Hands-free Orgasms For Fems During Cybersex

There are probably a number of fem members here who are already practicing this lovely technique and enjoying it immensely. So, this instructional story is for those who are not so informed. This technique allows continuous, uninterrupted keyboard use during texting and cybersex while at the same time providing exquisite orgasms, all hands-free. The entire process is convenient, efficient, and, wonderfully pleasurable!

If you do not have an insertable mini-vibe of some kind (commonly called an "egg"), one that has a power dial, you will have to acquire one. See the accompany pic above. They are inexpensive and available online.

Once you are ready to begin cybersex with your partner, apply a layer of fem lube to your cunny and to the mini-vibe, and insert it. As the chat becomes arousing, turn the power dial to low and allow the vibe to pulse for a while to further arouse you. As the chat heat increases, move the power dial up to Medium and let it continue to pulse and further enhance your arousal.

Once the heat of the chat has taken you to pre-orgasmic sensations and you are ready to release yourself to orgasm, turn the dial to High. Momentarily, remove your preferred hand from the keyboard and massage your swollen clitty in circles, releasing yourself to the ecstasy of it all..!!

Continue chatting and leave the vibe running at High for potential, multiple orgasms, reapplying your fingers to your clitty.

Always, remember, "Masturbation is the most wonderful gift a woman can give herself!" Enjoy it often, it will keep you sane!

Wishing "Happy Endings!" to all..!!

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