Deep Sea Diver Lucas

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19 Feb. '19

Finally he has found the address. A gravel path leads Patrick to an old, extensively renovated barn next to a farmhouse. There are maritime exhibits literally everywhere in the garden: lifebuoys, wooden boats, propellers, anchors and some salvaged ship’s debris. On a lawn between the house and the barn, even a small steam tug is jacked up. It looks old-fashioned, with a sleek, black and yellow striped chimney. All sorts of cranes and winches are installed on the foredeck. The name is "Taucher IV, Flensburg". Patrick strolls along the black painted hull, towards the entrance of the hall. An antique-styled sign reads: "Captain Johnny's Shipwreck and Diving Museum". Patrick enters.

"One ticket please. I'm a student."

"Three euros, please."

The receptionist is in her early fifties and looks elegant, but a little bit bored at the same time. Behind her, there is a color poster on the wall, showing a heavy helmet diver under water.

"The newspaper said that there’s an opportunity for a dive in a heavy hard hat rig”, Patrick asks.

She is not surprised at all. She really seems to be happy instead.

"Just ask my son”, she says. “He's a navy diver. Just look around in there. He should be somewhere in the exhibition."

She smiles encouragingly at him as she issues him the ticket. Patrick's heartbeat accelerates.

Inside, the barn looks similar to the armory of a knight's fortress. All over the side walls, life-sized diver figures are set up in full gear. Yellow, red and orange diving suits are giving of their rubbery smell. Diving helmets, breastplates and diving boots made of copper and brass are shimmering.

In the centre of the room are various machines, and showcases with ship models. It smells pleasantly of tar, wood and paint. Some display boards show the different types and the history of commercial diving equipment. At the very back of the barn's outer wall, there is a huge aquarium-like tank. Its height almost reaches two floors. An iron balcony leads up to the water level of the pool. That's certainly the diving tank, Patrick thinks, getting excited.

He looks at the model panorama of a ship’s salvage, and then approaches one of the diver figures. "Deep Sea Diving Equipment U.S. Navy Mark V. Year of manufacture: 1955. Manufacturer: Desco Corporation, Milwaukee," he reads on a display chart. The suit looks so much bigger and much more scary up close than Patrick ever imagined. The copper helmet has a bubble-like shape and four small, brass-grilled portholes. The tarnished dark metal is very heavy. The weight belt and the boots look significantly heavier in reality than in the photos that Patrick has seen so far. It may be exhausting to get in it, Patrick thinks, but once you are inside, it must be awesome! Behind the portholes he recognizes the head of a mannequin, a young man with black hair and a cute, contemplative look. How many real young guys have already been in there? I’d absolutely like to try it, Patrick thinks. His cocks begins to move as he looks down at the figure and studies the hose and valve system, strapped to the diver's chest.


In the corner of the room, a young lad in a military jump suit is sitting in a chair. He seems to be reading a magazine. That’s certainly the Navy diver! Patrick's heart beats faster as he approaches the boy. He is at least 6 feet tall and maybe twenty years old.

"Hi there!"

The boy looks up from his reading, eyeballing Patrick for a few seconds.

"Hi. What's up?" His big, but still unruffled hands are folding a motorcycle magazine.

"Is that helmet diving possible today?" Patrick points to the dive tank.

"Of course it is."

He is gazing at Patrick for a another second. His look is critical, but attentive. He has a snub-nosed, hedgehog-like face, with high red cheeks and sparkling, gray-green eyes. His blond hair is trimmed to a short, but dense-grown crewcut style. On the left and the right, he is wearing earrings. His gray jumpsuit features countless rugged brass zippers. The front zipper is only half drawn, and reveals the view of a T-shirt with a diving helmet icon.

Around the boy's neck there a metal lace with an aluminum dogtag. In the knee pockets of his suit he carries a pair of working gloves. The cuff of one glove is labelled with his name: "Lucas”. Patrick has fallen in love with that lad immediately!

"Do I need any diving experience for that dive?" he asks.

"No, but you should not be claustrophobic. That equipment is quite heavy. Your physical condition should be good, and you shouldn’t suffer from any heart and lung diseases at all."

He speaks in a clear, but sturdy coastal dialect.

