And Molly Makes Four

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06 Feb. '19

Jake was a male escort. He enjoyed his job and was well-suited to it, being permanently horny, handsome, gym-fit and well hung.

Molly was Jake’s girlfriend. She had first met him when she booked him and Jake was very pleasantly surprised when she opened the door to him the first time. She was about the same age as Jake, who had grown used to fucking older ladies and she was fit and sexy with a firm body. They got on so well that the second time Molly booked Jake for an hour, he stayed all night. Within two weeks, Molly had moved in to Jake’s plush apartment.

As a result of how they had met, Molly was well aware of what Jake did for a living. It didn’t bother her at all and it actually turned her on to hear what Jake had been up to with his clients. She liked him to tell her in vivid detail and sometimes they re-enacted his encounters in bed later that day. She also appreciated the lifestyle Jake’s job afforded. It beat her salary as a teaching assistant. In fact, when she moved in, Jake refused to take any money from her, so she got to keep what she earnt herself. All in all, the couple were very happy together.

Molly loved to hear about Jake’s encounters and was particularly interested when he had met with a couple. She loved the idea of three in a bed and always pleaded with Jake to take her with him for a couple meeting. That wasn’t really possible. Couples who booked a male escort were usually into cuckolding or the man was bisexual. He wasn’t sure that Molly would fit in to either scenario but he promised that if anybody asked if he had a female to bring with him, he would ask her and if it was convenient, they would actually work together.

Several weeks passed after they had agreed this and Molly began to think she’d been fobbed off. She looked at Jake’s website one afternoon when he was out with a mature lady client (she had helped design the site and Jake had no secrets from Molly).  She liked to read his initial correspondence with clients. She was looking at the email thread for today’s visit – Jake only ever did one meeting per day as a maximum – when she noticed a new button she hadn’t seen before. ‘Special for Couples Only’ read the bright yellow button. Hmm, curious, she thought to herself. She clicked the button and was amazed to see what the offer was. “For couples who require an extra special experience, why not book me with my female partner? This is a limited opportunity and will require extra notice. Call or mail me for details and pricing’ There was a picture of Jake’s erect member with a female hand wrapped around it, to illustrate the offer. Molly didn’t think it was her hand and made a note to ask Jake about that later. So, he hadn’t been fobbing her off, his promise to her had been genuine. Sadly, nobody had booked them yet but Molly noticed she had a distinct moistness between her legs after she read and re-read the special offer. She felt better now that she knew Jake wasn’t stringing her along. However, given that only around 10% of Jakes bookings were with couples, she wasn’t holding her breath. Still, there was hope!

Molly spent the hours that Jake was away that day imagining what it would be like if they ever actually did meet with a couple. She was very sexually free-spirited, so she would happily have sex with a woman. Also, as she had only been with Jake for the last year, she quite liked the idea of experiencing another man again, although she doubted anyone would be able to satisfy her like Jake did. She did wonder why Jake hadn’t mentioned the offer on his website, but she figured he either wanted to surprise her when the first booking came through or not build her hopes up if nobody wanted to book them together. Either way, she would tell Jake she’d seen it on the website. She wanted to talk with Jake about what it might be like. The more she thought about it, the wetter she became. So much so, that she decided to relieve the tension and treat herself to a little personal time with her rabbit upstairs. Jake wouldn’t be back for an hour, so she had lots of time. She really got into it as the big vibrator filled her pussy and the rabbit ears vibrated strongly against her clit. The thought of a strange guy fucking her while a strange woman squatted over her face, Molly’s tongue tasting her pussy, made her cum hard and she actually yelped as she convulsed. She lay on the bed for some time after her orgasm with a silly grin on her face. She would tell Jake about this when he got home too.

Jake’s meeting had been a lunch date at a hotel in town. It was the client’s first escort booking and she was very nervous. Her name was Celia and it was on the strength of Jake’s pictures on his website that she had booked him on a complete whim. Celia had been divorced for two years and hadn’t been with a man since then. She was 45 and starting to feel she would never meet anyone. When she was married, her sex-drive wasn’t great, but when she did feel the urge, she felt it strongly and she enjoyed very passionate sex. Sadly, that was only around once per month. When she found out that her husband was enjoying sex seven or eight times a month and with different people, she kicked him out and they hadn’t spoken to each other without lawyers present since. Now Celia’s sexual urges had returned, she had nobody to help her sate them. One of her fantasies had always been to fuck a male stripper, like those raunchy and no doubt fake videos she saw online. She wasn’t going to find a wild orgy-like strip show any time soon, but when she stumbled across Jake’s website, he looked so sexy she sent him an email before she lost her nerve.

