True Altruism - Part Two

Sam returned from the shops still feeling positive and full of hope. She realized that she had hurried back to George’s house because she couldn’t wait to see him again as well as to get in from the cold. All nervousness of what George might do to her since he brought her back to his house last night had gone completely. He really was a just a nice man offering his help and support with no ulterior motive. Her first instinct to run off with his money and coat was dismissed from her mind as soon as it popped into it. She would only be putting herself back on the street and George’s big, comfy bed and palatial bathroom was a somewhat better option for her right now! He had invited her to stay for as long as she needed; perhaps he was a bit lonely and wanted some female company? Whatever, she determined to make her stay with George a pleasant experience for them both.

Sam had found the supermarket not far from George’s house and followed his instructions, buying some food for lunch as well as the essentials for her that George wouldn’t have in his house. She actually liked wearing his boxer shorts and smelling of his toiletries but she wanted to make herself look and smell pretty for him, so she bought shower gel, hair shampoo and body spray along with basic items like a hair brush, hair clips and bobbles and sanitary products. There was also enough money for her to buy herself some new panties and a bra. Even though she’d lost so much weight since being forced to live on the streets, her boobs were still large and she needed some support.

Sam tried the door handle and was pleased it opened without her having to use the key that was strategically hidden on a ledge above the door. That meant George was home after his run. She closed the front door behind her and lugged the bags of shopping into the kitchen. No sign of George downstairs. She heard a vague hissing sound coming from upstairs and figured he was in the shower. She tip-toed halfway up the stairs and heard George’s voice singing from the big shower cubicle, and she smiled, thinking it was just as well he’d chosen teaching as a career! She turned to go back down to the kitchen, then hesitated. If she could hear him, that meant the door was open and she couldn’t resist taking a peek. She silently made her way to the top of the stairs and sure enough, the bathroom door was ajar. Sam looked through the gap and almost gasped out loud as she saw George step out of the shower, towelling his arms and back. He was, of course, completely naked. Sam had nearly gasped because George’s body was better than she’d ever imagined. It was toned and muscular, and he had defined abs and that little vee shape from his hips to his groin. As for his groin, oh my God! His penis was large and thick and swung confidently between his strong legs. Sam was transfixed and couldn’t take her eyes off it. She watched him dry himself off and like most men do, he gave his cock a little stroke as he looked in the mirror. Sam’s pussy was immediately moist. She knew she shouldn’t be spying on this lovely man who’d been so kind to her, but she was so glad she did. She quickly went back downstairs, opened and closed the front door and said “Hi, I’m back” in a slightly too-loud voice.

“Hi Sam,” replied George. “I’ll be right down.” Sam unpacked the shopping and put her essentials back in the bag to take upstairs with her later. George appeared at the kitchen door and said “What did you buy? Was there enough money? It’s all the cash I had to hand.” Sam motioned to the groceries on the counter like a model displaying the prizes on a TV quiz show. “Plenty of money thanks, and I bought something nice for lunch,” said Sam. “Perfect,” replied George. “And how are you feeling on this bright, cold morning?” Sam grinned, “About a million times better than this time yesterday, thanks. I slept for 12 hours straight, I don’t think I even turned in my sleep, the bed covers were hardly messed up at all!” As she said that, she imagined really messing up George’s bed sheets with him. God, that body! “That’s the way,” he said, “you must have needed it.”

“I had breakfast too, you’re so thoughtful. How was your run?” Sam asked. “Well, since you ask, it was bloody freezing out there, but I guess you know that more than most people!” Sam nodded. George was amazed by the change in this girl. It was almost impossible to believe this was the same pathetic, wretched creature he had rescued from the shop doorway less than 24 hours ago. She looked bright and confident as well as healthy and very pretty. His look lingered a bit longer than it should have and Sam caught him staring at her. “What?” she asked. George blushed and looked at his feet. “Oh God, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare,” he spluttered. “Were you checking me out?” Sam asked, hopefully. “Um, well, you do look lovely and those jeans cleaned up real well!” George offered, weakly. Sam walked over to George, touched the side of his face and kissed him, saying “Well, if you can’t look, nobody can!” She went back to unpacking the groceries, feeling happy that George liked what he saw. Sam had always attracted admiring glances from men. At least, she had until the last two weeks of living rough. The only looks she’d attracted recently were ones of disdain, so it gave her a real boost to know she still had it!

