Cam to Cam

Toby lived alone and since he split with his last girlfriend, he was missing regular sex. He was never much interested in porn videos, preferring erotic interaction than just jerking off watching other people fuck. Porn just made him more frustrated that he wasn’t getting much right now.

He went out one Friday evening with a group of friends and they all ended up in a lap dancing bar. Despite being surrounded by beautiful girls, Toby wasn’t that keen on these places with their expensive drinks and their look-but-don’t-touch policy. Even more frustrating, Toby thought. He did, however, like the look of one exceptionally pretty blonde girl who called herself Amelia. He tried to attract her attention each time she walked by, but she was very popular, understandably, being fit, pretty and very natural-looking, but she was so in-demand, he wasn’t getting much luck. He decided that if he was going to spend any money in this place, it would be with her.

Toby himself was a great-looking guy and looked after himself, visiting the gym several times a week. He was in his mid-twenties and didn’t find it too hard to attract girls but he was fussy and didn’t like one-night stands. He also didn’t like paying for sex, not because he was mean, just because he preferred it if a girl was fucking him because she wanted to, not because he was paying her to. This kind of place was the worst as far as he was concerned. He’d end up paying and getting nothing for his money but a quick thrill from having a girl gyrating naked in front of him. ‘Damn, where is that sexy Amelia?’ he thought to himself. ‘I’ll make an exception for her.’

Out of the blue, she appeared beside him. “Hi Babe, I saw you waving, fancy a dance?” she asked. Toby was startled by her sudden presence and stuttered his hello. “Oh, yeah, hi, um, sit down for a minute. Can I buy you a drink?” Amelia smiled and said “Sure Baby, rum and coke please,” and plonked herself in the seat beside his, draping her arm around his shoulder provocatively. The topless waitress appeared and Toby ordered two rum and cokes and placed a ten pound note on her tray. “She’s pretty, isn’t she?” remarked Amelia, referring to the waitress. Toby hadn’t really noticed but said “Yes, I guess she is. Not in your league, but not bad!” Amelia rolled her eyes and said “Aww, you’re so sweet.” The pretty waitress returned with the drinks and Toby motioned for her to keep the change. “She does have beautiful breasts, now I’ve looked a bit closer,” teased Toby. His friends returned from their dances together and all three of them blew a little whistle when they saw who Toby was talking to. Todd joked, loud enough for Toby and Amelia to hear, “Finally, he’s found a girl perfect enough to have a dance with!”

Amelia took it all in her stride, having grown used to compliments from guys. She still liked to hear it though. Amelia was 24 and had long dark blonde hair which framed her pretty face beautifully. Her breasts were quite large for her slim, toned frame and were very firm, prompting a lot of guys to ask if they were real, which she figured was a sort-of compliment. Her waist was slim, her belly flat and her ass curvy and she knew she looked good. Unlike most young girls these days, she didn’t have a single tattoo or piercing on her body, preferring the look God had kindly given her. Being unadorned actually made her stand out more in this club, surrounded by inked babes with what seemed like every available flap of skin pierced in one permutation or another. Yes, Amelia was Toby’s kind of girl all right.

They chatted about nothing in particular then Amelia said “We could take our drinks into the VIP area if you like?” growing impatient to earn some more money. Toby nodded and said “Sure, I can’t wait to see you dance for me.” They both stood and wandered the twenty or so paces to a curtained-off area which was fairly private. Five minutes later and a hundred pounds poorer, Toby walked back to his seat with a hard-on, Amelia giving him a kiss on the cheek by way of thanks. He had enjoyed seeing this beautiful girl in all her naked glory, writhing in close proximity to him. But as usual, he just grew frustrated that he couldn’t touch her, caress her, fuck her! He knew he’d enjoy wanking later, imagining her sitting on his face, bending forward to suck his big dick and both cumming together. Yes, he’d very much like to do that and more with Amelia.

He had a few more drinks with his friends but no more dances. Amelia walked past a few times, winking at him but she was always with a different guy. Besides, he didn’t want to spend any more money and get even more frustrated. The four friends left the club around 2am and went their separate ways. Apart from a bit of teasing banter over the next few days, nothing more was said of the evening and Toby forgot about Amelia, despite having had an excellent orgasm thinking about her. He dismissed her from his mind simply because he knew he was unlikely to ever see her again, so why should he torture himself with longing?

Over the next few weeks, Toby had linked up with a couple of different girls, but despite some energetic sex on one evening, nothing really came of the dates. He was sat at home in front of his computer, reluctantly looking at some porn sites when an ad popped up. “Cam Babes Online Now!” screamed the ad. Normally, he’d just click the X to close these ads, but the face of the girl on the banner looked familiar. Was that Amelia from the club, he asked himself? It certainly looked like her, but it could, of course, just have been a modelling image. She certainly had the look of a beautiful cam girl, so with curiosity getting the better of him, he clicked the link.

