When Harry Met Fiona

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03 Feb. '19

Harry lay on his bed smiling. It was only ten minutes ago that the beautiful Fiona had left him feeling spent and satisfied again. It had been the third time that Fiona had visited Harry and as he watched her wiggle out of his bedroom, he thought back to the first time and how unexpected it had been.

Harry was approaching 60 and had been widowed five years ago. He had loved his wife dearly and even though he still worked and mixed with women every day, he could never see himself being with anybody else. Sure, he had urges, like all men and was no stranger to porn or self-pleasure. He just couldn’t imagine actually having sex with another woman after only knowing one female body for the last thirty-odd years.

That was, however, until he met Fiona. Harry’s daughter Catherine was on her way to a party and popped in to her Dad’s house on the way to pick up a bottle of vodka he’d saved for her. It had been a Christmas gift that Harry didn’t really want – he was more a whisky kind of guy – but he knew Cathy would find a use for it! She let herself in to Harry’s house, as usual, shouting “Hey Dad, only me!” in her smiling voice. Harry walked in to the hall to greet her with a kiss on the cheek and he noticed two other girls waiting outside. “Hi Cathy, how’s things?” he asked. “Those two going to the party with you?” Cathy looked over her shoulder, as if she’d forgotten they were with her. “Oh, yes, that’s Vicky and her little sister. It’s Vick who fancies this bottle of Peach Vodka you don’t want.”

“Well, invite them in,” said Harry. “It’s rude to leave them on the doorstep.” Cathy smiled and turned back to the door. “Come on in and meet my Dad,” she said to the two girls. “I’ve met your Dad before,” said Vicky, “but Fee hasn’t.” They trotted in through the front door and Harry greeted them both. “Hi Mr. J,” said Vicky, “you remember me?” Harry smiled and said “Of course, how are you Vicky? Keeping out of trouble?” A big smirk came over Vicky’s face. “Always!” she replied. “But I can’t speak for my little sister here. Fee, say hi to Mr J. This is Fiona.” Harry’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Fiona. She was obviously a lot younger than Cathy and Vicky, who were both in their early thirties. He estimated Fiona was no more than about twenty-two or twenty-three. Not only was she strikingly beautiful, she had on the shortest skirt Harry had ever seen, paired with a very low-cut top. Typical young girl, thought Harry, on her way to a party with all the goods on display!

He hoped his reaction hadn’t been too obvious as he extended his hand formally and said “Hello Fiona, nice to meet you. I’m Harry.” Fiona gave him her best dazzling smile and said “Hi, I’ve heard all about you, Mr. J!” mysteriously, and shook his hand, holding it a second longer than felt entirely comfortable. Harry was flustered by this sexy little thing but was self-aware enough to know he was nothing special to look at. He figured she was just that type of girl, friendly and forthcoming. He’d met very pretty girls before like Fiona, all smiles and very tactile. He always left them muttering to himself, ‘Damn, if I was thirty years younger….’

“Heard all about me, eh?” Harry enquired. “That must have been boring for you!” Fiona, still grinning broadly, replied “Not at all, but they didn’t tell me how handsome you are!” Harry blushed. My God, he thought, it had been some years since a beautiful girl in her twenties had said that to him. Then he thought, actually no girl in her twenties had ever said that to him, his own wife included! He laughed as Cathy came back into the hall clutching the bottle of Vodka and said “Fee, stop flirting with my Dad! I’m not sure his poor heart can take it!” Harry shook his head and admitted “Well, it is beating a little faster than normal! But so far, so good.” That was it. The first time he met Fiona and it was over almost as quick as it had begun. The three girls wafted out of his house with their cheery goodbyes, but he did notice Fiona turning back to see if he was watching her walk away, which he most certainly was.