“Coffee?” asked George, trying to change the subject. The last thing he wanted was any awkwardness between them, although he was smart enough to know Sam was attracted to him. He also thought he caught her looking at him in the bathroom earlier, but that may have just been wishful thinking!

“After last night’s rather unhealthy meal of pizza and birthday cake, I thought I’d better get something a bit more wholesome. Although I must say, that meal was the best I’ve ever had!” George smiled and said “Chicken salad it is, then!” “Yes,” replied Sam, “and I’m preparing it, no argument.” George saluted and said “Yes, Ma’am!”

After a healthy lunch of Chicken salad accompanied with iced water, George walked into the lounge and motioned for Sam to follow him. They sat side-by-side on the big plush sofa opposite the big picture window overlooking the garden. They watched blackbirds picking at the frosty lawn, looking for worms and laughed as a squirrel ran up the trunk of the magnolia tree. Sam thought the garden looked like paradise.

George broke the silence. “Sam, I’m a teacher, so I’m only interested in your well-being. If you want to talk to me about your current predicament, I’m here for you. If you don’t want to, I’ll understand and never mention it again.” Sam looked straight at George, marvelling at how lucky she had been that he had been the one to spot her in the doorway. He was so kind and considerate of her feelings and she felt very comfortable with him. She thought for a moment and said “I don’t really want to talk about it, but I will tell you I escaped from an abusive relationship and came to this city in search of some old friends. I couldn’t find them and I ran out of money. I left without any bank cards and I wouldn’t have used them anyway in case I was being tracked. I ended up begging on the street and things spiralled downwards very quickly. The line between a comfortable life and street survival is finer than most people think. When I’m fully back on my feet, I’ll never look disdainfully at a homeless person again.” George was nodding his understanding of her situation. “OK, thanks for that. But on a positive note, it was only a couple of weeks in your life and now you’re back on track, the future is yours to embrace!”

Sam smiled and said “Yes, thanks to you.” George looked humbled but said “Well, you’re a beautiful girl and smart too; I’m guessing University educated? Now you’re free from that cretin that treated you badly, there’ll be no stopping you. Oh, and don’t worry; if he ever shows his face around here, I’ll beat the crap out of him and send him on his way!”

Sam heard everything that George said, but could only focus on the fact that he'd said ‘you’re a beautiful girl’. He’d seen her at her worst and yet still considered her beautiful. She felt a tear welling up in the corner of her eye. This guy was driving her crazy with his good sense, his compassion, his understanding and his kindness. He was handsome and strong, funny and charming. She wanted to jump on him and ravage him, show him what a girl like her was really like.

Out of the blue, it felt like somebody was suffocating her. George casually mentioned he was going out tonight. That was bad enough, but when he mentioned he had a date, Sam was struggling to breathe. She rationalized it in her mind; of course he had a date, he was very eligible, why wouldn’t he? She had never before felt jealousy but the green wave that hit her at this news almost overcame her. Shit! What to do? She excused herself from the kitchen and went upstairs to the bathroom, clutching her recent purchases of essentials. A plan began to form in her mind. She had another shower, this time using the soap she had bought. She made sure she was fragrant and clean before styling her hair and changing into the new underwear. She slipped on the robe, took a deep breath and shouted down the stairs, “George, could you come up here for a moment please?”

George figured she needed help with something, so trotted up the stairs to look for Sam. She was standing in the doorway of her bedroom in her robe. Had she done something with her hair? She looked radiant and George immediately thought how much he’d like to see what she looked like without the robe. He’d already caught a glimpse of her bare breasts yesterday and he liked what he’d seen. “You OK?” he asked as he approached her. “Yes, I’m fine George, but there’s something I wanted.” George started to speak but Sam continued “I know you’re a teacher, and I bet you’re a bloody good one too, but here’s the thing. I’m a bit younger than you, but I’m not one of your pupils, so I’m not going to call you ‘Sir’. I’m 25, nearly 26 actually. I called you up because I wanted to show you something.” George looked puzzled; Sam seemed to be rambling a bit. He decided to say nothing and let her finish.