It was one of those sites that offer free sign-up and the girls would put on shows for tips. This meant he could look through all the girls who were online now without having to hand over his credit card details. He started to look through the girls pictures, but there were hundreds of them. Trying to find if Amelia really was working was like looking for a needle in a haystack. He persevered for a few minutes before noticing there were filters he could select to narrow his search. He selected blonde, slim, babe, big tits and clicked enter. Wow, there were still a lot to choose from, some of whom looked very enticing. He clicked on one of the girls to see what her show would be like, expecting her to be sat clothed waiting for tips. He was very surprised and delighted to find that this particular girl was already fully naked, on her knees and with a pink vibrator inserted into her sexy ass, which she was wiggling around for all to see. Very nice, thought Toby! Plenty of guys were tipping and he felt guilty that he hadn’t bought any credits yet, so couldn’t add to her earnings. He closed her window down and kept searching. Just as he was about to give up hope, Amelia’s beautiful face appeared. She looked exactly like he had seen her at the club, fresh and natural with very little make-up on.

His cock started to stiffen in anticipation as he clicked on her picture. Within a few seconds, she appeared on his monitor and he clicked the ‘full-screen’ icon so he could see her clearly. Sure enough, there she was in all her glory, not naked but wearing very little. He noticed there were over 1,000 other people viewing her and the chime that announces a tip was sounding regularly. Amelia was gradually losing what few clothes she was wearing and very soon was completely naked.

Yes, that’s the perfect body I remember, thought Toby. She was standing now, dancing the same way she had been in the club. Tip after tip flowed in and Toby thought she must be doing pretty well and earning some good money doing this. He decided he would buy some credits so he could tip her too. That way, he could also text-chat to her. He bought fifty pounds worth of credits and started to tip her, each time leaving a subtle text note. “Just like I remember from the other week” read one. “You look almost as good on screen as you do in real life” read another. He’d signed up as TobyXXX and hoped Amelia would remember him, although he knew it was a long shot. He tipped again and wrote “Do you still dance live?” Amelia was only reading the messages between dances, but when she looked down to her screen, he saw her start to type. A private message appeared in his text screen so he clicked it and was amazed to read “Hi Honey, is that Toby I met at The Gentleman’s Lounge a couple of weeks ago? Two rum and cokes and a long dance if I remember rightly?”

Wow, she DID remember him. He grinned to himself and replied immediately. “Yep, it’s me. I only signed up here because I saw your pic on the advert! How are you, Amelia. Still beautiful, I see.” He knew it was a bit cheesy, but hell, this was just a bit of fun. It took her a while to reply as there were now 1,200 horny guys and girls watching her and she was putting on a superb show. When she finally did reply, Toby was shocked. “Hey Toby, I finish on here in five minutes, but I’ll stay on for a private chat, if you like?” He replied immediately “Yes please Amelia, how does it work?” A few painful minutes passed before she replied, but eventually a message popped up. “Stay online and click the tab marked ‘private’ when I say goodbye to the others. Then it will be just you and me. X”

Toby chuckled to himself. He was sat in front of his PC on a Friday night wearing only his boxers. It was 1am and he had could already feel a stirring in his loins in anticipation of a private chat with the beautiful Amelia. He saw her on his screen kissing goodbye to all her tippers and her screen went black. He clicked the ‘private’ button and within a few moments, her face appeared. Now he could hear her voice and she said “Well, hello Toby! How are you, Babe?” Toby replied by text “I was a bit down to be honest, but I suddenly feel much better. I had no idea you did this as well. Oh, and you look lovely, by the way, in case nobody has told you that a hundred times already this evening!”

There was a brief pause as she read his text then she giggled and said “Ha, yes, I do get told that a lot, but thanks anyway! The only thing is, you have me at a disadvantage. You can see me but I can’t see you. Can you turn your cam on if I send a request?” Toby wrote back “Wow, I never knew you could do that. Sure, why not?” He waited until an icon appeared on his screen and clicked ‘accept’. A little window appeared on the bottom right of his computer screen and showed Toby sat there grinning and topless. “Oh my!” he heard Amelia say, “are you naked already?” Toby smiled and stood up, showing his bright blue boxer shorts, hoping his cock bulge was visible. “Not quite,” he could now speak, rather than type text. “Were you wanking while you watched me earlier?” she enquired. Toby laughed and said “Actually, no, I was so blown away to see you online I was just typing to try and get your attention.” Amelia looked suspicious, saying “OK, if you say so. You always sit in front of your PC in just your boxers?” Toby nodded. “Yeah, I do, except at work though, the girls in the office don’t seem to like it!”  Amelia giggled infectiously and said “Oh, you bad boy!”

