Ryan and Emily - Five Years On

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28 Feb. '19

Ryan and Emily had met when Ryan became a sperm donor and they had clicked immediately. (See my three stories entitled ‘The Insemination Files’) The sex had been awesome for both of them, but it wasn’t just that. Emily made Ryan laugh and constantly shocked him with her laddish sense of humour. For her part, Emily thought Ryan was the nicest, kindest guy she’d ever met as well as being an amazing lover and a caring father.

They had married within a year of meeting. Ryan had stopped being a sperm donor after just three ‘clients’, one of which was Emily. The other two clients Ryan had helped had been couples and they'd remained friends, both couples now raising their children that he had conceived with them. Ryan and Emily had two of their own children now and life was good. Emily was still as sexy as ever, even if their lovemaking wasn’t quite so abandoned, what with the kids in their bedrooms close to their own. Emily found raising two young children very tiring, so the frequency of their lovemaking had also dropped. Ryan teased her constantly, complaining he didn’t want a frigid 28 year old wife. Emily’s succinct reply to this was usually “Oh, go fuck yourself if you’re horny!”

Ryan was always horny and Emily didn’t make it any easier. She was breastfeeding their youngest child still and her boobs looked amazing. Fuller and more beautiful than ever, thought Ryan. “It’s not my fault your tits look so fucking squeezable!” he whinged. Emily took that as a compliment and said “OK, for that comment, you’ve earned yourself a blow job later!” Ryan kissed her on the forehead and smiled. “Love you, Babe,” he said. Emily replied with “Yeah, yeah, love you too, you big lug. Now fuck off while I do the laundry!” Ryan wandered off into the lounge shaking his head, grinning at Emily’s ‘badness’, as he called it. She really was so bad!

His phone rang just as he slumped down on to the sofa. It was 7pm and the kids were already in bed. Too late for some dude trying to sell them cheaper electricity, he thought, and wondered who was calling as he fished his phone out of his pocket. “Faye” appeared on his screen. Cool, thought Ryan, as they hadn’t spoken to either Faye or Lyndsey in a week or so. Faye and Lyndsey were the lesbian couple that Ryan had helped conceive when he’d been a sperm donor, what seemed like decades ago, but was in fact 5 years.

“Hi Faye, how are you?” answered Ryan. “Hey Ry, I’m great thanks. How’s my favourite stud and his brood?” asked Faye. Ryan chuckled, “I’m good thanks, the kids are great and Emms is as bad as ever!” More laughter from Faye. She knew how outrageous Emily could be. “Yeah, I bet, but you wouldn’t have her any other way, would you?” she teased. “You’re quite right sweetie, I love her just as she is!” said Ryan.  Faye feigned disdain, saying “Jeez, you two are still like a couple of kids. I love it!”

They exchanged a bit more banter before Emily popped her head into the lounge, wondering who Ryan was talking to. “Your lover?” she enquired. “One of them,” Ryan responded. Emily raised her middle finger in Ryan’s direction then he said “It’s Faye, wanna say Hi?” Emily said “Oh, cool, yes, toss it over here,” and Ryan threw his phone to her, hoping she’d catch it! She did and said “Hiya Baby Faye, what’s new?” “Hi Emms,” said Faye, “I’m ringing for a favour. You OK?” Emily grinned as she said “I’m fucking awesome thanks and sure, what can we do for you?” Faye paused for a second then asked “Can you get a sitter for Friday? We haven’t seen you in ages and Lyn and I want to go out for a drink.” Emily looked over to Ryan. “We’re not busy on Friday, are we?” Ryan shook his head and Emily continued to Faye “That’s great, Hun, where and when?” “How about seven at ours and we’ll go to that little bistro on Manus Street, the one where Ryan tipped a coffee into his lap!” Emily giggled at the memory. “Oh, great idea! We can tease the fuck out of Ryan all night long!” Ryan rolled his eyes but was pleased to be seeing his two favourite ‘lezzers’ again. Emily’s words, not his, and she’d say it in front of them too. So bad!

“I’ll get Mum to watch the kids. Actually, if she’s up for it, they can stay at hers on Friday night, then we won’t have to watch the clock,” said Emily. “Oh yeah, nice one. I can get drunk and she won’t be able to tell me off!” Ryan joked. Emily wagged her finger at Ryan, adding “Well, don’t get too hammered. If the kids are away, you might be on a promise!” Now Ryan was looking forward to Friday more than ever.