"I think I'm healthy so far," says Patrick.

The boy nods and puts his hand on Patrick’s shoulder:

"Let's go over there for the preparation, my friend. I'll explain the whole thing to you first, and then we'll submerge you into our dive tank."

His mischievous smile and the sparkle in his eyes are incredibly sweet. His heavy hand on Patrick’s shoulder feels horny as hell... they blink at each other.

"Can I go to the bathroom before?" Patrick asks.

"Yes, of course. I would have recommended that anyway. Once you are enclosed in the helmet, it gets pretty awkward with the toilet."

The boy strokes Patrick briefly over his back. Keep going, Patrick thinks, I’d really like to cuddle him. Too bad he has no talent for telepathy.

Inside the bathroom, Patrick locks himself in, opens the zipper on the left sleeve of his jacket and takes out one of the condoms. Nervously, he pulls off the foil and makes it disappear again in the sleeve pocket. Then he rolls over the rubber carefully. He tries to think of something else than the diving helmets and the sweet face of the young diver. But it is not easy for him. Hopefully the rubber will hold tight if I cannot control myself underwater anymore, he thinks. He feels tense and sighs softly before pulling up his pants again. He washes his hands, grinning at himself in the mirror: Hard hat diver Patrick ready for underwater work!


The boy has been waiting for him.

“You’re ready?” he asks. “Now let’s go up to the platform. By the way, my name is Lucas. I'm currently a Navy Diver.”

Patrick also introduces himself, and laughs as Lucas squeezes his hand, applying very strong force, blinking at him again.

Then Patrick follows Lucas, who approaches the stairs on the side wall of the dive tank.

From the back, his millimeter-short, thick hair looks even prettier, like a cat's coat. It makes a wonderful contrast to his ears with the earrings and to his flexible back, covered by the rough cotton of his overall. His steps are light-footed, and his movements are athletic. He has probably been stuck in heavy diving suits countless times, Patrick contemplates. He tries to imagine Lucas's sweet-tempered face inside the diving helmet instead of the mannequin. He likes cute, but to some extent tough dudes like him. Patrick feels his cock rapidly erecting.

"This way up here."

From his breast pocket, the boy grabs a heavy bunch of keys on a steel chain. He unlocks the padlock at the gate, which secures the iron staircase on the tank. Afterwards, he sniffs on his big hands. The smell of metal on his fingers seems to be interesting to him. Together, they climb the stairs and reach the balcony, which looks like the edge of a swimming pool.

Patrick instantly gazes at two tarnished diving helmets and two pairs of diving boots. They are lined up on the floor with all the accessories - straps, steel bottles, brass fittings – next to rolled-up rubber hoses. Two bulky diving suits are hanging on the railing, made of black inner-tube rubber. Some parts have been repaired with red bicycle rubber patches. There is a smell of rubber and chlorine in the air.

"Wow. That's really awesome gear ", says Patrick, and runs his fingers over the heavy rubber.

"Cool, isn’t it?

Lucas has come so close to Patrick that he can almost feel his heat radiation and his smooth, constant breath. He's so cuddly, and a few inches taller than me, Patrick thinks, and struggles to not stare at him. He tries to keep a cool expression, when he points to the pool where he is about to dive:

"How deep is that?"

"Three meters. But it's unheated. So you need a thermal undergarment for the rubber suit."

Lucas points to a wooden box next to the water. On top of there is a thick, padded overalls:

"We also use these underwear in the navy. Get it on."

Patrick climbs into the coveralls with joyful excitement, and pulls the zipper up to his chin.


Now it really gets serious. Lucas holds one of the diving helmets in his hands. While he checks the air and com connections, he explains the upcoming process to Patrick:

"You will now suit up in the Mark Five deep sea rig, and go down to familiarize yourself under water. Later, I will come down, too. I will dress in as soon as my colleague Stefan is back. Meanwhile, I will tend you from up here."

Patrick sits down on the wooden box, and the boy comes close to him and helps him to slip into the rubber suit through the collar opening. The black suit smells of vulcanized heavy-duty rubber. Patrick snorts as he wriggles it up over his legs.

"That's an oversized all-body condom," Lucas smiles.