Toby couldn’t believe his luck. Even just chatting to Amelia like this was better than watching a cold porn video. Then it got even better. Amelia said “Well, if you weren’t playing with yourself earlier, you can do it now, as long as I can watch. And don’t worry, I’ll help you all I can!” Wow, thought Toby, this could be fun. He watched Amelia drop her top and start to knead her boobs and tweak her nipples, making them stand hard and erect. He could feel the blood pumping into his penis which was getting very hard, very quickly. He stood up again and fiddled with the camera so his whole body was visible as well as his face. Amelia cooed “Ooh, I knew you had a hot body but it’s even better than I imagined!” Toby was chuffed to think she’d imagined his body at all. It was pretty obvious now that he was fully aroused, his cock pushing against the fabric of his shorts. Amelia stood up and slipped her panties down, revealing her perfectly shaved pussy. She lifted one leg up and put her foot on the edge of her desk and started to rub her clit, which was now in full view. Toby got the hint and eased his shorts down, deliberately making his cock spring up. He knew it was an impressive sight at easily eight inches and very thick when fully erect. “Oh my God!” whelped Amelia, “I want it!”

Toby took his cue and started to masturbate himself slowly, pulling his foreskin right back to reveal his shiny glans. Amelia grabbed a purple dildo from her desk and started to rub it up and down the length of her slit. “Oh God, I wish this was your massive cock rubbing up and down my pussy Toby. It looks amazing, so big and hard. I’m not sure I could take it all, but I’d love to try!” With that, she slipped the dildo into her soaking pussy, sliding it in as deep as she could, gasping with the thought of it being Toby’s cock. “Amelia, you look fucking awesome and I have to tell you, any time you want my cock for real, just let me know and it’ll be all yours.” He continued to stroke himself, surprised by how erotic he found this and how quick the urge to cum had risen from his groin. He didn’t want to cum too quickly though. He wanted to impress Amelia with his staying power and to make this last as long as possible. Amelia was moaning loudly as she fucked herself with the purple dildo. She then turned around to give him the rear view of her curvy, sexy ass. He was mesmerised by the sight of the dildo sliding in and out of her and nearly blew on the spot when she slipped it out of her pussy and carefully inserted it fully into her ass hole.

“Oh fuck, Amelia, your ass! It looks amazing with that dildo in it. Would you prefer it to be my cock up there too?” Amelia was concentrating too hard to speak, just moaning with the thought of being penetrated anally by Toby’s massive cock. Without warning, she shouted “Oh Fuck!” and Toby could see her pussy convulsing and saw cum dribbling from Amelia’s pussy as she came hard. Her breathing was coming in gasps as she struggled to stand upright, then she turned around to face her screen again. “Fuck me, that was so hot!” she said. Toby said “Hottest thing I ever saw, look!” and stroked out a huge load of cum over his desk, trying not to hit his keyboard. Several spurts and a few dribbles of cum now lay on his desk top and he positioned the camera so Amelia could see what he’d produced. “That’s your fault Babe!” he said, teasingly. “Oh, yes,” said Amelia, “If only I was there to lick it up and clean your cock!”

Toby sighed, “Jeez, you’re the hottest girl I’ve ever cum for. That was my first ever cam wank. Shit, tell me you weren’t recording this!” Amelia giggled and said “No Babe, I wouldn’t do that to you and it’s totally secure, nobody else could see, I promise.” Toby breathed a sigh of relief. “I’ve had an idea, though,” she said. “Oh, what’s that?” Toby asked. “Well,” she said, “have you ever thought of performing on cam yourself?” Toby laughed, saying “Nope, I was a cam virgin up until a few minutes ago.” Amelia continued “Well, you should try it. Girls and guys will pay good money to watch a fantastic cock like yours shooting cum. You wouldn’t even have to show your face!” Toby paused, considering whether or not he liked the idea, when Amelia squeaked “Ooh, I’ve had another idea and this one is REALLY naughty!” Toby was eager to hear this very naughty idea. “Go on,” he encouraged. “Well,” Amelia started, “the money is even better for couples. How about…” she paused, to tease Toby further. “How about you come over to mine and fuck me on cam?”