Emily’s Mum loved having her two little grandchildren to stay. She picked them up at 5.00 so she could have some time to play with them before putting them to bed. The kids had their own rooms at Grandma’s and always had fun there. Emily had packed their pyjamas and toys and even managed to express some breast milk for the youngest. She was pleased that Mum had come so early to collect them. It would give her plenty of time to get herself ready. She wanted to shave her legs and pussy and be properly ready for later on. She loved Ryan so much and felt a bit guilty that they hadn’t been having sex as frequently as they both would have liked, but life does that sometimes. She’d do her best to make it up to him later.

Ryan got home from work just after Mum had left. “Aww shit, did I miss her?” he moaned sarcastically. He pretended to dislike Emily’s Mum but he secretly adored her. Emily punched Ryan in the arm and said “Don’t be so horrible. Now leave me the fuck alone while I get ready, OK?” Ryan nodded and strode off to his man cave. He cracked open a beer and relaxed, knowing Emily would leave him all of fifteen minutes to shower, shave and dress before they had to leave the house. He didn’t really mind. He wanted Emily to take her time and feel special for tonight. Faye and Lyndsey probably had a sitter and would want to get back just after nine, then he would have his beautiful wife all to himself. He started to think of what they might get up to later, maybe do some of the things it was so hard to do now the kids were around. He got semi hard thinking about how loud Emily got when he butt-fucked her and made a mental note, chuckling to himself.

“All yours, babe,” shouted Emily, meaning it was Ryan’s turn in the bathroom. He looked at his watch. Sure enough, she’d left him about 15 minutes to get ready. Plenty of time! He shaved, showered and dressed and they left the house just a few minutes late Their taxi rolled up outside Faye and Lyndsey’s apartment block just after seven. Emily sent a quick text to the girls. “Here” it read and they trotted up to apartment 117. It had been a few weeks since they’d last met up and that had been at Ryan and Emily’s and was more of a play date for the kids. Ryan was looking forward to some grown-up time with them,  although he knew the kids would still dominate the conversation. Their apartment door was ajar and Emily pushed it, saying “Hiya” loudly as they walked in. Lyndsey greeted them, looking absolutely stunning in a simple white dress, pinched in at the waist. Emily kissed her on the cheek and Ryan blew a little whistle at her. “Wow, hi Lyn, you look amazing!” They kissed and Ryan was sure he saw Lyndsey blush a little. She was good at blushing and it made her look even more pretty. Faye appeared from the bedroom. “I’m not running late, honest! How are you guys?” she asked. She looked stunning as well, wearing a tight cream top and tight olive green leggings. Her beautiful curves were displayed perfectly and Ryan had a flashback to the first time he saw Faye’s sexy body. More kissed hellos followed and she returned to her room to finish getting ready.

They wandered down to the little bistro which was only half a block away from their apartment. They enjoyed a lovely French meal and all the girls remarked that Ryan did well in keeping his coffee in the cup tonight. He felt a bit ganged-up on, but didn’t really mind the teasing. He’d grown used to it being with Emily for the last five years!

“Back to ours for a nightcap?” suggested Faye. “Yep, no car tonight,” said Ryan. “Break out the vodka Red Bulls!” Emily quietly said “Don’t you bloody forget…” teasingly. When they got into the apartment, Lyndsay found a bottle of red and opened it, pouring a glass for each of them. Ryan was sat on one of the large easy chairs with Emily draped over him. Faye was sat cross-legged on the sofa and Lyndsay sat herself on the floor next to Faye’s legs. The chat had been mostly about the kids, but had occasionally become a bit more adult. “How do you guys find the time and energy to fuck these days?” That was Emily, of course, quizzing the girls. They had grown used to Emily’s rather course choice of words but Lyndsay still blushed at the question. “Oh, we do OK,” Faye grinned, looking up at Lyndsay. “But it’s funny you should mention that…” she tailed off, intriguingly.

Emily looked up at Ryan, her eyes widening. “Oh yeah? What do you have in mind?” she asked. Lyndsay looked sheepish, Ryan had suddenly started to listen and Faye replied “Well, we think it might be nice to have another baby. Since the last one we made together turned out pretty good, how about we try and make another?”

Ryan was quite surprised by this. He thought they were happy with just one child. Emily, always excited by talk of sex, chirped “I charge for his services now. But it’s a good idea to rent him before he gets too old!” They all laughed and Ryan added “I’m not just a cock, you know!” Emily reached up to kiss him, saying “Aww, you poor stud!” The idea was sinking in now and as it was as a sperm donor they’d all met in the first place, nobody could think of any reason why they shouldn’t try again.

Emily, typically, squeaked “Oh, we haven’t all fucked for ages. Let’s do it now!” and stood up. “How about it, stud?” she looked at Ryan, imploringly. Ryan grinned. He knew he was on a promise tonight, but he had no idea it would be with his three favourite beautiful girls.

