Family Secrets 3

Info Pelwrath
26 Jan. '19


“I’m very much okay with that.”

“Stand up.”

Once standing, Max teasingly kissed and blew on her neck. A soft humming coming from Sheila encouraged Max. They struggled to maintain their balance. Sheila almost slipped but Max pulled her to him. His tongue caressed her earlobes then drifted to her lower lip, playfully tugging on it. Shelia was in ecstasy.

He lifted her blue shirt over her head, tossing it on the ground. It looks better there and so does she.

“That's a very sexy bra and a beautiful pair of tits.”

Her arms draped onto his shoulders encompassing his neck. His tongue traced her lips as his hands undid the hooks allowing the bra to fall to the floor. His hands were tracing random patterns on her back. They reached her butt, which they squeezed.

“That feels very good, Max.”

And so do my hard nipples against your chest!

They began romantically kissing. His hands softly teasing her breasts. He lightly squeezed one, his fingers traced the areaola and nipple of the other.

This is different, so tantalizingly enjoyable.

Goosebumps ran down her arms when Max kissed, nipped and blew on her neck and shoulder. His face transitioned to her breasts. He sat down holding her above his lap until she straddled him, resting on her knees.

He took a nipple into his mouth so the tip of his tongue could trace around and over it. His other hand moved between her legs and caressed her thighs for a little then moved to her pussy.. She moaned in pleasure, her hips moving against his hand. She felt the snap release of her jeans and the zipper being pulled down. Her body was enjoying all that Max was doing

“Oh, Max, that's so good!”

“You’re welcome, now, I need to get you out of those wet clothes. Switch with me.”

Shelia leaned against the pillow, Max knelled between her legs. He lowered his head and kissed her stomach and then around her belly button. His hands grabbed the waist of her pants, She raised her hips as he pulled them down and off.

He smelled her panties, “Smells as beautiful as you look.” Max used his teeth to pull the panties off, then his hands and mouth began their trek back up her body. Upon reaching her face his hands gripped each side, his tongue leaped into her waiting and inviting mouth.

“I’ve been thinking of going down on you since you said yes to this date.”


“Really. You’re one very beautiful lady, you feel and smell great. I'd like you to tell me what you do, don't or would like me to do, while I'm down there.”

They were looking at each other, her eyes drawn to his and she felt his contentment and sincerity.

He makes me feel sexy and desirable. Part of me thought he was just doing this for Kevin, but he enjoys being with me.

Max took one leg and started kissing the ankle, working his way up with soft slow kisses and light nips. Upon reaching her thigh, he stopped and lightly caressed it on the inside and moving across the edge of her pussy and over to the other thigh and back, making a detour to her pussy. His finger moved into in at the top and moved clockwise, touching the outside of her vagina, before finishing his around the clock.

“That feels very nice.”

Max lightly rubbed her clit between his finger and thumb, adding in quick soft pinches. Shelia spread her legs, putting one on the floor as Max settled in between them. Her garden was wet. Max blew on it as he took her clit in his mouth. He gently and slowly licked it. An almost guttural growl escaping from his throat. Shelia moved her hips against his face.

“Oh Max, faster.”

Max obliged, his tongue going faster but still softly. He used the tip to rub around her clit before he sucked on it. Shelia’s hips bucked. Her passion approaching its boiling point.

“Oh god Max I’m close.”

He started a side to side motion on her clit and one hand began teasing a nipple and the other was caressing a thigh. He felt her wetness increase and he resumed sucking on her clit.

“Oh that’s it Max oh yes, yes, yesss! “

As her orgasm burst. Her hips arched and she ejaculated. Max kept sucking and tenderly rubbing her clit, until her body calmed down.

“That was awesome. Now kiss me.” Her hands had grabbed his face pulling it to hers. Her tongue licked his lips, before seeking out his tongue. They began a session of romantic kissing and caressing.

“Max, that was so different.” No guy has ever gone down on me like that!

“Glad you enjoyed it, I know I did.”

“Now it’s my turn. Stand up.”

Her arms wrapped around his neck, her lips brushing his, her tongue lightly dragging across his lips.

She broke the kiss; her hands pulled his shirt up and over his head.