That evening, Harry entered “Hot Teens” into the Pornhub search bar instead of ‘Milfs’. He was aware that Fiona wasn’t a teen but then, neither were most of the ‘teens’ doing porn. He tended to prefer the more mature woman and had flirted occasionally with the older ladies at the office. But something had stirred in his loins when he’d seen Fiona in the flesh, all fresh-faced beauty and perfect-bodied, as you would expect in one so young. The fact that she was younger than his own daughter made him chuckle to himself. What the fuck, he thought, harmless fun. A man can dream…

Harry’s imagination ran away with him later that evening. He was lying on his bed, thoughts of Fiona and her perfect young body running through his head as he masturbated. He jerked himself slowly, imagining her naked, dancing for him like a stripper. He wondered what it would be like to touch her skin, feel her breasts, taste her pus… when he suddenly came hard, covering his belly and chest with thick globs of cum. The speed and ferocity of his own orgasm took him by surprise and he lay there for a few minutes just smiling. He continued stroking his cock, imagining Fiona was lying next to him, licking the creamy cum from his body. If she did that then reached up to kiss him he would… Oh fuck! He came a second time, just as powerfully and as suddenly as the first time. Wow, he hadn’t been able to cum that easily twice in quick succession since he was in his twenties! He eased himself off the bed and quickly slipped in to his bathroom to shower off. He deliberately set the temperature to cold and shivered as he washed his body clean. Damn, he couldn’t get that girl out of his mind!

A couple of weeks passed and despite having seen Cathy again a few times, no mention was made of Fiona. He had bumped in to Vicky when he’d been in Starbucks. She thanked him again for the vodka and even offered to buy his coffee but didn’t say anything about Fiona – why would she? So when his doorbell sounded that Friday evening, he was particularly surprised to find Fiona standing at his door, looking every bit as delightful as she had the first time he’d met her.

“Oh, hello. Fiona, isn’t it?” stuttered Harry. “Hi Harry” said Fiona with an impish expression on her face. All Cathy’s friends had always called Harry ‘Mr. J’ but he really liked Fiona using his name. “Can I come in?” she asked. “Oh, yes, of course,” replied Harry, standing aside and ushering her in. His mind was reeling as to why this young girl should want to visit him on her own. “You’re probably wondering why I’ve called in,” Fiona said, reading his mind. “Not that I’m not delighted to see you, but yes, I am a bit curious,” said Harry, hoping he didn’t sound too eager. He led her through to the lounge and offered her a seat. “Would you like something to drink? Tea, coffee, vodka?” Fiona smiled, saying “Ha! Vick’s the vodka girl, not me. I prefer beer actually if you have any?” Harry glanced over to the open bottle of Carlsberg next to his chair and nodded. He went into the kitchen to grab a cold one from the fridge, still wondering what the hell this beautiful girl wanted. He flipped the cap off the bottle, figured she wasn’t the kind of girl who’d want a glass, and returned to the lounge. He handed the bottle to Fiona and she thanked him, then she took a long swig, as if to settle her nerves before speaking.

Harry said nothing but just sat there smiling, the silence encouraging Fiona to speak first. He’d learnt a few tricks over the years as a salesman, and staying silent was always the most effective way of getting somebody to speak first. Nature abhors a vacuum and people abhor an awkward silence, so they tend to speak to prevent one.

“Well,” began Fiona. “When we met the other day, I couldn’t help but notice you looking at me. I hope you don’t mind me saying this?” Harry looked at the carpet, feeling like he’d been busted. He composed himself and decided he wasn’t about to be bettered by a slip of a girl and replied with “You did, huh? I’m sure you weren’t surprised though. I bet I wasn’t the only one to look admiringly at you that night. Just the skirt alone was enough to raise more than a few eyebrows!” He smiled, hoping his teasing was having the desired effect, then added “I may be old, but I’m not dead yet!”

Fiona smiled and said “Right, but here’s the thing. That night after we got to the party, I did get hit on by a few guys. But I really wasn’t in the mood, which is odd for me. Then I realized it was because I was thinking of you. All of a sudden, the guys hitting on me looked like little boys.” Harry nodded, sagely, like he’d caused this to happen to a hundred innocent girls in the past. “If it makes you feel any better,” he replied, “I’ve been thinking a lot about you these last two weeks, and if I’m honest, they haven’t all been entirely pure thoughts!” Fiona beamed and took another long draught from her bottle of beer. “Promise you’re not teasing me?” she asked. Harry shook his head and said “Me? I think it might be you doing the teasing, not me! You sure you’re not here to win a bet with your friends? You know, get the old guy interested in you, then blow him off and win twenty quid!”