Jake had dealt with nervous clients many times. He really enjoyed being a client’s ‘first time’ and always made an extra effort to be patient and kind. This approach had reaped rewards with almost all of his first-timers booking him again. Hadn’t Molly been a first timer? And look at them now! When Jake arrived at the hotel lounge, he looked around at the various people sat at the little tables and it was pretty obvious which one was Celia. She was sat with a newspaper, looking anxiously over the top of it every time she saw a man walking nearby. When she saw Jake, she put the paper on the table in front of her and looked like a deer caught in the headlights, absolutely terrified. There was nothing on the table in front of her, so Jake walked up to her confidently and said “Hi Celia, how are you doing? Shall I get us some drinks?” Celia stood and shook his hand, like this was a normal business meeting. “Hi Jake, yes that would be lovely, I’d like a mineral water please.” Her knees were knocking together and her hand was clammy, but Jake smiled and said “Back in a sec,” as he wandered over to the bar.

Oh my God, thought Celia to herself. He’s fucking gorgeous! All her body insecurities started to resurface. He had the body of a Greek God and she had, well, the body of a 45 year old housewife. She was actually very attractive and Jake was struck by Celia’s very pretty face. She had large eyes and high cheekbones and was naturally pretty, never wearing much makeup. She also had quite large boobs which she considered to be her only real asset. She was conscious of a little extra weight around her tummy and she knew her ass wasn’t as perky as it once was. She hoped Jake wouldn’t be like her ex-husband and criticise her. Of course he wouldn’t, Celia thought, I’m paying him to be nice to me, not to be a bastard!

Jake returned with two tumblers of water clinking with ice. Celia was perusing the lunch menu, trying not to look as out of place as she felt. “They do a lovely Cesar Salad here as I remember,” said Jake, sensing her nerves and trying to be as casual as he could. Celia looked up at him and smiled. She took a sip of her water and nodded. “I’m not really very hungry, to be honest,” she said. What she meant was that she was too nervous to eat. Jake understood and didn’t push the issue. “I sometimes skip lunch too,” he said, “especially if something more inviting comes up!” Celia blushed and Jake wondered to himself how he was going to get this meeting up to Celia’s bedroom. She had booked him for three hours, so there was no particular rush, but Jake thought he had to try and help Celia overcome her nerves. “I do like that dress you’re wearing Celia. Does it zip all the way down the back?” asked Jake, with the hint of a smirk on his face. Celia’s face flushed again and she nodded, so Jake continued “I can’t wait to unzip it. I wonder if you’re wearing any underwear?” Celia’s mouth opened wide in surprise and Jake said “No need to answer that. I’ll enjoy finding out for myself. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’m not!” He shuffled closer to Celia and making sure nobody was looking their way, lifted her hand and placed it on his thigh. The obvious bulge of Jake’s cock surprised Celia but she didn’t pull her hand away. “I’m already aroused just thinking about your underwear, or lack of it. Why don’t we go upstairs and worry about lunch later, maybe get a little room service instead?”

Celia’s heart was beating hard now. She was moist with anticipation of having this beautiful man pay her a lot of attention and she knew she couldn’t put it off any longer. She nodded again, took her hand from Jake’s thigh, stood up and said “I think I need a lie down!” She and Jake walked to the lifts and he could see her hand shaking as she pressed the call button. The doors opened immediately and they stepped inside. Celia pressed the button for her floor, and the moment the doors shut, Jake put his arms around Celia’s waist, pulled her towards him and kissed her deeply until the lift started to slow as it approached the selected floor. Jake released Celia and her body was limp. She hadn’t been expecting that kiss and she already felt like she’d been ravaged. She could feel moisture between her legs and as the sexual urge built inside her, she started to relax. She was paying top-dollar for this hunk so she was determined not to waste the money. She pulled herself together and led Jake to her room.