His body isn't that bad at all, some hair, very good shape.

“You’re better looking without that shirt. Sweet enough to be enjoyable,” her mouth went to his nipple, she blew on it then kissed and licked it. Her hands began exploring his stomach and sides, while she kissed his shoulders and ran her leg up against his cock. Her mouth reached his ear nibbling on his ear lobe, while blowing in his ear. She felt his body shiver in anticipation.

“That felt good.”

Max's moan of pleasure were seductive to hear. She rubbed the growing bulge in his pants. Her other hand pulled his head to hers, her tongue probing into his inviting mouth. She kept this up for a few minutes. Max began caressing her back and ass. She pulled her head slightly away, undoing his belt and the button of his pants. She reached in and squeezed that hard cock.

Oh yes, hard and large.

She knelled and pulled his pants off, the his briefs. Smiling at the wet spot.

“You have a very nice looking hard-on Max. We’ll both enjoy this.”

Her hand then resumed squeezing and rubbing his pleasantly larger than expected penis.

“Oh, it’s leaking already, we can't let you have an accident now can we?”

“That so enjoyable, Sheila.”

“Sit at the end of the couch and spread your legs.”

Max did. Sheila reached to the other end, taking the pillow and placing it under her knees.

She started kissing at his belly button, her hands roaming his sides, thighs and his balls. She reached his hard dick. She blew on the tip of his penis as her fingers were running up and down the its underside. Her mouth open and enveloped just the head of his cock. One hand played with his balls while the other began tracing the underside of his cock. Max moved his hips and he gasped. One of her hands made the 'okay sign' around the base of his cock. She started going up and down slowly. She looked up at Max’s face to see him looking at her.

I like that he’s looking at me.

They held each others eyes as she licked and sucked the tip.

“That feels very good.”

She stopped sucking and while one hand continued going up and down his hard-on, the other hand traced around the tip, sticking her finger tip into the slit, evoking some cum, which she spread around the tip and under side.

“Oh god, Shelia, that's great,” Max's hips gyrating to her ministrations. She look at him then saw him return her gaze.

He's so different than Darrel and almost every other guy. Is that why I like him?

“Shelia, don't stop, what you were doing was fantastic.”

A seductive and devilish smile grew on her face. She lowered her head and started blowing, her lips like she was whistling. She saw his dick begin to get softer. His breathing slowed to match.

Her head moved to his now semi-hard package. One had cupped and played with his balls, the other began caressing his thighs Her lips placed light kisses on his growing and glistening penis. Her tongue licked up its length and when it reached the glans; her lips enveloped the tip, her tongue flicking around it and exploring the slit.

“Mm, Max, your dick is so enjoyable.”

“I love that, it feels so sexy,” Max whispered.

Her mouth returned to his cock, moving, slowly down the length of his hard shaft.

Seven inches at least. His cum is a little sweet and salty, he's so turned on.

She pulled her mouth off his cock and used her hands, one drawing circles around the tip, and the other going up the underside of his dick, from the tip to his balls. His gasps and soft moans resumed. Her mouth lowered onto the tip and licked off the cum that was oozing out. His beautiful shaft, twitch when that happened.

“I'm going to come.”

“You think so?”

Her mouth and hands started working together, squeezing his sack, looking for that pressure point, while her other hand, again made the okay sign, tightly wrapped around his cock and was moving in symmetry with her mouth, for several minutes. Max's pleasurable moans were turning her on; she started going faster; multiple trips on his cock before she felt his body take control.

“Oh yes I'm coming, I'm coming.”

A short time later, he exploded in her mouth. Shelia kept sucking, even after Max had stopped emptying himself into her hungry and expecting mouth. She slinked up his body and they kissed. Their arms enveloped each other for several minutes before they broke their lip lock.

“That was very enjoyable, Shelia. If you want to spend the night, you can.”

“I would but I’ve cheerleader practice in the morning, then a sorority meeting. Then lunch with Ari. Oh, did you know that we have a hotel room for tomorrow night?”

Yes but I can't say why or how.


“Yes, the restaurant is about 40 minutes away and since we’d be drinking, Kevin got two rooms. The place has a pool, so bring a bathing suit.”

“Of course.