“Oh my God, NO!” shouted Fiona. “I would never do that, I promise. What do you take me for?” That put the ball firmly back into Harry’s court and he apologised, saying “Well, you can’t blame me for being a bit suspicious, can you? I mean, it’s not every day a beautiful girl younger than my daughter rocks up to my house and shares a beer with me!” Fiona nodded. “You sure about that?” she teased. “Positive,” stated Harry. “It hasn’t happened for at least two weeks... So, what’s on your mind, Fee? I can call you Fee?” Fiona nodded, “Yes, please do. All my friends do and I think I can count you as a friend? she said, questioningly. “Prettiest friend I ever had,” was all he could think of saying.  “Oh, you old charmer!” replied Fiona, making Harry feel every bit of his 58 years old.

Harry did his silence trick again and Fiona fell for it. “I asked Cathy about you, you know, like if you’re currently seeing anyone.” Harry raised his eyebrows. “She said you aren’t, is that right?” Harry nodded and couldn’t resist joking “The women in this town don’t know what they’re missing, but no, I’m not seeing anyone.” Fiona looked nervous as she said “Well, nor am I and I got to thinking. One thought led to another and I kinda wondered, you know, if maybe, um, like, you and me, you know, might…” she left the thought dangling in the air helplessly. Harry grabbed it. “Really? You thought that about me? And you? Really?” Incredulity doesn’t begin to describe Harry’s feelings at this point. Fiona was nodding and suddenly looked very sheepish, like she’d been told off by the Headmaster. Harry didn’t mean to make her feel bad, he was genuinely shocked, but, he had to admit, thrilled at the same time.

He stood up and walked over to where Fiona was sat, on the big sofa. He plonked himself down next to her and gently lifted her chin with his fingertips, forcing her to look at him. She looked suddenly sad. “I have to say I’ve never been so flattered in my life,” Harry said. This made Fiona smile and she looked relieved. “But I can’t help thinking,” he continued, “you know, the age gap? I mean, what are you, twenty-two or twenty-three? I’m 58, you do know that, right?” Fiona nodded. “Yes, I know how old you are and for the record, I’ve just turned twenty-one. To be honest, I couldn’t care less about the age difference, I think you’re nice as well as sexy!”

Jesus, thought Harry. Twenty-fucking-one! I could be her Grandfather. Well almost. And she thinks I’m sexy! And it’s not even April the first! Fiona knew what he was thinking and said “I haven’t got Daddy issues, or Grand-daddy issues, honest! I’ve always fancied older men; I just never plucked up the courage to speak to one before.” Harry was still weighing up the situation. She seemed to be sincere and what girl would put herself through this if she wasn’t? “Tell me something, Harry,” said Fiona, feeling bolder now, like she’d got something off her chest. She really did fancy Harry and now she’d said so. “What’s that?” asked Harry. Fiona shuffled herself closer to Harry on the sofa. “Have you ever fancied one of Cathy’s friends before?”

Harry stroked his chin as he thought how he should reply to this question. “Hmm, not really,” he said, finally. “I mean, I can see that some of them are pretty girls, but the fact that they’re Cathy’s friends puts them out of reach, if you know what I mean?” Fiona nodded but looked crestfallen. “Any chance I could be the exception?” she asked, hopefully. “You already are, Fee. I fancy you like crazy, but I would never have approached you in a million years. Talk about punching above your weight!” They both laughed at this then Fiona suddenly went quiet and had a serious look on her face. She looked Harry directly in the eyes and said “Well I fancy you too and I’ve been fantasizing what it would be like to fuck a handsome older guy like you.”

Harry was taken aback, not least by Fiona’s choice of words. Could it be true? Did she really want to fuck him? “I’ve had a few fantasies too Fee, you know those not entirely pure thoughts I mentioned? But I’m really not sure….” Fiona dropped her head to one side. “Are you always so boringly good? Do you always do the right thing?” she asked. “I’m a Dad, it’s my job!” replied Harry, rather feebly.

