Twisted Sister

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22 Jan. '19

Twisted Sister

I was 20 and my younger stepsister was 18 at the time of this story. Looking back, it was all a little weird, but years later, we have a healthy relationship with each other and our respective partners, so it didn’t do any harm. We were both young and discovering sex but this isn’t a brother/sister incest story, so don’t worry. It is sort of about sibling love, in a kind of millennial way!

I was at university and for the first year, I stayed living at home, mainly to keep costs down. I was always a horny guy (aren’t we all?) so college was what Maverick in Top Gun referred to as “a target-rich environment”. There were so many hot girls to hook up with and they always seemed so willing to experiment. It was like in the college manual it said they have to leave after three years without their virginity intact. This suited me and my friends perfectly. After all, weren’t we just extending our ‘further education’ once the lectures had finished?

Anyway, without trying to brag, it meant that whenever the opportunity arose, I invited a willing young lady back to mine for dinner and extra study sessions. My mother knew damn well we weren’t studying when we alone in my room. We’d had ‘the talk’ and the upshot was “Steve, wear condoms and be nice to the girls!” Some of them didn’t want me to be ‘nice’ but that’s another story…

I was particularly smitten with a stunningly beautiful red-headed girl called Janine and once we’d started to have sex regularly, there was no stopping us. She loved coming over to my house and when we thought my Mum and my step-sister Kira were both out, we really let ourselves go. Janine was, how shall we say, quite vocal and her shrieks of pleasure when she orgasmed could shatter glass! Funnily enough, as arousing as that was, I preferred it when we knew we weren’t alone in the house and we had to be a bit more circumspect. It was great that Mum was cool about us, but I didn’t want to rub her nose in it. Janine and I enjoyed very passionate and erotic loving; I always teased her she’d make a great pornstar! I wonder what she’s doing now? I haven’t seen her pretty face and sexy body on Pornhub yet, so perhaps she did become a doctor after all!

One afternoon when we both had no lectures, we thought it was a good opportunity to go back to mine for some special time alone together. I knew Mum would be at work, but Kira might be home. She was studying for exams at the time, so we didn’t know if she’d be at school or in the house. It turned out nobody was home and Janine and I practically ran up the stairs to my bedroom, desperate to get our clothes off and make love. I shooed the cat out of my bedroom – I must fix that damn door catch, I thought to myself at the time – and we wasted no time in getting naked and sweaty. I had one of those black-out blinds in my room which I kept drawn so it was fairly dark. I had the bedside lamp on so we could see what we doing, but the rest of the room was in darkness.

“What was that?” asked Janine when we heard a sound downstairs. “It might be Kira or maybe the cat! Either way, keep the volume down Baby, would ya?” I teased. Janine jumped on top of me and started to tickle me, saying “Oh yeah, and you’re so quiet, aren’t you? ‘Oh God, Oh God, I’m gonna blow!’” she mimicked me. I tickled her back and copied her mocking “Oh fuck me hard you big stud, fuck me!” She stopped tickling me and said “I’ve never said that!”. I stroked my chin and said “Hmmm, someone did, I wonder who it was?” Janine looked horrified, then realised I was teasing her again. “Bastard!” she said and tried to suffocate me with a pillow. As foreplay goes, it was fun, but we were both so damn horny, I stopped tickling her and pulled her close to me so I could kiss her. When I kiss a girl, she stays kissed. We were locked in a passionate embrace, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues, me holding her face and not letting her go. It was incredibly erotic and along with the music playing in the background, it made for a perfect seduction. Janine is such a beautiful girl, she doesn’t have to do much to turn me on. The kissing and fondling had me fully erect and I could feel Janine was aroused too. When I moved my hand in between her legs, she was already very wet and she moaned loudly when I pushed a finger inside her. She immediately apologised and I laughed, then immediately inserted another finger which made her cry out again.

