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20 Feb. '19

Tom pushed the buzzer, the usual nervous feeling of excitement and anticipation prickling through his body. He’d visited this establishment many times and had always enjoyed his visits. The place was called Lulubelle’s and it was an independent ‘massage parlour’, otherwise known as a brothel. It was situated on the outskirts of a modern town and was run as a cooperative of independent girls, the type of establishment that was tolerated by the police as it was well-run and there had been no complaints from the public.

Lulu was the ‘Madam’ and she ran a tight ship, making sure all the girls who worked there were legal, over 18, clean and happy. It had proven to be a successful business model so she never felt the need to engage in any underhand activities. She knew that if the girls were happy, the punters would be too, and in this age of internet reviews, she was proud that her place was the top-rated establishment in the country.

Tom was the type of guy that figured, if you want a good service, don’t engage an enthusiastic amateur, hire a professional. He wouldn’task somebody he met in a bar to decorate his house, so why would he do that to satisfy his sexual needs? Besides, from years of bitter experience, he’d learnt that paying for sex was a lot cheaper than ‘free’ sex! He was also the type of guy that liked variety in his sex life. He had no one ‘type’, liking different girls equally. Some days he fancied a lithe blonde, other days a well-built black girl, or maybe an Asian girl. By visiting Lulubelle’s, he had an almost unlimited choice of girls and could visit when he wanted to, spending as much or as little as his budget would allow. He knew this type of life wasn’t for everyone, but it suited him right now.

The last time he’d been horny, he went to Lulubelle’s and had met Jessica, a really fit buxom blonde girl, aged around 30. She had been the most enthusiastic lover he’d encountered yet at Lulubelle’s and whilst he rarely met with the same girl on consecutive visits, he would definitely choose her again if she was working today. Now the door buzzer had been pressed, the ten second wait that felt like ten minutes had to be endured. He heard somebody approaching the door and it opened, allowing him to walk in. He turned to see who had answered and was surprised to see it was Lulu herself. “Hi Tom,” she beamed, “lovely to see you again. Take a seat and I’ll send the girls through.” Tom smiled and said “Hi Lulu, you working today?” knowing she didn’t ever see clients, but he loved to tease her whenever he saw her. “Not even for you, Tom!” she replied, while wagging her finger at him. She enjoyed the banter as well and wished she’d had ten pounds for each time she’d been asked that question. Lulu was a beautiful milf, definitely a young man’s fantasy, but with her sexy smile and even sexier wiggle, men of all ages wished she was one of the working girls.

Tom patiently took a seat in the plush waiting area, then one by one, the girls trooped out to see him, most of them teetering on dangerously high heels. Firstly came Julia, a tall brunette with big fake tits and lips. “Hi,” Tom smiled at her. He’d seen her there before but she wouldn’t be his first choice today. He heard more heels clattering along the wooden floor and another girl appeared. “Hello, I’m Celia,” said a very pretty blonde girl wearing hardly any clothes. Tom said “Hi” and as she wiggled away, he admired her sexy shape and said to himself “Celia, hmmm.” He hadn’t seen her before but immediately wanted to see more. The third head popped around the door after noiselessly padding along the corridor with bare feet. “Hi, I’m, Oh! It’s Tom, isn’t it? Remember me?” asked the buxom blonde. Tom smiled broadly and said “Hi Jessica, yes, of course I remember you. I’m still limping!” Jessica grinned, winked and wandered back to the main room, giggling. One last girl popped her head in, “Hello, I’m Ayesha,” said a perfectly proportioned Japanese-looking girl with long dark hair and a very smiley face. Tom liked the look of her very much and now had to make a decision which of these beautiful girls he wanted to fuck. The answer, of course, was all of them, but that wasn’t really an option. Hmm, he thought, Celia is very cute, Ayesha is stunning. But it just has to be Jessica again. She really is something else.