Lyndsay lifted herself up and sat next to Faye on the sofa. She held her hands and said “We hoped you’d be up for it. We have an overnight sitter, so if you haven’t got to get back too soon, we can take our time and have some fun along the way.” Emily could hardly contain herself. “Us too, Babe, oh my God I’m suddenly so fucking horny!” She skipped off to the bathroom to freshen up, leaving Ryan and the girls to chat a bit more. “Do you want it to be Faye again who conceives or don’t you mind?” he asked. “Well,” said Lyndsay, “we’ve thought about that, but like before, the odds of getting pregnant increase if we both try. And we know you don’t mind doing that!” referring back to the six weeks of thrilling sex they’d enjoyed leading up to when Faye first conceived.

Emily reappeared wearing just her underwear. “Well, I’m ready, what’s keeping you guys?” she said. She looked fantastic in her matching cream underwear. Her boobs were bigger than the girls remembered them, her hips a little wider, but she could still be a swimsuit model, her body was so smooth and well-proportioned. “You look amazing, Emms” said Faye. “Good enough to eat,” added Lyndsay. Emily posed with her hands on her hips and said “In that case, I’ll be your dessert!” Ryan had stood up and was now approaching Emily from behind. His cock was already stiffening and he slipped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the neck. She felt weak at the knees and sighed as she melted into his arms. Faye and Lyndsay started to make out with each other but broke off long enough for Faye to say “Shall we go into the bedroom?”

All four of them trooped into the girls’ boudoir and sat on the big bed. There wouldn’t be any nervous tension or hesitancy even though it had been a good few years since they’d all had sex together. Ryan undressed himself quickly, Faye and Lyndsay were tearing each other’s clothes off and Emily slipped out of her bra and panties before jumping on top of Ryan, snogging him deeply and groping around his crotch. Ryan couldn’t help thinking back to the first time they’d met and how nervous they had all been. Except Emily, of course. She had been up for it from the start, firstly as a spectator, but in the weeks that followed had enjoyed getting intimate with the girls as well as with Ryan.

Emily took the lead, which surprised nobody. “I’ll get him ready for you, girls,” she said as she slipped her body down the bed and got her head into position. She took Ryan’s massive cock into her mouth and sucked lovingly, running her tongue and lips all around the head the way Ryan liked it. Faye couldn’t resist Emily’s sexy ass and moved down to give it a little spank and a gentle massage with her fingers and her lips. Emily moaned at her touch and she could feel her pussy juice starting to flow already. She raised her ass and parted her legs so Faye could easily slide her tongue into Emily’s pussy.  Lyndsay didn’t want to be left out, so she sidled up to Ryan and they kissed passionately. He caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples gently, causing her to moan as well. Then she decided to assist Emily with the blow job she was giving Ryan. She bent herself down so her ass was level with Ryan’s face and suddenly, he had two pairs of lips and two tongues stimulating his throbbing dick. He was able to caress Lyndsay’s ass now and crane his neck so that he could taste her pussy. Lyndsay let out a massive sigh when he ran his tongue up the length of her slit but it was Emily that started to shriek first as she felt the waves of her first orgasm welling up from her hot pussy, Faye’s expert lips and tongue making her cum so quickly. Emily broke off from sucking Ryan’s cock, leaving Lyndsay and Ryan to enjoy an erotic sixty-nine with each other. She swung around on the bed and pulled Faye on top of her, kissing her deeply. “Your turn, Babe,” she whispered huskily and moved around so Faye was squatting over her face. She licked Faye’s pussy like there was no tomorrow, tonguing her lips, licking her dripping hole and nibbling her clit. She slipped a finger into Faye’s ass and reached her other hand up to grope her breasts and before long, she felt Faye’s muscles tighten as she had her first orgasm, making her body shake and her breath come in fast pants. She collapsed forward then span herself around so she could kiss and hold Emily tightly.