Janine started to massage my erection and it was all going along nicely until I looked up and saw a pair of feline eyes gazing at us from the foot of the bed. “Damn cat!” I hissed and shooed him off the bed. He slinked out of the room like, well, a scolded cat and we continued as before. Janine is very fond of oral sex, both giving and receiving and fortunately for her, they are two of my favourite hobbies as well. She positioned herself so she could suck me and got stuck in like she had a popsicle on a hot day. For my part, I swung myself around so I could get my head between her legs. I remembered I hadn’t eaten yet that day, so I feasted on her sexy wet pussy instead. We knew we had all afternoon to play, so there was need to make this last. We both needed a quick release and it would then be better for round two. I munched away for all I was worth, knowing exactly how Janine liked to be eaten. Plenty of tongue, lips and fingers slipping into dark recesses and lots of bum cheek squeezing. She also knows which of my buttons to press and it didn’t take long before we were both writhing and moaning. We’ve always had the knack of timing our orgasms together and today was no different. As Janine let out a fearful moan of pleasure, I grunted loudly and filled her mouth with my hot, sticky cum, which she swallowed gratefully. I clasped my hands around her buttocks, feeling her body tense and relax as each convulsion seared through her body. When she stopped bucking and I had stopped throbbing, we untangled our bodies and lay next to each other, breathing hard and complimenting each other on how amazing we were.

I popped down to the kitchen to get some water while Janine straightened the bed out. I was relieved nobody was home, or so I thought and I scuttled back up the stairs, nearly falling over Tibby the cat on the way. “What are you swearing at?” asked Janine as I jumped back on to the bed. “That freaking voyeur cat of ours!” I replied with a grin. “Aww, he’s only jealous cos you had his nuts chopped off,” she joked. “Don’t blame me,” I replied, “it’s Kira’s cat!” Janine looked at me with those beautiful eyes and said “Well, I’m glad she never had you done!” then kissed me passionately again.

We made love again in the semi-darkness of my room and the music played softly in the background. We always like to try different positions and on many occasions, I’ve had to use a second or third condom during a session. When we get carried away, they can often unroll or come loose then you can never get them back on again properly. But today, when I pulled one off me ready to put another on, Janine said “Wait. You won’t need a condom if, you know, if you, um..” I grinned, knowing what she meant. “Spit it out, girl. You want it up the bum?” I asked. “Mmmmmm,” was the reply and Janine got on all fours with her lovely ass pointing invitingly towards me.

Now, if giving and receiving oral are two of my favourite hobbies, I wonder if you can guess what the third is? Yep, you got it. Anal. I absolutely love the thrilling feeling of entering a girl’s forbidden hole. It feels so different from vaginal sex and, as long as both parties enjoy it, it feels to me like the ultimate expression of trust and even love for a girl to give herself to a man like this. Plus, I get even better orgasms from anal and so does Janine! Even so, we don’t so it all that often, but a thrill always shoots through me when she suggests it. It means she’s extra horny and I know if I don’t move the glasses from the bedside table, they’ll shatter in a few minutes time when she cums!

I always take great care when we make love this way. In reality, like so many other things, anal isn’t  like you see in the porn movies. There, it’s just whip it out of the puss and ram it in the ass. Whilst, at 20, I didn’t consider myself to be the sex god I am today (ha!), I knew enough to take things slowly and gently and build up to the stud-like thrusting. I joke about such things because I’m no stud, but I do my best!

So, today she wanted some butt-loving and that was just fine by me. I moved up behind her and softly kissed her sexy bum cheeks. I was very firm but gentle with my hands and moved my mouth and tongue to where the action would be taking place. I massaged some oil into her bum hole and carefully opened her sphincter with gentle prods and pushes of my fingers. Janine was moaning as I did this as she’s very sensitive to anal stimulation. She was also rubbing her clit as I prepared her.