Once inside, the demur, nervous Celia vanished, to be replaced by a horny, sex-starved woman who needed servicing. She threw her bag on the floor, turned back to Jake and kissed him, carrying on where they had left off in the lift. Her hands were all over his body and he marvelled at the change in Celia. She unbuttoned his shirt, unbuckled his belt and popped his trouser button all while still kissing Jake’s mouth. Within seconds, he was standing in front of her naked and she took a step back to admire his stunning body. Jake stood still, enjoying her admiration. “Oh my, someone is a big boy!” teased Celia. Jake’s cock was about three-quarters erect now and already Celia was excited to see the biggest cock she’d ever encountered close-up. Jake smiled and said “It’s all yours, sweetie, help yourself!” Celia squeaked as she moved back closer to Jake and they kissed again. Celia took Jake’s hardening cock in her hand for the first time and sensuously fondled it. It felt amazing to her and she cursed herself for leaving it for so long before finding a man like Jake to fuck.

Jake reached around to Celia’s back and started to unzip her dress. As the zip got lower, he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. Wow, her tits were fantastic and Jake wondered if they were falsies. He’d not met a woman in her forties yet who didn’t need some support. He pulled Celia’s sleeves over her arms so she was now topless in front of him. He brought his hands around to her front so he could fondle those beautiful breasts and was delighted to feel that they were real. Her nipples were already like bullets as he ran his palms over them and when he looked at Celia, he could see her neck and chest were flushed bright red. She was stroking his cock faster and more firmly now, so Jake decided it was time to remove Celia’s dress completely. Her zip was down as low as it could go, so he pulled the open dress down over her shapely hips and let it fall to the floor. He knelt in front of her and held Celia’s hips, pushing his face into the triangle of material of her panties, inhaling deeply. “You are such a sexy woman,” breathed Jake in a hoarse whisper. He hooked his fingers around the waistband of Celia’s panties and pulled them down, revealing a neatly trimmed pussy that was already glistening. Celia stepped out of her panties and was now completely naked, like Jake already was. Still on his knees, he moved his mouth back up to Celia’s pubic mound and ran his tongue from the bottom of her slit right up to her clitoris. She let out a loud groan of pleasure when he flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue. Celia loved oral attention, something her ex was reluctant to give her. Jake loved eating pussy and as Celia’s was fresh, clean and very wet, he thought it was going to be a fun afternoon!

He guided her to the edge of the bed and got her to lie down with her legs apart. He really got stuck in to eating this beautiful delicacy presented to him. After all, they hadn’t had any lunch! He used his fingers to open Celia’s pussy lips, then ran his tongue up and down her inner lips. His thumb was stimulating her clitoris and the other hand was gently stroking her thighs and ass cheeks. Celia was transported to a world she hadn’t visited for many years. The intense pleasure of being licked and fingered by this Adonis made her moan and gasp loudly and encouraged Jake to produce his A game. He licked her pussy like it was the last one on earth, savouring the taste of the copious juices flowing out of her. When he flicked her anus with his tongue, he felt Celia’s body buck once, then she flopped down limply. He kept softly licking then he felt another buck. He placed his hand on Celia’s tummy and pushed his tongue into her as far as he could and felt another buck. He knew she was cumming but he’d never felt a woman cum like this before. He continued while Celia bucked another three times before she rolled to one side and closed her legs.

Jake eased himself on to the bed beside Celia and spooned with her. She seemed to have fallen asleep, but Jake felt that was unlikely, especially as his fully erect penis was pushed into her back. It just took some women longer to come down from their orgasm. Sure enough, but with no words, he felt Celia’s hand move back to his throbbing cock and she moved it in between her ass cheeks. Celia’s pussy was so wet, he knew he’d have no trouble penetrating her. Celia raised her knees to her chest so her ass was perfectly presented. Jake’s cock was now slick with her juice and was pressed against her vaginal opening. Celia reached around to grip Jake’s butt-cheek and he heard her say “Fuck me!” Jake thrust his hips forward and penetrated her soaking pussy and Celia shouted “Oh my fucking God!” as the full length of Jake’s cock filled her completely. She held his butt so he couldn’t move back and Celia was lost in the feeling of being so full.