Tight black rubber cuffs are sealing the wrists of the suit. Patrick has to squeeze his hands through, with his fists clenched. Finally he is completely enclosed inside the stiff, cold rubber skin. It feels really horny. Lucas plucks the collar opening, which is seamed by a wide, punched rubber gasket for sealing the breastplate.

"Do you want to stay down for a long time?"

"It depends. I don’t know if I will like it."

"If you perform a long dive, you should put on gloves."

Lucas swings a pair of heavy black rubber gloves with long cuffs.

"Okay," Patrick smiles, and lets Lucas put him on the gloves. The rubber is several millimeters in thickness, and it also smells like an inner tube. It is corrugated at the palms and the fingertips. The gloves are tightly tied to the suit using a leather strap.

"Okay. Next task is donning the weighted boots."

Lucas places the huge boots in front of him. They look like antique moonboots with their brass caps. Patrick steps in. The boy kneels in front of him and ties the ribbons tight.

Then he gets up again and reaches for the copper breastplate. Patrick gasps softly as the weight of the breastplate rests on his shoulders. It's cool to look down on himself, and see the huge metal armor on his body. He presses his chin down on the cold brass flange that frames his neck.

Lucas picks up a box filled with brass wing nuts. He screws them onto the breastplate bolts to seal it to Patrick's rubber suit. While working, he comes so close to Patrick with his sweet tomcat face, that Patrick can feel his gentle breath again. It is an incredible feeling to sit there, armored in heavy metal, with heavy feet, while the young recruit is working on him with narrow eyes and a concentrated expression in his face. Patrick looks at Lucas's right hand, which is tightening the brass nuts, giving off a sharp metallic smell. But it is a nice hand with smooth skin and short fingernails anyway.

Within in a few minutes, I will be under water, Patrick thinks. He is a bit proud of not having tried to dodge out.

"Now that’s it."

Lucas strokes his hair and nods encouragingly to Patrick, "now you have to get up, so that we can tie you up into the harness."

It takes strength to get up with the breastplate. Four sturdy brass snap hooks click into the back and front of Patrick's shoulder armor. The heavy harness presses mercilessly onto Patrick's back.

"And now the jock strap."

Lucas reaches for the strap that runs through Patrick's crotch and pulls it tight with several violent jerks.


"It has to be as tight as possible. Otherwise your helmet will float up under water, and you will not be able to reach the chin valve." The grin on Lucas's face is vicious.

“Do you want to castrate me?" Patrick complains.

"Don’t be a Sissy. Come on, sit down and take the helmet!"


Lucas runs his hand through Patrick’s hair and then he puts the diving helmet onto his lap.

"Awesome" Patrick mumbles.

The helmet feels ice cold and it is even heavier than he ever thought. It has been spun from millimeter thick copper sheet. After years of work in the sea water, the unpainted metal skin has become tarnished and dark brown. The shell is covered with small dents and scratches. When Patrick touches it with his gloves, it gives off a distinctive smell of metal.

So horny that I'm about to be sealed into this, Patrick thinks, turning the diving helmet in his hands to look inside from below. The inside is a little brighter. It shimmers more reddish than brown, and apart from the ducts for the incoming air, there is also a kind of telephone shell. The portholes are sealed with solid brass flanges.

"That's almost a submarine," says Patrick. In spite of its weight, the solid construction of the gear creates confidence.

Meanwhile, Lucas has brought a bucket of soap water. He passes a wet cloth into Patrick’s rubber-gloved hand:

"Wipe off the helmet viewports from the inside. That way, they won’t mist up from your breath under water."

Patrick obeys and then he presses the mushroom-shaped brass button, which is built into the chin area.

"Press that button with your chin to vent air”, Lucas explains. “Deflate your suit to get down to the bottom. But do not dump too much air. Otherwise, the suit will squeeze your body."

"And what’s about floating upwards?"

"Then turn your chest valve carefully. Your suit inflates, and you will float up. But always inflate slowly. Floating up too fast would be dangerous again."

"Hmm ... this type of diving seems to be dangerous in general, isn’t it?"

“If you want to be my friend, you must have been down with Kunibert."


