skywards as Roxy turned over. Now, I know she’s an actress and no doubt seen many big cocks before. But I swear she had a sparkle in her eye as she said “Fuck me, that’s a monster! Mmmmm, I want it so bad!” and she knelt down in front of me as she started to stroke me, pulling my foreskin back and forth with her experienced hands. Roxy knew the drill and Phil didn’t need to direct her much, but he kept saying encouraging things. “That’s it, Rox, you knew it was big but now it’s all yours to play with. Enjoy it like you’ve never had a cock before!” She certainly did that, stroking me sensuously, cupping my balls with one hand and reaching up to kiss me on the lips. I responded with hot kisses and gentle tongue flicks and she stroked my face. I was really enjoying this so far! Then, it got better. She knelt back down and kissed my knob, then licked all around the head, before taking my full length, inch by inch, into her mouth and throat! What a talented girl. She was so small, but managed to swallow my whole cock, which was now as hard as it had ever been. She was an expert cock sucker and I was trying hard not to enjoy the feeling too much. When she went deep, she stuck her tongue out and licked my balls and the feeling was exquisite. She sucked my cock for what seemed like hours, gripping my ass cheeks, pulling me into her as deep as I could go. Normally, this would have been enough to make me cum, but I was concentrating hard and aware of the spectators.

“You’re doing great, Carl,” said Phil, encouragingly. “Don’t let your ego take over though, if you need a break, just tell us.” I was OK, so I let Roxy continue for a few minutes more then Phil said “Your turn to return the favour, Carl. Roxy, on your back, Honey, and open your legs wide!” Music to my ears! I adore eating pussy and I was going to savour this one like it was to be the last one I ever got to eat. I knelt between Roxy’s open legs and started by kissing her pert breasts. Her nipples got very hard as I suckled at them and rolled them between my thumb and fingers, She was making all the right noises, even though Phil had told me it would be dubbed later. I moved my head down and traced my tongue down the centre of Roxy’s perfectly flat tummy, then kissed her pubic mound. My tongue was aching to taste her, but I resisted the urge to dive right in, first licking all around her pussy lips and back up, before planting hot kisses on her clitoris. Roxy arched her back as I stimulated her clit and I placed both hands under her ass, squeezing her cheeks hard. She moaned loudly as I did this and at the same time, I slipped my tongue into her vagina, tasting her wetness properly for the first time. She let out a huge gasp as I plunged my tongue in as deep as I could, all the time, kneading her ass cheeks with both hands. “Carl, you’re a fucking natural, Son!” barked Phil. “Keep going and don’t forget her asshole.” Oh yes, please! I love to rim a girl’s tight clean ass. Roxy said she’d douched, so I knew she’d be fresh and clean. I moved my hands from under her ass and placed them behind her knees. I pushed her legs back and bent them at the same time, so her lovely ass was presented to me. No hesitation this time. I went straight for her puckered hole with my tongue, sliding it in firmly, enjoying the gasps and moans coming from Roxy’s mouth. Her breathing was quickening and I hoped it wasn’t just acting.

My tongue fucked her little asshole mercilessly and Roxy’s gasps became louder and more frequent. “Fuuuuuck, I’m cumming!” she screamed and Phil said “Go for it, Honey!”. I kept the rhythm and pressure up with my tongue and was a little shocked as she yelped loudly and came hard, squirting all over my face. It was a huge orgasm for her and she writhed and bucked her hips as I moved my tongue up to her clit. “Oh God, Oh God!” she kept shouting, then her body convulsed again and another squirt of cum shot out of her pussy, this time drenching my chin and dripping down onto my chest. “Shit, shit, shit” gasped Roxy. “That was fucking amazing!” I let her legs back down on to the bed, then moved my head up to kiss her. She responded with a passionate kiss and the mood was instantly broken by Phil shouting “Cut. Perfect, guys, great way to end. We know where you have to be when we resume. Take five, everyone!”

I lay on the bed next to Roxy, who looked like she’d been dragged through a hedge. Her breathing was still coming in gasps and she was absent-mindedly stroking my arm. “Do you enjoy your job?” I asked, cheekily. Roxy looked at me and smiled. “Sometimes, Babe. Sometimes!” and with that, she jumped off the bed and disappeared out to the locker area. Phil came over and said “We’re just having a short break. Get some water and have a freshen-up if you want, then we’ll go again. You did say you’re OK to do anal, yes? “Of course,” I replied. “My second favourite activity after pussy eating!” and grinned at Phil. So, I was going to get the chance to fuck Roxy’s sexy little ass. I couldn’t wait. I swigged thirstily from a bottle of iced water kindly offered to me by Trixie. I could tell she was looking at my cock at every opportunity and I did wonder to myself if she ever took part in scenes. I suspected she did, she had that look in her eye. I dried myself off from where Roxy had squirted over me. The scent of her pussy juice was so hot and I was hoping she’d feel the same about my cum when I got the chance to cover her in it later.

