A Morning Scare

Info K_Lily
20 Jan. '19

My girlfriend and I have been together for a while. And things couldn’t be better between us. Except for one thing.  Our sex life is just… boring. I don’t know what happened, really. How did we go from exploring and experimenting to just fucking missionary and doggy-style over and over until we both came and then going about our day or falling asleep?

Maybe we explored everything already. There just came a night when I had nothing to offer, no ideas, and she didn’t either. That just kept happening until both of us kind of forgot about exploring. Now it’s been months and we’ve done nothing new.

Not that the sex is bad, of course, it’s just not that crazy sex where you discover new sensations. And I want that craziness back. I don’t know how to do it, but I’m going to.

In my attempt to spice things up again, I decided to do some snooping. She has a twitter account that she uses to find porn pics, gifs, and videos. I haven’t looked at the material she retweets in a long time, I just forgot about it.

So, I looked at her account and spent about an hour going through her posts. The time was well-spent, I was growing a list of new things I would try. But for the first one, I wasn’t going to bring it up during sex like usual. I was going to surprise her with it.

My girlfriend is such a heavy sleeper. Most of the time it’s frustrating when I need her to wake up, but it’s also adorable. So she didn’t even budge when my alarm went off in the middle of the night. I woke up groggy, and I admit I almost abandoned my plan, but if I didn’t do it tonight, I wasn’t going to do it.

I got out of bed, careful not to disturb her too much. I turned on our dim bed-side lamp and looked at her. She was laying on her stomach, her hair was a mess around her pillow, and she had on her sleep mask over her eyes. She was beautiful.

I pulled my eyes away and opened the drawer of our side table, pulling out our long un-used rope and ball gag. These were her two favorite toys, and I hated that I let it go so long without using them. I slowly peeled the blankets off her and couldn’t help pausing to admire her naked body. Her waist was wonderfully accentuated by her hips.

I trailed my hand along her back and caressed her ass, full in my hand. She had one arm under her pillow and the other at her side. This wouldn’t do.

I gently peeled her arm from under the pillow and kept it above her head, and slowly brought up her other arm to match it. She stirred a little but settled back down quickly.

I grabbed the rope and tied her wrists together with one end, making sure they were too tight for her to get out of if she tried, and used the other end of the rope to secure her wrists to the headboard. She wouldn’t even be able to pull herself away from the headboard very far.

I spread her legs and then trailed my fingers down her ass to her pussy and used one finger to rub up and down her slit. She wasn’t wet, of course, so I went slow. I pushed into her folds a bit more to get access to her clit. When I found it, I rubbed it softly with just the tip of my finger. She didn’t move, but after a few minutes of this I could feel her slickness coming out, and I rubbed her clit with the pad of my finger, rubbing harder.

Her wetness coated my finger, and I didn’t stop until her body was aching for sex. I got onto the bed and straddled her legs, lightly massaging her ass. God she was so sexy.

My dick was so hard it was almost painful. I needed to fuck her tied up like this right now. I positioned myself and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit, feeling how wet she was now. I grabbed the ball gag from the table.

I grabbed her ass with my free hand and bent over her I shoved all the way inside her wet pussy in one thrust. She immediately woke up, her instincts not failing her, and gasped at the surprise. I quickly brought the gag around her head and shoved the ball in her mouth. “I’m gonna make you scream into this.” I said.

I secured it on the back of her head quickly and asked, “You want this, right?” I already knew the answer. She nodded vigorously.
That was all I needed. I grabbed her ass with both my hands and started pumping my cock into her, forcing her body into the bed. She strained on her rope and screamed into the gag. I gave her hard, long thrusts, making sure she felt every inch of my cock deep inside her.

I spanked her ass hard and was rewarded with a loud gasp from her. I did it again, and again, until both cheeks were bright red and stinging. I leaned forward again and grabbed her head with both hands. I pushed it down and gripped her hair hard, using this leverage to fuck into her harder and faster. She was screaming like someone deranged, and I knew that she was cumming.

I fucked her as hard as I could, forcing her orgasm to ride out as long possible, feeling her pussy clench around my hard cock and keeping my grip on her head firm. When she was done cumming, I pulled out and used her own wetness as lube to shove my whole length into her ass.

She wasn’t expecting it, her body was relaxed, and it went in so easily. It’d been a while since I’d fucked her in the ass, but she was eating me up. Her screams became more high pitched, a mix of pain and pleasure, but I didn’t show her any mercy. I kept my hands on her head and shoved it down into the bed more as I fucked her as hard as I had her cunt.

Fuck it was so tight, I didn’t last long afterwards. My own orgasm exploded, and I gave a final thrust as far as I could and came deep in her ass. She screamed one last time, and as I stayed in her ass, reveling in the tightness, her scream turned into moans and low whimpers.

This was only the beginning of what I had planned to do to her, and I couldn’t wait to go down the list I had created for us. She wouldn’t see any of it coming, but would love it and cum on my cock again and again.