"Oh, oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yessssssssss!!!!"  'Mother fuck!  Really?!' she thought.  Martha had the remnants of a euphoric look on her face, but it was mixed with a look of extreme annoyance.  She looked at the ‘grease monkey’ who had just helped her achieve a raging, Earth-shaking orgasm and shook her head.  Her legs began to feel like they would be able to support her weight again; without leaning on the cluttered, dirty office desk.  It was a little nasty, but came in quite handy after breaking off from her unexpected lover.  She slowly began to walk (shakily) out of the garage to her car.  She was as sexually happy as she had ever been, but also pissed off to the point of crying.

Martha was in her mid forties, and was already twice divorced.  She had a ‘string’ of boyfriends since she put the second bad marriage behind her; with a few of them overlapping into ‘cheating’ territory, but that’s not what was bugging her.  She thought back to every time she had sex with any of them, and searched for an experience like she just had with a ‘middle of the road looking’ mechanic at a second-rate garage.

She remembered ‘cumming’ all the time when her partner's licked at her pussy, and then when they were fucking her.  She would respond like a woman on a late night ‘skin flick’, with the required moaning and such.  Sex had always felt great to her, and she looked forward to being with a man so she could re-experience the tingles and wonderful feelings she had during the ‘deed’.  She actually thought she was among the ‘elite’ multi-orgasmic club, she would cum so much.

"Mother fuck!" she thought as she remembered the flirting, and downright dirty things that came out of the grease monkey’s mouth.  Against her better judgment, she found herself in his office, with his hand in her pants.  No kissing, no talking, very little breast play, but his skilled finger took her to a familiar place, and then to the summit of a mountain she never knew she was climbing all of those times with other men.  After her juices started flowing and getting her panties wet, the tingles were almost all she could stand; so she halfheartedly 'pushed' at him to stop.  She knew she would go crazy if she continued 'cumming' over and over again.  He continued his attack on her clitoris though, and just when she was about to command him to withdraw, it happened.

Her body tensed up so hard, she thought she was going to pass out.  Her ‘numb’ face and tingling extremities frightened her a little, before the explosive waves of ecstasy enveloped her entire ‘existence’.  She remembered clamping down on his finger; making it hard for him to continue his playful flicking and deadly serious rubbing of her pleasure center.  With her legs failing her, she just knew she was having a stroke or worse; a wonderful, exciting stroke that she hoped would never end.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck' she thought; knowing she would owe the swear jar a hundred bucks before she got home.  'Married twice and sexually active for twenty-five years, and today was my first orgasm???!!!'  "What the fuck" she said out loud.  She was confused by the war going on inside her mind about whether to mourn and be mad at the first twenty-five years, or to rejoice at the possibilities of her future.  Never again would she have an encounter with ANYONE that didn’t result in her feeling the wonderful thing she had just experienced.  She smiled when her mind presented her next opportunity.  She dialed her phone as she drove, and waited for a response.  “Yes, I’d like to come in next week and get my tires rotated”!