Jake loved the feeling of fucking without a condom. He rarely did it, but he knew there would be no danger of picking up anything nasty from a woman who hadn’t had sex for two years. He had himself checked out every month just to make sure and as yet, his caution had paid off. He felt he owed it to his clients as well as Molly to keep himself fit and healthy.

Celia released Jake’s butt from her grip and Jake started to thrust slowly and deeply into her. She gasped with every stroke, experiencing the biggest cock of her life and loving every second of it. Jake reached his hand around to fondle Celia’s breasts and she used her own hands to rub her clit in time with the rhythm of Jake fucking her. He pinched her nipples firmly and kissed her neck. Celia reached around to hold Jake’s ass again, encouraging him to fuck her faster. Jake could feel himself getting close to cumming and didn’t want to cum inside Celia’s pussy then suddenly, she held his ass tight, stopping him thrusting. She held still for a few seconds then he felt the familiar bucking of her body again as she came. Six or seven individual convulsions followed and Celia let out a huge sigh with the last of them. “Oh my God, you’re fucking amazing,” sighed Celia. She disengaged herself from Jake, twisted her body around and took his cock into her mouth, sucking vigorously, like she was desperate to taste his cum. Jake moaned and his head moved backwards involuntarily. “I’m going to cum,” he warned her, and Celia slid her mouth off Jake’s cock but continued jerking it until he moaned loudly and erupted his first long spurt of cum which landed on Celia’s face. She kept jerking him and another six big spurts covered her face and open mouth until she wrapped her lips around his knob again to suck out the last few drops. Celia used her fingers to scoop up the cum from her face and slide it into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, then looked up at Jake and smiled. “I bet you never thought I’d be a cumslut!” she said. “Oh, I knew you were a dirty cow right from the off!” teased Jake and winked at her.

They took a moment to clean up, then Celia kissed Jake passionately. He could taste the remnants of his own cum in her mouth and it aroused him again. He glanced at the time on the TV on the wall and realised they were only an hour into their date. Two more hours of intense fucking and sucking followed and when Jake left her room, Celia promised to book him again the following week. He blew her a kiss and the door closed behind him, leaving Celia lying on her bed, completely sated and glad she’d finally taken the plunge.

Jake was laughing to himself as he left the hotel. He couldn’t wait to tell Molly about this shy, nervous woman he met that had turned into a sexual demon once they’d really got started. He’d lost count of the times she had orgasmed and he felt he’d really given Celia her money’s worth. He was very glad that Celia wanted to book him again. He had really enjoyed fucking her, there was just something about her that turned him on and he was very much looking forward to exploring how much further they could take things next time. He wondered if she’d ever experienced the joys of anal sex and decided he’d find out at their next encounter.

Jake got back to his house at 5pm and Molly was waiting for him. She had an excited look on her face when she greeted him with “How was it?” Jake never played down a good meeting “Oh, very good, I’ll tell you all about it later. You look happy, what’s up?” Molly smirked and said “Well, I was on your website earlier and I saw that little yellow button. Pimping out your girlfriend now, huh?” she teased. “Well, you asked for it!” replied Jake. “I was going to wait to see if we had any bookings before mentioning it. You are still up for it though?” Molly loved to tease Jake. “Hmm, I’m not sure. I mean, I don’t know if I could fuck somebody other than you.” “Ha! You little liar. I bet you can’t wait!” goaded Jake.

Later that night, Jake told Molly all about Celia and how she’d turned from shy housewife to sex goddess during their encounter. Molly got very aroused when Jake told her how Celia had jerked him off over her face and mouth and ate as much cum as she could. Getting a mouthful of Jake’s cum was one of Molly’s favourite activities. She hoped he had some left for her. As always, Jake didn’t disappoint her. If he came home from his meetings and didn’t want to make love to Molly, she might change her mind about his chosen occupation. As it was though, she had no complaints in that department. In fact, he always seemed to be extra loving following a meeting and talking about what he had done with clients turned them both on. Tonight’s re-enactment meant some passionate spooning followed by Jake unloading in Molly’s mouth. She loved to let his cum drip out of the corners of her mouth, then use her tongue to lick it back in. She also loved that Jake liked to kiss her when her mouth was still full of cum. For some reason, that turned her on as much as anything and usually led to an immediate re-arousal for both of them and the fun could continue unabated.