“Now, Baby, please.” she moaned, huskily. I moved my very hard cock into position and slowly but firmly penetrated her anus, enjoying her muffled moans and gasps as she pushed her face into a pillow. The familiar thrill ran through me as the sensation of her anal muscles gripping my thrusting cock brought me close to a crescendo. Another fallacy of the pornos is that you can ass-fuck a girl for hours. Well, I bloody well can’t. It’s just too damn horny. With Janine having such a sensitive anus and never letting up on the clit-rubbing as I fucked her, neither of us were going to last long and sure enough, as happens most of the time, our orgasms occurred at the same time. Her ass muscles squeezed my cock even tighter and as we both moaned louder and louder, we hit the jackpot and almost fell off the bed, writhing around in collective bliss. As I collapsed on top of Janine, panting like a winner of the Grand National, she giggled and said “I was going to say don’t cum inside me, but I guess I was too late. As she said that, my dick flopped out of her bum with a satisfying squelch and we both laughed out loud.

We cleaned up and got dressed. When we got downstairs, Kira was sat at the kitchen table in front of her laptop. “I think someone just got murdered in your bedroom, Stevie,” she said, without looking up. “I’ve called the police, they’ll be here in about 5 minutes.” Poor Janine blushed and I closed the lid of Kira’s laptops on her fingers. “Just cos you ain’t getting’ any!” I said, rather meanly. “Hmm, well that’s where you’re wrong, Stevie. I’ve got a new boyfriend actually and he’s hot!” Only Kira ever called me Stevie. I didn’t like anybody but her using that name for me, but with Kira, all rules tend to go out of the window. “That’s cool,” I replied. “What’s his name?” Kira grinned and said “It’s Eric.” I was taken aback a little and asked “What, my mate Eric?” “Yep!” came the reply. Wow, he’s a dark horse, he never even mentioned that he liked my little step-sister. I knew they’d met a few times when he came to the house, but I had no clue. I was secretly quite pleased because Eric is a decent guy, but I didn’t miss the opportunity to tease her.

“But Eric is gay!” I declared. Janine knew I was teasing and said “Don’t be a bully, ‘Stevie’!” I wasn’t having this, being ganged-up on by two hot girls in my own kitchen. Well, Mum’s kitchen, but you get what I mean. “Hang on Janine, a minute ago she was calling you out for your screaming when we were upstairs! Oh, and don’t call me Stevie!” “Oh yeah,” Janine said. “Kira, you’re on your own, kid!” Kira picked up her laptop, stowed it under her arm and stormed off upstairs in dramatic fashion. I knew she was only playing when halfway up the stairs, she shouted down, “Oh, Nina, did you get my text about that gig in town tomorrow night?” Nina was Kira’s pet name for Janine, “Yes, honey, I’ll be there.” shouted back Janine.

So no hard feelings about the ‘Eric is gay’ jibe. Janine kissed me as she left the house, insisting on walking back to her flat and leaving me to think up some more wicked teasing for Kira. Eric, eh? He’s a bit nerdy but I can see he’s a good-looking guy. Good taste in girls too, it would seem. I should tell you a bit more about Kira here. She became my step-sister when we were both quite young. I was only six and she was four, so we’ve grown up as close as any real brother and sister. I absolutely adore her and would do anything she asked me to and I know she feels the same about me. Despite the teasing, we both know we’d never do anything to hurt each other.

I had got used to fending off boys from school who all took a great interest in my little sis. She’s totally stunning in an unconventional way. She’s facially very pretty with big blue eyes and slightly too-big-for-her-mouth lips, which seem to drive boys crazy. She has shortish hair, which is usually quite shaggy and unkempt and she never wears make-up. Her complexion is naturally very smooth and she has the softest skin. Her boobs aren’t that big but below her slim waist, her hips are sensational and her bottom looks amazing in tight jeans, which she wears most of the time. Now don’t misunderstand me here. I don’t have sexual feelings for Kira but I know what I see and what my friends tell me. She’s a hottie by any standards and the fact that she doesn’t acknowledge this the way hot girls tend to do makes her even more attractive. Sure, we’ve teased each other a few times in recent years, like when she walked into the bathroom and I was playing submarines in the bath – “Up, periscope!”. Then a few days later, I caught her naked in my room. She was fumbling around trying to find my favourite black hoodie which she loves to ‘borrow’. I frightened the crap out of her that day and she stopped teasing me about jerking off in the bath tub. But other than that, there has been no inappropriate behaviour from either party.