“That’s my name for the suit. A famous German knight. This suit always reminds me that I wanted to become a knight when I was a child. All that heavy metal stuff, and this dressing-up of sturdy boys!" He pats himself on the shoulder. "And just look at this sword!"

He makes some theatrical gestures with the chunky diver's knife, before he puts it back into its brass sheath belted to Patrick’s waist.


Approx. 5 mins. later


With a constant hiss, the compressed air flows into the diving helmet. The cuffs of the diving suit pinch on Patrick's wrists. The tight helmet gives him a sense of being helplessly captured within these bare metal walls. Patrick constantly touches the copper with his chin or with the back of his head. His vision is obstructed by the scratched milky glass of the four small portholes, and by their diamond pattern of brass grilles.

In front of him, there is the entire length of the tank in bluish-milky light. He can hear himself gasping for air in his tight copper prison. He can also see the faceplate fogging by his breath. When he wipes off the mist with his nose, his cheeks touch against the cold helmet shell. His hardon has grown to a huge size since he has been sealed in the helmet. As his body is tied up firmly into the leather straps of the harness, near to immobilization, the jockstrap presses down into his fully erected cock.

Since Lucas screwed up the porthole, it's also pretty stuffy under the helmet. Meanwhile, the rubber suit smells like a full body condom. When Patrick presses his chin on the helmet valve, he can smell the harsh metallic odor of the brass knob. Sweat runs down his forehead.

That’s so horny, he thinks, somehow it is uncomfortable and stinky, but at the same time I feel absolutely great!

As he looks through the side window he can see his left hand in the rubber glove. The inflated rubber sleeve and the black gloves look great in the water.

"Clanc. Clack. Clanc." His metal shoes bang up on the tiled floor. When he tries to take a few steps forward, he notices his boots slipping on the tiles because there is still too much air in the suit.

"Do not forget to deflate," Lucas warns him over the intercom.

"Okay." His own voice sounds metallic, dull and muffled in the helmet.

He presses his chin onto the helmet valve. Some air bubbles escape, and the suit and the breastplate press tightly against his body.

Now he feels again the massive weight of all the stuff that tends to push him over. The helmet and breastplate press down on his shoulders, as if they might bring him to his knees. As he flails desperately with his arms, he sees a rush of air bubbles rising to the surface. Patrick reaches for the control valve on his chest and turns it up. A rush of additional air blows into his helmet. He feels lighter again, but at the same time the sleeves of the suit inflate so much that they feel stiff, and the pressure of the jock strap increases again.

"Remember, you must always operate the valves slowly and carefully," Lucas explains over the intercom.

Finally, Patrick has found the right buoyancy and makes some cautious, then bigger steps forward. It's more hopping than running, he jumps up, floats for a moment, and touches down on the bottom again with his boots. Walking on the Moon as an astronaut must be exactly like this, Patrick thinks. At least it is a very horny blast! With every movement he can hear some gurgling and bubbling around him.

"Is your suit completely watertight?" Lucas asks about the intercom.

"Seems to be tight ... only at my wrists, some water leaks in”, Patrick answers.

"That doesn’t matter. As long as it doesn’t fill up your suit to your knees."

Slowly he strolls on over the bottom of the pool. When he looks through the small porthole over his forehead, he sees the waves on the surface. They glitter and blur in the light of fluorescent lamps on the hall ceiling. Patricks ears feel numb until he pushes his nose against the faceplate, and swallows for pressure equalization.

Suddenly he realizes that he cannot go on. His safety lines and his air hose keep him stuck on the spot.

"Pull out some more feet on your air hose," Lucas reminds him, and Patrick grabs the thick rubber hose attached to his harness and pulls it hard.

"Do you think you can handle your gear on your own now?" Lucas asks.

"I think so. When will you come down?"

"My buddy Stefan has just arrived. He will suit me up now. I'll be down there with you soon. So we are going to have a comm break right now!”


After some time, Patrick watches another diver descending into the tank. That’s Lucas! He lands on the bottom in the centre of the pool. Then he begins to move towards Patrick. His sight makes Patrick almost instantly jacking off! With a shimmering copper helmet, shimmering breastplate and shimmering brass boots, the diver walks towards him, trailing his lines behind. Frequently a burst of bubbles escapes from his helmet.