When they were both completely spent, they snuggled together and Molly continued to think about the possibility of meeting a couple. Jake had warned her that it might be an older, not very attractive couple or maybe someone with weird, kinky fetishes but Molly assured him she was still looking forward to trying it. The whole idea was so naughty, so taboo and that was very much part of the thrill.

Jake didn’t have any bookings this weekend so he and Molly were able to spend some quality time together. They shopped, they ate out at their favourite eateries and even got a little drunk on Saturday night before grabbing a cab home and falling into bed, giggling and happy. Neither of them heard the ping as an email landed in Jake’s website inbox. Molly’s head was spinning with the alcohol and the feeling of Jake French-kissing her open pussy lips and as her thighs were wrapped around his head at the time, Jake couldn’t hear anything other than Molly’s moans. The following morning when Jake got up to make breakfast in bed for them both, he saw the red light on his phone flashing, indicating a new email on his website. He had a cursory glance then smiled to himself. He quickly made some tea and toast, read the email in detail, then wandered back into the bedroom, hardly able to contain his smile.

“Aww, Baby, you’re the best,” said Molly, when she saw Jake carrying the breakfast tray. “I’m starving!” Jake placed the tray on her lap then sat next to her, swinging his legs on to the bed. “What’s with the silly grin?” asked Molly. Jake looked right at her and said “Guess!” As far as Molly knew, Jake didn’t play the lottery, so he wasn’t about to tell her he’d won ten million pounds, but he looked like he’d won something. “No, tell me and stop teasing,” pleaded Molly. “Well, my sexy little escort partner, we’ve had our first enquiry for us as a couple!” Molly’s eyes opened wide as she said “You’re kidding?” Jake shook his head, “Nope, it must have come through last night. And the good news is, it’s with a couple I’ve already met once and they’re great. You’ll love them.”

“Oh shit!” Molly said, suddenly getting cold feet. “When do they want to meet?” Jake laughed and said “Feeling nervous already? Don’t worry, it’s next Friday and it will be an overnighter. We’re going to spend the night fucking a hot couple and get paid a thousand pounds for our ‘efforts’. Not bad, eh?” Molly couldn’t believe her ears. She knew Jake never joked about his work and now she was going to join him. It was thrilling and terrifying in equal measures. “Damn, I’m going to have to get everything trimmed, styled, plucked and waxed by next Friday!” realized Molly. She knew the great lengths to which Jake went to keep himself in tip-top condition, so she didn’t want to let the side down. “Well, I think you’re just perfect as you are,” said Jake, kissing Molly on the forehead, “but you must do whatever you want to feel good for the evening. And don’t worry, I’ll pay for any treatments you want.” Molly beamed and she forgot about the tea and toast. She kissed Jake passionately and when his hand dipped between her legs, Jake could feel she was already wet with anticipation. Sunday morning sex was Jake’s favourite anyway and today, it would be extra horny.

Molly spent every spare moment she had over the next few days preparing herself both mentally and physically for Friday’s encounter. It had now been confirmed and they would be meeting the couple, Beth and Ian, for dinner at the same hotel Jake had met Celia. Jake had reminded Molly about his first meeting with this couple and Molly remembered. “Oh them. She was the expert cock-sucker, right?” Jake had replied yes, she was, and Ian wasn’t too bad at it either, leaving Molly to imagine the scenario, her eyes wide with wonder. Beth and Ian were only a few years older than Jake and Molly. They owned their own software company and were very much enjoying their wealth, trying new experiences of which Jake had been one and now a couple was another.

Friday eventually rolled around and Jake went out early to get his hair cut and for some personal grooming. Like Molly, he wanted to be at his best for this meeting. Jake drove them both to the hotel and knowing Molly was nervous, they didn’t speak much on the way. They parked up in the hotel basement car park, walked to the lift and both took a deep breath. “This is going to be great, Baby, you’ll see,” reassured Jake. Molly nodded but still looked terrified.

