Travels With Peter (ch. 03)

Driving down the road. I was moving through the south and having the time of my life with my little flowers and cupcakes from online encounters. Every one was turning out to be great at love making. Perhaps this was a consistent characteristic of cyber folks. Perhaps I just drew in the prime lovers. That could very well be. I was always good to my friends, and they were good to me. Or they didn't stay friends. I was Peter and my lovers had all been great at cybering but were even better in the real beds of life.

As was proper for this kind of road trip this journey was all about sex. It was all about meeting and making love to my online friends who had expressed the desire to meet me in person. Nothing was a surprise to them. And of course my hard cock was enjoying every encounter. But I was a Geographer. And I was not wasting the chance to discover and explore the landscape and history of the land I was moving through. So I took little side trips just to examine parts of the country I had been unable to see in my long life.

I took a short jaunt down into Florida and stopped in St. Augustine to explore Castillo de San Marcos. I spent a whole day there in the town. I even decided to spend the night. I was not meeting anyone there, so you won't be able to figure out anything about the last or the next little flower I visited. I was well rested as I moved out the next day. I followed the coastline and enjoyed the sea air. I took occasional short hops into the mainland. I was in no hurry. My spunk was building up.

I may or may not have stopped along the way. You have no need to know anything more. But I finally reached the Georgia port city where I was to meet my little Angel. My god. What a misnomer for the little cupcake I was to encounter. I loved this town and I was going to love what this little angel would do for me while I was in it and what I was going to do to her.

She had told me her address and I found it easily with my GPS. I could have found it fine with my own map skills but I was enjoying playing with the new technology. It took me down into the old part of the town and I found her place was an apartment on the corner of an aged, cobblestoned street, across from an old cemetery. We were centrally located for history and geography lovers. She was living in the most coveted part of town. The funny thing, of course, was she was a transplant from the north, from New England.

I trudged up the stairs to her second floor corner apartment, knocked on the door, and was almost knocked over by this giggling little ball of blond sexuality. She knew the rules well. They were established early for all my little birds. That giggling meant she was going to get kissed and kissed thoroughly. I did so, just a pleasant kiss on sweet red lips and she returned the kiss using lots of passion and lust. I could feel it oozing out of this angelic sweet candy treat. She gave the kiss with lots of tongue and we were both embracing strongly and tightly. I could feel her 34C tits pressing into my beating chest. I am sure she could feel my quickly expanding prick.

I smacked her luscious ass and the squeal she gave meant something for the future. She liked that. We finally broke apart and just spent a few moments looking at each other. We had never really seen each other in true colors. I loved what I saw with my bedroom brown eyes. I hoped she shared the sentiment. Her grin indicated that she did. And her baby blue eyes were slightly teary with happiness and anticipation.

It was becoming something of a ritual for this trip. Before sex there was to be a good, filling meal and enjoyable companionship. This was true today, or evening, as it had started becoming dark outside. Angel took my hand and told me we were going to one of her favorite restaurants. It was known for its seafood, which was really special since we were in a port town. The streets were full of visitors and home folk. At the restaurant the seafood was as fresh as it could be. Often, one ate seafood that had been caught or gathered within a few hours of being prepared by the finest chefs available.

She had the crab cakes and I had the special, sea bass, and we shared a bottle of wine. I preferred beer, but I wanted her to feel pleased with the evening. I wanted her endorphins working full time when we returned to her apartment. We were really feeling no pain as we walked the few blocks back to her place. She had her arm through mine and I could feel a soft, ample breast pressed against my bicep. I flexed it and she giggled. I gave her a peck just to make sure she remembered she was with her new lover.

We ascended the stairs and she opened the door to her well designed and accoutred apartment. The floors were hardwood and the furniture all antiques. The walls were covered with artistic photos. That seemed to be her preference, rather that the paintings I had at home. To each their own, as long as they are tasteful and well selected. I was anxious to see the bedroom.