Patrick recognizes the athletic but sleek stature of Lucas under the rubber suit and the heavy metal armor. He doesn’t wear gloves. His erotic, big boy’s hands are the only parts of his body sticking out of his rig. They clasp the brass diving knife and the huge brass chest valve. On dry land, he would have a very intense, persistent brass smell on his hands right now, Patrick contemplates, feeling his penis growing larger and larger every moment. The closer diver Lucas gets, the better Patrick can see his sparkling eyes and his cute face behind the grills of his faceplate.

Slowly, they approach each other’s, and then Lucas grabs Patrick's rubber hand and taps against his right shoe with the metal cap of his boot. They press each other's hands. Patrick's cock even gets stiffer beneath the jockstrap. They push their diving helmets close together, and behind the porthole Lucas blinks at him. He looks gorgeous in his helmet. Patrick can tell at a glance that this young diver really feels great in his heavy gear!

"Boy, that’s awesome, isn’t it?" Lucas yells at him with his voice muffled by metal and water, but still understandable.

"That's my ultimate experience" Patrick replies, laughing. Lucas nods, grabs the control valve mounted on Patrick's chest, and adjusts it. Patrick puts his rubber hand on that of Lucas.

For a little eternity, they look at each other’s through their faceplates. Patrick's heart is pounding. After some time, Lucas moves even closer to Patrick and reaches for Patrick's other hand. Incredible, Patrick thinks and feels a joyful warm wave emanating from Lucas' big hands and running through his whole body.

Then Lucas suddenly pats against Patrick's helmet, grabs Patrick's helmet valve, and turns the little brass handwheel on its outside. A sound of squeaking and bubbles is audible inside Patrick’s diving helmet. Then Lucas turns away from Patrick. What a pity if he leaves me right now, Patrick thinks, I was just getting on the edge! He is a little disappointed.


Following his diving mate, Patrick slowly strolls towards the window pane of the tank. After all, even from behind, such a helmet diver looks wonderful underwater. Lucas has spread his arms and is walking in a well-trained way, with effortless, floating body movements. When Patrick presses his chin onto the button of the helmet valve again, he realizes that it doesn’t move any more.

“Holy shit”, he thinks, “that fucking thing is stuck! What am I going to do now?” He rubs his chin on the valve button, and presses it with force, but despite of the more intense metal odor on his chin, the valve only moves in a very limited way.

"Now I can’t vent my excess air any more” he mumbles, “I will have to end my dive, probably right now.”

"Hello, is there anybody on the intercom again?" he asks.

There is no answer.

He turns his mouth to the mouthpiece and calls several times as loud as he can, but no one answers. The suit already gets more inflated and bulky. Slowly Patrick approaches Lucas to show him the problem. Lucas, meanwhile, has pulled into the farthest corner of the pool, and walking becomes more difficult for Patrick. The grip of his brass soles on the bottom decreases, while his buoyancy grows. A little later, his sleeves puff up like a balloon. While Patrick tries to bend his arms, he has to overcome an increasingly strong resistance. The black rubber gloves now inflate and their fingers become stiff. Patrick struggles to clench his fists a few times. He looks through his helmet viewports at his hands, and at his tightly puffed rubber sleeves, which are only constricted by the cuffs of the gloves on his forearms.

"I’m already looking like a Michelin man," he moans, "I will soon float up to the surface, and there is nothing I could do!"

With slipping feet, and frantically flailing with his arms, he moves towards Lucas. Finally his mate seems to have realized what's going on. Patrick grabs Lucas' chest straps, and pushes his gloves underneath his leather belts to hold onto him. He senses his slim body under the rubber suit. The other diver accepts it.

"My helmet valve is stuck," he shouts to Lucas, who does not seem to understand him.

"Leave the chest valve open. Otherwise you'll suffocate" he replies.

Patrick shakes his head and wants to point to the helmet valve from the outside, but he does not manage to bring his hand to the valve. His suit is already too stiff by now. He can only cling to the rugged leather straps of Lucas' harness.  More and more he feels the contours of the slender Navy diver under his rubber suit. He pushes his chin again on the dump valve, but it does not move.