Toby swallowed hard. Was she serious? “Are you serious, Amelia? I mean, really?” Amelia was giggling now, clapping her hands together as if she’d just discovered penicillin. “Oh yes, that’s a great idea. Go me! Of course I’m serious. I wanted to fuck you the moment I saw you in the club the other night!” Toby was gobsmacked. “And if we do it on cam, I’ll earn some cash, sorry, WE’LL earn some cash and have great fun at the same time. What do you say?” Toby couldn’t believe his ears. She said she’d wanted to fuck him the moment she saw him and the feeling was, of course, mutual. Now she was suggesting he go to her place with the express purpose of fucking her live on cam for others to see. No mucking about with expensive meals or dates, just straight into the action. It sounded wonderful!

“I’ll get dressed and be with you in half an hour!” he said, by way of agreement. Amelia laughed. “Yeah, right. You don’t even know where I live, but if you’re up for it, how about tomorrow? Saturday is a busy night on here, it would be fun!” Fun indeed, thought Toby. They exchanged phone numbers and Amelia gave Toby her address. It was, in fact, only about 15 minutes from where he lived. “Perfect,” he said. “I’ll spruce myself up and trim anything that needs trimming. What time do you want me over?” Amelia replied “Well, it doesn’t get busy online until about 11. Come round about 8ish and I’ll cook us some food, make sure we have plenty of energy for the show!” Toby replied “That’s so sweet of you Babe. Shall I bring some wine? Red or White, or maybe some rum and coke?” Amelia giggled again in that cute, infectious way. “I prefer white, but to be honest, I’ll drink anything. Bring whatever you like.” Toby smiled and said “OK Babe, it’s a date. See you tomorrow around 8,” and blew her a kiss goodbye. Amelia waved and ended the video call.

Toby looked down and saw his cock was hard again. No wonder! The thought of actually fucking this beautiful, almost perfect girl had him stroking out another load before he went to sleep. Before he drifted off, he made a mental note to pick up some nice flowers for Amelia as well. He wanted to make a good impression with her as well as fuck her senseless!

Saturday was chores day for Toby. He worked all week, liked to take Sunday as a real relaxing day when he caught up with family and friends, so Saturday was when he did his laundry, grocery shopping and cleaned up around the flat. He normally hated these chores, but he had such a spring in his step today, he almost enjoyed doing them. On the way back from the market, he called in to a florist and selected a subtle but beautiful spray of flowers to take with him later. He’d bought some white wine and a bottle of prosecco and was really looking forward to later. Having dinner with Amelia and getting to know her was almost as thrilling as the thought of fucking her. Almost.

He decided to take a cab to Amelia’s rather than drive, so he could enjoy a drink with her without worrying. It crawled up her road as both he and the driver looked for the house number she had given him. It was a few minutes before 8 and just getting dark. “There!” Toby almost shouted and the driver hit the brakes. Toby handed him a ten pound note and said “Keep it,” as he scurried out of the cab and trotted up the steps to Amelia’s door. He pressed the bell and waited anxiously for her to open the door. He’d made a real effort getting ready and had a suit jacket over a crisp white shirt and trendy jeans. He knew Amelia would look as pretty as a picture even if she opened the door wearing a hessian sack! Thankfully, she wasn’t. The door swung open and the beautiful fresh face of Amelia greeted him and she said “You came!” smiling broadly.

“Of course I came, you think I get offers like this every week?” and leaned forward to kiss Amelia. She responded with a real smacker full on his lips and backed into the hallway, pulling Toby in by his lapels. They kissed for a long time and when they finally broke, he pulled the bunch of flowers from behind his back. “For you,” he said, simply. Toby was surprised to see Amelia blush as she took the flowers from him. “Aww, you’re so sweet, you didn’t have to do that,” she said, sniffing the flowers and reaching up to kiss Toby again. That was exactly the reaction he’d hoped for. “I know I didn’t but I’m glad I did and I’m glad you like them,” he said. Amelia led him into the kitchen where she searched for a vase. Toby was looking around at her very plush apartment, thinking that lap dancing and cam work must pay pretty darn well. As if she could sense his thoughts, Amelia said “I’ve not long moved here, it’s my first place on my own and I love it. What do you think?” She led him into the main lounge which was large and beautifully decorated. The dining table was laid up and he suddenly noticed the smell of the food cooking. She not only looked amazing in her white dress which fitted her model figure perfectly. She had gone to a real effort for tonight and Toby felt warm inside. They sat chatting for a few minutes then Amelia said “I have to finish dinner. Can you open a bottle of wine, please? I’ll only be a few minutes. It’s chilli beef, I hope that’s OK?” Toby smiled and said “Perfect, just like you!”

Toby knew this was a surreal ‘date’ and realised Amelia was thinking of how much money she could earn with her new ‘co-star’. However, he was determined they should get along. Physical attraction is great and they both had that in abundance, but wouldn’t it be even better if they got on and really liked each other? Toby thought so and was determined to win Amelia’s affection. It was a no-lose situation for him really. If he failed to win her heart, he would still get to fuck the sexiest girl he’d ever met!

