The Woman In My Telescope

I didn’t know her name and that was driving me more crazy than sitting there watching her through my telescope.  All I knew about her was that she lived on the sixth floor of an apartment building about half a mile from mine, and that she was unbelievably erotic.

We met, sort of, though it was her that made the initial advance, not me.  That bothered me at first.  It still does because she keeps making the first move.  Well, I suppose I made the first one, but it seemed innocent enough at the time.

When I was a kid, I wanted a telescope.  I got one, but it was just one of those that collapses into the body, like you see pirates using in the movies.  It magnified things about five times, so it was a real telescope, but things very far away were still too small to really see.  I wanted to be able to see planets and stars.

As I got older, my interest in the stars and planets grew stronger.  There was just something about “out there” that wouldn’t let me go.  My high school physics teacher also had that drive and introduced me to his personal telescope, an 8” refractor he’d built himself.  On clear nights a couple other students and I would go to his house.  While his wife made cookies for after we were done, he’d let us use his telescope.  

After one such night, I was permanently hooked.  It was fascinating to look at Venus or Mars and then hear Mr. Lang explain what we were seeing.  I wanted to learn more and he did his best to teach me, but he could only go so far.  He said I had an aptitude for astronomy, and that when I went to college, I should study physics and astronomy if I wanted to really understand the planets and the stars.
I read everything about astronomers and what they did that I could find, and by the time I was a senior, I’d decided being a physicist/astronomer would be my life’s work.  

For the most part, I was happy going through high school.  Mom and Dad were supportive of my longing, though Dad was worried I wouldn’t be able to find a job as either a physicist or as an astronomer.  It wasn’t his fault.  He was a car mechanic and had a very practical outlook on life.  If he could touch it, he could understand it, work on it, or improve it.  He couldn’t touch a planet or nebulae, so he couldn’t really relate.

He also couldn’t afford to drop the cash for a really good telescope, but I had Mr. Lang and his so I didn’t really need one.

The only problem with being like I was, was girls.  I liked girls.  They just didn’t like me.  They were all into the guys with hot cars or guys who played sports.  I didn’t have a car and I didn’t play any sports because I couldn’t afford my own car and sports seemed like a waste of time.  I mean, what good did it do a guy to be a quarterback once he graduated?  Sure, a few might get scholarships to some college where they’d study to be PE teachers and coaches when they weren’t practicing.  A very, very few more might end up as professionals, but their careers would be over by the time they were thirty or so.  After that, what would they do to make a living – coach some high school ball team for less money than most factory workers would make?

The girls in college proved to be no different than the girls in high school.  Those who weren’t out to have a good time or who weren’t looking for a rich husband weren’t very feminine.  I suspected the three in my physics classes were really lesbians because they dressed more like men and didn’t seem to care about dating at all.  I know because I asked each of the three out.  I’d always get the answer that they had to study or they were busy with something else.  I know Samantha was a lesbian because she told me she was when she turned me down.

After leading a celibate life for five years while I got my master’s, I decided the Phd could wait and went looking for a job.  I found one working for a company that made optical sensors for use in industry.  I was using my physics education, but not my first love of astronomy.  It did pay very well though, and the work was interesting.  I rented an apartment during my first week of work, and after I’d gotten a few paychecks bought my own telescope.

It wasn’t as large as Mr. Lang’s, but the small patio outside my living room on the sixth floor wasn’t large either.  The telescope I bought was small enough the tripod would fit on the patio with enough room left over for my chair and a table.  It had a two axis computer control on the mount to compensate for the rotation of the earth and keep whatever I was looking at in the field of view.  I also bought an assortment of lenses that let me range the magnification from 100x to 400x.  

It took me a week of evenings to figure out how to use everything, but after that week, I was ready to begin looking at the stars again.  That’s exactly what I did on every clear night.  I’d take my telescope out to my little patio and set it up, then use the computer control to locate Venus or Saturn or Mars or something else.  It was fun and gave me something to do at night besides watch television.  The women at work weren’t much different from the girls in high school or college.  They considered me interesting, but too much of a nerd to be serious dating material, so I didn’t really have a social life.

One night in July I was enjoying the sight of the moon through my lowest power eyepiece.  The moon is pretty fascinating even though it’s a common sight.  Even with the 100x eyepiece, I could make out some craters and other surface features.  I was getting ready to put in my 2x Barlow when a big green blob of light appeared on my patio door.

At first I was a little stunned.  The blob wasn’t very bright and it was almost a meter in diameter.  It looked like somebody had shined a weak, green flashlight on my patio door from a few feet away, but since I was on the sixth floor, there was no way that could have happened.  

A few seconds later it dawned on me that the light must be coming from a laser.  A lot of my job involved lasers and so it didn’t take much thinking to realize that.  Even a small laser pointer can be visible on an object from over a mile away.  The beam won’t really be a beam and it won’t be very bright, but it is visible, just like the one reflecting off the white drape liners behind my patio door.

It took me a few minutes to find the source of the laser light, but I finally did.  The tiny pinprick of light was barely visible to my naked eye, but there it was at about the same height as my patio and four blocks across town.  It was only because my building and that one were taller than the rest it made it at all.

I wasn’t stupid enough to look at that point of light through my telescope, but I did turn it and focus on a lit up window just to the right of it.  What I saw was a guy sitting on his couch watching TV.  Slowly, I used the computer control to inch my telescope to the left in hopes of seeing whoever was shining the laser at me without actually seeing the laser beam.

A balcony patio just like mine came into view and as I inched the telescope a little further to the left, I saw a another telescope.  The telescope was pointed in my general direction.  I inched my view a little more and saw a person sitting down and looking through the telescope while they held the laser pointer.  I couldn’t tell much more than that until the person stood up and walked back through the patio door and into what I figured was the living room of the apartment.  

Once she was inside in the light, I could see that person was a woman.  I knew that because she was wearing a very well filled bikini.  That’s about all I could tell because she was wearing one of those feathered Halloween masks and her dark brown hair was done up in a bun.

She left for a few seconds and then came back to her patio door holding a sheet of paper.  When she held it up, I about fell off my chair.  In big, black letters on that paper was written one word - “HI”.

The woman put that paper down and held up another that said “If you see me, tell me Hi”.

It took me almost a minute to pull a sheet of paper from my printer, find a marker, and scrawl “HI” on it.  I went back out to my patio and held it up in the direction of the other building for a few seconds, then sat back down and looked through my telescope again.

She was sitting back down at her telescope, and a second later, she stood up and held up another piece of paper.  This one had the numbers, 801-6669 and the words, “CALL ME”.

I pulled my cell phone out of my breast pocket and tapped in the number, then watched through my telescope again.  A couple seconds later, the woman picked up her cell phone from the table beside her chair. I heard a soft, low alto voice coming from my phone.