Ryan was loving giving the same attention to Lyndsay’s soaking snatch, but he knew he was getting close to cumming and although tempted to unload in Lyndsay’s hot mouth, he remembered what they were trying to achieve. He stopped licking Lyndsay’s pussy and motioned for her to lie down. She got on her back and Ryan knelt between her legs. “This will last about ten seconds!” he said with a broad smile on his face and Lyndsay chuckled. “Me too Ry, you’re nearly as good at eating pussy as Faye is!” Ryan held his throbbing penis up to Lyndsay’s pussy lips. One brief rub up and down her slit to make sure she was ready and he slid it into her, making her gasp again. “Oh my God, I forgot how fucking big your cock is,” she gasped as the feeling of being penetrated so completely took her breath away. Ryan thrust into her deeply and felt Emily’s hand stroking his ass cheeks tenderly. Faye had moved next to Lyndsay and was now kissing her passionately and after less than a minute, Ryan grunted. Emily said “Mmm, fill her up, stud,” and he started to cum with a ferocity he hadn’t felt for some time. Spurt after spurt filled Lyndsay’s sopping wet pussy and the amazing feeling made her cum hard too. They convulsed and gasped together and Emily clapped her hands together with glee. “Oh yeah, he’s still got it!” she exclaimed, making Faye giggle.

Ryan reminded Lyndsay that she should stay on her back with her legs pulled up. He reached down to kiss her and he heard Lyndsay whisper “Thank you Ryan, you’re so lovely.” It made him feel good that he wasn’t just sating his own urges, but actually helping this lovely couple at the same time. Isn’t that what you call a win-win situation? Faye had turned her attention back to Emily and they were kissing and groping each other. Ryan was watching them, loving how horny it was, his sexy wife kissing and fondling another beautiful girl. Lyndsay was absent-mindedly stroking Ryan’s thigh as he knelt next to her and said “I think they’re both enjoying that WAY too much!” Ryan chuckled and said, “Yeah, you’re right. If it was with anyone else, I’d be jealous as hell!” Faye and Emily eventually uncoupled. Faye snuggled up to Lyndsay and Emily sat cross-legged on the bed next to them.

“Are you ready to go again yet, stud?” she asked mockingly to Ryan. “You know me, Babe, always ready for a hot girl!” Emily snorted and said “Well, in that case, you’re gonna fuck me next, then Faye. Sound OK for a Friday evening?” Ryan grinned and winked at Faye. “It’s a tough job, but I’ll do my best to get through it.” Emily threw a pillow at him then crawled over to Ryan and kissed him with a hunger he hadn’t felt for some time. When Emily really got into it, there was no stopping her. She had turned from a loving Mum into a sex goddess and Ryan hoped this evening would rekindle her desire to make love more frequently. He suspected it might just have that effect on her.

His cock was already growing hard again as she jerked him slowly. Faye encouraged them by saying “Go for it, guys,” and Emily straddled Ryan, mounting herself onto his stiff cock. She moaned “Mmmm, still so fucking good!” as she impaled herself fully. Ryan had his hands under her ass cheeks and lifted her up, then let her slide down again. She ground her ass into his groin before lifting up again, then smashing herself down, gasping with each deep thrust. Ryan heard Faye whisper something to Lyndsey, who was still lying on her back with her legs raised. He looked over and saw Lyndsay nod. Faye got up from beside her, reached over to Emily and gave her a lingering kiss on the lips, then swung herself around so she was straddling Ryan’s face. He reached up and grabbed her bum cheeks, pulling them apart a little so he could get his tongue in between her legs more easily. Emily and Faye were able to continue kissing each other as Emily bounced up and down on Ryan’s throbbing dick and Faye had Ryan’s tongue darting in and out of her wet pussy. Lyndsay was still stoking Ryan’s thigh and he thought to himself he must be the luckiest guy on planet Earth right now. It was just as well he’d cum so hard earlier as this position would be enough to make any man cum quickly. He felt Emily lift up enough for his cock to slip out of her. She held it upright, eased her body forward just a little then sank back down. This time, Ryan’s cock was sliding into her ass hole. She moaned louder than ever and Ryan felt the tightness of her ass muscles gripping his cock, letting out his own involuntary moan.

“Jesus, Emms, don’t make me cum,” he said in muffled tones. Faye giggled and Emily pretended not to hear him. “Sorry Babe? I can’t hear what you said with a mouth full of Faye’s pussy!” She bounced up and down a bit harder and it took all his self-control not to explode in her ass hole. As bad as Emily was, she didn’t want to disappoint Faye, so she eased herself off her husband’s cock, allowing his urge to cum to recede a little. She caressed Faye’s breasts then moved her head down to kiss and bite her nipples. When Ryan prodded Faye’s ass with his tongue, two fingers in her pussy massaging her G spot, she came so hard, she squirted on Ryan’s face. Her neck and breasts were bright red with her sex flush and she whimpered loudly, “I fucking love you guys!” before collapsing to the side. Emily high-fived Ryan and said “We did good, Babe!” Lyndsay reached over to tenderly stroke Faye’s hair and face. She was still twitching from her huge orgasm and letting out the odd sigh of satisfaction.

