Family Secrets 2

The four got together at the student union the next night for some beer and an opportunity for Sheila and Max to meet.

Max is cute and then some, I'm 5'5” so I'd make him to be about 5'10”. Brown hair, red tinted beard. He’s an education major, History and Italian. Aribella was right; Saturday night might be a good time.

“Max, I hear that you’re a transfer student,” Sheila asked.

“Yes, from Venice. I’m half Italian, half American.”

“How did you end up here and why?” Sheila asked.

“My dad said I’d been wasting my time at home. I showed no purpose. He told me to pick a college in America and go. Meet new people and you’ll be away from your element. So, as long as I get a 3.6, he’s happy. If I may, what are you here for, Shelia?”

“I’m on the gymnastics team, a cheerleader, in student government, and an art major.”

“Well, my mom would like you being an art major and the rest sounds like you’d be busy.”

“She’s into art?”

“She’s an art teacher in Venice and she’s responsible for my American half. My parents met while she was in college.”

Shelia asked, “If you’re Italian, why are you majoring in Italian and how old are you?”

“Two reasons, it’s a great way to help my GPA and I’ll earn an ATA Certification. I’ll be twenty-three in two months.”

They spent about ninety minutes, talking, laughing and having a good time. As they walked back to the sorority house, Max and Sheila were holding hands.

“I've got a History test in the morning, and some studying to do. It's been a pleasure meeting you, Shelia. Hope you're able to go out to dinner Saturday night,” as he leaned over and kissed her.

“May I call you?”

That was nice.

“Yes, my number is DB4315.”

“So, what do you think of Max?”

“Okay, you were right, he’s nice looking, dresses well and he’s polite. It was a first meeting, so being nice, polite, and well dressed though good were expected, just like the kiss was unexpected but acceptable and nice. I thought he knew I was going to be with you guys on Saturday?”

“I asked Kevin to let him know you might not be available; are you?”

“Yeah, I’m available.”

Yes I am, the kiss showed me he's interested and so am I, more than I thought I would be.

“Good, I’ll tell Kevin and you can tell Max, you have his number.”

“I’ll call tomorrow.”

* *

“So, what did you think of Shelia? I think you liked her.”

"I do. She was different. She talked to me. Good looking, sense of humor and we had a conversation. She asked about me and school, not me and back home. Thanks for not telling her about my past and my parents.”

“That’s your option Max, not mine. Your dad being rich is out there. Ari told me that Shelia asked if you were the rich transfer student, so she’s heard the rumors. Ari gave me a few signals that Shelia liked you and it was obvious we all had a good time. Now, I’ve a question to ask you? Would you do me a favor?”

“Sure, what do you need, you are my big.”

“I haven’t asked Ari yet but, would you be my best man?”

“No shit! Of course I will. You’re crazy, but I love ya and I’ll be glad to. Now, let’s go have something to drink, I’ve a few bottles and this is an excellent reason for one of them.”

* *

She called Max’s number; he answered “Pronto.”


“Oh, Sheila, I’m sorry, that’s how they answer the phone in Italy. What’s up?”

“Max, figured I’d let you know that I’m looking forward to being your date on Saturday.”

“That’s great, so am I. How about tomorrow we catch a movie and then order pizza at my place?”

Why not, take some of the mystery away from Saturday.

“Sounds good, when?”

“I'll get you at your room about six-thirty.”

“I'll be ready.” 

Shelia was had been ready for about a half hour. She’s chosen jeans and a light blue shirt, her lace push up bra, doing its job.

I haven't been nervous before a date in a while and well, it’s refreshing. Do I want Max to ‘get lucky’ tonight?

There was a knock at the door, “Coming,” as she moved to open it. Max was there.

Wearing a linen jacket, light blue polo shirt, unbuttoned, sunglasses, blue jeans and leather shoes.

Well, looks like envelope 2 is a winner.

Shelia made the move to kiss. Her tongue just brushing his lips, which opened to the invitation, their tongues, seeking their counterparts, as their arms, enveloped each other.

Max broke the kiss, saying. “We do have a movie to go to, don't we?”

“Of course,” She grabbed her purse and they left. At the movie, she leaned her head on his shoulder. She was surprised when Max moved a hand to her leg and slowly and lightly, caressed it.

That sure feels good. Light, soft and he’s not pushing it.

Max turned his head to her and kissed her forehead. She looked up and they kissed again.

“Max, lets watch the movie.”


She returned her head to his shoulder.

They got to Max's room.

Not bad at all, a rug, couch, TV, fridge, nice computer set up, and stereo. His bed on a carpeted platform. A womanizers place but I’ve not heard that about him.

“What do you like on your pizza?”

“I like black olives and not fond of sausage.”

“Got it...Yes, I'd like to order a medium pie with extra cheese, pepperoni and black olives. I've an account, Max Ivano. Okay, forty minutes, thanks.”

The pizza arrived and Max brought out some beer and they sat on the couch. They ate and watched TV. When they were done, Max turned the TV off and the stereo on. He adjusted to leaning against the pillow, at the end of the couch, Shelia leaned with her back against his chest. Max’s hands softly caressed her arms and shoulders.

“Do you have a specialty in art?”

“Drawing and bust statues.”

“Sei devvero bellissima,” Max whispered in her ear. Then gave it a light nibble.

She rolled over and looked at him.

“I know what bellissima means. Thank you. Thanks for the pizza and movie as well.”

She kissed his neck then moved to his face. She felt his growing penis and a hand massage a breast as their tongues danced.

Mm, nice hard cock Max.

She sat astride him as her hands began pulling his shirt out from his pants.

“I've got an idea, are you up for it.”

“You're not the only one with an idea. However, it depends, is it legal?”

“Shelia, anything worth doing in life, is illegal, immoral or fattening. In this case, I think that only the immoral applies.”

“Sure, I'm up for it and it seems that so are you. I've never done it with a white guy before, what about you?'

Max kissed her a few times, “That makes two of us, I've never done it with a white guy either.”

Shelia laughed, and playfully punched him in the arm. “That's not what I meant and you damn well know it.”

“Owe.” as Max rubbed his arm. “True, before I met you, I'd never had the opportunity to date a black girl.”


“As we just met, I’d like to go a little slow tonight. Keep it to foreplay, is that okay with you?”

She smiled at him, leaning down and kissed him.