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10 Mar. '19

-- All characters in this story are 18 years old. --

            “It is not always the case that the prettiest girls are also the most popular ones. Often the thing they lack to achieve a higher social position in the school community is a sense of maturity, or at least of “distance”. Position and “distance” (a subtle way to label the lack of “sluttiness”) is crucial for many boys in Rose High; as a result, a significant group of really hot chics is marginalized and left to itself, gradually falling into the state of female infantilism.”

            “No, dude, I mean I’m not going to print that in a school paper”, Winston said to Sidney, cleaning his glasses with a tissue. They were the last ones sitting in the school library, attempting to work on the article Sidney insisted on writing.

            “Well, it’s true buddy, trust me”, Sidney replied confidently, as he adjusted in his seat, “There are so many hot chics in our school that you cannot…you know…”, he made a penetration sign with his hands.

            “Ok Sidney, I am not going to ask you about exactly what your Prom Night plans include, but even if I agreed on the topic; you have to tone down the language”

            “What do you mean? It’s all truth man”

            “I mean first of all it’s cringy, but I guess that doesn’t really bother you”, the chief editor of Rose High newspaper replied as he put his glasses back on and searched through the screen for the particular expressions he found too informal, “But you would have to get rid of the terms like ‘hot chics’ and – oh – the term ‘female infantilism’ will give you a lot of trouble from everyone”

            “It won’t”, Sidney proclaimed confidently, “They love me and you know it”

            “Yes, Mr. Big, I know how magnificent you are”, Winston said with irony, “Let me ask you something: why are you even doing this?”

            “Dude, I told you already; because it pisses me off how many hot girls are out of the game only because they are ‘too willing’ – it just doesn’t make sense – if…”

            “Ok, so you actually just want to be able to make out with them without damaging your stainless reputation”

            “You can say that I guess. But hey, you like girls too, right?”, Sidney left a pause for Winston to deny. Not given an anticipated response, he continued, “Then think about Martha and Carol, just as an example – they are really attractive and yet somehow it’s bad with the guys if you try to do anything”

            “I suppose I will always have some level of admiration towards how engaged you can be in such trivial matters”, Winston replied, took his backpack and started from the library

            “Hey, what about the article though!?”, Sidney yelled after him dissatisfied

            ”You really do not need other jocks’ approval to…”, Winston’s reply faded as he walked around the corner without turning around

            “…To fuck a girl…”, Sidney said to himself as he sat with eyes fixed on the walls of books in front of him. After a few seconds of thought, he closed the laptop, packed it into a sports-bag he carried with him since football practice and went in the direction of the bus stop.

            He kept thinking about the girls; not only about Martha and Carol but also Susan, Anna, even Mary. They were all unpopular in the school community or rather possessed an astonishingly average status. Astonishingly, because they really were not bad looking and it seemed that their position was at the mercy of a vicious cycle the girls found themselves in; because they acted childishly, they were alienated, and because they were left to themselves, they acted increasingly more infantile. Did Sidney need any approval of his peers to do anything with the girls? No, of course not. Firstly, he did not expect any problem to arise on the side of the prettier sex; he knew he was quite hot and heard how much fun the girls like to have with boys like him. Secondly, Sidney was, to say bluntly, already extremely popular among everyone in Rose High; the girls, the jocks, the nerds and even the teachers. The only reason he wanted to write the article (which after Winston’s comments did not seem like a perfect thing to publish just a week before prom) was that he really could not comprehend why was it for some reason “bad” to want to make out with someone. Or everyone. This is what the guys wanted anyway, so why, when some girls (and attractive ones too) wanted to give it to them, were they somehow shocked?

