"Solo" Time

Info FlaminFox
19 Feb. '19

She was laying down on her futon, naked and determined to slowly build a mighty orgasm for herself. Her hand went over her body, her fingers stroking lightly her small perky breasts then coming down on her belly. They took a walk into the dark forest and found the small cave down the hill. they played a little bit around it bringing a tremor to her whole body.

She was determined to take it slow though and she reluctantly moved her hand back up joining the other one, playing with her tits. She was alternating small rounds with the tip of the nails and hard twists to the point of pain. Her hips started to undulate, asking for more. She palmed the bed on her right side, her hand found her vibrator, it was small but powerful, she really loved it but it would finish her way too quickly. She picked the thing next to it: a nicely shaped, slender silicone dildo. She tilted her hips upward, spreading her legs on each side, opening and exposing her sex. Holding the silicone penis in both hands she positioned it at the entrance of her dripping sex. she ever so slowly tipped the head in and out, enjoying the feeling of being softly parted out. She closed her eyes, focusing on the feeling of this long cock going deep inside her. She pulled it out nearly completely and pushed it again, resisting the urge to go faster, she was slowly fucking herself, working with her hands and with her hips. She couldn’t help and started to moan. She entered a state of trance and started to accelerate. She could feel an inescapable wave rising in her. Her eyes still close, she grabbed nervously her vibrator, turned it on and pressed it on her clit. Her body instantly jerked, her legs slamming back on the bed, her back arched, her mouth screaming a silent O. 

She finally let go, the dildo slipped out on the bed with a gush of her fluids. She switched off the buzzing vibrator, slumped back on the bed and stayed still, slowly being taken away by a deep slumber. 

A muffled moan woke her up. She nearly had forgotten him. He was lying on his side, his head positioned at a few centimetres from her sex. His eyes were coming out of his head, he looked mad with desire. His mouth was gagged with a few loops of hemp rope, his cheeks puffed by a cloth she stuffed in it.
“I told you to be quiet,” she said softly, fighting her sleepiness and moving on her knees to his side. she gave him a hard slap in the side of his ass. She felt the tension in the rope around his shoulders, it was running down his arms, holding them straight in his back. With her hand she followed the knots, sending goosebumps in his arms, stroking his hands following the second rope that was bringing his feet, bound together close to his hand. The rope was then running in the crack of his ass and looping around the base of his sex pulling his balls downward. His sex looked ready to explode, it was twitching madly against her knee as she was running her fingers up and down his body. She stood up and went for a shower leaving him squirming in his tight hog-tie. She was quick and came back refreshed, all trace of sleepiness gone. She felt excited again. She untied the rope around his feet, releasing at the same time his sex. she slapped his ass, signalling him to move on his knees. He struggled to topple his body and ended up with his ass up and his face buried in the futon. She massaged his hardened balls and stiff cock; she slapped him again on his ass when he started to move his hips. She then moved her left hand up his scrotum and started to feel for the little, buried hole. She pushed to reposition him a bit to expose his asshole a bit more. she could hear him breathing hard now. She stood up and went to her closet, she took the dildo that served her so well an instant ago and mounted it on her strap on harness. She slid a condom on top of it and came back behind him. she poured a generous amount of lube at the top of his crack catching up and spreading it with her other hand. She put some on the dildo as well and bending her knees she positioned the tip at the entrance of his ass. ever so slowly she pushed it, pulling back every time she felt his body jerking in pain.

After a long while, her pelvis bumped against his ass. She let go of her knees, pushing her weight on him, she caught herself on her hands on each side of his back and started to fuck him slowly. When she felt he was a bit more relaxed, She picked up the pace moving her body back and holding his hips for more control. All kind of strange muffled, guttural noises were coming from where his head was buried.  
Suddenly she popped out and push him on his side, the pushed him against on his back. His arms were locked below him, raising naturally his hips. She pushed his legs up and started again to fuck him hard. She grabbed his cock and started to stroke in rhythm. It didn't take long for him to explode all over himself. She stopped. looking down at him with a smile. he was a beautiful mess. she played a little with his cum on his belly, painting with her fingers little cute drawing. 

She did enjoy having her “solo” fun once in a while.