This makes what happened a few weeks after she started dating Eric difficult for me to understand. Kira knocked on my bedroom door one afternoon when Mum was at work and I was actually doing some real studying. “Stevie, can you spare me a few minutes?” she asked, politely. I looked up from my book inquisitively. “Sure, Kiki, what’s on your mind?” She liked me using my little pet name for her but she looked hesitant and I was a bit bewildered.

“Promise you won’t be mad?” she pleaded. “Oh fuck, what have you done? You’re not pregnant already?” I joked. “No, don’t be silly, that’s not what I mean. Promise you won’t be mad when I tell you I watched you and Janine having sex the other week!” I was speechless. “Uh, what? When? What do you mean ‘watched’? You’re a voyeur now?” “No, bro,” she replied. “Well, I suppose I am but I was curious. And before you say anything, I’m not trying to fuck you, this isn’t a porn movie. Let me explain, OK?” Aha, she’d seen those pornos too! I was relieved she wasn’t hitting on me though. I’m not saying I hadn’t fantasized about what sex with Kira would be like. I’m only human. But even at 20, I was wise enough to know that fantasies like that should stay in the head and to try and live them out would be a disaster, splitting the family and ending up with me losing my best friend, which I wouldn’t be able to bear.

“OK,” I said. “Explain away.” Kira sat herself on the end of my bed and took a deep breath. “Well,” she began, “Eric and I have started to have sex. Don’t tease me here, Stevie, cos I’m being serious, for once.” I made a zipping motion across my lips with my fingers and allowed her to continue. “He’s very nice and I like making love with him, but I’ve heard you and Janine, especially Janine, and I wondered if I was doing something wrong. I’ve never had an orgasm like she gets with you. So then, I thought maybe you were some kind of sex god who knew things about a woman that Eric doesn’t.” I nodded, sagely, with a smug grin on my face. “No, hear me out, please,” she continued. “I was going to ask you about this stuff anyway because we can talk to each other. Then, when I got back from school the other afternoon, the day when I teased that I’d called the police out, I realised I didn’t have to ask, I could see for myself. I slipped in to your room while you were at it and sat in the corner to ‘observe’. I was wearing a dark top and covered my face so you couldn’t see me.” The little devil was wearing my black hoodie again! At first, I thought this was quite amusing, if not slightly arousing. Then it dawned on me. Not only had she seen us make love, she watched us having anal sex as well! I wonder if she got aroused watching or if she’d been able to remain impassive.

“I have to tell you, it was well fucking horny, by the way!” she said, with a grin. Well, that answers that question! “And that was the other thing I was going to ask you about. Eric has suggested we try anal sex and I wasn’t sure. But watching you two guys at it, and Janine enjoying it so much, I think I’ve made up my mind already,” Wow, I was still shaking my head, unsure how to reply. Kira added, “Oh, I sneaked out when you collapsed on top of Janine. You weren’t going to notice anything at that moment. My ears were splitting from Janine’s screams and I figured I want to feel like that too!”

OK, I’d recovered from the shock of discovering I’d put on a hardcore sex show for my little sis and said “So, you want my advice, my opinion, or my blessing?”

“Your advice, silly, Do you think I should try it. Do you think Eric is a nice guy? Why don’t I get to cum as hard as Janine? What…” Whoa!” I stopped her. “One at a time, Kiki. Let me think for a second, this has been a bit of a bombshell!” Kira nodded and sat cross-legged on my bed, saying nothing. I thought I should treat these questions seriously and try and be a good big brother. This obviously mattered to Kira very much. She wouldn’t intrude on my privacy on a whim and it must have taken a lot for her to pluck up the courage to talk to me about this in the first place.