“I still think you’re not convinced. How about I convince you?” teased Fiona, and with that, she stood up and started to gyrate sexily in front of Harry. She kicked off her shoes, then pulled her skirt down and kicked it to one side, quickly followed by her t-shirt. Before Harry could protest, not that he wanted to, Fiona was dancing in front of him in her undies, just like he had visualised when jerking himself off. He had an instant erection and shuffled uncomfortably in his seat. “Jesus, Fee, are all young girls as forward as you?” asked Harry. “Who cares about other girls?” said Fiona, and slipped off her thin cotton bra, which was struggling to contain her full breasts anyway. Harry was transfixed and let out a low moan as Fiona wriggled out of her panties and let them drop to the floor. She kicked them deliberately at Harry and he caught them, immediately holding them to his face and breathing in Fiona’s smell. It was the horniest thing he’d ever done.

Now Fiona was writhing in front of Harry, revelling in showing off her perfect young body. Harry, for his part, couldn’t keep his erection hidden in his loose-fitting trousers and Fiona noticed it and smiled. “Hmm, not dead yet, I can see that!” she goaded. “How about we see what’s straining to get out?” She dropped to her knees and crawled towards Harry, provocatively. She was about to unzip him when Harry decided to take control. He put his hands under Fiona’s arms and lifted her up to his face. He kissed her lightly, and she kissed him back. The intensity of their kiss grew until they were practically eating each other with lust. Harry’s cock was practically bursting the material of his boxer shorts and Fiona’s hands were reaching down to unbutton his shirt. Harry deliberately paused, moved his head back and asked “Are you absolutely sure, Fee?” and looked at her earnestly. She just nodded and dropped back down to her knees. This time he didn’t stop her unzipping his flies. She pulled open his belt buckle, popped the button and eased his trousers down around his ankles. Harry slipped them off, tore his shirt off and sat mesmerised as Fiona reached a hand inside his boxers. She gripped his shaft tightly and moaned “Oh my God, it’s so hard and so big. I had no idea!” Harry liked hearing her say this, and said. “I don’t think it’s ever been this hard or big before. I blame you!”

Fiona looked up at him and smiled. “You like my body?” she asked, needlessly. “Fee, you aren’t just cute. You truly are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen!” As he said this, he reached his hands out to touch her properly for the first time. He ran his hands over her breasts, which were firm and full. Her nipples stood to attention at his touch. Then he moved his hands down to her waist and onward to her hips. Fiona arched her back and loved the attention Harry was giving her, then without warning, bent her head back down, pulled Harry’s boxer shorts down in one rapid movement, then gasped as his fully erect cock sprang up. “I’m not very experienced at this, but I hope you like it,” she said, as she lowered her head and planted a big kiss on Harry’s knob. He nearly came immediately and let out a deep sigh as her lips wrapped around the head of his cock. Her mouth was warm and wet and felt amazing. She withdrew his knob and ran her pursed wet lips all around Harry’s rock-hard penis head, then wiped it over her mouth and nose. It was blissful and oh-so sexy. ‘Not experienced, eh?’ Harry thought as he struggled to hold back his orgasm.

Not wanting to make a fool of himself and cum like an adolescent virgin, he pulled his cock gently out of Fiona’s mouth and leant down to kiss her. “Stand up, Fee?” he asked. She stood and Harry clasped his hands around her hips, clutching her ass cheeks and pulling her towards him. The way he was sat, her pussy was perfectly aligned to Harry’s mouth and he kissed her shaven mound, all the time kneading her perfect ass. Fiona really loved to be eaten, so she parted her legs slightly and put her hand on the top of Harry’s head, pushing gently, encouraging him to go lower. He stuck his tongue out, then moved his head down, tracing Fiona’s slit with his wet tongue, then slipping it in-between the folds of her labia, penetrating her pussy. Fiona shuddered at the feel of his tongue, but when he pulled it out and ran it back up her soaking snatch, licking her clit with darting little strokes, she moaned out loud. “Oh yes, fuck that feels good!” she breathed. Harry put one hand behind Fiona’s right knee and lifted it. She could see what he wanted to do, so she lifted her leg and put her foot up onto the chair. Now Harry could really access her pussy, which was starting to dribble, such was Fiona’s increasing arousal.