Lucas, watching his efforts, looks at him behind the brass grilles with his clear gray-green eyes. It almost seems to Patrick that there is a slight ironic joy in the sparkling eyes, as if the boy is trying hard to suppress a grin. Patrick can see almost every detail in his mate’s face. Only his condom-enclosed hard-on is now even stiffer than his diving suit. Lucas's gaze is so cute from such a small distance. Patrick's mouth and lips start to tickle and twitch joyfully, as if he was about to kiss his mate. At this moment, he feels the lustful prickle of his precum dripping into the rubber.

Argh… just don’t cum too early, he tries to stop himself. He applies all of his strength to hold on to Lucas. His heart is pounding. Lucas also tries to hold him. He has hugged Patrick, and stucks his hands firmly into Patrick's harness. Only the weight of Lucas holds both divers down on the bottom while the compressed air continues to flow into Patrick's helmet.

It's amazing to be so tightly wedged together, wrapped in stiff rubber, metal and compressed air, and still feel the touch of this cute Navy diver. And then, that smell inside the tight heavy helmet, the pressure of the straps onto his cock and the tight condom. Patrick feels so horny! He will not be able to delay his orgasm for much longer.

The amazing sight of Lucas in his gear gives him final kick-off: the boy's sweet face under the tarnished copper helmet, his red cheeks, some soft reddish beard stubbles on his cute chin, that sweet smile, and those warm-hearted, sparkling eyes behind brass grilles - that's so incredibly horny that Patrick cannot fight back any more. An amazing hot flash of joy runs through his body. For endless, lustful seconds he shoots a massive load into his condom, while he clasps Lucas as tightly as he can, fixing his sparkling eyes and pressing his forehead against the cold metal of the helmet. Lucas' grin even gets wider behind his faceplate. Patrick's stream of cum even increases, lasting much longer than usual.


Afterwards, Patrick exhales, exhausted. He resists the temptation to close his eyes. Did his diving mate notice what was going on?

Suddenly, Patrick notices that Lucas' grip slips away from his body. His own hands lose contact with the other diver, too. His arms are pressed up horizontally by great pressure, and now he sees only bluish water through his faceplate. Uncontrollably, he floats up to the surface in his ballooning rubber suit.

“Just continue to breathe normally”, he thinks, then he breaks through the surface. He is thrown out of the water with his helmet and his upper body. He briefly sees the bright daylight, and then plops forward. For a moment there is water in front of the portholes. He can see Lucas' shimmering helmet on the bottom from above. Then he rolls on his back. There is daylight again in front of the faceplate. Slowly, his swimming position stabilizes. He is floating on his back, helplessly and spread-eagled in his fully inflated diving rig!

"Shit, now I'm lying here, like a turtle, and can not do anything at all". Patrick groans.

His mouth and nose touch the brass flange between the helmet and the breastplate, because the helmet is pushed up by the enormous internal pressure. Now he understands why Lucas lashed his jock strap down so hard. Through the small section of the porthole, which is still in front of his face, he can only recognize a fluorescent lamp and a fan housing on the ceiling.

"Hello, is there anybody?" He likes his voice in the helmet somehow, but he does not know if he can be heard outside.

From the gauntlets of his gloves  and from small leaks in the suit some air escapes. It is gurgling and bubbling now pretty loud. The suit will not burst, Patrick thinks, and as long as the air is still flowing, nothing can happen to me. He tries to get as comfortable as possible in his situation.

His legs seem to be getting cold and wet. And there is still this firm pressure of the straps on his cock. Somehow this helplessness is horny too, he thinks.

He focuses on his arms, his rubbered hands and heavy feet, trying to move them out of their spread-eagled position. He feels how heavy rubber and compressed air softly, but relentlessly prevent any major movement from the actual position. The most horny feeling is provided by his inflated rubber gloves. Only for a few seconds he manages to clench his fists, then his force is no longer sufficient, and his fingers are pressed back into their straight position.

Then there is also the cold metal of the helmet shell at the back of his head, and the smelly brass flange close to his face, the hiss of the warm incoming air, and the rocking, gurgling and bubbling around him. His heart starts to beat again, and new sweat drips form on his forehead. “I am a stinky, heavy metal rubber pig now”, he moans, full of new lust.