“OK,” I began. “I’m not so sexually experienced that I have all the answers,” Kira snorted. “But,” I continued, trying to stay focused, “I guess I’m a bit more experienced than you. Also, I see things from a guy’s point of view. Here goes. Firstly, not every girl has massive orgasms like Janine does. I’d like to claim all the credit, but I think she’s just that kind of girl.” Kira nodded and I continued. “Secondly, I do think Eric is a good guy, you could do a lot worse. For the record, he couldn’t do better in a million years.” Kira smiled, almost blushed, in fact. She wasn’t used to compliments from me. “Thirdly, if sex with him is just OK, not mind-blowing, it could be down to a number of things. Maybe you’re still nervous, or maybe he is. Maybe you need to get to know each other’s’ likes and dislikes. Don’t be scared to tell him what you like, by the way. Most guys appreciate a bit of direction.“ Kira nodded again, like she was taking mental notes. I chuckled at this point and Kira looked puzzled. “Ha, no, I was just remembering once when I was with that girl from up north. I like to spank a cute bare ass and I gave this girl a real stinger across her cheeks just as she came. She fell forward, gritted her teeth and snarled at me, saying that if I ever did that again she’d kick me in the bollocks!” We both laughed at the memory. “So you see, we can’t get it right every time. The next girl I was with practically begged me to spank her. We’re all different.”

I took a moment to reflect on how weird it felt talking to my sister about stuff I wouldn’t even mention to my guy friends. But Kira didn’t flinch or get embarrassed, so I went on, “Finally, if Eric wants to try anal, and why wouldn’t he,” I looked at her ass and Kira tilted her head and raised her eyebrows, “then as long as you fancy it too, I say go with it.”

“Stevie, you’re the best!” beamed Kira and jumped off the bed. “You’ve given me a lot to think about and thanks for not being mad. Don’t tell Janine though, please?” I looked her in the eye and said “OK, as long as you give me back my favourite hoodie!” She kissed me on the cheek, giggled and skipped out of my room. I have to confess at this point that I had an erection. I put it down to the memory of spanking that bare ass and getting threatened with physical violence if I did it again, not because Kira looked so bloody sexy as she wiggled out of my bedroom. At least, I think that’s what caused it...

A few weeks passed by and nothing more was said. Kira wasn’t teasing me as much as usual. In fact she was being really sweet to me whenever we spoke. It was like we’d both grown up a bit. We still had lots of funny banter, but it was like she respected me more for taking her seriously, and I liked that. I was totally gobsmacked when one afternoon, I came home from college and found my favourite black hoodie laundered and neatly folded on the end of my bed. “I like it cos it smells of you,” she’d once confessed. I have to confess she wears it better than me and I secretly like the fact that she borrows it occasionally.

So, that’s the end of the sex advice, I thought to myself. I genuinely hoped she and Eric would get closer. Janine had already suggested we double-date, although perhaps if I’d told her about Kira’s reconnaissance mission a few weeks earlier, she might change her mind about that! So, you can imagine my astonishment when my coaching skills were called on again, this time in even more bizarre circumstances. My little sister never ceases to amaze me!

One Saturday, Mum was out with her friends for lunch. That’s code for being out until at least 11pm. Mum likes long lunches! I was having a snooze on my bed after coming home from the gym. I was due to meet Janine later and wanted to feel fresh for her. Kira was in her room, but I didn’t know Eric was in there with her until I heard some grunting and it was pretty obvious they were having sex. I reached for my headphones and was about to put them on when I heard shouting. I hesitated, making sure it wasn’t shouts of passion, but there was no mistake. They were having a fight and their voices were rising. Wow, I thought. I’d been seeing Janine a lot longer than Kira had been seeing Eric and we’d never had a cross word. Still my little sis can be a bit fiery at times. I figured they needed to know I could hear them, so I opened my door and shouted “Hey, guys, everything OK in there?”

It went quiet for a second then I heard Kira shout, “No, I’m getting him in here now!” Her door swung open and she stood in front of me, completely naked. To say I was shocked was an understatement! “Sis, what the fu..?” I stammered. “Steve, can you come into my room please and tell this knuckle-head what he’s doing wrong? Right now, please?” Shit, what could I say to that? I looked in to the room and Eric was butt-naked too. “Tell him to put his shorts on and I’ll come in. Oh, and put this on please,” I said, tossing my black hoodie to her. She smirked and said “Sorry bro, sorry,” and slipped the hoodie on over her head.