We did converse for awhile on her sofa. Then I slid over and put my right arm around her tiny shoulder. She snuggled in and we just cuddled for some time. Then she began moving a hand up my thigh until she found a hard piece of meat. I had been hard since we entered the apartment. She squeezed it and my hand descended to her right breast. I grabbed it and felt the nipple harden under my fingers. I moved my left hand up to the other ample breast and it had a hard nipple too. I was loving this foreplay. I grew under the strokes of her hand on my cock.

Her blue eyes gazed into mine. I could read her mind. She wanted to start some serious sex play. Remembering that little squeal from earlier in the day I lifted her across my lap, belly down, feeling her on my cock, and started to give her a little spanking. God, I had started something. She began squirming her pussy down on my cock and I could see this was turning her on. I started smacking her harder and harder after raising her skirt to expose her ass cheeks. She was wearing a thong so my hand was striking some juicy ass flesh. It was getting redder and redder and I could feel the wetness soaking out of her cooze onto my jeans and my hard prick.

Her whimpering and squealing was making me hornier and more certain that I needed some pussy soon. I assumed if she liked the spanking then she would like it a little harsher in the bedroom. I lifted her in my arms off of my lap, flipped her and caught her again. She giggled and she got the kiss she was wanting. I carried her into her bedroom. It was a typical girl's room with froufrou stuff, but it had a bed and that was all I needed. I tossed her on the bed and I stripped off all of my clothes as she watched in loving expectation.

My cock was standing up proud and happy as I now cleaned her body of all of its impediments. She was naked and glowing, except for the ring hanging from her little innie navel. Cute, and it would be licked at some point. Her 34C tits were standing proud also. And her body was killer. She couldn't have been more than 5 feet 3, or 4. Tiny and precious with her curvy little body.

I could not take my eyes off of her sweet quim. It was seeping out pussy juice in expectation of a good, hard fuck. And it would get it. I jumped on the bed, bouncing her in the air and catching her again. Then I flipped her onto her arms and legs for a doggy style fucking she would never forget. She was looking behind herself at me with her blue eyes, pleading for something. I thought I know what it was. She had loved the spanking. She was going to love the screwing of a lifetime.

I reached forward with my left hand and grabbed her blond tresses. I jerked her head back and with my other hand I guided my cock into her pussy. Her sweet juicy pussy. I rammed into it. She screamed and the pain and lust came out so loud we must have startled the whole apartment building. Then I rammed and thrust even harder hitting up against something inside. I could care less what it was I was just enjoying the hardest fuck I'd had in years. I rammed her so hard I was making her little body shake with passion and I kept pulling back her hair. I had two handfuls and I was riding her like she was a bitch in heat.

I was not about to cum yet. I wanted this to last. She was taking all I had and I expect she could have taken more. I fucked her like a whore. And she kept humping her ass back for more cock up her pussy, which was draining juice all over her bedspread and all over her luscious thighs. Her little tight pussy was sucking on my cock like a mouth. I felt like I was getting a blowjob and a deep fuck at the same time. It was primo.

I started slapping the hell out of her ass as I kept screwing her pussy. It was redder and redder and she was squealing with pleasure and pain at the same time. And the fucking continued. In I would ram. She would hump against me with her pussy. Then I would withdraw almost all the way, leaving only the head of my dick in her pussy. I would hold off while she whimpered for more, then I would jam it in all the way and she would squeal again. I kept that up for almost half an hour.

At that point I think I had used up her tight little pussy. She was sinking lower and lower on her elbows and thighs. I started fucking intently now. Harder and faster. I was thrusting not with power now but with speed and vigor. Faster and faster I fucked and she was panting with lust and passion. All the while I had been smacking her rosy ass with more slaps of my hand and with each slap she moaned. But she never asked me to stop. I was about ready to shoot. I yelled "I'm cumming," and she yelled "cum in me, please fill me up, of god fuck me, fill me, fuck me." And I did.

I began shooting out strings of my spunk into her crack and filling her pussy with all the cum my balls held. She was so tight now that none came out around my cock as I moved in and out. I was still fucking as I squirted my cum into her. It was so hot and sticky and she was fucking loving it. Then I withdrew and it all started streaming out onto her pussy lips and her legs and I caught some in my hand and reached around and let her lap up her own juices with my cum.