Amelia reappeared with two bowls of steaming chilli then fetched a bowl of hot nachos smothered in cheese. Toby couldn’t help thinking a beer would go down better with this meal and as he poured Amelia a glass of wine, she read his mind. “Would you rather a beer than wine?” she asked. “Do you have any?” he asked back. Amelia giggled and said “Always,” and turned on her heel back to the kitchen. She returned with an ice cold bottle of Kronenbourg – how did she know it was Toby’s favourite? They ate, they chatted, they drank the wine and the beer and got on famously. Amelia couldn’t believe Toby was single. He was hot, sexy, kind and hung like a stallion! Still, that was her good luck to find him. Toby, for his part, suspected he knew why Amelia was single. It certainly wouldn’t be a shortage of suitors and she wasn’t just a pretty face, proving throughout their conversation that she was also smart and witty. No, it was her chosen lifestyle. Few men would like the thought of their other half dancing naked for strange men, so it was probably Amelia putting up barriers that had kept her single. Not every girl needs a man all the time, he supposed. She was independent and strong and he admired her even more for this.

They washed up, Toby teasing Amelia about being a clean freak. The apartment was spotless and she countered with "Yeah, I bet your place is gleaming too. You’re all talk, mister!” Toby chuckled and said “I ran around with the vacuum today, if that’s what you mean. Saturday is chores day.” Amelia nodded, “Me too plus I wanted it extra clean tonight for you!” It was now 10.30 and Amelia said “Oh, you haven’t seen my ‘boudoir’ yet, have you? I think you’ll like it.” Toby smiled and said “Well. I’ve kinda seen it, but only on cam!” Amelia scratched her head, “Oh yeah, I never thought of that. Now you get to see it from the other side of the camera!” Toby suspected he wouldn’t be analysing the décor, but nodded anyway.

“After you, sir,” Amelia said, opening the bedroom door. She clicked the light on and the first thing Toby saw was an expensive-looking web cam on a tripod pointing at the foot of the bed. The bed itself was huge and the room was very tastefully furnished. Amelia sat on the bed and patted the space beside her. Toby walked over, plonked himself beside her and she said “All you have to do is remember where the camera is and try and make everything we get up to as visible to our audience as possible. As for what we get up to, the tippers will tell us what they want to see, and if it goes quiet, just improvise!” Toby nodded, saying “Sounds easy enough to me. How about a practice run?” and he leant over and kissed Amelia passionately. When she came up for air, her face and neck were flushed red and she said “Fuck, this is gonna be so awesome!”

Toby had a boner just from kissing this beautiful creature. He hoped he would be able to perform OK on camera but secretly knew he’d have no problem. There wasn’t a straight man alive who couldn’t get aroused for Amelia! She was setting up her page, and he saw her type the room name and a bit of blurb designed to get people interested. “Special surprise tonight. Wait and see what I’m going to do for the first time ever!” then she added a few effects, turned the camera on and asked Toby to sit out of view for the moment. “I’ll get them warmed up,” she said, “then you can be the special surprise.” Toby asked “First time ever? I take it you mean your first time fucking on cam, not your first time fucking!” and smirked at her. Amelia raised her eyebrows and said “Aww, you mean I don’t look like a virgin?” Toby said, “No, not a virgin, just a fucking goddess!” and she punched him playfully.

“OK, here we go,” Amelia said and she clicked the button that connected her to the world. She had a lot of followers that got a message when she came online, so very quickly, the room started to fill up. She kept her mic off and chatted via text to the guys she knew. Toby was able to read the text and wasn’t surprised by how many guys told her how stunning she looked. Some were coarse “I wanna fuck you until you can’t walk, you little slut!” Others were much more polite. “Amelia, you are so beautiful. Will you marry me?” She looked at Toby and said “You know, I get about thirty marriage proposals every time I come on here!” to which he replied “I’m not at all surprised. I bet half of them mean it too!”