Tom’s thoughts were interrupted when Lulu returned and said “Well, if I was a gambling woman, I’d bet you’re going to choose Jessie again. Am I right?” Tom smiled and said “Well, since you rejected me, I have to say you’re right. Jessica is awesome, so yes please, if she’ll have me.” Lulu nodded and said “Oh yes, she’ll have you. She said really nice things about you after your last visit.” Tom looked surprised and Lulu noticed. “The girls do compare notes about you guys, you know. I always ask them how it went to make sure I’m not letting nutters or weirdos in.” Tom nodded and Lulu added “She said you were both, but quite sweet with it!” and winked at him, making him chuckle. “She’s got me down to a tee,” he joked back.

Lulu started to walk away to fetch Jessica, then turned back around to face Tom. “Actually,” she said,  as if she’d just remembered something. “How would you fancy doing your Aunty Lu a favour?” Tom raised his eyebrows and said “Yes, but you told me you weren’t working!” Lulu wagged her finger at Tom again and said “Not that kind of favour, you naughty boy. I have a new girl called Leah who’s very keen to start but she’s only 19 and looks younger. I know she’ll be very popular, being so young and very pretty, but I want to make sure she’s certain this is the life for her. Would you mind if she joined you and Jessica just to see how a real meeting goes. No participation, just to watch an expert at work with a nice client. How about it?” Tom thought for a minute. He wasn’t stalling or trying to negotiate, he was wondering to himself if having another pretty girl in the room would distract him in any way. Lulu saw him thinking and said “I know, as a reward, you can be Leah’s first client if she agrees to stay on and there’d be no charge for you. How about that?”

Tom, ever the gentleman, replied “Lulu, that’s an offer I can’t refuse, but I don’t expect anything for nothing. Of course she can come in and watch me and Jessica getting jiggy. You know I’d do anything for you, Lulu, no freebie needed!” Lulu smiled and reached forward to give Tom a peck on the cheek. “That’s why all the girls you meet think you’re so bloody lovely! Thank-you Tom, I wish all our clients were as nice as you,” and with that, she turned on her heels and went to get the girls. Jessica returned quickly with a big smile on her face. “Aww, thanks for choosing me again Tom. Follow me.”

This was almost Tom’s favourite part of the punt, following the girl up to the room, watching her beautiful ass clad only in a tiny thong as it wiggled up the stairs in front of him. Jessica showed Tom in to the same room as they used the previous week. It was well-suited for what Lulu had asked as it had a large sofa to one side of the bed where the new girl could sit and watch. Tom handed Jessica the fee in cash and she smiled her thanks. “You really don’t mind Leah coming in with us? asked Jessica. “I don’t if you don’t Babe,” replied Tom. “As long as you don’t take your eyes off me!” Jessica said, pretending to be jealous. “I think you’ll like Leah, she’s really pretty.” Tom thought, aren’t all the girls here really pretty? Then the door opened tentatively and Leah walked in. Fuck! Really pretty was the understatement of the millennium! Leah was absolutely stunning. She had the face of an angel, framed with soft, wavy blonde hair. Her eyes looked like those of a Disney princess, her lips were full but obviously natural and her figure was amazing. This was the kind of girl that caused traffic accidents, no doubt about it. “Well, was I right?” asked Jessica.

Tom lifted his jaw up from the floor, composed himself and said “Hello Leah. Jess said you were gorgeous and I have to admit, she’s right. I’m Tom, nice to meet you.” He extended his hand and Leah shook it. “So formal!” she said, and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him on the lips. Tom looked genuinely surprised and Jessica said “Oy, hands off, he’s mine today!” Leah said “Oops!” and flopped down on the big sofa. Jessica handed Tom a towel and said “Help yourself to the shower. Me and the little nymph here will be back in a few minutes.” The girls slipped out of the room and Tom slipped out of his clothes. He’d showered barely an hour ago, but was happy to do so again. He made absolutely sure all his best bits were spotless then rinsed off and dried himself, laughing at the fact that his dick was already semi-hard anticipating another great session with Jessica and with the stunning Leah spectating.

