The metal inserted in her did not bother her, it was not exactly pleasant, but nor it was unpleasant. What it did though, it was reminding her permanently what happened the night before and what was about to happen tonight.

She tried to focus on the job, but every shift of her body, she was receiving a reminder and her dreams would take over. Multiple times during the day, she got caught with vacant eyes; having dropped completely out of a conversation. 

She was having memories of the night before. His hands, his tongue exploring her body in its every detail, every corner, up to the most embarrassing ones. It has been an endless tease and when she thought it would end, he just gave her a set of instructions for the night after, pushed that small metal plug in her and then disappeared leaving her feverish and unsatisfied. 

She jumped again, a colleague has been talking to her for at least 5 minutes. She had lapsed again. At multiple points, she nearly gave up. Who was he to dictate her life anyway - it is not like they’d met for a long time. It has been intense but she had to admit that she barely knew him. So far they had spent most of their time having sex; she was not even sure she could remember exactly what he was doing as a job. 

She even went multiple time to the toilet, feeling the plug with her fingers, passing over the wet magma of her sex. But every time she was about to masturbate or removing the plug something stopped her.

What would happen tonight? The instructions were pretty clear. Enter the hotel room, remove her clothes except for her white blouse (He selected it specifically for her to wear today), put the blindfold on, enter the room and put on blindly whatever would be on the bed. He was very specific that she should not either masturbate or remove the plug before the night. he would have known for the second, but the first? Still, something stopped her hand.  

At the time he said, she was in front of the room he indicated. The sign “Do not disturb” was hanging on the door. The hotel was on the upscale side. the corridor felt it came from a different century, there was tapestry on the wall and a thick red carpet was absorbing all the sound. Not that was needed, the place was nearly deserted. When she entered the room, just one other man in his fifties, wearing an expensive suit was entering his room after probably a day of financial meetings of some sort. 

The entrance was a small corridor leading to the bedroom, she couldn’t see what was on the bed from here. A black tie has been placed on the hangers in the entrance. She couldn’t hear anybody in the room, but from here she couldn’t be sure. She started feeling hot. She dutifully followed the instruction and she entered staggering in the room, moving in small steps, feeling the mahogany furniture. her nipples, hard as pebbles, were rubbing against the fabric of the shirt. The room seemed huge and at some point, she had to let go of the wall to try to find the bed. After a few minutes of stumbling, her foot hit softly the frame. She felt the cover, there was something heavy on the bed. You could feel the mat and the cover curving to adapt its weight. She had to step on all fours on the bed to find what it was. She finally found it; it was a sizable piece of metal. 

She lifted it; it was heavy. She manipulated it, feeling the outline. The shape was unusual, it was mainly a very thick slate of metal, but there were holes and some kind of locking mechanism. she understood then - it was some kind of cuffs. Her first reflex was to put them on, but she stopped.

That was the point of no return.

There were no keys on the bed; she checked a second time. She stopped; for the first time, she asked herself if there were somebody in the room. She became silent, attentive. 

There was not a single sound, the room’s walls were most probably soundproof. Crazy thoughts started to run in her mind. What if she was in the wrong room? What if he never came? What if the staff would enter...

She stayed like that, propped on the bed, sitting on her knees, with only her white blouse, with the massive cuffs on her lapse. Then with a blank mind, she placed one wrist in one hole, locked it with the other hand, then place this end to the other hole. She realized that the cuffs were not made for easily being able to cuff oneself. She had to struggle a bit again one of the bedposts to completely lock the cuffs. 

She then sat upright on her knees and waited. She realized that her heart was thumping against her chest, she was so nervous, she was shivering.

She didn’t have to wait a long time. She door opened and she heard footsteps. There was no doubt about it, she didn’t know if it was because they made a conscious effort to make noises, or because her hearing was improved in the darkness, but two people came in. She became afraid; she realized she really knew him nothing about him. How could she let herself be convinced so easily? 

She heard them taking their clothes off in the entrance and then their foot-naked steps entering the bedroom. She was sweating now and breathing hard. Was He even here? 

She startled when a hand touched her cheek. It was a small, slender, very smooth hand, it first cupped her right cheek, then its fingers traced the outline of her chin, and lightly went down her throat, followed the curve of her small perky breasts through the cotton. It sent shivers to her spin. She was breathing hard, engulfed in too many feeling at the same time for her brain to process. Another hand joined in, pressing directly on her lower back. That hand reassured her, she could tell it was his hand, big and rough but always gentle. it went down the crack of her ass and check for the small metal hook clamped by the little hole. Then she felt the cuff being raised. At the same time, He took her neck into his hand. The cuffs went above her head, stretching her arms and forcing her to lie on her back. The weight of the cuff was pinning her on the bed. Her breasts were now trying to pierce through the textile. 

Four hands started to slowing caress the length of her body, above and below the blouse, slowly unbuttoning it. 

She started to slowly undulate in response. Two tongues joined, licking every parcel of her body. One of the tongue, the one she didn’t know, reached her mouth and started to kiss her deeply. The mouth was thin and smooth, the tongue was narrow and playful, quickly coming in and out, licking the lips then suddenly plunging in the depth of her mouth. She could also feel the smooth skin of the cheeks. Absorbed with the kiss she nearly forgot the other pairs of hand. Her body twisted involuntarily when she felt a tug on the plug. A hand was pulling it out slowly but resolutely. She tried to relax to let it go. It eventually popped out and she felt her hole strangely gaping after. One finger then two replaced the plug, coated with some kind of cooling gel. They were sliding in and out slowly, massaging gently the stretched muscle. 

It felt that moment lasted forever. She was already not in control of her body anymore. 

He made her change position. Using the Cuffs again he forced her to lie on the side and he pressed his body against her breast, her belly, her pubis. She could feel the throbbing of his penis pressed against her. Behind her, the smooth hands and tongue were dancing on her back, her ass, sometimes crossing over to her inner lips and stroking lightly his balls. 

He entered her with one long stroke. She nearly came instantly. He started with small, slow movements but for her each of them were an explosion. He stopped moving and she felt the body behind come closer, the whole body was as smooth as the hands, a body made of silk; hard silk. It’s a lean, hard masculine chest that pressed again her back. And then she felt the warmth of a second cock pressing on her little brown hole in a slow but constant moment. She let go a long deep, hoarse breath, like if all the air were taken out of her. She was shocked and at the same time full as she has never been. She stopped moving; they all stopped moving. There was that long moment of eternity. The only thing she could hear is her own heavy breath that would not calm down. 

Then the two men started moving again. First slow, small moves, getting synchronized, then they started ampler strokes. At this point she was dancing, her whole body following the tempo of the hard shafts that were ramming her in cadence. She started to moan, louder and louder, as they were taking speed, she started shouting, Both men hips joined in a last powerful jerk and she felt their cum exploding in her both holes at the same time. She was frozen in an ecstatic pose, her head pulled back, her eyes closed, her mouth slightly open. Both men slowly got up, got dressed and left the room.  One of them remembered to open the cuffs. 

She stayed there for what felt hours. Just feeling the touch of the bed cover on her body, the slight wind of the air conditioning on the sweat on her back, the absence of the cuff around her wrists, the warm of the sperm slowly flowing between her legs….