Tri-Flame: Orange is Desires Flame-12


“So, how is it being in a relationship again?”

“I’ve wanted this for a while and I’m enjoying it, though I’m nervous about it.”


“I did the FB changes after Martin showed up here, trying to make good with me and get laid. Vince showed up a little after Martin.”

“I’ll bet that didn’t go well.”

“It didn’t but I learned something about Martin, he’s a fake.  He never wanted to go to what he called “a stupid show” then he called me a slut for getting a boyfriend and fucking him. Yet, when he touched me, he knows my spots, what to do, where to do it. That scared me. Then he claimed I did it to get back at him. He was really pissed at me and at Vince, called him the babysitter.”

“Well that’s over with, so tell me about Vince, the Energizer Bunny?”

“That’s funny but not a bad comparison.  All told between the two nights, he came eleven times.”

“Oh, Abby, I wish Kyle would do that. That does give me an idea for the weekend though.  Okay, what about you, how many?”


“Now I’m really envious, how long until he goes back to college?”

“Three more weeks, I think. He’s invited me and the kids down to his parent’s cottage for his birthday. He goes back the next day.”

“So three weeks of having a boyfriend before ending it.”

“I don’t think I’ll end it then.”

“You don’t say. Why?”

“There’s something about being with him. The way he holds me and talks to me, his touch, his smell, and yes his innocence.  He’s very different from Martin and most other guys I’ve dated.”

“Don’t forget the sex.”

“Hardly but it’s more than that. I want to see where this goes. Am I ready for one or just want one to have one? This was all because Martin didn’t want to go to the show.  Martin is a want. I have to find out if Vince is a need. He’s already been a surprise”

“I’m glad you said that, I’ll talk with Kyle about him and Martin at work and what not to talk with him about. So, even you admit that eleven times is a surprise.”

“Yes a very good one.  He said he’s had a crush on me for a year or so. I’ve liked him romantically for maybe half a year. I’ve always thought he was a nice guy, so did Ted. He was a virgin and I feel so comfortable with him. That said I made a big mistake Saturday morning.”

“Do tell.”

“I called him Ted when waking him up.”

“Oh shit Abby, you know how guys are about that.”

“Sure do. He didn’t say anything and acted like he didn’t hear it.  I apologized to him at breakfast and he told me that he’d heard what I said.”

“What did he say?”

“I made a mistake and that he was flattered I compared him to Ted and added that Ted was a very good man.”

“I see why you want to continue this and to tell the truth, after seeing you smile Friday night and I caught your slightly possessive surprise when he kissed my check. I also heard some good and happy laughs. I’m glad you happy and hope this works for you both.”



Monday was an unexpected day of bothersome pain for Abby. One of her work friends, Paula, had seen the picture of her and Vince along with the change of status. She was pestered until lunch and the group was worse than the FBI. They asked everything about Vince. The only way to stop it was to agree to have Vince join her for lunch. I hope he won’t kill me for that torture.

She picked up Ted and Barbara from day care, made dinner. Vince texted her, call me when you want me to come over. XO!

“Is Vince coming over mom?” Ted asked.

“Maybe, he’s with his friends right now. If he does, you two will be in bed, sleeping.”

Later she called Vince.

“Hello, Abby, I missed you.”

“Same here, come over in fifteen minutes. The kids are in bed and we’ll go to the basement.”

“Okay If I bring some wine over, forgot the cheese and dip.”

“Of course, I could use a glass after today. I’ll tell you when you get here.”

He arrived and they kissed got a glass of wine and went down stairs to watch TV.

“So, tell me about work.”

“They knew about you when I got to work.”

“Sorry you had to face the Inquisition on my account.”

She tilted her head up and kissed him.

“You’re worth it but I kind of made a promise about you.”

“You did tell them I don’t have any brothers.”

“Yes, but I said I’d bring you to lunch.”

“What day would you like me to meet you?”

“You will?”

“Yes, you’re worth it. I can brave the Inquisition with you.”