The tell-tale pings of the guys’ tips started to sound so Amelia began to shed her clothes. Toby had a perfect view sat just feet away out of shot and was imagining the viewers jerking themselves, drooling over Amelia’s hot body. She fondled and kneaded her breasts, flicked her nipples until they were like two little bullets and stood up to dance in just her thong undies. She gyrated sexily and the tips came in thick and fast. She was already up to 800-odd people viewing her and she seemed to get more excited as that number grew, and not just because more guys meant more tips. Toby was slightly surprised to see so many female names in the list of watchers. He wasn’t prudish at all, he just figured this kind of site would be 99% men. It looked more like 70/30 men to women. Several watchers, mostly the girls, it seemed, asked Amelia what the surprise was. She kept them hanging on with answers like “You’ll see in a few minutes” and “Not long now to find out”. Toby was starting to get excited and Amelia said to him “Can you get naked and when I say, crawl over to me and stick your cock straight into my mouth?” Toby’s dick sprang to attention and said “Oh, I think I can manage that!” and Amelia giggled. He stripped off and was sat next to her completely naked. She reached over to give his cock a little stroke, making sure it was fully erect and ready. The touch of her hand on his cock made shivers run up and down Toby’s spine. He quite liked that she was so matter-of-fact about sex. For some girls, it was the be all and end all. For Amelia, it was more like an enjoyable job. She then slipped her thong off and the tips went crazy. When she fingered herself, they came even faster. Then she held up her hand, turned her mic on and said, “OK Guys and Girls, here’s your surprise!”

Amelia turned to Toby and right on cue, he appeared on the camera, his massive cock fully erect and heading for Amelia’s mouth. He put his hand on top of her head, turned her head towards him and pushed his cock eagerly into her mouth. Amelia pretended to be shocked but then started to give Toby the most amazing blow job. He was surprised that the tip tones stopped for a few moments, then suddenly a torrent of them filled the room with their metallic pinging sounds. These weren’t just single credit tips like before. Suddenly, guys were tipping twenty, then fifty. It was a different sound as the tips reached a certain level, the highest being the sound of a crumpled bank note. That meant a minimum tip of 500 tokens, roughly equal to fifty pounds in a single tip. Toby heard that sound five times in quick succession as Amelia sucked nosily on his cock, making whimpering sounds and saying “Oh my God, it’s so fucking big!” She did her best to throat him but spluttered and gagged, seemingly unable to take it all. Toby quickly realised this was part of the show. The tippers were all calling for her to deep throat Toby’s monster cock and she kept trying until eventually, it slipped right down her throat without her gagging. Damn, this girl was good with her mouth. It was only because Toby wasn’t fully concentrating on what she was doing that he didn’t blow his load very quickly. He was reading some of the text and was pleased to see several comments like “Great cock, man!” and “Lucky girl!” He felt he was the lucky one, but was pleased his manhood was being appreciated. The tips slowed and Toby looked at the running total. Jesus! They had been on for about 30 minutes and had reached nearly 5,000 tokens already, almost five hundred pounds!

A quick check at the room total and Toby could see there were 2,500 viewers and that number was climbing steadily. Amelia switched off the mic and said “Ha! I never get more than 2,000 watchers, these guys love to see a couple at it. I can’t wait for you to fuck me, Toby. I’ll love it and the tips will go through the roof!” She motioned for him to step aside and she changed the room title to “Full fuck, you decide the position” and clicked enter. Toby was getting a much-needed breather, he had got very close to cumming with Amelia’s superb oral skills, but so far, he was enjoying the experience, thinking it could only get better. The tips started again in earnest, the watchers obviously keen for them to fuck. Another two scrunched up banknote sounds made Amelia squeak and say, “OK, big boy, let’s do it!” and she reached her hand to Toby, pulling him back in to view. He gently, and hoped provocatively, stroked his big hard cock so the watchers could see he was ready. Text after text said “Doggy” or “On your knees” so Amelia knelt in front of Toby and said “You heard ’em!” Toby reached for a condom and Amelia said “I don’t mind if you don’t want to use one.” Toby thought for a moment, then decided to go in raw. This girl was so spotlessly clean, he was confident she wouldn’t give him anything nasty. He knew he was clean as well, so what the hell?

Toby rubbed his knob up and down Amelia’s soaking wet snatch, and she moaned theatrically for the audience. She used the remote control to aim the camera at such an angle that everyone could watch Toby’s huge cock sliding in and out of her in graphic, hi-resolution detail. Damn! Her pussy felt like heaven. It was hot and tight and he had never felt so aroused. The sound of the tips pouring in aroused Amelia and she was squealing with pleasure, starting to talk really dirty. “Oh you guys, this cock feels fucking amazing. It’s so big, it’s stretching my tiny little cunt. I’m not sure how much more I can take, oh my fucking God!” The only problem with dirty talk was it aroused Toby too! He was concentrating hard, trying to read the text to distract his mind from the awesome sensation of Amelia’s tight pussy gripping his swollen cock. Amelia could obviously sense Toby’s imminent orgasm, so she leant forward, causing his cock to pop out of her. She turned back around and took him into her mouth again, but slowed right down. She checked what the guys were writing and the majority wanted her to ride Toby’s huge cock, ass to the camera. She asked Toby to lie on the bed with his feet over the edge close to the camera. He did as he was asked and Amelia edged herself up the bed and squatted over Toby’s huge pole. She looked over her shoulder and fiddled with the remote control for a second or two, then when she was happy with the view, she looked down and whispered “Ready?” Toby nodded and Amelia started to wiggle her pussy on his knob with no hands. When she felt her lips part, she eased herself down fully on to his thick shaft, sighing deeply and reaching behind her to pull her ass cheeks apart. Toby couldn’t see the screen now but could see the look of bliss on Amelia’s face as, with her head back and her eyes closed, she rode Toby like the stallion he was. He reached up to stroke and caress her lovely firm breasts and this made her moan louder. With every moan, more tips started to flood in. Amelia was bouncing up and down hard and fast now and Toby defied any man to last much longer than he had with such a beautiful girl riding him.