Still holding the back of Harry’s head, Fiona pulled him into her, grinding her soaking pussy onto his mouth. His tongue was lapping her labia, then nibbling her clit and Fiona was writhing in ecstasy, appreciating his experience, enjoying a pussy-eating like she’d never got from a guy her own age. Harry’s hands were still squeezing her ass cheeks as his tongue snaked back into Fiona’s gaping pussy. He pulled her cheeks apart, then from the back, ran the middle finger of his right hand up and down her slippery slit. He moved his mouth and tongue back up to her clitoris as he slipped a finger into her anus. Fiona let out a huge scream as her orgasm welled up and overcame her. Harry hoped the neighbours had their TV’s turned up, because Fiona’s scream nearly shattered the beer bottles they’d been drinking from. She bucked and convulsed hard as Harry continued to lick her dripping pussy and when he felt her legs buckle beneath her, he let her drop to her knees and he held her tightly, kissing her face, her nose and her eyes. Harry held her until she stopped shaking. No words were spoken and Fiona’s breathing slowly returned to normal. He held her tight and Fiona stroked the back of Harry’s head. “I fucking knew you’d be awesome,” she whispered. Harry grinned to himself, unsure of how to respond to the compliment.

“Shall we go to my bedroom?” he suggested. “My bed is lovely and comfortable.” Fiona nodded so Harry scooped her up in his arms and carried her up the stairs, with Fiona teasing “Oh my, Mr. J, what ARE you going to do to me?” Harry practically threw Fiona on the bed and said “You’ll see!” He desperately wanted to fuck this beautiful girl but then realized he didn’t have any condoms. No way did he want to get her pregnant and he whispered to himself “Fuck!”. “What’s wrong Harry?” asked Fiona. “I haven’t got any damn condoms,” replied Harry. Fiona giggled. “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill. But I’ve got some in my bag downstairs. It’s just that you rushed me up here so quickly, I didn’t have a chance to grab it!” Not wanting to break the mood, Harry decided to take a chance. What he was doing with this amazing girl was already off-the-scale crazy, so would one more crazy act matter?

“Fuck it!” he said, defiantly. “Get on your knees now!” Fiona purred as she turned over, loving the dominant tone of Harry’s voice. She got on her knees and wiggled her ass seductively at Harry and he climbed on to the bed, grabbed at Fiona’s hips, then pushed his rampant cock into her slippery pussy in on thrust, making her cry out. “Oh fuck, you beast!” she shouted, as he penetrated her and filled her cunt completely. He slapped her ass cheek quite hard and started to thrust into her, making her squeal with delight. He spat on his thumb then slipped it into her anus, knowing she liked how that felt from when it had made her cum earlier. This time, it elicited another loud gasp and a deep sigh and caused Fiona to push back at Harry’s cock with every thrust. He wasn’t going to last long at this rate. He’d nearly cum when Fiona had her lips wrapped around his cock but now he was inside her tight young pussy, thrusting for all he was worth, it was only a matter of time.

Fiona heard Harry’s moans grow louder and faster and she reached a hand between her legs so she could fondle his balls as he fucked her. Harry moaned louder, close now to erupting inside her. Just as he reached the point of no return, he realised what a risk he was taking. He stopped thrusting, let his cock slide out of Fiona’s pussy, then forced it against her ass. He pushed her cheeks together and started thrusting again, his cock sliding in between her beautiful, firm cheeks, his knob appearing as he completed each stroke. He was effectively using her ass cheeks to jerk himself off and with one last thrust and a deep moan, he exploded a huge spurt of cum which shot right up the length of Fiona’s back. Another spurt followed, and another and a pool of Harry’s cum formed in the small of her back. He hadn’t cum this much since, well, he’d never cum this much before!

Fiona let herself flop down face –first on the bed and Harry crawled alongside her, turning her face towards him and kissing her passionately. When they broke, Fiona said “You know, you could have cum inside me, I really wouldn’t have minded.” She then reached her hand around to her back, scooped up some of Harry’s cum, then licked her fingers, wiping them on her lips. Harry couldn’t resist and kissed her again. She squealed with delight, saying “Ooh, Mr. J, you’re so kinky! I love it!” This time, Harry traced his own fingers through the sticky cum covering her back. He then invited her to lick his fingers clean and again, kissed her, tasting his own cum again. “Did you know I always wanted to do that with a man?” she asked. Harry just grinned and said “I can always tell a kinky girl when I see one!” Fiona just sighed. “When you said about not having a condom handy, I thought for a moment you were going to fuck my bum!” Harry snorted his surprise. “Oh, don’t worry,” she continued, “I wouldn’t have stopped you. I did it once before and it was amazing!” Harry started slapping his own face and Fiona looked puzzled. “I’m just checking this isn’t a dream,” he said and Fiona laughed. “You like anal?” she enquired. “Not something I’ve ever tried, to be honest, but I’ve seen it in porn and I have to admit, it looks amazing.”