“Before you say anything George, this isn’t out of mere gratitude.” She pulled the belt of the robe and it fell to the floor. The robe fell open and Sam flicked it off her shoulders. It landed on the floor beside the belt. Sam was now stood in front of George wearing only a flimsy white bra and a white thong. His eyes popped out with genuine surprise. As he took in the glorious sight of Sam’s near-naked body he felt a stirring in his loins and a stiffening in his boxer shorts. “My God, you really are beautiful,” he breathed. “And so are you, George,” said Sam, walking towards him. She wasn’t sure if this plan would work, but when she saw the lust in George’s eyes, she knew she’d done the right thing. Sam hugged George and he hugged her back. She reached up to kiss him and he kissed her back. Their embrace lasted for several minutes then Sam started to move backwards into her bedroom with George’s arms still wrapped around her. She reached the bed and he pushed her onto it, climbing on top of her.

They were still kissing when Sam moved her hands down George’s body and reached his trousers. She unzipped his flies and pushed her hand inside. “Oh my God, I knew it was big but Jesus, it’s huge and so hard!” she moaned. George suddenly knew he was right, that she had peeked on him in the bathroom earlier. His hands were all over Sam’s body, already reaching under the cups of her bra to feel her big, firm breasts. “So beautiful,” he murmured. The lust in both of them was getting out of control and Sam was practically tearing George’s clothes off. She stripped him completely and George pulled her thong down and tossed it aside. They were now both naked, their flesh pressed against each other, burning with desire. Any uneasiness George felt about whether or not he was taking advantage of this young girl completely disappeared when she started kissing his chest, then his belly, then took his swollen cock into her mouth and sucked hungrily. George let out a huge sigh as he felt her tongue working it’s magic and he desperately wanted to taste her too. He took hold of one of Sam’s legs and pulled it upwards. She got the message and positioned herself on top of George. Her glistening pussy was now inches from his mouth, so he grabbed her ass and pulled her down onto him. No clever technique, he just buried his face in her sex until it was covered with her juice then started to lick and probe Sam’s pussy with his tongue and his fingers. He heard her moan and gasp as he tasted her and sucked her clitoris. Sam was getting George’s cock as deep into her mouth as she could without gagging, then drawing it out slowly before sucking his glans and repeating this movement over and over.

George had his hands in such a position so he could massage her ass cheeks and stroke her thighs as he nibbled on her. He was desperately trying not to cum too quickly so he could prolong the enjoyment for as long as possible. He gave her ass a playful smack and Sam moaned “Mmm, harder!” He lifted his hand and brought it down harder on her soft flesh. “Yes, harder!” she implored. George understood and gave her a stinging slap on first one cheek, then the other, and kept spanking her sexy firm ass cheeks until Sam let out a squeal. George pushed his tongue deep into Sam’s pussy and gripped her cheeks hard, feeling her whole body stiffen before exploding in a fierce orgasm. She was bucking and writhing on top of him, still with his cock in her mouth but moaning loudly at the same time. With his face dripping with Sam’s pussy juice and as she took his cock into her throat, George came hard. He unloaded his cum in her mouth and she struggled to swallow it all, there was so much. But she did, and she eased her sucking down as George slowed his licking, both of their bodies now listless and spent.

Sam was the first to move. George would happily have kept her in that position forever, but he was keen to kiss her mouth again. She lay beside him with a huge smile on her face and he stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers. He could see she had tears in her eyes again, so he kissed them lightly, thinking this was a romantic thing to do. It was, but it didn’t stop the tears, which came flooding out of Sam’s eyes and her body was wracked with big, child-like sobs. She wrapped her arms tightly around George’s neck and he held her tightly and eventually, the sobbing subsided. George felt like he’d had another shower! His face was wet from Sam’s orgasm and now his shoulder had been soaked with tears. He knew her crying was out of lust rather than anything else, or rather the effects of a shattering orgasm.

When their breathing returned to normal, they lay there in silence. George heard the occasional sob from Sam but said nothing. He stroked her face and her hair to soothe her then reached his head down and kissed her again.

George spoke first, in a quiet whisper. “I’m going to cancel my date tonight. I’m going to cook you dinner. Then I’m going to carry you upstairs and take you into my bed. I’m going to make love to you as many times as I can and if I’m still alive in the morning, I’m going to do it again. Then you’re going to move in with me permanently. You got all that?”

Sam looked at George with her big, tear-filled eyes and simply replied “Yes, Sir.”