            The additional problem was that the attractive “popular” girls were almost all taken; even Sidney’s prom date, Sophie, was in a long-distance relationship. The ones that were not, were usually unapproachable and “independent” in their own, deviated form of feminism. Although Sidney has succeeded a few times with some of these girls, there were also multiple rejections and he did not want to experience electrocution from yet another girl’s eyes if he so much as asked for a cigarette. They were also never into a threesome or anything beyond that, which let Sidney down. Maybe because of the lack of understanding on his part, Sidney had a deep, subconscious need to make everything uncovered. To “get rid of the bullshit”, to cut the pointless small talk, to be open about one’s needs. He started to notice this in his fantasies; it was not that he did not enjoy flirting and imaginary exchange of words with a girl that would bring his desire to a boiling-hot point, but he really liked to think about shameless group sex. Sidney imagined orgies featuring all girls he found attractive, sacrificing their bodies for the sake of pleasure. Pleasure and nothing else. He imagined a threesome (or more than just that) optimally consisting of people who never really talked with one another and at that moment stripped and teased each other, guided only by their lust and desire. There was something joyful about a room full of naked females moaning and cumming all night long, with no games, no taboos, no restrictions. Just fun. Sidney saw all of this reflected in the eyes of girls like Martha and Susan and wanted to have a use of it.

            “I’m just gonna do it”, unasked, he proclaimed to Winston the day before prom

            “What? Oh, you are still talking about the article?”, he responded annoyed with Sidney’s interruption of a conversation with the Rose High Circle of Nerds.

            “No man, screw that article”, Sidney replied dragging his nerd-friend to the side, “I’m just going to hook up with few girls after the prom. The ones that I like. And the others can shut up and watch me do it”

            “I really did not ask about your plans, but thanks for the heads up”, Winston said and then replied, “Wait, you said ‘girls’?”

Sidney did not respond; with the most charming sneer he could produce, he turned his eyes towards the group walking in their direction. As Martha, Anna, Susan, and Carol walked past them laughing, the girls noticeably scanned Sidney’s silhouette with corners of their eyes. Two of them visibly blushed.

            “Oh Jesus…”, Winston rolled his eyes and walked away turning on his heel.

            The tradition in Rose High expected a formal dinner before the dances and the rest of the night’s party. Sidney was neither a nerd, not a jock really, he possessed a high status thanks to his combination of the characteristics of these two groups; his body had something of a jock and his mind something of a nerd. As a result, he sat at the “popular kids” table with Sophie, a few jocks and their dates. Being more relaxed, he now looked with indulgence at his friend’s attempts to somehow warm up the girls they assigned to themselves. Jocks like Alex or George visibly tried to move from Smalltalk to flirt, but this had no effect. The girls at their table stayed cool, exchanging knowing glances and violently dissecting the salad on their plates.

            As they were eating, some late couple stormed into the hall; Sidney quickly noticed it was Susan with her date, Marcus, whom she likely couldn’t hold herself from fucking until after the prom. She did look amazingly sexy. Her appearance changed significantly; from a thin, infantile, beautiful girl into a MILF-stylized blonde sex bomb, yet still possessing that element of youthfulness that MILFs lacked in Sidney’s eyes. Her body of small, yet elegant curves was wrapped up in a tight, dark blue costume and her hair rolled up in a way that reminded Sidney of 90s pop-singers. Thoughts started rushing into his brain and blood into his cock. Sidney imagined fucking Susan with only half of her costume off, pressing her against a wall and pounding her tight ass and then the other way around, with her firstly blowing him and then, naked, getting fucked standing, with her eyes staring into his.

            “Sidney. Hey, Sidney”, a voice of another jock, Joe, finally broke through the cloud of Sidney’s thoughts, “Earth to Sidney, I repeat, earth to Sidney”

He smiled and was just about to respond with some excuse for his mental absence when Sophie and Daphne started to deliver a statement they must have worked out in their private conversation.

