Pizza Time

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28 Jan. '19

His shift was nearly over, just one more delivery tonight, thank God! It had been a busy one with a lot of deliveries outside of his normal area. The last one was much closer to home, so he should be done by midnight. He had a lecture tomorrow and he was keen to get there early and to try and grab a seat next to this very cute girl called Bethan that he’d spotted last week. Joe had only been at college for two weeks and was still amazed by the number of gorgeous girls that seemed to be everywhere he looked. At just 18, he hadn’t had a serious girlfriend yet, although there had been one girl he wanted to pursue, the raven-haired beauty that had relieved him of his virginity that night at Mark’s birthday party. Unfortunately, he found out later that deflowering young virgins was Gina’s speciality and he was just one of many. No future with a girl like that, he smiled to himself. There had only been a couple of girls since her, so he wasn’t very experienced, like all his friends claimed to be. He wasn’t stupid though, he knew most of their bragging and claims of sexual prowess were all bravado.

He looked down at his phone for the exact location of his final delivery for the night and sped off into the darkness on his scooter, insulated box strapped firmly to the rear. It was an area he knew quite well and not far from the student digs he was currently settling in to. Hmm, maybe it will be a hot student, he thought to himself, maybe even the lovely girl he had his eye on! He continued to think about getting closer to Bethan, letting himself get carried away with visualisations of hot, steamy sex with her, maybe getting a friend of hers to join them. He laughed to himself, knowing he was in fantasy land, but hey, you have to pass the time in this job. Tonight’s tips had been lousy, he just wanted to deliver this last one, get home and hit the hay.

He pulled up to the kerb outside the address. It wasn’t student flats after all, but in fact a large house with just one doorbell. There was a pathway that led to the front door which was skirted by large shrubs. It was quite dark and nicely secluded. He was expecting some bearded recluse to open the door and snatch the pizza from him, sending him away without a tip. He pressed the bell and heard a female giggle from behind the front room window. Now, he’d seen the videos on porn sites about girls answering the door to the pizza guy naked, or scantily clad but it hadn’t happened to him yet, although he lived in eternal hope! Maybe tonight….

The door opened and a pretty blonde face appeared, peering around the open door. “Hi,” said Joe, “Pizza!” He could hear more giggling from inside the house. “Go on, you promised!” said another female voice. Then the door opened fully and revealed the girl with the pretty face standing in front of him wearing only a tiny white thong, her perky breasts on full display.

“Fuck!” exclaimed Joe, involuntarily. The girl giggled and took the pizza box from a wide-eyed Joe. He couldn’t take his eyes off this beauty standing before him and it looked like she didn’t want him to. He guessed she was in her mid-twenties, gym-toned and probably a little drunk. Her friend was standing behind her now, laughing hard. She only had a bra and panties on and also looked good enough to eat. “Ask him in, Jody, I dare you!” she shouted. This was when he noticed she was filming the scene on her phone. Joe thought it must be capturing a very nice rear-view of Jody and a very red-faced pizza boy! Jody turned to her friend and said “Well, he’s cute, so shall we?”

Joe was just about composing himself when Jody held out her hand and said “Come on in, if you fancy it!” Joe wasn’t the kind of boy given to making rash decisions. He weighed up the odds, considered all the options, checked his watch, thought about Bethan and made his decision. This process took about a quarter of a second before he answered “Sure, why not? It’s only 11.45!” He took Jody’s hand and she led him inside. They went through the door into the front room, all the time being filmed by Rhian, who was as dark as Jody was blonde, a beautiful contrast. She was taller than Jody but equally toned and from what he could see, had larger breasts. Joe’s head was spinning, not knowing what to expect. Were they just using him as sport? When Jody slipped her thong off and stood completely naked, Joe decided he didn’t care. This was already the best tip he’d had tonight!