At rhythmic intervals, Patrick tries to bend his arms, legs and fingers. Every time the inflated suit fights back against his movements, Patrick feels more aroused. The pressure in his penis increases rapidly. Another warm swell of sexual joy flushes throughout his body, and finally he merges with his rubber and metal prison to a horny unity. A jolt runs through his rubbered body, and a new, massive load of cum shoots into the condom, or what is left of it, respectively.

When it is over, he closes his eyes for a moment. He feels exhausted, but also sleepy and satisfied. He has never experienced such a hot day! A sense of security comes over him, while he listens to the bubbling and imagines the experiences of the last hour like in a movie: the first encounter with Lucas, the dressing, the descent, the first steps on the bottom, holding hands, the hot games and the cumshot with Lucas, and then this second orgasm in total helplessness.


"Hello Diver ... do you need help?"

The voice in the helmet speaker rips Patrick out of his slumber. He does not know how long he has been dozing.

"I think so...”

"Wait. I'll pull you ashore."

The young voice is new to Patrick but friendly. Suddenly he realizes that the lamps and the ceiling construction are moving slowly above him. Someone pulls him gently to the edge of the pool. He grabs under his arms and tugs him onto the platform next to the water. He seems to be strong like a bear.

A head bends over him, while a hand unscrews the faceplate. With a hiss, the rubber-scented overpressure in the suit escapes through the porthole. It crackles in Patrick's ears. He is incredibly relieved that he can finally suck fresh air into his lungs, and move his arms again. At the same time, he regrets that the adventure is over now.

"Well, shit happens, doesn’t it?"

"Yes, don’t know why."

The helmet is removed while he is still lying on his back. A towel is pushed under his head, and to his delight, Patrick sees a handsome, black-haired boy kneeling beside him. He seems to be in his early twenties, has brown eyes and a sweet goatee.
"Thanks for the rescue. I still don’t know how that happened."

"Typical beginner’s mistake. But otherwise everything is alright with you?" There is concern in the young face.

"I think so."

"Be glad that this only happened to you here in the pool. In open water, such a blow-up might have been life threatening. I thought Lucas would take care of you, so I went away for some minutes."

"I could not dump my air. The helmet valve is stuck."

"Should not be possible. Lucas must check it up."

The black-haired lad turns the small brass hand wheel on the outside of the helmet, and tries the chin button. Like Lucas, he shows no reluctance in handling the heavy gear at all.

“Ah! There was too much pre-tension in the spring. You just had to turn the knob a few times. Then it would have been back to normal."

"Shit. Didn’t know that."

"You can’t. Lucas should have taken care of that." The boy shakes his head. Some metal scents evaporate from his hand while he nudges Patrick’s cheek.

"Are you Stefan?"

"Yes, that's my name. How do you know me?"

"Lucas briefly told me about you earlier."

Stefan helps him sit up with his breastplate. He has a calm, confident manner, and Patrick feels that he is in good hands.

"Rest first a few minutes, then I will help you out of the gear."

A metallic rumble is audible. Now Lucas comes up the ladder. Stefan gives an excusing look to Patrick and walks to the ladder to help the other diver. He knocks friendly on Lucas' diving helmet before opening the faceplate.

"Everything okay with you?"

Lucas puffs him into the stomach with his wet hands, and points to Patrick:

"First of all, help our poor friend out of the suit. I can keep my helmet on for a few more minutes."

Lucas walks to the bench with heavy steps and sits down, so that he can watch Patrick through his open faceplate.

At that view, Patrick's cock begins to grow again. Stefan, who knows nothing about it, comes back to him. He helps him out of his gear in a well-trained pace. When Patrick is finally free of everything, he feels very relieved on his still-shaky legs. Fortunately, his thermal overalls has some wet spots on the sleeves only.

Together, they undress Lucas, who immediately disappears to the toilet. Patrick and Stefan sit side by side on the bench at the edge of the pool for a moment.

"Do you also belong to the museum,?" Patrick asks.

"At the weekend, I often help out with the diving activities. I'm in the Navy with Lucas."

"And you also dive these heavy suits?"

"Yes. I find these old copper helmet rigs totally beautiful. In the Navy, we only have modern stuff, and plastic helmets. "

"It is super horny. I would like to try again one day."