“Hello.  Are you the man with the telescope?”

“If you’re the woman I’m looking at with a telescope in front of her and her cell phone to her ear I am.”

She giggled.

“That’s me.  What are you doing on your patio?”

“Well, I’m watching you.  Before that I was looking at the moon.”

“Do you like watching me?”

“Well, I don’t know.  I just saw you and it’s pretty dark so I can’t see you very well.”

I heard her giggle again.

“Would you like to see more of me?”

“Well, sure, I guess.”

“You guess?  That’s all?  You guess?”

“No, I would.  I just said I guess because nothing like this has ever happened to me before.”

“That was the right answer.  Now, you move your telescope back inside your apartment and leave your drapes open while I move mine.  Tell me when you can see me again.”

Five minutes later I was sitting in my living room and looking at her through her patio door.  She was standing there beside her telescope and had one hip cocked.  I lifted the phone to my ear and said, “OK, I can see you now.”

Her soft voice came back at me.

“Well, what do you think?”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

Her sigh sounded like she was getting frustrated.

“I mean how do I look?”

“Oh…well, you’re a pretty woman.”

She sighed again.

“Are you really a guy?”

“Yes, I’m a guy.”

“Whatever you say, but if you are, why don’t you tell me about my boobs or my ass or something?”

I could see where she was going but I’d never done anything like this so I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to say nice things or sexy things.  I wasn’t sure what sexy things she’d like either.

“Ma’am, I’ve never done anything like this before.  I don’t know what to say that you’ll like hearing.”

“You’ve never looked at a woman before?  Are you gay or something?”

“No, I’m not gay.  I just don’t have much experience with women.”

Her voice sounded excited then.

“Don’t tell me you’re a virgin.”

“Well, yes, I am.”

“Wow.  I didn’t think there were any left. You do know what happens between a guy and a girl don’t you?”

I had to chuckle.

“Yes, I’m not that naïve.”

“Then tell me if you like my boobs or not.”

“Well, yes I like them.  I haven’t seen many, but I like yours.”

“Would you like to see them naked?”

It was obvious by then she wasn’t interested in just nice comments.  I was finding that to be pretty arousing.

“Yes, I’d love to see them naked.”

“OK, just wait a second while I put my phone on speaker.”

She put the phone on the chair beside her telescope, then reached behind her back.  I saw the cups of the bikini bra drop a little.  She was smiling when she slowly let the cups slip down.  


Her breasts weren’t huge, but her nipples were pretty big, and her nipple beds were too.  I felt my cock starting to get hard.

“They’re beautiful.”

“So, what would you like to do with them.”

“Well, touch them, I suppose.”

I could see her frown and hear that frown on my phone.

“God, you have no imagination whatsoever, do you?  You’re supposed to stroke them and squeeze them and play with my nipples.  See what I’m doing?  That’s what you should do.”

I did see and she was making my cock rock hard.  She stroked down over her nipples and then pinched them between her fingers.  They grew a lot longer and stiffer, and the little sigh I heard told me she was enjoying the feeling.

“OK, I’d do what you’re doing.  I’d squeeze your boobs and I’d pinch your nipples.”

“Would you pull on my nipples too, and then suck them?  I like both, especially the sucking part.  You could bite them too, but that would be later on when I’m really excited.”

“Yes, I’d pull on them and I’d suck them.  I don’t know about biting them though.  Wouldn’t that hurt?”

She pulled both her nipples up and then out, and her voice was sort of a moan.

“Yes, right now it would, but later it wouldn’t.  Right now, I’d love to have my nipples sucked.  I’d do it my self but I can’t reach them.  Would you do that?”

Well, like all guys, I’d dreamed of doing that some day, so I said I would.  She grinned.

“Would you lick them first?  Licking them makes them get all hard and I get this little tight feeling in my tummy.”

“Yes, I would do that.”

“You’re getting me excited.  Am I getting you excited too?”

“Yes, you are.”

“Is your dick getting all hard and stiff?”


“I’m getting wet.  Wanna see?”

“I think you’re too far away for me to see that.”

“I’ll show you and then you tell me if you can see or not.”

She started rolling the bikini bottom down over her ass.  All the movements her hips made in the process weren’t doing anything but make my cock harder.  She turned around when she had the bottom down her hips about half way, and then pulled it down her thighs, dropped it, and stepped out of it.  She turned to look over her shoulder then.

“Like my ass?”

It was a really nice ass, tight, but round and very arousing.

“Yes, you have a great ass.”

“Would you rub my ass?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“I like that.  It makes me hotter.  I like little bites there too as long as they’re not too hard.  Sometimes I like to be spanked too.  Would you spank me?”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to hurt you.”

As I watched, she slapped her left butt cheek and then giggled.

“That didn’t hurt.  It just tingled.  You’d make me tingle all over if you spanked me like that, and I’d get wetter.”

“OK, I’d spank you that hard then.”

“Mmmm…I’d love it if you did.  Just look at how hot I am just from having you tell me that.”

She turned around then and spread her legs wide.  I was a little surprised that she was shaved.  I thought only women in porn movies shaved the hair on their mound and lips.  I didn’t have time to think much more about that.  She used two fingers on one hand to spread her lips.

“See how wet I am?”

I could make out her lips and the pink skin between them but that was about all.

“No, I really can’t.  I can see your hand though, and your uh…lips.”

I saw her frown.

“Damn…I wanted you to see.   Well, maybe you can hear how wet I am.”

She moved to the chair and picked up her phone.  I could see her slip one finger between her lips and begin moving it in and out.  When she put her phone right beside her stroking finger I heard little squishing sounds.  After a few seconds, she looked up and grinned.

“Did you hear that?”


“I’m really wet because I’m so excited.  Would you do that to me, use your finger inside me?”


“Would you rub my clit?”

“If that’s what you like I would.”

“If you did that, I’d have an orgasm.  Would you like to do that to me?”

“I don’t know.  I’ve never done that before.”

She grinned.

“I love having orgasms and you’d like it too, I bet.  Wanna see what it’s like?”

“If you want to show me, go ahead.”

“I need you to tell me what you’d be doing to make me have one so I can do that.”

I was really in foreign territory now.  I’d read about people doing it in chat rooms and I’d dreamed about it, but that was all the experience I’d had so far.

“I’m not sure if I’ll be telling you what you need to hear.”

“Just tell me what we’ve been talking about.  That’ll do it.”

For the next ten minutes, I watched the woman pinch her nipples, pull her nipples, and rub her clit while I talked to her about doing all those things.  At the end, I thought she was going to fall over.  She’d been panting as one hand rubbed her clit and the other played with her breasts and nipples, but the nipple hand suddenly stopped and grabbed the chair beside her.  She gasped and I saw her hips jerk forward, then jerk again.  A little soft cry followed that and she threw back her head and started shake.  She made another soft cry and jerked her hips hard, and then sighed.  For a while, she didn’t say anything, but she kept moving the hand between her thighs.