The arrived at the hotel reception and wandered into the lounge. Jake scanned the tables and saw Beth’s shock of blonde hair, steering Molly by the elbow to walk over to them. Ian stood as they approached and extended his hand to Jake, who shook it and introduced Molly. Ian looked at Molly, then at Beth and said “I told you she’d be beautiful didn’t I?” Molly said “Oh, I like him! We’re gonna get on just fine!” Beth stood and kissed Jake on the lips and asked, “Your real girlfriend?” Jake nodded and they all sat down. Ian called a waiter over and they ordered pre-dinner drinks. “I have to tell you guys,” started Jake, “this is Molly’s first time so you have to be nice to her, OK?” Molly blushed, Ian nodded and Beth said “Oh my God, you must be nervous, Honey. Well, don’t be. We had a wonderful time with Jake last time and I think it will be even better with you here!”

That seemed to relax Molly a little and as they laughed, drank and then ate dinner, Molly relaxed further. They were such good company and they really did hit it off. Anyone who saw the four of them laughing and joking would take them for any normal friends out on a Friday night. Molly was starting to imagine what they’d get up to in the bedroom later and her pussy started to moisten. She was feeling so bold now, she said “You know, I’m so horny, I can’t wait to get up to your room. I’m already moist between my legs!” Jake was surprised but happy that Molly was getting into the ‘date’. Beth replied, “Honey, I’ve been moist since you guys said hello!” Ian laughed. “She’s such a slut, that’s why I love her!” Molly piped up, “How about you, Baby?” aimed at Jake. “You know me Moll, always ready for action!” Ian called for the check, signed it and stood up. “Let’s take a drink up with us,” he suggested. Beth added, “Oh yes, I could do with a stiff one!” Ian smacked her ass as they ordered their drinks and made for the lift. Top floor, best suite in the house, of course. Money was no object to Ian and Beth.

Once they got into the room, which Jake seemed to know his way around, Ian put some porn on the TV to help get them in the mood. Jake suspected the two of them had already got in the mood before he and Molly had arrived as the TV was already tuned to a hardcore channel. TV in decent British hotels always offers good quality adult movies for the more discerning, and pervy guests. Ian turned the volume down and said “We don’t need to hear them, but I like to watch, don’t you?” Molly, emboldened by the alcohol and moist anticipation replied, “Well, I prefer to do it rather than to watch,” and with a quick glance at a nodding Jake, walked over to Ian and slid his jacket from his shoulders. Beth said “Go for it guys, I’m sure I’ll find something to occupy me,” and beckoned Jake over to her.

What happened next was a blur of naked flesh, engorged genitals, and bodily fluids. Molly got fucked by Ian, eaten out by Beth and sodomized by Jake. Beth was insatiable and had both men fuck her at the same time, Jake’s cock in her pussy and Ian’s in her asshole while Molly ground her pussy into her face. Ian got a double blowjob from Jake and Molly and when he came over their mouths, Beth joined in to share his cum, kissing both of them passionately. Molly enjoyed being fucked from behind by Ian while she licked Beth’s pussy and when Beth came and squirted over her face, she shuddered with her own orgasm. Beth gave Jake one of her world-class blowjobs while Molly and Ian watched intently, which made it even more horny for Jake.

When they were taking a breather and waiting for room-service to bring some champagne up, Ian said “Oh, I’ve just remembered,” and walked into the sitting area. He returned with a small black silk drawstring bag. Beth giggled and Molly and Jake looked on curiously. Ian opened the bag and out fell his collection of ‘accessories’. Molly saw a huge black dildo that she liked the look of. Jake noticed a strap-on harness and winced. Ian made a great play of uncoiling a fine white rope and Beth asked “Did you bring the crop?” Jake looked at Molly, who shrugged her shoulders. “In for a penny,” she said mischievously and jumped off the bed to inspect the toys. “Fuck, that’s even bigger than Jake!” exclaimed Molly, picking up the big black dildo. “Trust you to go straight for that one!” teased Jake and Beth laughed. “I’ve never been able to take it all Moll, but it looked so big and shiny in the shop, I just couldn’t resist it.”

Ian waved the strap-on at Jake. “Fancy trying this, old man?” Jake pretended to be horrified but replied, “Well, if Beth is wearing it, maybe!” They were all laughing as they heard the bell ring. Ian had the most clothes on, so he went into the lounge area to answer the door and sign for the champagne, closing the bedroom door behind him. “Aww, I wanted to see if the bell-boy was cute,” complained Beth. “Jesus, you’ve got Ian and Jake and you still want more?” asked Molly, incredulously. “Honey,” replied Beth, “there ain’t enough cocks in the world for me!” in an exaggerated Southern American accent. Ian reappeared with the tray and champagne on ice and poured four glasses and they all raised a toast to each other.