“Oh, it really is,” replied Fiona. “When I tried it, it hurt at first, but when I got into it, I came harder than ever before. I’ve wanted to try it again ever since. Hint, hint!” Harry slapped himself again and Fiona giggled. “Does it bother you that I’m talking like this?” she asked. “Hmm,” replied Harry, “it doesn’t bother me at all. It’s so damn horny hearing you talk dirty!” He looked down at his cock and Fiona’s eyes followed his. “Oh my, you’re hard again already?” asked Fiona, smiling broadly. “It would appear so, young lady, and you know what?” said Harry, tantalizingly. “What?” asked Fiona, obligingly. “Well, I’m going to fuck you again right now. But this time, you’re going to tell me exactly what you want me to do to you and how it feels. Be as filthy as you want. I know you like talking dirty and shocking me, so give it your best shot!” Fiona grinned and said “OK, Daddy, you fucking asked for it!”

Oh my fucking God, thought Harry. She called me Daddy! What have I done? But it was too late to stop this runaway train. Fiona had already swivelled around and had Harry’s cock back in her mouth. She moaned and muttered “So fucking big and hard. Oh Daddy, please will you fuck me again, this time in my tiny little asshole? I’ve been a good little girl I really have.” Harry’s cock twitched hard as she said this. He’d never before had any thoughts about this kind of scenario or any other role play, but he couldn’t help himself. He reached his hand out and spanked her bum lightly and said “You’d better be good, or you’ll get a hard spanking!” Fiona’s eyes widened and she started to suck Harry’s cock deeper, gagging herself on it with each bob of her head. Harry now sat back on his heels and watched her head moving up and down and he encouraged her, “That’s right, suck it deep if you know what’s good for you. Don’t forget my balls either!”

Wanting to please Harry more than anything else and be his good little girl, Fiona held Harry’s cock in her hand, then moved her head lower, licking his testicles. She took one, then the other into her mouth and sucked them softly. She tickled a finger along his perineum and Harry nearly fell off the bed. “Oh, Baby Girl, that feels so good. Maybe if you…” His voice tailed off as Fiona wriggled her head down further and poked the very tip of her tongue into Harry’s anus. It was getting too much for him and Harry decided to take action. “No, that’s very naughty!” he barked at her. He climbed off her face, picked her whole body up like a little rag doll and bent her over his knee. Fiona was sobbing “Sorry, Daddy, sorry,” when she felt his strong hand crash down on her ass cheek, smacking her hard and making her soft flesh sting like crazy. It was just one big smack, which had been harder than he’d meant to hit her, but when she moaned with pleasure, he knew he’s got it right. She looked fantastic bent over his knees and a red handprint appeared on her bum cheek. He moved his face down to kiss it better, kissing and nibbling at her soft, firm flesh. She wriggled beneath him and Harry had to hold her down. He pulled her ass cheeks apart and licked all around her tight, puckered little hole. He sneaked his tongue inside her and Fiona’s body tensed as another orgasm took hold of her body. He kept his tongue inside her ass as she convulsed and didn’t take it out until she stopped spasming.

“Such a bad girl,” tutted Harry. “Oh Daddy, I’m sorry. Would you like me to suck your big hard cock again?” she asked, her eyes wide and eager. “No, it’s time for you to tell me what you want me to do to you. And don’t hold back!” Harry commanded. Fiona liked being told what to do. She also loved to talk dirty during sex, but she had been holding back. Now, this gorgeous dominant man had given her permission to let herself go and she couldn’t wait.