Finally, she looked up and grinned.

“Mmm…that was great.  Did you like it?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Is your dick still hard or did you do yourself?”

“No, it’s still hard.”

“Let me see it.  Put your phone on speaker so you have both hands free, and then stand up and take off your pants.”

Well, by then, I’d forgotten all about anything except what was going on, so it never crossed my mind that stripping in my living room while a woman I didn’t know watched me was a little weird.  I stood up and dropped my pants.  It was a little harder taking off my underwear, but the woman wouldn’t let me stop.

“Your dick does look hard.  If I was there, I’d be playing with it to make you harder.  Take off your underwear so I can see what I’d be touching.”

I felt sort of foolish to be standing there in my living room with my stiff cock bobbing around in the air.  It got embarrassing when she asked me to jack myself.

“Mmm…that’s a nice dick.  I’d love to feel it in my hands.  Would you like to feel me rubbing your dick?”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

“How do you like your dick rubbed?  Show me.”

I started jacking my cock like I usually did, and she seemed to like that.

“Wow, it looks like you must do this a lot.  Do you?”

“Not a lot.  Every other day or so.”

She chuckled.

“I think you’re lying.  I do myself all the time.  You do it every day, don’t you?”

“Well, sometimes.”

“Does it feel as good as it looks?”


“Would you like me doing you better than doing yourself?”

“Yeah…that would be great.”

“I think it would be great too.  I’d stroke your dick until you had an orgasm.  You do it until you cum, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.”

“I want to see you cum.”

Well, jacking my cock so she could watch was one thing.  Cumming while she watched was another.  I wasn’t sure I could and that’s what I told her.  When her low, breathy voice purred from my cell phone, I changed my mind.

“What if I told you I’d put your dick between my boobs and let you fuck me that way?”

“Between your boobs?”

She giggled.

“Yeah, and I’d hold ‘em real tight so it felt like you were really fucking me.  You’d probably squirt all over them, wouldn’t you?”

“Well, it would probably hit you in the face.”

“Mmm…I’d like that.  Cum for me so I can see how much comes out.”

A couple of minutes of jacking my cock while listening to her tell me about how she’d wrap her tits around my cock and jack it that way was all it took.  I groaned as the first spurt flew out the tip, and jerked my hips for each of the spurts that followed.  She seemed really happy when that happened.

“Wow, you cum a lot, don’t you?”

“I don’t know.  I thought all men were about the same that way.”

“Whatever you say, but it looks like a lot to me.  I’d have your cum all over my face and probably some in my mouth.  I’d like that.  Would you?”

“I don’t know.  I’ve never done that before.”

“I bet you’d like it.  I bet you’d like some other things I’d do to you too.”

“Like what?”

She giggled.

“You can find that out tomorrow night about eight if you want.  I have to get ready for bed now.”

She didn’t give me time to say anything.  A second later, my phone said “call lost”, and a couple seconds after that, the light in her apartment went out.  

What had just happened was weird, but also really erotic in a way.  I’d watched my share of porn movies, but the women in them weren’t like this one at all.  What she’d done when she came looked and sounded like what I figured a real woman would do.  The women in the porn films always looked like they were faking it.  

I couldn’t figure out why any woman would get off by standing naked in her living room so I could watch her cum through my telescope, but I hoped she’d be there the next night.  I was still thinking about her when I cleaned up my carpet.  I didn’t stop thinking about her until I fell asleep.

The next night at eight, I was sitting in my living room and watching hers through my telescope.  For about five minutes, I didn’t see anything.  Then, my phone rang.  I recognized her number and answered it.


“Hi, it’s me again.  Do you want to see me?”

“Sure.  I’ve been waiting for you.”

“OK, here I come.”

She had on the same mask and had the same hairdo, but this time, she was wearing just a bra and panties.  Somehow, that was even more erotic than the night before, I suppose because seeing a woman in a bikini is sort of normal anymore, but a bra and panties is still something you usually don’t see.

She was also carrying something I couldn’t see because she kept it behind her back.  She kept it that way until she sat down to focus her telescope, but I still couldn’t see it because she put it in the seat behind her.  I watched as she fiddled with the focusing knob, and then saw her smile.

“I see you, but you’re still dressed.  How about we both get naked before we start?  You put your phone on speaker and go first.”

It doesn’t take a guy very long to get undressed, so a couple of minutes later I was standing there naked in my living room and listening to what she said.

“Gee, your dick is getting hard already.  Did I do that?”

“Yes.  It’s the bra and panties, I think.  They make you really erotic.”

“More erotic than naked?”

“No, but more erotic than a bikini like last night.”

“Good.  That’s what I hoped would happen.  I’m going to take them off now…no, wait…you tell me how you’d take them off me.”

 “Well, I suppose I’d take your bra off first.”


“Well, I’d unhook the back and then pull it off.”

She giggled.

“Not very imaginative, are you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, that’s how I take my bra off every night.  It’s not very sexy.”

“OK, what would be sexy to you?”

“Just watch and I’ll show you.”

She stood up then, and moved to the side so I could see all of her.  She was right about being sexy.  It was the way she stroked both breasts through the bra cups and then squeezed them a little.  Then, she slipped the shoulder straps off her arms but held the cups in place.  After stroking the bare skin above the cups, she slowly inched them down.  

I saw her cleavage get longer and then the dark pink of her nipple beds.  She stroked a finger over that darker skin and her mouth made a little “o” shape.  A few seconds later, her right nipple popped out of the bra cup.  The woman licked her finger and then lightly stroked the very tip of that nipple.  I could see it getting longer.  She pinched that nipple between her fingers and the little catch in her breath came to me over the phone.

It took her several minutes to finally get that bra off, and by the time she’d rubbed both nipples, pinched them, and finally pulled the bra off, my cock was rock hard.

It didn’t take her quite as long to take off the boyshorts, but it was even more erotic.  She turned around again and worked them down over her hips by rocking her hips up and down.  When they caught in the hollow between her thighs, she spread her legs and then bent over.  I saw her pussy lips peeking out as she pulled the boyshorts down her legs and then stepped out of them.

When she turned around, she grinned.

“That’s how I take off my bra and panties when I want to feel sexy.  Did you think I was sexy?”

“Oh, hell yes.”

“Did I make your dick hard again?”

“It’s stiff as a steel rod.”

She giggled.

“I’ll bet you’d like to fuck me, wouldn’t you?”

“I’ve been thinking about that since last night.”

“What did you think about?”

“Oh, how it would feel.”