“Well, I’m naked, so I guess it’s your turn now!” Jody goaded.  Joe, still speechless at this turn of events, spluttered, “Um, OK, I guess,” and started to undress. Jody clapped her hands together and Rhian giggled provocatively. “Don’t laugh at me though,” Joe added, “it’s a cold night out there!” Jody moved closer to Joe and teased him, “Are you worried you won’t measure up, Sweetie?” Joe, who was already down to his boxer shorts said “No, but that’s not for me to say.” He pulled his boxers down and quite deliberately let his stiffening cock spring up for the girls to see. The giggling stopped. “Oh my God, I didn’t expect that!” squealed Jody, as Joe’s engorged cock sprang out. Joe smirked. He knew he was well-endowed, he just wanted the chance to show it off. He didn’t care that he was being filmed and Rhian moved in closer, making it obvious that she was zooming in on his manhood. “Fuck me, it’s a beauty!” she said, admiringly.

Joe was starting to feel a bit bolder now. “How come you’re the only one with clothes on? “ he asked Rhian. Jody piped up “Yeah, come on Babe, get ‘em off!” and grabbed Rhian’s phone, pointing it at her. Rhian, also a little drunk, didn’t hesitate. “OK, you asked for it,” and quickly unclasped her bra and shook her panties to the floor. Wow, thought Joe, she’s fucking gorgeous! He pinched himself just to make sure he wasn’t actually still on his scooter, fantasizing about being with two naked beauties. But it was true. He was standing fully naked, and fully erect, in front of two stunning girls, both of whom looked like they wanted to ravage Joe on the spot. “So, what the hell shall we do now?” asked Rhian. “Improvise!” came the reply from Jody. Rhian dropped to her knees and beckoned Joe to her. He shuffled closer to her and she grabbed his cock and started to jerk it vigorously. “Oh fuck!” was all he could manage. “I don’t even know your names,” he spluttered, as Rhian took Joe’s cock into her mouth and started to suck him. “No names tonight!” said Jody, firmly.

Joe was in heaven. He loved having his cock sucked and the fact it was being filmed added to the erotic feeling. He was holding the back of Rhian’s head as she sucked him and as Jody moved in for a close up, he took one hand off Rhian’s head and ran it over Jody’s firm ass, giving a little spank and a squeeze. “Oh, you bad boy,” admonished Jody. “Don’t stop!”  With his cock deeply inserted into Rhian’s mouth, slurping sounds emanating from her ministrations, and his free hand exploring Jody’s awesome body, he knew he couldn’t last much longer before cumming. “I’m gonna make a mess any second,” he warned, but Rhian didn’t care. She wanted to suck the essence out of this boy and didn’t stop sucking and jerking his cock. The feeling started as a tingle in his balls, then exploded out to the rest of his body as he unleashed his load into Rhian’s waiting mouth. He was now in control, jerking himself off like a pornstar, releasing several long spurts of hot spunk over Rhian’s mouth and face.

It was the hottest thing he’d ever done and it got even hotter as Jody handed him the phone. “Make sure you get this, Sweetie,” she said as she knelt down next to Rhian and started to kiss her mouth. She ran her tongue all around Rhian’s lips and made sure to scoop up every drop of cum that had splattered her face. She then swirled her tongue around Rhian’s as they enjoyed playing with his load in their mouths. Joe was shaking as he filmed this amazing performance. Two beautiful girls with their mouths covered in his cum, it was definitely the stuff of fantasies. Jody grabbed the phone and shuffled herself back a little. “Now kiss her,” she instructed. Rhian stood up and put her hand behind Joe’s head, pulling him towards her. He was a bit hesitant, but always one to try new experiences, opened his mouth and started to kiss Rhian with passion. He could taste his own cum and mixed with the intoxicating smell of the girls’ perfume, it was a heady aroma. Rhian had done this before! She carefully controlled the flow of cum moving from her mouth to his and Joe could feel his cock twitching again as it came back to life. She pulled away from him, licking her lips lasciviously. Then Jody handed her the phone so Rhian could film her kissing Joe as well. Being a fast learner, he was able to copy what Rhian had done with him, and let his cum flow from his mouth to Jody’s as they kissed. When it was all transferred, Jody stood back and gulped his spunk down, swallowing it all.