The girls didn’t keep him waiting long and returned giggling. He had always liked how happy and fun all the girls were here at Lulubelle’s. Leah, being cute and with such a fun personality, looked to be a natural fit. Typical of Lulu to give her this opportunity to see if parlour life was really for her, putting Leah’s welfare above her own financial gain, as obviously Leah was going to bring in the punters. Tom was now fully naked and being used to this type of meeting, wasn’t at all embarrassed to let the towel fall to the ground and be the only one of the three of them wearing nothing. Leah tutted and said to Jessica, “Ah, so that’s why you like him,” nodding her head in the direction of Tom’s groin. He was rather well-endowed and being semi-hard already flattered him further. Jessica threw a pillow at Leah to shut her up and she giggled again. “Just try and ignore her, Babe,” said Jessica. “I’m the main attraction now.” As she said this, she unfastened her one-piece flimsy body suit, letting it drop to the floor around her feet. Now Jessica’s stunning body was on full display as well. She had large, firm, natural breasts with permanently erect nipples. Her skin was tanned evenly, her tummy toned from the gym and her legs were super smooth, as was her pubic mound. Tom thought her hips and ass were the best he’d ever seen on a girl. “Perfect” he muttered, as Jessica knelt on the bed next to him, then straddled his lap, pushed his head down to the pillow and started to snog his face off. Leah watched on as Tom ran his hands all over Jessica’s body, paying special attention to her soft buttocks.

Jessica reached down and started to jerk Tom’s already fully-erect cock, making him moan his appreciation. Jessica remembered from the previous meeting that Tom spent a long time kissing and licking her pussy and as he was so damn good at it, she wasted no time in pivoting her body around so she could go down on him as he returned the favour. Girl-on-top 69 was Tom’s favourite way to get warmed up. Jessica’s pussy tasted like nectar and he liked that she never complained when he used his fingers, inserting them deep enough to massage her G spot as he nibbled her clit. Jess got quite loud as Tom worked on her nether regions and really yelped when he cheekily slipped a finger into her bum hole. She lifted her head off his cock and moaned “Oh God, you’re so naughty,” then resumed her attentive sucking and deep-throating of his huge cock. Neither Tom nor Jessica could see Leah as she watched on, but she already had her hand inside her panties and was stroking herself, enjoying the porn show taking place inches away from her.

With one hand on each buttock and pulling Jessica’s ass slightly open, Tom pushed his tongue as deep into her pussy as he could, squeezing and kneading her ass cheeks and enjoying her heavenly taste. Jessica loved the feeling of Tom’s tongue and the taste of his cock. It was big enough to fill her mouth and throat completely and she hoped he’d cum in this position. She wouldn’t suck bareback with most clients, but she felt comfortable with Tom and would be happy for him to fill her mouth. Tom started to spank her lightly and she let out an involuntary moan, so he spanked her a bit more firmly. He wasn’t going to last much longer and decided as there would be time for a round two, he’d relax and enjoy his orgasm, hoping he could make Jessie cum as well. He kept spanking and squeezing her ass while tongue-fucking her, then he slipped his thumb into her ass hole and sucked her clit hard, making her yelp and squirm as she started to cum. Tom relaxed and felt his own orgasm rising. “I’m gonna cum any second,” he warned Jessica, but she didn’t stop sucking. Her orgasm was still pulsing through her when Tom’s cock started shooting spurt after spurt into her mouth. She ran her lips all around his knob as he came and his cum was dribbling out of her mouth covering his cock and balls. Her own juices were flowing copiously over Tom’s face and he was gasping for breath as she slowed down on his cock then collapsed down onto him. Leah clapped her hands with joy and squealed “And you get paid for this? Fuck! When can I start?”