“I thought about that too.  How would you fuck me?”

“Well, like normal, I guess.”

She chuckled.

“What’s normal?”

“Well, front to front.”

“Mmm…I’d like that, but it’s kind of uninspired, don’t you think?”

“You have a better idea?”

“Lots, like maybe you’d bend me over this chair and fuck me that way, or maybe I’d get on top of you and fuck myself on your dick.”

“Well, since I’ve never done either, I don’t know how that would work.”

She looked up at me and smiled.

“I know that, so I’ll show you.”

She reached to the chair beside her.

“See what I have?”

She was holding a rubber cock.

“Yes, I see.  What are you going to do with it?”

“Well, as soon as you get me all wet inside again, I’m going to fuck myself with it.  Think you can get me wet again, or do I have to tell you what to do?”

She didn’t have to tell me what to say.  I remembered, and as soon as I said I’d fondle her breasts and stroke her nipples, she closed her eyes and started doing that.  After a couple of minutes during which I said I’d pinch her nipples and then pull on them, she slowly stroked her right hand down her tummy to her mound.  I watched as she slipped a finger between her lips, stroked in and out a few times, and then pulled her finger to her face.  Her voice was lower and sounded breathy.

“You got me wet again.  My finger is all slippery.”

She stuck that finger in her mouth and then sucked as she pulled it out.

“Mmm…I think I taste pretty good.  Would you do that…taste me.”

“I don’t know.  I’ve never had the opportunity.”

“Most men don’t want to, but I really like it.  It’s a lot better than a finger on my clit.  Tell me you’d lick my clit.”

“OK, I’d lick your clit.”

“Would you suck on it too?  That’s even better than licking.”

“Yes, I’d suck on it.”

“Oh, God, I’m so hot now.  I need you to fuck me.”

I chuckled.

“I don’t think my cock will reach that far.”

She sighed.

“I know.  That’s why I have Bobby.  He fucks me anytime I need to be fucked…like right now.”

It was pretty captivating to watch her turn her ass to me, bend over, and slowly move the dildo around her pussy.  She didn’t just push it inside her.  I could see her slowly rubbing it between her lips and then up over her clit.  When it touched her clit, I’d see her hips clench a little and she’d moan.

After a while of teasing herself like that, she moved it to the right spot and slowly pushed in.  I saw her lips spread as the head parted them and when it started going inside her, she caught her breath.

“I like it when he goes in slow.  It’s like he’s stretching me and that feels really great.  I think your dick would stretch me too.  Would you like stretching my pussy open?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Mmm…now he’s going in deeper.  I feel him inside me and he’s stretching me some more.”

She didn’t say anything for a while after that.  She just kept pushing that dildo deeper and deeper until the rubber balls touched her pussy lips.  She pulled it back out then, almost all the way, and then moaned.

“Oh, God, your dick feels so good inside me.  Push it back in.”

By then, I understood the rules of this game and I was happy to do what she wanted.

“I’m pushing my cock back inside you.”

“Slow or fast?”

“I think slow for now.”

“Mmm…I like slow at first.  Push it in as deep as it will go.”

“I am.”

“Play with my boobs too.”

“I’m squeezing them, but not very hard.”

I could see her move her left hand from her knee to her left breast and then the movement as she squeezed it.  She gasped then.

“I think you just pinched my nipple.”

“Yes, I did, and now I’m pulling it down.”

“Oh, God, yes.  That makes my tummy tighten up and it feels great.  Do that some more.”

“I’m pulling down a little harder now, and I’m twisting my fingers.”

All I heard was a gasp and then “fuck me faster”.

A couple of minutes later, she was rocking her hips down as she pushed the dildo in and she was starting to pant.

“Rub my clit.”

“I’m rubbing your clit.”

“Oh, God, I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum for me…cum for me hard.”

She did just that a few seconds later.  I heard her little cry at the same time her hips started jerking.  That went on for almost half a minute before she eased the dildo out and turned around.

“Wow…that was great.”

She stuck the dildo in her mouth and sucked it for a second, then looked up and grinned.

“Would you like it if I sucked my cream off your dick?”

“Would you do that?”

“Mmm…I’d love doing that.  I’d even suck your dick enough you got hard again.”

“You’d get a surprise if you did that.”

“I know what would happen.  I like when that happens.  I like feeling a man squirting in my mouth.”

Well, I didn’t know if I’d like that or not since it had never happened, but it was obvious she liked it and I didn’t want to disappoint her.

“Yeah, I’d like that.  I’d squirt right in your mouth.”

“Mmm…I’d suck your dick so good.  Do yourself so I can see how much you cum again.”

It was easier this time, not that it was difficult the night before.  It was easier because she kept telling what she was doing.

“I’m sucking your dick now, and I’m stroking it to make you cum.”

“I feel that.  I’m playing with your nipple too.”

She pinched her nipple, moaned, and then pushed her face down over the rubber cock.  She pulled it out of her mouth then.

“Tell me when you’re gonna cum so I can watch.”

A couple of minutes later, I felt that feeling that said I wouldn’t be able to stop.

“I’m gonna cum now.”

“Stand up so I can see.”

I stood up then and made about six more strokes before I felt the tightening that said there was no turning back.  I heard her gasp as the first spurt flew out the tip and landed on the floor.

“Wow…I might not be able to swallow all that.”

I couldn’t say anything back.  I was too busy groaning as another two spurts of cum splashed out on my living room carpet.  I stripped out a dribble and then just stood there until my heart stopped racing.  She seemed to be really happy.

“I’d love making you cum that hard.  After I did, would you fuck me again?  I’d want to be fucked again.”

“Nothing could stop me from fucking you again, but it would take a while.”

“Mmm…I’d like that, but I don’t have time tonight.  Same time tomorrow?”

“I think I can manage that.”

“Nitey-night then.”

Just like the night before, she ended the call and shut off the living room light.  I just stood there wondering why fate had brought us together but was so fickle I’d never gotten her name.

This same thing went on every night for a week and a half.  The night after that week and a half, she was there in her living room just like always.  I started telling her what I was going to do.  She smiled and said, “I’d love too, but it can only be your finger for a while”.

Like a dummy, I didn’t understand and I asked her why.  She just chuckled and opened her thighs wide.

“See the little string?  That’s why.”

“Oh…OK, just fingers it is then.”

That ended after six more days and we were back to me telling her how I was fucking her and after she came, her telling me how she was jacking and sucking my cock until I came too.  By the last night, I was going nuts because she was too damned exciting for me not to know who she was.  I really wanted to ask her to meet, not necessarily for real sex, but to meet so I could get to know her.  

That night before we started anything, I asked her for her name, but she wouldn’t tell me.

“If I tell you my name, you won’t play like this anymore.”

“What in the world makes you think that?”