The crew were back, moving cameras around again. One of the guys was holding a hand-held camera and he came over to me and said “I’m going to be holding this thing inches from you when you fuck, you gonna be all right with that, Carl?” I nodded, marvelling to myself how nice everyone was and how professional they all were. “Ready in two minutes please!” shouted Phil. “Back to where you were on the bed, kissing, please guys” I was stroking myself to make sure I was fully erect again when Trixie came over to me and said “May I?” I looked surprised, but she just smiled and grabbed hold of my cock and started to stroke me to full hardness. It didn’t take long, then she winked at me, released my cock and said “Go get ‘em, Tiger!” I fucking knew this girl was a little minx too!

I climbed back on to the bed, jumped on top of Roxy and kissed her passionately She responded with equal passion and we made out for a good two or three minutes before Phil started to bark his orders again.

“OK, Guys, let’s see some nice passionate fucking!” he ordered. “Yessir!” I almost shouted, but I didn’t want to look too eager, so actually said nothing. Roxy reached down and started to rub my rock hard cock and I sat back on my heels watching her. I reached forward to feel her pussy, which was still very wet from her orgasm not five minutes earlier. I also suspected she’d applied some lube when she nipped out for her break, so she was more than ready for me. Still sitting in front of her, I pulled her legs towards me and bent her knees. Her pussy was inches away from my twitching cock head so I lifted up slightly until it was touching her lips. “Fuck me hard and deep, Babe!” commanded Roxy. I wasn’t about to argue. I pushed into her firmly, penetrating her soaking wet cunt and loved it when she said “Oh fuck, it’s so big!” We fucked in this position for at least five minutes, the camera inches from my cock. Phil kept shouting encouragement from the side lines, making sure I wasn’t blocking the camera’s view with my thighs. “Change to doggy now Guys please,” he asked, politely. I eased my throbbing penis out of Roxy’s pussy and she turned around, wiggling her incredibly sexy ass as she did so. I gripped her hips and attempted re-entry with no hands which made her giggle. “Yeah, that’s good,” encouraged Phil. I found the right spot then pushed in deep in one thrust, taking Roxy’s breath away. “Fucking hell!” was her response. “Don’t tell me this is your first fucking porno, I won’t fucking believe you!” Gosh, her language was making me blush! OK, not really, I found it quite hot actually.

I fucked her hard from behind, all the time resisting the urge to cum too quickly. The sight of her ass in the air with my big cock penetrating her pussy and sinking into her deeply will be one I’ll never forget. She started to wriggle and buck underneath me again and her gasps were getting louder. Phil picked up on this and said “OK, take a breather and Roxy, get ready for the anal scene.” She looked a bit crestfallen that he’d stopped her from cumming again, then she looked up at me and said “Carl, Honey, I haven’t had a cock as big as that up my bum for a while, be careful, OK?” I smiled and promised I would be. Roxy slid off the bed, wiped herself down and Trixie passed her the lube. She applied a lot inside her asshole and all around the outside. Then she bent down, kissed my cock and applied some lube to the tip. “OK, ready,” she said. We got back to the position we were in before Phil had told us to stop, both on our knees with me behind her. “Actually Guys, can Roxy go on top? It makes for a good angle.” That was fine by me and Roxy nodded. I lay on my back and Roxy climbed on to my legs, facing away from me.

I held my stiff cock in position and allowed Roxy to ease herself down on to it, seemingly oblivious to the camera that was a few inches in front of her. She wriggled until her sphincter relaxed enough to allow my cock head into her ass and held herself there for a few moments. Then, she slid right down and her anus swallowed my entire length. I gasped at how tight her asshole was and she gasped as my cock filled her completely. Moaning hard and shouting “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” over and over, Roxy impaled herself on me over and over again. Her hands were supporting her weight by resting on my thighs and my hands were holding her hips, helping to keep her steady. My view from behind her was breath-taking and I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Phil sensed this and said “Carl, you’ve gotta be close, tell us when you’re ready to cum.” I put my thumb up and kept butt-fucking Roxy for a minute or two more. Without warning, Roxy gasped, shouted “Oh fuck!” again at the top of her voice, and had another squirting orgasm, splashing the camera guy’s arm with cum. This tickled Trixie, who giggled infectiously, making everyone else laugh too. She didn’t stop riding me though, so before I got too close to cumming, I stopped Roxy bouncing up and down and said “Phil, I’m nearly there.” Phil walked over to us and said “Right, in a second, pull out. Roxy, you sit on the edge of the bed. Carl, jump off the bed and stand in front of Roxy. She’ll grab your cock as if to suck it straight from her ass then we’ll cut.” Excellent, I needed nice clear direction and that’s exactly what I got. I did as Phil said, got in front of Roxy’s mouth and he yelled “Cut!” again.

Trixie came over and handed me some sterile wipes and a towel. Roxy cleaned up her ass hole and we prepared for the money shot. Trixie couldn’t resist giving my cock another stroke before Phil told her off like a naughty schoolgirl. “Trix, don’t fuck this up by making him cum! For fuck’s sake!” She giggled and slid back to her position by the main camera. “Right,” said Phil. “Roxy is gonna suck you until you’re about to pop, then I want you to finish yourself over her face and neck. Don’t stop stroking until I say cut. Roxy, you know what to do.”