Thursday would be fine about 11:30 but never say I didn’t warn you.”

They started romantically kissing, Vince was caressing her legs.

“Feels good. Would it be okay if we did this instead of loving tonight?”

“That’ll be fine.”

Vince fingered her pussy, while she gave him an enjoyable hand job.  They kissed and caressing each other, then cuddled and watched TV. Vince left about 11.

The lunchquisition went rather well.  Abby could tell he’d made a good impression. That’s my boy!

 They made a date for Friday night; Vince offered to pay for the babysitter.  Abby planed for them to go to her favorite club for dancing and to meet more of her friends. Vince turned out to be a very good dancer.  He didn’t know many of the dances but he learned quickly.  They even ran into a few people he knew from college.

They got home and after Vince payed the sitter Abby wrapped him up and kissed him.

“Would you care to stay the night?”

“I was hoping you’d ask.” He kissed her passionately.

”I’d love to and yes, I’ll sleep down here.”

“Thanks for understanding. Now, where were we?”

They undressed each other as they kissed. No directions, just hands more learned than either of them knew. Their hands, lips, and tongues were kissing, touching and pleasuring each other.

 “Oh Vince I’ve missed this and you this week.”

“So have I Abby and once you’re on the couch I’ll make love to you.”

“But first, I want you to go down on me. Use that talented tongue on my pussy and clit.”

Vince had a confused and scared look.

“Relax, I’ll guide you. First, remember how you use your fingers to pleasure my body?”


“Just do the same thing with your tongue. Now, to help you find the right location, since you’ll have a hard time seeing where you’re going, look.”

Abby’s hand had moved down to her pussy, she made the Vulcan greeting and placed it so she had parted her labia and put her clit in the open.

“Your fingers have learned how hard and fast to go.  With practice your tongue will be just as good, if not better. Take your time lover.”

Her right leg was on the floor her other leg was straight but pointed away. Vince started kissing his way up her leg.

He’s nervous but he’s trying. I wonder why? I’ll need to make sure I reward his actions.  This might be a good place for a White Lie, if needed.

His tongue reached her fingers, his hand reached her breast and the other was caressing her bent leg. Abby moved her hips toward his tongue. It slipped easily between her fingers moving slowly up and down between them

“Nicely done dear, now move any direction you want.”

Vince’s tongue went up and running into her clit and licking it fast.

“Slower lover, yes, that’s right and feels good.”

She felt his warm breath on her fingers and clit. His tongue was licking her like an ice-cream cone. He was tentative and slow.

“Around it Vince…yes, very nice. That does feel good.”

Abby bent the other knee and lowered the bent one. Vince kept licking and swirling. Her hips started moving against his face.

“Yes, that’s feeling very good.  Now go down my pussy to my vagina.”

He did but even slower and more tentative.  Her pussy wasn’t wet but neither was it dry. She was happy and proud of Vince as he approached the entrance.  Just when she thought he’d enter, he moved back up to her clit.

Why did he do that? Let’s see how he does with my hand gone.

She moved that hand to his head, playing with his hair. He was kissing, not licking, she felt him swallow and his tongue returned, sliding between her swollen lips.

He’ll need a lot more practice doing this. It’s so obvious this is his first time.

 Vince’s lips covered his teeth as he bit down, caught her labia and clit and nipped them a little hard. It was an accident that felt unexpectedly good sending a soft wave of pleasure and brief pain through her. Her pussy went from semi-wet to wet very quickly. Vince was unaware of what to do. He got some in his mouth and pulled up coughing and a little pale.

Lesson is over for tonight.

Abby reached over and pulled him to her waiting mouth. She forced her tongue into his mouth. After a few minutes, they separated.

My sex smells and tastes nice on his face.

“Well.” She asked.

“I didn’t do very well, did I?”

“It was your first time, you’ll get better.”

“I chocked and spit it out and didn’t finish you off.”