“I think that because it’s true.  If it wasn’t, you’d have noticed me by now.”

“What does that mean - notice you?  How could I have noticed you before we started this?”

“You see me almost every day and you never say anything to me.”

“I see you every day?  Do I already know you?”


“Where do I know you from?”

“I think I should go now.  Bye.”

My phone said “call lost” and a second later, her living room light went out.  I went to bed trying to think of anywhere I might see her every day.   If I’d been able to see her face, I might be able to recognize her, but she always wore that damn feathered mask.

About the only place we might be together almost every day was work.  I thought about every woman I knew from there but without much success.  My interactions with the women at work were few and far between.  It wasn’t because I didn’t like any of them because I did.  There just weren’t a lot of opportunities to get to know one very well.

A lot of the women I worked with were married so that pretty much eliminated them.  The single women at work were in accounting or personnel, not engineering.  We were all in the same office so I did see them often, but never really talked to any.  They were always busy staring at their computer screens and typing or talking to someone else.

As I went over those single women in my head, I still came up with a blank.  There was Shirley, but she was engaged.  Brenda was the girl at the reception desk, but though I’d never seen Brenda naked, she didn’t look like the woman I’d seen in my telescope lens.  Brenda was pretty flat chested and her ass looked a lot wider.  Lorainne worked a CAD terminal, but it couldn’t be Lorainne.  Lorainne had short blonde hair, not brown hair, and her voice was a lot higher in pitch.

I fell asleep trying to place a brunette with a nice body to a face at work, but couldn’t manage to do that.  There was always something different from the woman in my telescope.  

The next day at work I looked at every woman I came in contact with.  I came up empty handed again.  There were several women who worked in the office, but none of them fit.  That afternoon, I was called out to the manufacturing floor to look at a problem with one of the assembly lines, and as soon as I walked into the area, I realized I’d been severely limiting my pool of possibles.

It was a rare day when I didn’t go to the assembly lines, and on some days, I spent a good portion of my time there.  It seemed like there was always something they needed help with.  Usually there wasn’t anything really wrong.  The color on a component would be a little different or the lead wires would be a little shorter or longer.  Since we got components from several different manufacturing locations, that was pretty normal, but we’d done a great job in convincing all the assembly workers that quality came first.  They’d report anything different and the engineer who designed it had to go take a look.

The good part was I now had a lot more women who might be the woman in my telescope.  The bad part was I now had a lot more women who might be the woman in my telescope.  I could eliminate almost half the workers because they were men.  I could eliminate a little less than half of those left because they didn’t have brown hair.  That still left about a hundred or so women I saw almost every day.  Some of them were probably married or had boyfriends, but that still left a lot of women.

Their problem that day was real.  The truck that delivered the components evidently had a leak in the roof of the trailer and some of the boxes were wet.  I helped them sort through the parts, set aside all the components that were even a little damp, and told them when those components dried out, they should try a dozen.  If the testing said everything was OK, they could use the rest.  

Half a dozen women had helped me sort through the parts, and as we worked, I carefully looked at each, but most didn’t seem to fit.  They were either to heavy or too slender, had tits that were obviously too big or too small, or had asses that weren’t right either.  

There were two possible woman who matched up pretty well.  Trudy was a little fireball who said “shit, here’s another one” every time she found a wet part, and Julia who seemed to go out of her way to bend over and show me her jean-clad ass.  I spent some time watching each one, but I couldn’t come to a conclusion.  Trudy seemed like a woman who would say what she wanted, like the woman in my telescope, but she usually wore baggy pants and a loose shirt.  Julia always wore clothes that were intended to show off her body.  I didn’t think she’d have much trouble getting naked in front of a man.  The woman in my telescope was both.

I really hadn’t paid much attention to either over the years I’d worked there.  They seemed to have a lot of guys around them if I saw them at lunch, so I figured neither one would really need to have anything to do with me, much less do what the woman had been doing.

When we finished the sort, I told Linda, the line supervisor that I thought the parts would probably dry out in a couple of days so she should wait that long before trying a sample.  She seemed too busy to really listen to me.  She just nodded and said, “whatever you say”, before walking off to get everybody back on the line and working again.  

I liked Linda because she was always all business, just like I was.  She was one of our best supervisors, but approached the job in a different manner from most.  Linda was sort of a quiet woman who never raised her voice or swore like most of the male supervisors did.  She got her people to be productive by logic and understanding rather than by yelling.  I wondered if my woman could be her, but quickly dismissed that.  I wouldn’t say Linda was cold, but she’d never said two words to me that didn’t have to do with her assembly line.

That night, I sat in my living room and watched through my telescope to see if she’d come back.  About ten after nine, she did, and she was already naked.  I watched as she tapped her cell phone and already had my finger hovering over the “accept” button on my phone when it rang.

“Hello there.  I see you decided to come back.”

“Hi.  Yes, I did.  I like what we do together.”

“I like it too.  You’re a very erotic and exciting woman.”

I heard her chuckle.

“I like being that way.  It makes me feel sexy.  I can’t be that way any time except now.”

“Why not?”

“Well, let’s just say some people wouldn’t approve if I did that.”

“I approve.  That’s why I want to know who you are.”

“I already said I can’t tell you because you won’t play with me if I do.”

I was about at the end of my rope with this.  If she hadn’t gotten to me so much, I’d have just told her I wasn’t interested any more and ended the call.  I couldn’t do that though.  Our relationship, at least on my end, was becoming more than just me jacking off for a woman watching me through her telescope.

“So, you’re going to make me guess who you are?”

“If you can.”

“Did I see you today?”

“Yes.  You didn’t pay much attention to me, but you saw me.”

“Give me a hint here.  What were you doing?”

I heard her chuckle.

“What I always do.”

So, she was going to make a game out of this.  I thought was smart enough to figure it out.

“And what would that be?”

“I can’t tell you that or you’ll guess who I am.”

“Well, how can I guess if you won’t tell me anything?”

She didn’t say anything for almost a minute.  When she did, I could tell she was struggling to do so.

“If I give you a hint, do you promise you won’t tell anybody else?”

“I promise.  I don’t want to do anything to screw up my evenings with you.”

“Do you really promise?”

“Yes.  I’d never lie to you.”

“OK, if you really promise, but I won’t tell you tonight.  I’ll give you a hint tomorrow if I see you.”

“What kind of hint?”

She chuckled.

“You’ll see it if you look hard enough.  Right now, I need to hear what you’d like to do with me.”

She was as erotic and as exciting as ever so it was easy to join in our game again.  That night, she brought out her dildo and rode it while I told her how I was playing with her nipples and rubbing her clit.  She came hard and was still panting when she started telling me how she was stroking my cock.  I came hard too a couple minutes later, this time on the towel I'd laid on the floor so I wouldn’t have to keep cleaning my carpet.