He knew that the cumshot would have to be visible, so he slowed Amelia down by holding her hips. She asked “Are you close, Baby?” Toby nodded and she said, “OK, don’t cum yet. I’m gonna invite tips to ask where they want you to cum, OK?” She eased herself off him and typed a new sub-heading in the room title. “Tip 50 and tell me where you want my stud to cum”. Within two minutes, over 100 guys had tipped their 50, with the majority saying “Face”. Amelia liked to keep the show moving along and not being greedy, said OK, that’s enough guys, you’re so generous. So, you want him to cum on my pretty face?” Several more tips arrived and Amelia said “OK, here we go.” She held her hands out to help Toby up. He’d been stroking his cock slowly, gazing at Amelia’s ass as she leant forward to type. He was edging himself, ready to shoot at any time. “It’s gonna be quick,” he warned her, so Amelia said out loud “It’s gonna be quick guys. Make sure you’re full screen!” Toby stroked his cock and Amelia couldn’t resist one more suck. He pulled out of her mouth quickly and said “Now!” Amelia opened her mouth and looked Toby in the eyes as he unleashed his mighty load over her beautiful face. Last night, he shot 4 or 5 streams before he started to dribble. Tonight, however, he counted 8 thick streams of cum that erupted out of him and covered Amelia’s face and neck. She used her tongue and fingers to scoop as much as she could into her mouth, then sighed as she played with it in her mouth, rolling her tongue around the sticky white liquid, deliberately letting some dribble down her chin.

Toby was completely breathless from the strongest orgasm of his life. He continued to stroke until his dick started to get limp and after Amelia had licked it clean, he moved to one side, off camera, letting Amelia finish the cum show. The sound of tips coming in was constant as Toby was cumming and he felt he’d contributed well to the show, justifying his presence. Amelia looked right into the camera and said “Now it’s my turn,” and opened her legs wide, beckoning Toby over with her finger. He was only too happy to oblige, having craved a taste of this pussy since he’d first seen it. He dropped his head between Amelia’s legs and turned his head so the camera could see his tongue tracing up and down her labia, then flicking her clit, making Amelia squirm and sigh. More tips were coming in as Toby worked Amelia up into a furious climax. She gasped and held the back of his head as she bucked and writhed, screaming “Oh Fuck!” over and over, then when she could take no more stimulation, she eased away, got onto her knees and kissed Toby passionately, tasting her own juices on his mouth.

After a good few minutes, Amelia came down from her orgasmic high and, shaking her head, said out loud “Guys, we’re gonna take a little break but we’ll be back. Kisses!” and then she clicked the pause button. This meant the viewers could see she was online but taking a break.

Amelia looked over to Toby and said “What the fuck was that? You eat pussy like a fucking champion, I’ve never cum that hard before!” Toby grinned and said, “I’ve never shot eight spurts of cum before either. Baby, this was your best idea ever!” Amelia covered the camera lens with a cap, just to make sure nobody could see them. She jumped off the bed, kissed Toby on the cheek and went to the kitchen, returning with another cold beer for him and a large glass of wine for herself. They sat cross-legged on the bed, giggling and complimenting each other on how they had just performed. “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” asked Amelia. Toby laughed and said “Oh yeah, I get my rocks off every Saturday night in front of..” he paused and looked at the screen, “fuck, 5,500 viewers!” Amelia looked stunned. “Shit, that’s amazing. Oh my God, how much did we just make?” she checked the total and it was up to the equivalent of fifteen hundred pounds. Considering she’d make about 400 pounds on a good night in the club, this was outstanding. She clapped her hands together gleefully and kissed Toby again. “I told you this was a great idea! Go me!” and they both laughed.