“Ian’s been experimenting with tying me up recently and I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty fucking amazing. I want to tie Molly up so she can’t protest when we all do unmentionable things to her. How about it, Moll?” she asked. Molly’s cheeks flushed and she looked at Jake. He grinned as if to say ‘up to you, Babe’ and Molly said “Awesome!” They drained their glasses and Molly crawled on to the big bed. She slipped off the vest she’d thrown on so she was now completely naked again. Ian took his time and very carefully started to tie very elaborate knots of the fine white rope around Molly’s wrists and ankles. The bed was huge and had an ornate wrought iron header, making it easy for Ian to anchor the ropes, stretching Molly’s arms out above her head. He then took the ropes attached to her ankles, spread her legs wide and secure each one to the legs at the foot of the bed. She was now spread-eagled and pretty helpless, shaking with anticipation.

“Oh, Honey, you look fucking amazing!” said Beth and Jake had to agree with her. Ian was already jerking his cock and Jake’s was fully erect. They decided that to start with, Ian and Jake should kneel alongside Molly’s face so she could suck their cocks individually or together. Beth grabbed something from the table which Molly couldn’t quite see, then crouched between her legs and started to lick all around her pussy and ass, making sure she was wet and ready. Molly was busy servicing the two cocks that were being pushed into her mouth and smeared on to her face when she felt something cool and bulbous pushed against her cunt. Yes, it was the big black dildo and she gasped as Beth started to inch it into her soaking snatch. It took Molly’s breath away as Beth pushed it in deeper and deeper, then when it was in as far as it would go, she felt something else exploring her. Beth had detached the dildo from the strap-on and was pushing it into Molly’s tight little asshole. Molly thought she was going to faint with the overwhelming feeling of pleasure. Ian got carried away and grunted as he shot a stream of cum over Molly’s face and neck and when she started to moan loudly, Beth pushed the anal dildo fully into Molly’s ass and she nearly bit Jake’s dick off as she convulsed into a massive squirting orgasm, pushing the black dildo from her pussy and screaming. Jake covered her mouth with his free hand and finished stroking himself, splashing another generous load of cum onto poor Molly, who was writhing uncontrollably on the bed, unable to stop the three co-conspirators from doing whatever they wanted to her.

Beth crawled on top of Molly as her orgasm was subsiding and proceeded to lick up all Jake and Ian’s cum from Molly’s splattered tits, neck and face. She collected it in her mouth, spat it into her hand then pushed it into her pussy. She then turned around and reversed herself so her pussy was above Molly’s mouth. The cum started to drip out of her and Molly craned her neck so she could lick the rest out. Jake grabbed the anal dildo and rolled a fresh rubber on it. He sat next to Molly’s head and held it up to Beth’s ass. Ian made the thumbs up sign to Jake and he pushed it firmly into Beth’s ass in one go, making her tense her pussy around Molly’s mouth. She let out a huge squeal as Jake started to ream her ass with the dildo. Ian would have liked to have joined in, but like Jake, his cock was hanging limply between his legs having already cum three times that evening. Molly had no idea how many times she had cum, but it had to have been at least five and Beth, well she had one more in her. The dildo squelched in and out of her gaping ass and when Ian remembered he'd brought the riding crop with him, he did finally join in, flicking little stinging smacks with the crop, not on her ass, but directly on her pussy lips.

Molly couldn’t move and was being suffocated as Beth ground her pussy into her face. Jake was ramming the dildo in and out of Beth's ass more and more quickly and Ian was flicking her nipples with the small leather flap at the end of the crop. It was no wonder that she eventually let out a scream and started to pant like a dog as her orgasm smashed through her, completely taking over her body which twitched and spasmed like she was having an epileptic fit. Juice poured out of her pussy, covering poor Molly’s face then Beth collapsed forward. Ian held his arms out and wrapped them around Beth’s shoulders, kissing her and telling her how awesome she was. Jake reached down and kissed Molly, stroking her cum-covered face. He told her she had never looked more beautiful and how much loved her. Ian released Molly’s ropes and all four spent bodies lay on the bed, Beth still gasping but otherwise silent. No words were spoken because none of them could think of anything to say. They had all just experienced the most amazing foursome, one which they may never be able to equal. One by one, they all fell asleep and when they woke up after a few hours, Beth was intertwined with Jake and Molly was lying half on top of Ian. To say the evening had been a success would be the understatement of the century.