Jessie eased herself off Tom and they had a bit of a clean-up. Leah was grinning from ear to ear as she said “When do I get a go?” Tom replied “Well, it’ll take me a few minutes to get hard again. Maybe you two could…?” He left the question hanging in the air, hoping Jessie would get the hint. If Leah was up for it, then why not? “You’re supposed to just be watching Hun,” said Jessie, “but if you want me to lick your pussy while you get Tom hard again, I guess that would be OK.” Tom smiled and Leah jumped up from the sofa, stripping off what few clothes she had on. “Oh yeah, please Babe, that would be amazing!” Tom was going to get a lesbian show and a different pair of lips around his dick, so he wasn’t complaining.

Leah lay down on the bed and opened her legs. Tom feasted his eyes on her perfect young body, then knelt next to her head. Jessie got herself in position and started to gently lap at Leah’s wet pussy. Tom had a perfect view and was concentrating so hard, he jumped when Leah grabbed his rapidly hardening cock and started to stroke it sensually. He turned his body so she could reach him with her mouth and she slipped it in, sucking softly, making Tom moan again. Two blowjobs, one from each of these two stunning beauties and his time wasn’t even half up yet. This is the life, he thought to himself!

Leah was loving Jessie’s oral attention and couldn’t help her dirty mouth while she was sucking and stroking Tom’s now fully hard cock. “Oh yes, Jessie, that’s amazing. I’m so wet, I’m gonna cum on your tongue. Lick my clit, yes, like that. Mmmm, fuck!” With her lips wrapped tightly around Tom’s throbbing cock, she came hard and nearly choked at the same time. Tom stroked her hair and Jessie kissed her thighs and tummy as she breathed hard then slowly came down from her climax. Tom thought he’d never been so aroused in his life before. He was dying to fuck Jessie now. Leah slid off the bed and back to the sofa, still panting a bit. She felt light-headed from the wonderful orgasm she’d just had from Jessie’s magic tongue, which was as unexpected as it was welcome. Leah loved watching porn and to have a live show right in front of her was very arousing!

She looked back over at Jessie and Tom and they were already at it again. They were kneeling on the bed facing each other, kissing each other’s mouths passionately, groping and caressing, both ready for the main event. Jessie gently pushed Tom on to his back, dipped her head to give his engorged knob another kiss, then reached back and grabbed a condom. She tore the packet open with her teeth, placed the condom in her mouth, then rolled it onto Tom’s cock with her mouth and lips. Leah was watching and taking notes! She’d never seen this done before and thought it looked hot. Jessie squatted directly over Tom’s cock and lowered herself on to him slowly. It felt amazing for Tom and Jessie moaned as her pussy was fully penetrated. She then started her squat lifts, raising herself up then sliding back down while Tom stroked her breasts with those hard nipples. Jessie was lost in the moment, her eyes rolling backwards, her hands on Tom’s thighs for balance. They fucked in this position for about 5 minutes until Tom said “Your legs must be getting tired. How about we try some doggy?” Jessie beamed and said “Oh yeah, my fave!” slid off Tom and assumed the position. Tom just had to stare for a moment as he took in the fantastically erotic sight of Jessie’s naked bum poised ready for him, her wet pussy lips open almost begging him to mount her. He lowered his head to give her pussy one final kiss, making Jessie giggle and wiggle her bum in his face, then he offered his condom-covered cock up to her entrance. “Brace yourself!” teased Tom, then thrust his cock deep into Jessie and they both let out a satisfied sigh.