“Dear, going down on me is something I doubt you fantasized about. You did far better on your first time going down on me, than I did on my first time on a guy.  What you did was nice. It felt good, a little painful but my body responded and isn’t that what you really want to have my body do?”

“Yes, it is. Want me to try again?”

“Not tonight, you’ll have another chance tomorrow. Now, you mentioned something about making love to me. To show my appreciation for your performance tonight, lie down.”

“I do like it with you on top.”

“Well a little twist tonight.”

Abby stroked his limp penis, bringing it to full mast as Vince teased her clit and caressed her leg while they kissed.  Abby stood up and then turned her back to Vince as she kneeled above and lowered herself onto his hard prick. She rode him for a little, moving in circles.

“Oh Abby this is different.”

“Just hang on Vince.”

Abby, felt the warmth from his balls as she teased them. Her butt was on his hips and his hard prick deep inside her when she started going backwards, until her back was on his chest. His hands reached around to rub her tits, nipples and clit. She squeezed his hard-on.

“Vince, you’re learning. Now, hold on.”

Abby pulled herself back up grinding her hips into his groin, hearing him extorting her to continue. Three more times down, each a little longer, so she could enjoy him pleasuring her. On her third time up, she knew they were both going to come.

I hope we do tonight!

Vince came on a downward thrust, his hips pushing up to meet hers. Three strong bursts; she was teasing his balls and squeezing his prick as he did. Just as Vince finished, Abby came, her body shivered with her orgasm. She lowered her back down to his chest. He began kissing her neck while caressing with her body with his hands.

“Vince that was very good and this feels so relaxing.”

“You’re telling me, it was amazing.”

They lay on the couch, his strong arms enfolding her under a blanket.

“Vince, what did you really think about your first time going down on me? Did you like it?”

“I was scared when you asked me. Though I’m glad you did that think with your hand or I’d probably never found it. Feeling your body respond, hearing your sexy noises, made me feel happy.”

“Why wouldn’t you have found it?”

“My eyes were closed.”

“Okay, makes some sense. Now, what were you thinking?”

“How can I compare to all those older experienced lovers you’ve had. What if my tongue went in the wrong hole? I was worried about well, stuff or if I threw up.”

“I understand and we’ll talk about it later.”

In the future I’d like you to go to that other hole.

“You were making me feel good, that’s why my pussy ejaculated. Most guys don’t think of it that way. As for the wrong hole, just stop at the first hole you find. Your fingers didn’t go in the wrong hole.”

“I’ve done it before with my fingers…Oh, I see what you mean.”

 “Do you think I only care about your sexual inexperience?”

Vince looked into her hazel eyes.

“No, you care how I treat you, your family and friends. I think you’re enjoying me being a rookie.”

“Good answer. Now, how important to you is my experience?”

“I’ve had a crush on you since I was fifteen.  I’ve really liked you for about a year or so. You’re very attractive, beautiful and have a tremendous personality. Making love with you for our first time was a fantasy come true and it wouldn’t have mattered if you were a virgin, it would still have been my fantasy.”

Abby reached for her phone, her fingers flew over its screen.

“I’ve set my alarm for 2am. Now, will my boyfriend make slow, passionate love to me? When the alarm rings, I’ll go upstairs to sleep and you can crash here. The same for tomorrow remember we are taking the kids to the planetarium.”

Vince moved above Abby and kissed his way from her stomach to her neck. His hands caressing her side, face and ears. He reached her breasts taking a nipple in his mouth lightly pulling on it with his lip covered teeth. His tongue teased it, before he sucked on it. He did the same to the other then he kissed his way into the valley in between her tits, softly and blowing on her shin. His continuing journey reached her neck. His kisses alternated with small nips. He fondled her earlobes.

He looked into her eyes and to Abby’s surprise; his finger lightly traced her lips as he smiled. Abby kissed that finger; her hands were now caressing his back and shoulders. He kissed her upper lip, using his tongue to trace it. Abby hadn’t been turned on like this in many years. Her body was hot, her pussy wet. Soft gasps and sighs were escaping from her mouth. She entwined their legs and pulled his face to her for a most seductive kiss.