“I’d better go and clean myself a bit before anything else,” said Ryan, and slipped into the bathroom. He could hardly fuck Faye’s pussy right after fucking Emily’s ass. This wasn’t a porn movie! This left the three girls on the bed together. Emily was frigging herself as she hadn’t cum from being ass-fucked. Faye was recovering from her mind-blowing orgasm and Lyndsay finally let her legs down and relaxed. Ryan returned from the bathroom, his still-erect cock swinging from side to side. “I have to get rid of this damn boner, anybody know how I can do that?” he joked. Faye had only just got her breath back but was keen to relieve Ryan of his sperm. “Try this!” she said, and rolled over, sticking her perfect ass in the air. Emily gave it a little spank and said “If anything will do the trick, this ass will!”

Ryan knelt behind Faye and noticed that Emily and Lyndsay had started kissing and were fingering each other’s pussies. His cock twitched as it regained its full hardness and he rubbed it up and down Faye’s slit before parting her lips and easing it into her. She sighed again as she felt his huge cock fill her completely. Ryan reached forward and caressed her breasts as he established a gentle rhythm. Faye particularly liked having her nipples pinched quite hard and Ryan increased the pressure of his pinching with each thrust of his pelvis. Both Emily and Lyndsay were moaning loudly, close to orgasm again. Ryan wondered if he could make it so all four of them came together, not that it mattered, but he liked a challenge. Faye was pushing her ass back into Ryan’s groin with every deep thrust and she was moaning as he tweaked her nipples. “Oh fuck, that’s good!” she breathed, “so fucking goo…” but couldn’t continue. She yelped as another orgasm hit her, making her pussy convulse hard. Ryan relaxed and let his own orgasm release and spurted 5 thick streams of cum deep into Faye. “Ohhhh, fuck!” he exclaimed and looked over at Emily and Lyndsay who were both cumming as well. “Shiiiit!” shouted Emily. “Uuuuurr!” moaned Lyndsay and Ryan collapsed forward and slumped next to Faye. She got onto her back and lifted her legs and Ryan kissed her softly, enjoying the afterglow as their orgasms subsided.

All four of them lay silently, the only sound was of them all breathing hard. “When can we move in permanently?” Emily joked, breaking the silence. Faye giggled and said “I’m not sure I could take this more than once a week!” Lyndsay teased her, saying “I’m not surprised, you’ve cum three fucking times tonight!” The other three laughed loudly because Lyndsay hardly ever swears. “Oh yeah,” said Emily. “I reckon that means you owe me and Lyndsay one at least!” Ryan was laughing along with the banter but too knackered to speak. He had just used up every ounce of energy he’d had, fucking all three of his favourite people. He was five years older than when the four of them had first got together but he was pleased with his performance and thankful that his sex drive was as strong as ever.

They all drifted off to sleep and such was the intensity of their love making, none of them woke until it was daylight outside. Lyndsay was first up and sneaked quietly into the kitchen without disturbing the others. They woke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and toasted croissants. They ate a satisfying breakfast before showering and dressing, all conscious that they had children to pick up from their respective sitters.

As they were kissing their goodbyes, Faye said to Ryan “Thanks for your semen, Honey. Same time next week?” Lyndsay chided her, saying “Honestly Faye, you’re getting as bad as Emily!” Emily pretended to look shocked and Ryan added “Nah, she’s got a way to go before she’s that bad!” Emily looked at Ryan and said “You can shut up, stud. You’re gonna have to find a way to fuck me when we get home, kids or no kids I’m still horny!” Ryan pretended to limp in protest and Faye said “I bet you’re glad you married her now!” Ryan nodded vigorously, sporting a huge grin.

A taxi arrived for Ryan and Emily and they climbed into the back. They waved to the girls as it drove off and Emily snuggled tightly into Ryan’s arms “I fucking love you, you know,” she said. “I know, Baby,” Ryan replied. “and I love you too, as if you didn’t know.” Emily sighed and said “Yeah, I know, but I like to hear you say it anyway.”

The four friends met every Friday for dinner, and afters, and continued to meet once a week even after Faye had become pregnant again. They were all thrilled at the news but Emily, typically, said “Aww, does that mean no more naughtiness?” Lyndsay shook her head. “Ha! If Faye is anything like the last time she got pregnant, she’ll be even more up for it for the first six months at least.” Faye added “Oh my God, yes. And now we can get naughty without having to worry about getting pregnant. It’s gonna be wild!”

Emily looked at Ryan and said “Can my big stud cope with the three of us wanting him all the time?”

Ryan smiled and said “I’ll do my best. Whatever happens, at least I'll die a happy man!"