I wandered into Kira’s room, nervously, not really knowing what to say. Eric looked very sheepish and said “Hi, man,” as I walked in. “Hi Eric,” I replied. “What the fuck’s going on between you two now?” Kira interjected “He’s pissing me off. He starts something then won’t fucking finish it!” her voice, rising again. “OK, calm down a bit Kira, please hun?” I asked, softly. I’ve found the best way to calm people down when they get emotional is to talk so softly they can barely hear you. Then they have to strain to hear what you’re saying and it becomes harder for them to shout their reply. It’s a neat trick I picked up from one of the teachers at my old high school.

Kira plonked herself onto the bed with her arms folded, a classic gesture of reluctant obeyance and defence. “Eric?” I said, looking over to him. “Man, this is hard, you’re her fucking brother!” he replied. I nodded and said “Yes, but Kira and I have talked about you, now I want to hear your side of the story.” Eric looked surprised and Kira nodded when he looked at her. He was embarassed, and I wasn’t surprised. This was a bit weird by anybody’s standards. “Spit it out, man, I won’t repeat anything said here today to anyone, you have my word.” I promised.

“Oh fuck,” said Eric. His language was way worse than mine! “OK, I fucking love your sister but she’s so fucking hot, she intimidates me! There, I fucking said it!” There was a stunned silence in the room for a few seconds. The concept of a girl being too hot was lost on me, but I suppose I understood what he meant. Kira looked genuinely puzzled. I broke the silence. “Yeah, well I get what you mean and, by the way, you don’t have to say ‘fuck’ after every fucking word!” Eric looked at his feet, like he’d been scolded by a parent. “Anyway,” I continued. “I have to tell you, Eric, that for some unknown reason, Kira likes you. All she wants is for you to make her feel special. And let me tell you, if you don’t there are plenty of guys out there who’d love to give that a try!”

“So I should just quit?” he asked, looking confused. “Hell, no!” I replied. “What makes Kira feel good? What does she love to do. What does she still want to try? Have you ever thought to ask her? Have you guys tried anal yet?” I asked, forgetting for a moment that this wasn’t a normal subject for a Saturday afternoon chat. Eric’s eyes widened as I asked that question. “You told him?” he asked, looking at Kira. She nodded, saying “Well, yeah, I was kinda nervous about doing it. But excited,” she quickly added. “And when I saw…” she tailed off then said “when I saw a porno and they did it slow and gentle like, I thought I’d love to try it, then you backed out, you big wuss!” Eric looked crest-fallen, like he’s picked the lottery numbers but had forgotten to buy a ticket.

“You see what I’m saying, Eric? You’ve got yourself one in a million here and even though I’m biased, I reckon you’re punching above your weight a bit. So, you have to try harder, OK?” He nodded, slowly, then a big grin spread across his lips. He looked at Kira. “You really wanna try anal with me, baby?” he asked. “Well, I did,” Kira replied, “that was before you looked like a big goof who can’t stop smiling!” She then crawled across the bed towards Eric. As she did so, the hoodie rode up her back and revealed her naked ass to me. Seeing her standing naked in front of me was one thing. Seeing her moist pussy and asshole as she crawled away from me was another thing altogether. I had to leave the room at this point as my erection was becoming obvious. But I would have left anyway as they were about to have some of the best sex possible – make-up sex. And if I was any judge, Kira’s anal cherry was about to get popped. I figured I’d go out early and leave them to it.

I retreated from Kira’s room to shouts of “Thanks, man,” from Eric and “You’re the best, Stevie,” from Kira. I closed the door with an understated “You’re welcome,” and scurried back to my room. I searched for some clothes to put on – I was going to wear my hoodie, but someone else was enjoying that right now. I grabbed a thick checked shirt instead, gelled my hair and set off for my date with Janine.

As I tiptoed down the stairs, I could hear the sounds of two lovers making up. The image of Eric butt-fucking my beautiful little sister wouldn’t leave my head. Not until later, when I had a very loud squealing red-head underneath me, her anus squeezing hard around the base of my cock, shouting “Fuck, you’re the best, Stevie” as she came hard. I slapped her ass and said “Baby, you have no idea. Oh, and don’t call me that!”