With some of his own cum around his mouth, Joe sighed deeply. “Jesus, you two are the hottest girls I’ve ever met!” he blurted out. Both girls smiled and kissed each other again. “You’re not so bad yourself,” said Jody when they broke from their kiss. “And I see you’re ready for more!” said Rhian, looking down at Joe’s swollen cock. He grinned and said “Yep, I am if you are!” Then, the best night of his young life got even better. Jody picked up a condom, moved close to Joe and whispered directly into his ear “Which one of us do you want to fuck first?” Sheesh, what a question! He had no words to answer, so pulled Jody closer to him and kissed her full on the lips while running his hands over her hips and ass. He hoped that answered her question. Rhian was fiddling with her phone as Jody dropped to her knees and turned away from Joe, wiggling her ass invitingly at him. He quickly rolled the condom onto his throbbing cock and knelt behind Jody just as Rhian crouched alongside him, pointing the camera at Jody’s open pussy. “Fuck, she’s wet already, give it to her Sweetie, she’s gagging for it!” Not needing a second invitation, Joe rubbed the tip of his dick up and down Jody’s slit, making her moan softly. When he thrust it deep into her gaping pussy in one swift movement, the moan turned into a loud gasp. The feeling of Joe’s huge cock filling her pussy completely took her breath away. “Oh my fucking God!” she shouted, gulping lungfuls of air as he penetrated her deeply and when he started thrusting hard, Jody shouted “Yes, yes, that’s it. Fuck, YES!”

Rhian was holding the camera in one hand and stroking Joe’s ass with the other. Jody was very vocal as Joe fucked her hard and deep, one hand on her left hip and the other reaching over to Rhian and stroking her big tits. Rhian looked enviously on as Joe kept thrusting and Jody kept screaming. “Don’t cum yet, Sweetie, you have to fuck me as well!” she said. She then surprised Joe by standing up, lifting one leg over Jodie’s ass and bent forward so her own ass was inches from Joe’s face. She positioned the camera between her thighs so she could capture Joe’s tongue as he started to run it up and down her pussy. Joe couldn’t believe what was happening to him. He had his prick sliding in and out of Jody’s hot, dripping pussy and now he had Rhian’s beautiful ass pushed into his face. He thrust his tongue in and out of her cunt in time with his rhythm fucking Jody’s. Then he pulled his tongue out and let it ‘accidentally’ penetrate Rhian’s ass. She let out a loud gasp and shouted “Oh fuck, that’s hot. Are you a pizza boy or a fucking porn star?” Joe smiled to himself. He gripped Rhian’s ass as he pulled his face away from her and replied “Neither. I’m a pizza MAN now!” and made both the girls laugh. He smacked Rhian’s ass hard and she squirmed at his touch. She stood away from them both now, rubbing her pussy with one hand and still holding the phone with her other, capturing the animalistic fucking in front of her.

Jody was moaning loudly and Rhian knew she was about to cum, and cum hard. She moved the camera around to capture her face as Jody let out a gasp, pushed her ass into Joe’s groin and let the huge orgasm that she started to feel overtake her whole body. She bit her lip as her body shook and convulsed, all the time Joe continuing to thrust into her deeply. Eventually, she slumped forward, Joe’s cock sprang out of her pussy and Rhian giggled as she got it in shot perfectly. Time for a breather and Rhian put the camera down as she knelt next to Jody and gave her a passionate kiss. Joe was more than happy to take a break, letting the feelings of needing to cum again subside a bit. He had no doubt that Rhian would want a good hard fuck now and he wanted it to last as long as possible.

Sure enough, after just a few minutes, Rhian stood up, walked over to the table and grabbed a new condom. She threw it to Joe, who caught it and grinned as he said to Rhian, “Your turn?” She simply nodded and handed the phone to Jody, who had just about come down from the high of her amazing orgasm. Joe was more than ready to fuck Rhian. She looked absolutely stunning with her long, dark wavy hair framing her pretty face, reminding him a little of Gina, the virgin-destroyer. “Pass me a cushion, Babe,” she said to Jody as she lay on her back. She placed it under her head and let her legs fall open. Joe rolled the new condom over his length and crawled in between Rhian’s legs. He started to rub his cock head up and down her slit, then parted her lips, ready to impale her. “Uh-uh,” chastised Rhian. “Not there. There!” and pointed to her tight, puckered anus. She then pushed two fingers into her pussy, which was dripping wet, and rubbed her slippery fingers all around and inside her ass hole. Joe gulped. He was both excited and nervous, never having done this before. He had fantasized about anal and had watched a lot of porn flicks where the girl had been ass-fucked, but this was the closest he had ever come to actually doing it.