The main reason for booking an overnight with an escort is to have sex again in the morning. After last night’s hectic session, Jake wasn’t sure if this would be required. He still woke up with a hard-on as he did every day and he could see Ian was semi hard with Molly draped over him. He was lying behind Beth, so he lifted her limp hand and placed it on his throbbing penis, just to see if she was interested in more. He felt her fingers curl around his shaft and he knew she was more than ready. He fingered her pussy from behind while she stroked him and when her pussy was nice and wet, he slid it into her gently. Beth moaned quietly, but loud enough to wake Molly. She smiled at Jake and saw what they were doing. She reached down to Ian’s cock, happy to find it almost fully erect. She stroked it until it was rigid again and got into a similar position to Beth. She guided the tip of his cock into her pussy, thinking to herself, wow, this guy is a deep sleeper, when she felt Ian thrust his hips forward, sinking his full length into her, making her eyes roll back in her head. On the big bed, Beth and Molly were facing each other and each had the other’s partner behind them, fucking them with long, sensual strokes. Beth and Molly were close enough to kiss each other and they did so, Beth moaning softly and Molly holding Beth's face.

Morning sex never lasts as long and pretty soon, Beth’s moans grew louder as she felt her orgasm well up inside her loins. She started to convulse and Jake relaxed, letting the feeling of her pussy muscles squeezing his cock bring him to his own orgasm. He grunted as he filled her pussy, which set Ian off and he came immediately after. Molly and Beth were still kissing each other passionately as Molly felt Ian’s cum spurting into her. One firm pinch of her nipple by the ever-amorous Beth and Molly came as well, gasping for air and groaning in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Job done, thought Jake. If you can have more fun earning a thousand pounds, he’d like to hear about it. One by one, all four of the group showered off, dried themselves and got dressed. Breakfast beckoned and they were all hungry and in desperate need of about a gallon of orange juice each. They tried to keep the conversation light and non-sexual over breakfast, but Beth couldn’t help giggling when she thought back to the previous night’s exploits. “Ian said I might chicken out of having sex with a girl, but I thought I did pretty good, eh Moll?” Molly blushed in that cute way that she does. “Shhh, Beth, you’re SO bad!” she replied. “Well,” said Ian, “I took one look at Molly and knew you two would be hot for each other. Jake, if you’re not the luckiest son-of-a-bitch in this city, I’m not sure who is. Oh, wait a minute, that would be me!” They all laughed and Jake thanked them for an amazing evening. “I’m sure Molly would agree with me, we’d be happy to come and visit you again if you ever get the urge.” Ian raised his hand and high-fived Jake. “I’ll be in touch,” he said, with a grin.

“One more thing before you two abandon us,” teased Ian. He handed Molly a thick envelope and said in hushed tones, “I know I paid the fee online, but here’s a little something for you both.” Beth beamed and nodded. “Worth every fucking penny!” she said, a little too loudly, and Molly blushed again.

The two couples parted with friendly kisses and goodbyes and while Jake was driving home, Molly opened the thick envelope. “Fuck me!” she exclaimed, involuntarily. “What is it, Hun?” asked Jake. “It’s about five fucking grand!” replied Molly. Sure enough, the envelope was filled with fifty pound notes, easily five thousand worth. “Well, that’s what Ian thinks of as ‘a little something’. Do I introduce you to the nicest people or what?” said Jake.

They drove home silently with Molly thinking back to the amazing night of sex and fun; Jake was thinking about the five grand ‘tip’. When they got home, Molly put the kettle on and said “Jake?” he shuffled up behind her. “What is it Babe?” She turned around, reached up and kissed Jake on the lips. “Take that yellow button off your website Baby. I only want to meet Ian and Beth from now on.” “You’re quitting after one meeting?” asked Jake, unable to stop himself smiling. “Yep, I sure am.  Let’s face it, nothing could ever beat last night for a first meeting.” Molly said, struggling to walk over to get the coffee mugs out of the cupboard.