“Not yet lover, you did tell me to make slow passionate love to you. I’m not done yet.”

Okay, you lead the love making this time. You’re actually going slow, not worried about the end result like many guys.

She moved her hands to caressing his side and moving her body lightly against his. He pulled and sucked her upper lip then did the same to the lower lip. His hands moved playing with her hair and tracing her shoulders and upper arms.

Oh God Vince, this is fantastic!

His lips finally touched hers, brushing against them, before a full blown romantic kiss. His tongue again traced her lips, slowly making its way into her mouth. He used his arms to push his chest up, yet still kept kissing her.  This movement added to their hip movements. Vince’s hard penis slipped into her wet pussy. They both exhaled in pleasure.

Not much longer but so enjoyable, my cunt is supper wet; my body WANTS you inside me now!

She again wrapped her legs with his; her fingers crawled up his arms resting on his neck.

“You’re making me feel so beautiful, not to mention other things.”

“I’m only following my lady’s request. It’s magic to me how your body feels and moves. Your sounds are enticing as well.”

He reached around and took an arm off his neck. He began kissing his way up to her shoulder, across her the bottom of her neck and going down the other arm.

“Please fuck me; your body might be in jeopardy if you don’t.”

“We’ll see but I’m asking you to continue enjoying my loving.”

Vince finished the other arm and sat astride her. He placed his hands on either side of her face and began a kissing assault; he started on her forehead and down her cheeks before he latched onto her mouth. Their arms enveloping each other, her legs parted, his enlarged member easily found the entrance. He entered it slowly, moving his hips in a circular motion.  Then slowly out and back in.

Abby’s body had reached its peak. Her arms pulled his face tight to hers. Her tongue entered his mouth, running along his teeth and dancing with his. Her legs wrapped around his waist as she thrust up as he thrusted into her.

“You’re the best Vince, I’m coming!”

Abby’s body arched as she pulled Vince to her tightly, similar to a Venus Fly Trap closing on her prey. Her orgasm was the best she’d had with Vince so far. A shiver flowed through her body and clamped onto his hard prick. She flowed and a small second shiver graced its way through her body. Right after that Vince unloaded deep inside her. Vince kissed her neck while a hand caressed her check.

The lovers rolled on to their sides, lightly kissing and caressing as they enjoyed the slow descent from their emotionally charged high.

“Abby, you are and that was…the best.”

I was the best! Crap he was divine!

“Dear, I’ll tell you a something. I had two orgasms just now. That’s unusual and you made it happen and it was so enjoyable.”

“I hope I can do that to you many more times in the future.”

“You will, now can I ask about our future?”

Vince’s eyes got larger at her question.

“That doesn’t sound good.”

“You’re wrong, it’s very good. How do we handle our relationship when you go back to college?”

“We’ll keep in contact. I’ll be coming home the weekend after for Labor Day. We call each other at night and weekends. Heck call me any time you want, if I can’t answer, I’ll call back first chance I get. What if you came to visit me for Homecoming?  That’s the first weekend in October.”

“You want me to visit you at college?”

“Yes, I’m proud of you and happy being with you. You’ll be a big mystery with many of my friends and fraternity brothers. You’re a fantastic girlfriend and to be honest, I want to show you around and meet my friends. How about we look at getting you signed up to finish your degree after we wake up?”

He means it.

“Okay, I’ll visit you for the weekend and we can look at me signing up for college, again. Sleeping with my personal tutor will be a bonus.”

Abby’s phone alarm went off. Vince was kissing her when he said

“You said I can’t sleep in your bed when the kids are home. You didn’t say anything about you sleeping with me down stairs.”

You seductive devil and points for a good try.

“True but the principle is the same. We can still make out for a while before I go to my bed.

Oh God, it may not be that long before I ask him something about that.