Despite their ten minute break, the audience had hardly dwindled. Just under 5,000 people were waiting to see these two horny people play again. The pattern followed the first show, but Amelia liked to mix things up, so after another awesome blowjob, which got Toby really hard again, Amelia said to Toby “Watch this!” and typed “Tip for my stud to fuck me again. I wonder if I should try anal with this huge cock?” Toby looked astounded. “You really will?” he asked. “I’ll really try!” replied Amelia, laughing or rather cackling like the wicked witch from the west. Within seconds of her posting that note, the tip frenzy began and several more scrunching sounds greeted the big tips. Toby looked down in awe and noticed something. “Look Babe,” he said. A chap called Kingsman had tipped 5,000 tokens in a single tip and a fanfare sounded shortly after. “Oh my fucking God!” Amelia blurted. “we’d better make this good!” She kissed her thank-yous to Kingsman and all the other tippers and said “Guys, that really is enough. I appreciate your tips so much, but now it’s show time. I’m turning the tips off, you’ve been way too generous. Now just sit back, keep your hands free for something else and enjoy the show!”

She turned to Toby and kissed him on the lips. She reached forward for the baby oil and squirted a generous amount over her ass and invited Toby to massage it in. He did so eagerly, making sure plenty went inside her tight hole. He fingered her gently to start with, then more urgently, slipping a second finger into her. His cock was so hard it almost hurt, throbbing hard and fast. Amelia turned away so her ass was facing the camera. Toby stood with one leg either side of her ass, then lowered his hips in a squat position. He offered the tip of his cock to Amelia’s puckered anus and felt her push back towards him until it slipped inside her oily sphincter. She moaned loudly and Toby knew this was only half for the viewers. He’d fucked a girl in the ass a few times and knew his cock was hard to take initially. He eased it into her inch by excruciating inch until it was full inside her. He eased it half out, then plunged back in, making her gasp again. On the next stroke, he pulled it out a little further before quickly burying it inside her again. He got into a nice rhythm and Amelia felt no more pain, just the exhilarating feeling of being fucked harder and deeper than anyone else had ever done. Toby was monkey-fucking her, giving the viewers a perfect view from between his legs as they watched his monster cock plunge the depths of Amelia’s anus. At one stage, he pulled right out and held her ass cheeks apart, showing her gaping hole, before forcing his cock back into her again and again. Amelia’s head was spinning and she was moaning and crying out, using expletives that Toby hardly ever heard a girl use! It all got too much for him and he whispered “Baby, I’m gonna cum again.” He was expecting instructions, but instead heard Amelia shout out “OOOOH MYYY GOOOOOOOD!” and he felt her cum and could feel her squirt several gushes of cum from her pussy as she shuddered and tensed from the most intense orgasm she’d ever had. She flopped down on the bed and Toby’s cock sprang out of her ass as he started to cum as well. Another eight or so spurts covered her ass and back and he finished himself by hand, rubbing his cum into her bum with the tip of his cock. Then, he slumped down on top of Amelia, and whispered into her ear “I bloody love you, you awesome Goddess!” Amelia’s body was still spasming and she shook her shoulders a few times when he said this, no doubt laughing. She eventually tuned over as Toby climbed off her and looked directly at the camera, shaking her head. Tears were streaming down her face and she said “Fuck me! I gotta go guys, thanks so much, I love you all!” She blew a kiss to the camera and clicked exit. Once she’d covered the camera lens again she looked over to Toby, who was on his back, still breathing hard.

“Jesus Christ, where have you been all my life?” was all she could manage. Toby smiled and reached over to her, pulling her down next to him. He kissed her tenderly and she started to sob again. He knew this hadn’t been just a webcam fuck. It had been something very special for both of them, the start of a passionate affair. “Let me just check something a sec,” said Amelia. “Oh my fucking God!” she exclaimed, “I thought this might happen!” She clicked the tab that read “Offline Tips”. The number in the ‘Today’ column was 3,550. That was how many tips she’d received after turning off the live tips immediately before the anal show. She looked up as she mentally calculated how much their two shows had made this evening. “Toby, you’ll never guess how much we’ve made tonight!” she said, a disbelieving tone to her voice. “Well, as I don’t want a bean of what was tipped, tell me how much YOU’VE made tonight,” said Toby. “WE’VE made £2,650, can you believe it?” said Amelia. Toby grinned and said “Baby, you’re worth every penny of that and more. And I’m serious, that’s your money, not mine. If you like, you can buy me a present, OK?” Amelia beamed as she kissed Toby lovingly. “OK Babe, I’ll buy you something nice. You’re something else, you are!”

Toby and Amelia became an item after that night. She gave up working in the club and only cammed with Toby once a week. It was so successful that she didn’t need to take another job and she concentrated on her other passion, which was writing. They made love several times a week and enjoyed an amazing sex life. But they always saved their special performances for Saturday night. They had an audience to please, after all.