Roxy took my dick back into her mouth and deep-throated me again. She also squeezed my ass cheeks and licked my balls again, making sure it wouldn’t be long before I blew. I was moaning like crazy, more than ready. We’d been fucking for over two hours in total and I hadn’t cum yet. I pulled out of her mouth and she looked up at me, opening her mouth wide. Just a few more strokes and bingo! I find that when I’m about to cum, if I hold my hand still for a second, I get the biggest spurts. I did just that and after a little dribble, I let out the biggest spurt of cum ever and my aim was true. It hit Roxy right in the middle of her face, splashing down on to her boobs. I resumed stroking and let out another four or five strings of cum which landed on Roxy’s tongue, nose and neck. Cum was still oozing out of my knob when Roxy took over and stroked the final few drops out of me and started licking the head of my cock. Finally, she took me into her mouth again and did a first class job of cleaning me up. I pulled out and didn’t stop stroking while Roxy played with my cum, rubbing her fingers in it and licking them clean. I held my cock close to her face as she did this, stroking more slowly now. Watching Roxy play with my cum was so erotic and I could feel there was more cum in me ready to shoot. “I’m gonna cum again, Phil,” I said. “No fucking way!” he replied. “Aim it at her tits!” Roxy smiled and started sucking me again, but I didn’t need any encouragement. I pulled out, stroked hard, paused then shot another generous load of at least four spurts all over her lovely tits. It covered them and dripped down over her nipples and on to her belly.

I could barely stand now and needed to collapse on the bed. Roxy gently sucked me clean again and I flopped down next to her. “Cut!” came the order and I was astounded to hear the crew starting to clap loudly. Trixie was jumping up and down, whooping and also clapping. Phil’s smile was as broad as the Mersey Tunnel and he came over and high-fived me. “Good fucking job Guys, absolutely awesome!” he said. I just sat there gasping and Roxy stroked my arm before she hopped off the bed to grab the towel Trixie was offering her. Phil was very animated as he said “That was some cum shot, Carl. Or two cum shots. If you’ve never done this before, I reckon you’ve watched a lot of porn. Your aim was perfect, poor Roxy was completely covered! That has to be the best debut scene I’ve ever shot. After editing, that’s going on our website and you’ve just earnt yourself a thousand pounds for your trouble!”

Wow. Today couldn’t have gone any better. I was feeling quite proud of myself when all the crew were congratulating me and clapping me on the back. Trixie came over and gave me a kiss then asked me to come over to her desk after I’d showered and dress and sign release papers. I left the room with a big smile on my face, showered off and dressed then went over to see Trixie. “Have a read of this then sign to give us permission to use the film. It will be exclusively available on our paid website, so no danger of it turning up on Pornhub for a while yet.” Phil came over and said “Carl, we want to edit and dub this today if you don’t mind spending an hour doing that with Roxy?” As it was only around 3pm, I agreed. I was in no hurry and secretly wanted to watch myself and Roxy on the screen, to see if it looked as horny as it felt. Roxy reappeared, dressed casually but still looking bloody stunning. She took my hand and said “Let’s go get something to eat while they start the editing, then we’ll go in and dub some grunting!” She led me to a kitchen area where there was a selection of sandwiches, snacks and a steaming coffee pot. We made our choices, poured two coffees, then went and sat in an open lounge area, eating and chatting, mingling with the crew and a few faces I hadn’t seen before.

Roxy had turned back in to the girl next door, looking demur and really quite sweet. “Was that really your first porn scene, Carl?” she asked me. I smiled and assured her it really was. “Well, fuck me again!” she said, laughing. “You know Phil wants to sign you up right now, don’t you?” I was surprised at this news, but I know I’d put on a good show, so perhaps I wasn’t totally shocked. “Do you have an agent yet?” she asked. “No, I handle my own affairs,” I said, not knowing what I was talking about but trying to sound like I did. “When we’re done eating, we’ll do the dubbing then Phil wants to see you before you go. Just so you know, a contract with this studio is like the best in the industry, so if you have other auditions lined up, I would cancel them, if I was you.” I thanked her for advice and tried to get my head around the situation. Was I ready to be contracted to a porn studio after just one audition? If I worked two days a week at a grand a day, I could make some decent money, so I couldn’t dismiss it out of hand. I would have to buy myself some time to think.

Roxy and I went round to the editing suite and we had the dubbing done within an hour. It sounds immodest, but we really did look good on screen! Roxy looked so beautiful and sexy and really looked like she was enjoying herself. I just looked grateful to be there! Roxy kissed me goodbye as she was leaving and said “I hope we work together again soon.” I said the same to her and she disappeared through the locker area. Trixie walked over to me and said, ”Right, big boy, two more things before we release you back into the wild!” I laughed and said “Go on.” Holding my hand, Trixie said “Number one, Phil wants to see you before you go and it’s good news.” She looked right at me, awaiting my reply. “Cool. And what’s the second thing? I asked, innocently. “Oh,” she said. “I want you to take me out for dinner later then come back to my place. I want your opinion on the way I’ve decorated my bedroom….”