Stefan laughs:

"You have the right attitude. After your mishap, you've actually earned a second helmet dive. If Lucas is back, we can talk about it. "

"Great," says a very happy Patrick, "but I have to go to the bathroom now."


As Patrick enters the toilet room, Lucas lopes out of the small cabin. He looks directly into his eyes, with his cute smile, and nudges him into the stomach without a word. The sleeves of his military jumpsuit are rolled up. Patrick can see the suntanned, barely haired arms of Lucas. With a growing hard-on, he goes into the cabin and locks the door. There is smell inside which seems to be a mixture between the rubber of the diving suit, and the aftershave of Lucas.

Patrick lifts the toilet lid and sees a used condom swimming in the water. It can only be from Lucas. He peels his own rubber out. It has held tight. Then he also throws it into the bowl. At the same moment, the door handle moves.

"Wait a minute," Patrick says, "who is there?"

"Me, Lucas." The voice is sounds a little bit shy.

"You forgot to flush." Patrick giggles.

"I know, that's why I'm coming back. Is that bad?"

"Yeah! Bad boy!" Patrick cannot help laughing. He quickly pulls his overalls up and opens the door. Lucas is visibly insecure.

"I'm sorry for that incident under water" he says.

"Never mind. I enjoyed it, anyway." Patrick puts his hands on the other's shoulders.

"Stefan and I will give you a compensation: a whole helmet diving weekend!”

"Oh my god! That’s so hot!" Patrick hugs him, and his cock stiffens quickly.

"Do you still find that cool after that shock?" Lucas embraces him, and Patrick's heart is throbbing again, and his hands are getting wet.

"Yes, even hornier ... I didn’t know that it is so cool before."

They look each other’s in the eyes with a grin.

"Somehow, I like you, boy" says Lucas, "you are the right stuff as a diver. I noticed that immediately.”

"What did you notice?" Patrick reaches for Lucas' erotic hand.

"I knew that you will cope with the Mark V rig. Some guys move back when they see the heavy gear." He disguises his voice to a squeaky pitch: "'Phh, no, I think' that's nothing for me '."

"And you expected me to have more guts?" Patrick is proud. He tugs carefully at the steel necklace of Lucas' dogtag, and then on his front zipper. He slowly pulls it down a few inches.

Lucas' gaze falls on Patrick's crotch, which is already bulging.

"You should have done the same in there as I did." Lucas points his head at the toilet.

"I've done that twice already today."

"In the suit, under water?"

Patrick nods.

"I already assumed that. It looked like that down below."

"What did I look like?"

"It looked like you were really enjoying us kidding around, and inflating the diving suit."

"You intentionally blocked my helmet valve, didn’t you?"

"There was no danger here in the pool. Do you blame me for that?" Lucas's expression looks serious.

"I cannot blame you for anything."

"Oh boy. Come closer." He sighs.

"Shit, I've fallen in love with you," Patrick stammers, "right when I saw you first… and when you were enclosed in this horny helmet underwater ..." He gets more and more tingly.

His hands slip under the military jumpsuit, driving over Lucas loins and clasping his back. Lucas smiles at him tenderly. He was never as close to Lucas as he is now. He feels his breathing and every soft movement in the slim, well-trained body, which still gives off a scent of rubber.

Patrick strokes joyfully through Lucas' short hair. A few minutes ago, this cute lad still has been imprisoned in that enormous copper helmet, Patrick contemplates, full of arousal. He can also smell a slight scent of brass left on Lucas’ chin, when they kiss each other’s very passionate and joyful. Only moments later, thick ropes of cum shoot into their jumpsuits.


“Hey, boys. Where have you got to?" They startle.

Stefan is standing in the doorway!

"Come to us," Lucas says after a moment of re-orientation, and turns to Patrick: "Actually, Stefan is my homie.”

"I don’t blame you, boys" Stefan says, putting his hands on the shoulders of both divers. "I like Patrick too. But I think, if I were Patrick, I'd give you a mouthful after that incident."

"I invited Patrick to a complete hard hat dive training for compensation" Lucas replies. "We will definitely have fun under and outside the water, all three of us!"