“I want that big fucking cock inside me again. This time, you’re gonna fuck me till I scream, then fuck me some more!” Harry liked the sound of this. Fiona straddled Harry and lowered herself onto his stiff prick, moaning loudly. “Yes, fuck me, Daddy, fuck me deep and hard. My tight little cunt wants you to stretch it. Mmmmm, yes, like that. Fuck me hard and fast, make me scream!” Harry gripped her hips and thrust up as Fiona’s body came down and penetrated her pussy deeper than it had ever felt before. Fiona was  lost in the moment, her head thrown backwards, her eyes rolling back, totally consumed by this feeling. She smashed herself repeatedly onto Harry’s cock and yelped loudly as she came again, for the third time that evening. Harry didn’t stop thrusting and Fiona screamed out “Oh Daddy, please, oh my God, yes!” She slowed the pace down before saying “Daddy, I want you to fuck my ass now, please.” She lifted herself up and Harry’s cock sprang out of her squelching cunt. She eased her body forward and sat so Harry’s cock was pushing against her ass hole. His legs were shaking and so were hers as she lowered herself on to Harry’s ramrod prick. He felt her muscle relax and the head of his cock slipped into her. She moaned loudly, “Oh Daddy, your cock is so big and my ass is so tight. Please don’t hurt me. Mmmmm, oh, oh, fuck!” That was the last thing he heard her say as his cock slid completely inside her anus, his balls squashed under her bum cheeks. His head was spinning with the sensation of his cock being gripped tightly by Fiona’s ass and after only a few thrusts, he moaned and ejaculated hard. Fiona kept sliding up and down as the cum pumped into her and she could feel it’s slimy stickiness in her tight hole. She didn’t stop until she felt Harry whimper with sensitivity, then she eased herself off him, span around and bent down to take his cock into her mouth.

Harry nearly fainted with the overwhelming orgasm he’d just experienced. How could this slip of a girl be such an awesome goddess when it came to sex? She was kinky and dirty as well as foul-mouthed and beautiful, such an intoxicating cocktail. She actually licked the cum from his cock straight out of her ass, like he’d seen in the porn movies. She kept sucking until Harry could take no more and pulled himself away, watching her lick her lips.

“Thanks, Daddy, you’re the best! I love the taste of your cum. It’s dribbling out of my bum, so next time I want you to cum in my mouth so I can swallow it all!” Harry pretended to faint as she said this, indicating the roleplay was over. “My God, Fee, you are a little devil in disguise. If I survive this evening, I promise I’ll cum in your mouth next time you come to visit! But there won’t be any more tonight. I’ll save it up for you, I promise. You will come and see me again, won’t you?”

“Try and stop me!” replied Fiona. “I’ve never had sex anywhere near as good as this before with the little boys. I always knew I wanted a real man, now I’ve found one.” Harry grinned. It was the first time that being older felt like something positive. He wondered how he’d ever keep up with her. They cuddled up close and dozed off for a while, both enjoying the post-orgasmic feeling that can’t be replicated by any other activity. He wanted to cuddle her all night long and never let her out of his bed, but she eventually slipped out of his grasp and padded into the bathroom. He heard the shower come on and he decided to join her. He wandered in to the bathroom. “Wash your back?” he offered. Fiona extended her hand and pulled him into the large cubicle with her. They washed each other tenderly, then towelled off, no hint of awkwardness between them. They tiptoed down the stairs, hunting for the clothes they had abandoned earlier and both dressed.

“I should go now,” said Fiona, “but I can’t wait to come back and visit you again.”  Harry grinned and said “There’s always a bottle of beer for you here, Fee! And just so you know, I can’t wait to see you again either.” They kissed lovingly then Fiona slipped out of the front door. Harry walked back into the lounge and flopped down into his favourite chair. The two empty beer bottles caught his eye and he smiled to himself. He shook his head, unable to believe that what had just happened was real.


That was three weeks ago. Fiona had just left him again after their third passionate encounter. Harry had an extra big grin on his face this time. Fiona had told Harry about how she was looking for a new flat for her final year at University. When Harry offered her the use of one of his spare bedrooms, Fiona squealed and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him and thanking him at the same time. “Yes please!” she shouted. “But just one thing…” Harry raised his eyebrow questioningly. “I’ll move my clothes into your spare bedroom, but I won’t be sleeping in there. I think maybe your bed will be more comfortable?”