We were both exhausted now. It was time to take a quick shower and get to bed. I would be staying with her of course. She showed me the bathroom. I started taking a shower expecting her to use it afterwards, but halfway through her she came into the stall with me. Grinning and giggling. She got a wet shower kiss. Then she put my hand on her pussy and I knew what she wanted. There was a ledge in the shower. She sat down on it, spread her legs and waited. I took the shower spray from the wall and began making her cum with it as I sprayed her cooze. She was giggling and getting kissed and sprayed at the same time.

Anyway, I was played out from that long fuck so we just washed each other off and dryed each other with her huge towels. Her ass was still red from the spanking she'd had so I was gentle with it. She was not gentle when she dried off my cock. He tried to come to attention but he was tuckered out. But he would perk up over night.

We slept the sleep of the blessed. Of course. We were blessed with fine fucking and great sex. We would be blessed again in the morning. But in the meantime she cuddled in my arms and I was content.

I awoke first. I often did at my age. I softly withdrew my arm from her shoulder and she rolled onto her back, still asleep. She had a little snore. Cute.

I went into the bathroom to piss and just wash up a little to wake up thoroughly. Then I returned for something I had wanted to do since I had first seen her little quim. I was going to have some breakfast.

I slowly took the sheet from her body. She was flushed with sleep. Her creamy white skin was very tempting, especially with those fantastic tits poking up into the cool morning air. The nipples started to harden as the air met them and I started drooling a little just looking at them. Then my gaze traveled down her fine torso to the little cooze she was displaying without knowing it.

I crept up on the bed, making as little motion as I could. I started by smelling her pussy. I loved pussy smell in the morning. Almost as good as coffee to awaken you. I was wide awake now but she was still sleeping, her puffy labia tempting my mouth. I laid half on the bed, half off with my mouth over her pussy. Then I slowly licked her clit and saw it pop out a little. Angel whimpered softly in her sleep. I licked a little harder and her body rose up as if on mannequin strings to press against my lips. Still she was not awake.

Slowly moving down to her pussy lips with my lips I kissed them and began to softly lick them. Again her body rose up and pressed her pussy to my mouth. But this time she was coming awake. Startled she looked down at me. I grinned at her and she returned it. Then she bent her waist, grabbed the sides of my head, and began humping happily against my face. She was going to fuck my face for me.

Not minding a bit I stuck my tongue into her pussy and let her fuck and buck my tongue as if it were a small prick. She had started cumming of course. For an Angel she really loved sex. I took my fingers and spread her pussy lips and took all that good pussy cum into my mouth. Then I slipped two fingers into her quim and found her G-spot. She almost bucked my face a foot in the air she was cumming so hard. But I kept my mouth clamped on her pussy. I wanted all she had to give. I took both hands now and reached up to maul those precious titties. The nipples were like little erasers standing out for me to pinch and rub.

I did want to do one thing though, before I finished eating out her pussy. I stopped and quickly moved up to her navel. There I took the ring in my lips, pulled on it a little, then fucked her innie with my tongue. While I did this I was jacking off my prick. She was giggling all the time. That meant she needed kissing. I moved up and gave her a long pussy tasting kiss still jerking my dick. Then I moved swiftly back down to the fine pussy lips that were red with passion. I chewed on them and licked all over her quim and then sucked her some more continuing to jerk off. She had no more to give. "Please Peter, you have to stop now. I can't cum anymore. It's too much. Oh god, it was so fucking good."

She was right. It was so fucking good. I stood up and started hosing her body with my cum. I especially wanted to hit those great tits. I shot cum on her hard nipples and she spread it in like it was lotion. I could cum no more. My Angel had brought me to heaven more than once this visit. I was praying for another someday.

We both got dressed, cleaned up, had breakfast, and she sent me on my way with a hot cup of coffee. She giggled as she said goodbye and I gave her one last kiss.

More flowers and cupcakes were waiting down the road. Time to hit the highway again.