It was great, like always, but also frustrating.  I’d decided I wanted our relationship to be more than what it was, but I couldn’t very well make it more unless I could find out who she was.  As I fell asleep, I was hoping her hint was enough.

All the next morning, I looked at every woman in the office for something that might identify her as my mystery woman, but they were all the same.  After lunch, I decided it couldn’t be any of them, so I took a tour of the assembly area and checked out every woman I’d seen the day before.  

All of them looked about the same.  Trudy told me she hoped they wouldn’t have to sort parts again for a while because she was tired of fixing somebody else’s fuck up.  Julia’s jeans seemed to fit her ass a little tighter, but other than that, she was the same too.  I’d given up when Linda walked up beside me.

“How come you’re out here today?  I didn’t call you.”

“Oh, I just thought I’d check on those parts from yesterday to see how they’re doing.”

Linda frowned.

“Those parts aren’t here.  They’re over in the holding area for another day, like you said.  Are you sure that’s why you’re here?”

Well, I couldn’t tell her the real reason, so I made one up.

“I know that, but I thought I’d make sure we didn’t miss any.  Doesn’t look like we did though.”

She grinned.

“What ever you say, but I don’t think you’d have seen one even if we did.  You’ve been looking at my girls the whole time.  You must be interested in them for some reason.”

“No, not really.  I just looked, I guess, but I was looking at the parts too.”

“Whatever you say.  Well, I need to get back to work.”

With that, she walked off toward the end of the assembly line.  She was almost there when I realized Linda was the only woman who was different to any extent.    

Every time I’d seen Linda, she’d worn her hair in a ponytail.  That was the way a lot of women wore their hair at work because if they had long hair it kept falling in front of their eyes.  The ponytail kept it away from their faces.  Today, though, Linda had done her long, dark brown hair up in a bun, and that bun looked a lot like the bun the woman in my telescope had.  As I watched her walk, her hips looked about the right size.  I couldn’t tell about her breasts since her top didn’t fit very tight at all.

I was a little dumbfounded.  Linda had never said or done anything to indicate she had any feelings for me one way or the other.  She always kept any conversation to the business at hand and never joked about anything.  I’d never heard her say anything off-color either, much less any words like “cum” and “fuck” like the woman in my telescope.  She also never dressed like she was proud of her body and wanted to show it off.  It couldn’t be Linda, but she was the only woman I saw that afternoon who had changed much of anything.  

I had the urge to run up and ask her if she was the woman in my telescope, but then thought better of it.  If she wasn’t, I’d have to explain why I was watching a woman and if she was, she’d probably deny it so nobody would suspect.  I’d have to wait until that night.

That night, about nine, I was watching her living room through my telescope.  She walked in naked, sat down and looked through her own telescope at me, and then looked up and grinned.  My phone rang a couple seconds later, and when I said “Hello”, she giggled.

“Did you get my hint?”

“I’m not sure.  I saw something, but I don’t think that woman is probably you.”

“What did you see?”

“Well, Linda changed her hairstyle from a ponytail to a bun, but you don’t seem like Linda.”

“Oh?  How does this Linda seem?”

“She seems to be pretty quiet and businesslike.  I can’t imagine her ever doing what we do.”

“Did you ever think she might really be like me inside, but can’t be that way at work if she wants to keep her job?”

“I suppose that’s possible, but why would she do what she does with me?”

“Maybe she’s liked you for a long time but couldn’t say anything because of her job.  Maybe she likes showing herself off naked and thought you’d like to see her, but couldn’t do anything like that when you were at work.  Melody didn’t seem to worry about that and she got fired.”

I remembered Melody.  She was a second shift quality control supervisor who had the hots for a guy in shipping.  They were caught fucking up a storm behind a stack of shipping containers one night.  Both got fired as a result.

“Well, Melody was pretty obvious about it.  I mean, neither one of them had any clothes on and they were…well, there was no doubt about what they were doing.”

She giggled.

“Sort of like us right now, huh?”

“Yes, except nobody can see us like they did Melody and Jack, and we’re not at work.”

She giggled again.

“Whatever you say.  Now, are we going to have fun tonight or are we going to keep talking?”

It hit me then, though I couldn’t believe it.  Linda had a habit of saying “whatever you say” anytime I told her about something, and when I thought about it, so did this woman.  She had to be Linda.

“Linda…you are Linda, aren’t you?”

“What if I am.  Does that change anything?”

“No, why would it?”

“Because if I am you probably think I’m not a very nice person anymore.”

“I wouldn’t judge you just because you’re different here than at work.”

She took off her mask and smiled at me.

“Well, you guessed right.”

“I have about a million questions I want to ask you, but the main ones are why did you pick me and how did you get my address?”

She still had that worried look in her eyes even though she was smiling.

“I’ve liked you for a long time.  You’re not like the other engineers.  You try to help us out when we have a problem instead of telling us we should already know what to do.  All my people like you for that, but I started liking you for more than just that.  I can’t explain it better than that, I just do.  

“I didn’t think I should say anything because of what happened to Melody, but I really wanted to tell you somehow.  I decided to try to meet you on a Saturday some day and see what happened.  If you liked me, I’d tell you.  If you just said “Hi” and that was all, I wouldn’t.  

“I needed to know where you live in order to do that, so one night, I stayed until you left and followed you home.  I was happy that you aren’t very far from my apartment.  I wouldn’t have to drive to meet you and it would just look like I was taking a walk or something so I’d have an excuse to be outside your building.

“When you went inside, I looked at the mailboxes and found your name and apartment number.  I was going to do it the next Saturday, but I got scared and chickened out.  It was the next Monday when I was in the office talking to another engineer I heard you say you had a telescope and you said you sat on your balcony and looked at the stars and moon.  There’s only one side of that building where you can do that because of the building next door, and that’s the side that faces my apartment.

“I went out and bought a telescope then, not to do what we do though.  I just wanted to see if I could find you.  I watched you for a week before I decided to do what I did that first night.  It was a way to meet you without having to tell you who I am.”

I chuckled.

“So, you figured out if you got naked and told me what to do to you, that would make me like you?”

“Well, I wasn’t going to do that at first, but you seemed to be pretty interested and I really like being naked.  The more I thought about it, the more exciting it was to think about showing you how I look naked and telling you what I like.  I’ve always wanted to do that with a man but I never knew one I trusted not to go telling everybody he knew how I was.  I trust you, and I thought if I did that, you’d like me and maybe someday we could really meet.  It was also fun.  I read a lot since I don’t go out on dates, and it was kind of like reading one of my books but it was real…sort of.”

I smiled.

“Linda, you went to a lot of trouble for nothing.  All you had to do was talk to me.”