Leah was mesmerised by Jessie and Tom’s fucking. She was aroused again and playing with her own pussy, envious of Jessie having this gorgeous man fucking her hard and deep. She loved that Tom was gently prodding Jessie’s asshole with his finger as he fucked her and started fingering her own as well. Jessie looked over her shoulder at Tom and said “If you like, you can bum-fuck me as well, no extra charge for you Babe.” Tom had really fancied fucking Jessie’s ass but it normally cost an extra £30, and whilst it was incredibly horny, he wasn’t sure it was worth the extra money. ”Really? If you’re sure, I’d absolutely love to,” replied Tom. “Mmmm,” replied Jessica. “Oh my God!” squealed Leah. Jessie reached forward and found the bottle of lube on the bedside cabinet. Even as Tom was still fucking her pussy, she squeezed some lube on to her fingers and reached around to rub it in and around her anus. “Whenever you’re ready, Tom,” she purred.

Tom eased his dick out of her tight pussy and noticed it was harder and bigger than he’d ever seen it. He loved anal, and now he was about to fuck the best-looking ass he’d ever seen. He held his cock head up to Jessie’s ass and let her push back to control the entry. His cock was so hard and Jessie’s ass so slippery with lube, it slipped in easily. She let out a huge moan as her sphincter clamped itself around Tom’s big knob and when he pushed it in further, it was Leah that let out a moan, frigging herself hard with one finger deep in her own ass. Both Jessie and Tom looked over at her writhing on the sofa and smiled. Tom held Jessie’s sexy hips as he thrust into her over and over, loving how tight her ass was around his cock. Despite having cum barely twenty minutes ago, Tom could feel the sap rising. He was about to reach his hands around to frig Jessie’s clit but she beat him to it and screamed “I’m gonna cum again,” and Tom felt her spasms tearing through her, squeezing his cock even tighter. Leah crawled over to Jessie and whispered something to her and through her pants, Tom heard her say “Sure, if he wants to.” He didn’t know what she said, but it very quickly became apparent. Leah shuffled down the bed so her face was right next to Jessie’s ass, looked up at Tom, opened her mouth and pointed to it. Tom smiled “Oh yeah!” and withdrew his throbbing cock from Jessie’s ass. She slumped down face first on the bed, but turned her head to watch Leah tear the condom off Tom. She wrapped her lips around his knob just as he let out a big moan and another five spurts of cum, filling her mouth and dribbling down her chin. She had continued frigging herself and came again as Tom filled her mouth, not a body-wracking orgasm, more a knee-trembler, but it was very nice! Leah looked up at him with her beautiful big eyes and swallowed all his cum, even licking her lips to make sure she didn’t miss any. Tom was weak at the knees too but managed to dip his head and give Leah a big kiss on her lips. She looked surprised but delighted when he did this. “Oh my, you’re so kinky!” she squealed. “And you two are so beautiful,” sighed Tom. “In fact, definitely the two most beautiful girls I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet!”

Tom headed for the shower and the two girls slipped quietly out of the room to use their own private shower. When they returned, Tom was fully dressed, counting out twenty-pound notes. He handed five of them to Leah and said “This is my tip for you both to share. I had the best time ever and if you decide to work here, I’d be delighted to book you, if Jessie doesn’t mind!” Leah reached up and kissed Tom and Jessie said “Sure Hun, trade me in for a younger model, why don’t you!” But she was smiling as she said it and Tom knew she was kidding. Or at least, he hoped she was.

They led him out of the room and both gave him a peck goodbye. Just as Tom was about to exit the parlour, Lulu appeared and glided over to the door. “Before you go, Tom, how was it with Leah?” Tom wasn’t sure if he should tell Lulu everything but he said “It was great. She’s a bundle of fun, isn’t she?” and Lulu nodded. “I gave them a good tip, Jessie was on amazing form today and Leah was, well, let’s just say a bit naughty!” Lulu’s eyes widened and Tom said “I’ll let them tell you. But just so you know, I’ll be back next time they’re both working. I’ll be booking a double session with the two of them. Best day ever!” With that, he slipped out of the door and Lulu closed it behind him.

Lulu wandered back in and found Jessie and Leah chatting in the kitchen. “Well?” she said to Leah.

“When can I start?” asked Leah, enthusiastically.