Rhian lifted her legs right back so her ass was raised. Joe knew it was important to be well lubricated for what he was about to do, so he quickly rubbed his cock into Rhian’s pussy once more before positioning himself. Rhian started to breathe heavy as she encouraged Joe. “Mmm, yes, push in Sweetie, and don’t worry about being gentle, I can take it.” Joe pushed, then he pushed a bit harder and felt Rhian’s sphincter relax and almost suck his big knob into her. Once inside her, he thrust hard and savoured the amazing feeling only fucking a tight ass can give. Rhian, moaned loudly as Joe’s big, hard cock penetrated her, but she was obviously used to being sodomized as she pushed back towards Joe with each thrust. Her ass was so incredibly tight and felt amazing as it gripped his throbbing length. Jody was positioned so she could capture the action in graphic detail while at the same time, stroking Joe’s ass cheeks with her free hand. “That looks so fucking hot,” she purred and Joe nodded his agreement. “Hottest night of my life,” he chuckled.

He continued to thrust hard and deep into Rhian’s ass, then he decided to massage her pussy, which was so invitingly displayed. He rubbed her clit with his thumb, loving the sound of Rhian moaning loudly as he did so. Then he pushed one, then two fingers into her sopping wet cunt, frigging her in time with his cock sliding in and out of her bum hole. Rhian was writhing in ecstasy with every thrust and could feel her orgasm starting. She momentarily froze, then let out a loud “Fuuuuuuuuck!” as her body was wracked with a huge orgasm, her ass muscles almost cutting off the blood supply to Joe’s cock, so tight was she gripping him. Jody caught this on camera and her absent-minded stroking of Joe’s ass cheeks turned into an exploring finger. Joe was on the edge anyway at the sight and feel of Rhian’s orgasm, but when he felt Jody’s finger slide into his own ass, his nerve endings screamed at him and he jerked violently. “No!” shouted Jody, “don’t waste it.” She pulled back on Joe’s hips and his rock hard cock sprang out of Rhian’s quivering ass hole. With one smooth action, she pulled the condom off him and jerked his dick to another powerful orgasm, cum squirting out of him in long streams, landing on Rhian’s belly and breasts. Jody kept stroking his cock until no more cum oozed out, then she lowered her head, licked his cock head clean, then went to work on her friend’s cum-covered body. She had handed the camera to Joe again and he captured the erotic sight of Jody sucking up all his cum then leaning in to Rhian to again share his load with her. They kissed for ages, swirling his cum around their tongues and lips, making it dribble down Rhian’s cheek. They now seemed oblivious to Joe as they were locked in a tight embrace, enjoying the taste of each other and of Joe’s semen. He watched, and filmed, with a disbelieving expression on his face. Had he really just fucked two of the hottest girls he’d ever met, one of them up the ass? He was still kneeling as he filmed the two beauties next to him. He straightened his legs, put the camera down then shuffled up next to the girls. He put his arm around both of them and one by one, kissed them both on the lips and said simply, “Thank-you!”

He got up to leave, quickly dressing himself, aware that it was now well past 1am. He still had that early lecture tomorrow and despite feeling drained of all sexual energy, he smiled to himself when he thought about Bethan. If he ever did succeed with her, he didn’t think she’d be half as hot or dirty as the amazing girls he’d just met. They were both still lying next to each other on the carpet, making out like teenagers. Joe coughed to get their attention and they looked up at him, towering above them. “Can I get a copy of what you filmed?” he asked, hopefully. “Absolutely,” replied Jody, “come back the same time tomorrow and you can have whatever you like!” Joe smiled and said “Thanks girls, you’re the best. Oh, one more thing…”  Rhian looked at him inquisitively. “Uh, I think your pizza has gone cold,” he said, apologetically. Both girls laughed and Jody chirped “Don’t worry, Sweetie, we don’t even like pizza!” “Just the pizza boy!” added Rhian.

“Um, I think you mean pizza MAN!” Joe corrected them.