“Well, I’m a little backwards about doing something like that.  I can manage my people at work, but I’m really kind of shy about men.”

I had to laugh then.

“You sure weren’t shy about anything I saw through my telescope.”

“I know, but that wasn’t Linda you were watching.  It was the woman I like being when I’m not at work.”

“So, since you like me and I like you, how about letting me get to know more about you than just watching you through my telescope.”

“How would you do that?”

“Well, having dinner with you would be a good start.”

“I don’t know.  You probably won’t like me anymore if we do that.”

“Linda, how could I not like you?”

“Well, you’re an engineer and I’m just a supervisor.  Everybody says engineers think they’re better than the people on the floor.”

“Linda, that everybody doesn’t know me very well.  My dad fixed cars at a car dealership for a living, so I didn’t grow up thinking like that.  People are just people, no matter what they do for a living.  

She was silent long enough I asked if she was still there.  When she answered, I could hear the hesitance in her voice.

“I guess that would be all right, but can we go somewhere nobody will know us?”

I picked Linda up at six on Saturday night and drove forty miles to the restaurant.  It was a fun drive.  It was fun because Linda was so nervous and because she was so different than I’d ever seen her.  I had to keep looking at her to make sure she wasn’t just my imagination.

I’d never seen Linda dressed in anything except jeans and a shirt, and she never seemed to do anything to make herself look good.  That night, she wore a blue dress, nylons, and black heels, and her long, dark brown hair fell in waves over her shoulders.  Her face kept pulling me to stare at it.  From her delicately arched eyebrows to her mysterious eyes to her pale, shining lips, Linda was a vision of very feminine beauty.

When I told her that, she blushed.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel good.”

“Well, you should feel good about yourself.  You’re a very pretty woman.  Pretty sexy too.”

“That’s just when you see me through your telescope.”

“Nope, you’re sexy as hell right now too.”

“Whatever you say, but I don’t feel all that sexy.”

That dinner was pretty nice.  I didn’t really know much about Linda, but in talking with her, I started to find out.  I liked what I was finding too.

At first, Linda was pretty much like the Linda from work.  She was polite and a little quiet.  We didn’t talk about what we’d done with our telescopes.  We talked about me and we talked about her, how we grew up, what we liked and didn’t like, and what we thought we wanted to do in life.  

That didn’t include sex.  It’s hard to explain, but the Linda who took my arm when we walked from the restaurant to my car wasn’t the same woman I’d seen through my telescope.  It was like we were meeting for the first time, and it seemed as if sex was too personal for a discussion on the first date.  I know, after telling her what I was doing to her until she arched into her hand or dildo and came, and then jacking myself until I did would seem to have made us close enough to talk about that, but we didn’t.  

The only conversation about that happened when I walked her to the door of her apartment building.  Just before Linda used her key to open the door, she turned and smiled.

“Tonight was nice.  We could do it again sometime, if you like.  We just can’t let anybody at work know.”

I had to chuckle.

“If we’re only dating, why would it matter?”

“It would matter because we’ll end up doing more than dating.”

“Well, we sort of have already, haven’t we.”

“Yes, but that’s different.  That was just talk and watching, not really doing it.”

I gently squeezed Linda’s shoulder.

“I can wait, if that helps.”

The look in her eyes told me she was serious.

“What if I don’t want to wait?”

She grinned sheepishly then.

“I’ve thought about this ever since that first night.  After we got done, I’d go to bed and lay there thinking about how it would be.  I always ended up cumming again.  I want to see if it would be the same if we were really doing it.”

“Linda, are you really sure?  I mean, we really just met, really.”

“Yes, I’m sure.  I’m sure enough I went to the doctor after that first night and got a prescription so it could just happen when it happened.  Would you like it to happen?”

I chuckled.

“After what we’ve done, you have to ask that question?”

“Well…I’m still worried that you won’t like me.”

“You keep saying that but why on earth would I not like you?”

Linda looked at her feet.

“I’ve never been with a man before except once and he stopped liking me after that.  All that other stuff I said was what I read in my books.”

I gently lifted Linda’s chin until I could see her eyes.

“Linda, if he did that, I don’t think he liked you in the first place.  No man would do that to a woman he liked even a little bit.  He must have been a real ass.  I don’t think I’m an ass.  Do you?”

Her voice was so soft I barely heard her.


I still had my fingertip under her chin when I bent down and kissed her, but it didn’t stay there very long.  Linda brushed it aside when she put her arms around my neck and kissed me back.  It was just natural that I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close.  It felt natural that she moved even closer, close enough I felt her breasts pressing into my chest.

She pulled gently away a little while later and then smiled.

“Wanna come up with me?”

Naked and in my telescope, Linda had been arousing.  Naked and laying on her bed, she was more arousing than that.  In my telescope, I could make out her nipples enough to see them get stiffer when she touched them.  When I touched them, it was a lot different.  They still got stiff, but the dark circles around them got stiff and puckered up in a whole bunch of ripples and little bumps.  Linda moaned when they did that.

“That always happens when I touch myself, but it doesn’t feel like this.”

“Am I doing it wrong?”

“No…you’re just not doing it enough.”

When I closed my lips around her right nipple, Linda pulled my face down until I thought she was going to suffocate me with her breast.  She moaned again and started feeling down my belly.  When she found my cock, she giggled.

“It didn’t look this big through my telescope.  Is it always this big?”

“Well, not usually this quick, but you’re helping that out a lot.”

“Mmm…I can hardly wait.”

I knew enough about women to wait though.  I waited until Linda caught her breath when I cupped her mound and stroked her lips with a fingertip.  I waited until I could slip that fingertip between those lips, and I waited some more until I felt her growing slippery when my fingertip entered her.  I nibbled her left nipple while I waited for that slippery feeling to increase.

Once that happened, I was sort of at a loss for what to do next.  Linda had told me during our phone calls about a lot of positions she liked but I didn’t know which one she liked best.  I was stroking my finger in and out of her entrance and trying to decide when she made the decision for me.

“Lay on your back”, she whispered.

As soon as I did, Linda straddled me and then rubbed my swollen cock head between her lips.  I felt the little bump of her clit slide over my slit and heard Linda catch her breath when that happened.  After she did that a few more times, each time moaning or gasping, she moved my cock head back and pushed down.

She was different inside than I’d imagined.  I felt the wet warmth of her lips around my cock head and then the feeling of her passage as she sat down on my cock.  It was like nothing I’d ever even dreamed about.  

Linda stopped when things got tight and raised back up a little, then pushed down again.  My cock head pushed into that tight spot again, but Linda didn’t stop.  She kept pushing down, impaling herself on my cock.  The tight feeling got tighter, but then a second later my cock head slipped past that spot and Linda eased on down until she was sitting on my thighs.  She moaned then and murmured, “oh God,  I thought Bobby stretching me was great.  This is more than great.”

