Cucky the Clown

Cucky the Clown

Cucky the Clown

Fred walked into the club with a content and confident look on his face.  He had worked here for the last three months, and he really like his job.  He felt a special closeness with the ‘regulars’ he performed for.  It was easy for him to enjoy his work because it was an outlet for his passion.  As he sat in his chair, he looked at his face in the mirror.  Nothing to write home about, he thought to himself as he searched for new wrinkles and imperfections.  He was a bit old for this sort of thing, but knew he was a ‘hit’ from the reaction he would get from his audience.  By the end of the night, his tip jar would be stuffed with bills; many of them 100s.  After all ‘everybody loves a clown’!

            As he drew in the facial features atop the thick layer of white greasepaint, he ran through his routine in his head.  'Maybe he would change things up tonight’; he thought as he put the finishing touches on his ‘look’.  “Nah”, he said out loud.  A few minutes securing his giant, red shoes to his feet, and Fred was ready to go on.  He reminded himself that this was the first of three appearances he would make tonight, so he would have to be sure and pace himself.

            He and a gentleman wearing a loin cloth, jungle man type outfit stood by and waited for the signal to ‘go’.  Fred always managed to build up an annoying amount of ‘butterflies’ before each performance.  You would think that a grown man in his profession would have dispensed with any nervousness a long time ago.  He couldn’t help it though, that as much as he enjoyed just performing, he took his ‘art’ deadly serious, and wanted everything to be perfect. 

            A red light lit up above the door to signal ‘show time’!  Fred walked into the room and surveyed what he was up against.  Before he could get a good read on the tonight’s crowd he deliberately stepped into a pile of goo, slipped convincingly, and ended up on his well padded ass.  He jumped to his feet as quickly as he went down.  He threw his arms out to his sides and planted his feet before exclaiming, “It’s Cucky”!!!  There must have been two dozen naked men in the room.  About fifteen of them were engaged in different sexual acts with four women, who were lying on strategically placed tables throughout the room.  All of the women had cum strewn up and down their bodies, and covering their faces.  The ‘safe’ bukkake guys, who had already shot their wads were sitting at tables drinking cocktails and looking on as the ‘sloppy seconds’ crowd were going at the cum-soaked women.

            Cucky walked up behind the closest gentlemen, who was fucking a woman’s cum engorged pussy, and put his hands on the guy’s ass as if to push him in deeper each time he thrust forward.  The other men laughed as Cucky chuckled and made a show of it.  He then joined behind the guy and pretended to be stuck to him as they ‘fucked’ the woman in unison.  After a slap on the delighted patron’s ass, Cucky moved to the next ‘station’ where a buxom brunette lady had two cocks inside of her pussy.  One of them was from the guy lying under her; the other standing between her legs at the table’s edge.  She was sucking two other men’s cocks back and forth, so she was oblivious to the odd, perverted looking clown who was about to join them.

            Cucky pulled out his very healthy, very large, hard cock and approached the woman’s face where she was busy with the other two men.  He wagged his ‘meat’ around for everyone to see before approaching her for a little lip service of his own.  He deliberately stared at the surrounding crowd as he approached, and got a big smile on his face when his meat met her busy, but welcoming lips.  The men who were on the sidelines all laughed loudly as the clown stood there getting his tool sucked by the harried woman.  He still wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing as the men and some of the wait staff were pointing and trying to tell him something.  He played dumb for another tension-filled moment before looking down at the man, lying beneath the woman.  He had a half smile on his face and Cucky’s prick in his mouth. 

            Cucky pulled away quickly and feigned wiping the head of his penis off with a string of ten multi-colored handkerchiefs (tied together) he frantically pulled out of his pocket.  He looked down at the man, who was laughing so hard he was choking, and wagged a finger of disapproval at him.  When the crowd ‘awwwwwed’, Cucky looked around, shrugged his shoulders and approached the guy to let him continue.  After a moment of the crowd-pleasing connection had gone by, Cucky suddenly had his attention diverted by the woman at the third ‘station’ screaming that she was ‘cumming’!!  He turned to walk away, but feigned being held in place by the man servicing his tool.  He sprang back into position, and then acted like his cock was stuck in a bear trap for a moment.  He finally pulled free, and again, ended up on his ass.

            As he approached woman number three, he observed that multiple men had ejaculated onto her face.  Through the blurriness caused by a pint of cum, the woman recognized her husband of thirty years.  She held her arms open; inviting him to embrace her.  He put his face close to hers, but then pulled it back to a safe distance.  She called out to him loudly making sure to get the attention of everyone in the room.  Cucky again approached her and began to lower his face to hers.  Again, he recoiled and shook his head back and forth.  She had a big smile on her face by now and beckoned her man to come closer.  Cucky cautiously approached the woman he loved, but stopped short and offered her the ten hankies he had used earlier.  By now, the room was screaming for him to give her some love.  She took the hankies from him and dropped them onto the floor.  When he got closer this time, she grabbed his head and pulled him downward.  She rubbed the front of his face back and forth and up and down against hers until he was almost as messy as she was.  When she finally pulled him down for a long, tongue-entwined kiss, the crown cheered them. 

            Cucky finally pulled lose from her embrace and pranced around the room watching all the men, who were still in the hunt, shooting their loads all over their prospective female targets.  He now had a thick, ten-inch glob of (fake) cum stuck to his big, red nose.  He would pull at it and let it snap him back in the face to the delight of the onlookers.  Two of the ‘clients’ stopped Cucky, so they could put their man-juice all over his giant, red shoes.  The other attraction was getting his own version of ‘sloppy seconds’ with the men at the fourth station.  Cucky knew that, just like ‘Jungle Jim Jizz’, his popularity would also fade eventually, and he would be relegated to taking the ‘scraps’ the future star of the show chose to leave lay around.  He would just have to be inventive and keep the act fresh.   After another ‘pratfall’ or two, Cucky spent a few minutes comically trying, unsuccessfully, to put his penis inside of his wife.  He got it everywhere but where he aimed.  The clown, who was the undisputed center of attention today, then walked back out the door he entered earlier.  ‘Another full tip jar’, he thought as he wandered down the hallway.  His wife would join him soon to get cleaned up.  Her part of the next show would begin forty-five minutes before he had to go back on.