Linda started riding my cock then, just raising and lowering her body slowly.  When I reached up and closed my fingertips around her nipples, she moaned.


I did everything she’d told me she liked.  I lightly pinched her nipples and was rewarded by a little moan and a tightening around my cock.  When I rolled them between my fingers, that moan got louder and the tightening got tighter.  When I rolled them and pulled down, Linda gasped and her hips gave sort of a double lurch that drove my cock inside her a little deeper.

Linda’s strokes were getting faster all the time, and they got faster when she leaned down, poked her right nipple in my face and murmured, “bite”.  I did, but not very hard because I didn’t want to hurt her.  She gasped when my teeth closed on the turgid nub of her thick nipple and I thought I had hurt her.  When I opened my mouth, she groaned, “a little harder” and pushed that nipple back in my face.  She was on one of her down-strokes when I did, and she gasped as she slammed her body down over my cock.

“Oh, God, I’m so close.  Again.”

When I did, I felt her slide her hand between us and then her fingertip massaging her clit.  It was like she’d shifted into overdrive.  Each stroke, and they kept getting faster, ended with a little lunge of her body that pushed my cock head into something very wet and soft.  Linda would wiggle her hips then and that wiggle was taking me to the point of no return.  It ebbed a little when she raised back up until my cock almost slipped out, but came back even stronger when she pushed her passage back down.  

I whispered that she should slow down a little, but Linda just gasped as she rocked her hips again.

“No, I’m almost there.”

I couldn’t stop myself from ramming my cock up into her strokes after that.  I lost her nipple somewhere on one of her down-strokes, but as it turned out, I didn’t need to find it.  Linda did that hip wiggle again, then cried out and started to get stiff.  She relaxed enough to raise back up and then go down again, and on that down-stroke, she started to shudder.  That shudder pushed me over the edge.  I rammed my cock up fast as the first shot sped from my cock and inside Linda’s writhing body.  

She held her breath for a couple seconds, then the shudder became her entire body shaking as she cried out softly over and over.  She was still riding my cock when I shot my last, and that lasted until she gasped one last time and then stretched out on top of me until her breasts were mashed flat against my chest.

Linda nestled her face against my shoulder and didn’t say anything for a while.  I felt her panting breaths against my shoulder and the racing of her heart against my chest as little contractions kept squeezing my cock.  A minute of so later, she nuzzled my ear.

“Mmm…I thought this would be great, and it was.  Let’s do it again.”

I’d always assumed that since my cock got soft after I’d jacked off and it took a while for it to get stiff again, the same thing would happen with Linda.  As it was, my cock never got soft all the way.  I think it was the fact that Linda kept squeezing my shaft with her passage and the way she kissed me.  It did take a few minutes, but as soon as she felt it getting stiff, she started riding me again.

It didn’t take her as long this time.  Before I knew it, she was riding for all she was worth and I was enjoying the feeling of her nipples in my fingers and mouth again.  She came just as hard the second time, and flopped down on my chest just as I was pumping the last of my cum inside her.  Like before, she didn’t say anything for a while, though I felt quiet little moans sneak into my ear for a while.

When she did say something, it was only, “you’ll stay all night, won’t you”.  I stroked her back, cupped her ass cheeks, and whispered, “unless you throw me out.”

I smelled coffee when I woke up the next morning.  Linda wasn’t in the bed, so I got up, pulled on my underwear and pants and went to find her.  

She was in her kitchen, still naked, and watching a pan heat on the stove.  When I walked up behind her and stroked her ass, she turned around and grinned.

“I thought you might like breakfast.  The coffee is done and I’ll make the french toast as soon as the pan heats.”

I chuckled.

“Do you always cook breakfast naked?  It makes it hard to think about eating.”

She giggled.

“What does it make you think about then?”

I slipped my hand between her thighs.

“It makes me think about this.”

Linda grinned again, turned off the burner on her stove, then moved to her table and bent over.

“Do me like this.”

It was just as great as the two times the night before, though I had to hold Linda up at the end.  Her knees buckled at the same time she started cumming and she’d have pulled us both down if I hadn’t grabbed her waist and held her up.  When she stopped shaking, she turned around, put her arms around my neck and smiled.

“I don’t know if I’m going to let you go home or not.  I could get used to this.”

I laughed.

“I have to get some different clothes sometime, so I’ll have to go home.”

Linda stroked my chest with a fingertip.

“Or…we could just stay naked and have sex all day.”

Well, I did go home that day, but I came back that night.  We had dinner again at the same restaurant, and Linda teased me all the way there and all the way back.  At the restaurant, she was the Linda from work, quiet and reserved.  In my car, she was the Linda who stroked my cock until it was stiff and the Linda who told me what she was going to do to me when we got back to her place.  When we did get back to her apartment, she was the Linda who stripped naked and then wanted me to fuck her until I couldn’t get it up again.

We’ve been doing that for the last six months.  I still haven’t gotten used to the way she changes, but I kind of like it.  To everybody at work, we’re just two people who talk about business when it’s necessary.  I think a couple of the women suspect because Linda seems to need my help a lot more than before, but they’ve never said anything to either of us.

At her apartment or mine, Linda is the woman most men dream about.  We don’t have sex all the time, but the woman who needs to be caressed, nibbled, and fucked until she cums hard is still there, walking around naked and teasing me until I can’t take any more.

I read once that all people have two personalities – the one they show the rest of the world, and the one they keep to themselves.  They show the world what they think the world expects, but the real person is the personality they usually show only to a very special person.  I like both Linda’s personalities.  In public, she’s a great person.  When we’re alone, she’s a fantastic lover.  

I don’t think I can ever give up either.  We’ve talked about making it permanent, but Linda says she’s happy with us just like we are.  I think she’s still worried about getting fired.  I think she’s warming to the idea though.  Yesterday, she told me Trudy, the woman I told you about earlier, is going to get married to Ted Anderson, one of the buyers in the Purchasing department.  She said if a line worker could marry a buyer, she supposed a line supervisor could marry an engineer.  

We talked about that again last night while we were lying there and recovering.  Linda said it would take her at least six months to plan a wedding.  I just stroked her ass and said if that’s how long it takes, I could wait.  Linda giggled and stroked my limp cock then.

“Whatever you say, but while you’re waiting, do you suppose I might get to feel this in me again?”

“I suppose I could manage that in a while.”

Linda started jacking my limp cock and I felt the stirrings begin again.  It’s always like that and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I felt her mouth around my cock head.  It’s that other personality Linda has coming out.  What I’d never have suspected about Linda is something I still have a hard time believing sometimes, but then, I don’t really worry about it.  I just enjoy being with more woman than I thought I’d ever find.