            “You know what I think the biggest problem of Rose High is?”, Daphne asked

            “I don’t know, how about Mrs. Dickinson?”, Joe responded

            “No, Joe, not the teachers. I think the biggest problem we struggle with here is nymphomania”, Daphne continued her lecture, “Look at these…these girls. They fulfill all criterions of… I mean they have an unquenched sexual desire - they hook up with someone – and someone else – on every party…”

            “Ok, but why is that a problem exactly?”, Sidney asked curiously, although feeling something boiling inside. Now it was Sophie that responded:

            “Oh, I don’t know, maybe because of the fact that they 1) Break up relationships 2) Do not see the need for actual emotional interpersonal relation other than having someone’s willy stuck inside them 3) Introduce unrealistic standards for other girls to follow”

            “Alright, so let me unpack this”, Sidney started, “They break up relationships in what way exactly? Or let me rephrase: how are they responsible for the break-up? It looks as if you blamed a prostitute for a married man coming to her”

Daphne wanted to respond, but Sidney interrupted her and continued his speech. By now, the whole table was all ears

            “Secondly, you said what? ‘they don’t want an emotional relationship’ I mean, isn’t that just ridiculous: in what way does not wanting to be emotional (if that even is possible in what they are doing) make them bad persons? And yes, the last point – I don’t know if these standards are totally unrealistic. It seems to me that some girls in Rose High could learn a lot from these ‘Nymph-o-maniacs’, as you call them”

            “See, that’s exactly what I’m talking about”, Sidney’s prom date responded, visibly moved, “The widespread obsession with sex, that’s the problem”

            “Hey, that’s a little harsh, don’t you think?”, now Tom, a Rose High alumni joined the discussion, “But – Sidney, yes? – do you really think that? About girls having to ‘learn’ something?”

            “I do think that. And hey, let me say more, it’s true – I am obsessed with sex, I am absolutely obsessed with it and I don’t really see that as a bad thing, sorry”

The table went silent and the waiters started to collect the table-service. Sidney got up from his table. What was to follow was a night of dancing, drunkenness, pot-smoking and secret blowjobs in the bathroom, but he had more ambitious plans. His eyes moved towards the “Slut-table”, where Martha, Mary, Susan, Anna, and Carol sat; they were all dressed in some variation of a “fuck-me-now” outfit, although too elegant to be bluntly inappropriate. Martha especially, wearing a short, black dress with a large bosom, that somehow matched her curly blond hair. Almost all the girls at that table were very thin, which Sidney liked, especially as he tried to visualize how their small, firm boobs must have looked. No, he would not be satisfied with a silent bathroom blowjob, and no, he would not be satisfied with taking just one of the sluts home; he wanted to fuck all of them, at the same time, in the same bed.

            The dancing started and Sidney knew that in order to achieve anything, even with the most willing girls, he would have to go on the floor. He was not a very good dancer, but he knew exactly what to do to get closer to the females that his plan featured. Sidney untied his bowtie and moved to the parquet, purposely on the opposite side to that where Martha, Ann, and Susan danced. The plan was to get increasingly closer to them, but gradually, so that it would seem natural. Even the horniest prey could be frightened away by a wrong move and Sidney was too hungry to risk that. After he established contact, he wanted to go back to their table, get something to drink and start to flirt, which, as he aimed would end with all girls in a taxi with him.

            As he planned, he did. Sidney went over to the group of his, as he termed it, “conservative” friends and started to dance some variation of Twist he saw in “Pulp Fiction”; this didn’t look as pathetic as he thought. Interestingly, even after the little speech that Sidney thought was destructive to him in the eyes of the girls from his table, some of them wanted to dance with him; they moved visibly closer and on purpose made their hair look messy to be more appealing and sexy. They were turning slutty for Sidney, but he knew he could not capitalize on it; a plan was a plan, unfortunately even in the face of Sophie’s petite silhouette. As the music changed, Sidney moved closer and closer to the opposite side of the dance floor and, unexpectedly, his whole table went with him. As the groups of infantile-laughing girls and of mature boring fucks were close to clashing together, Sidney stopped in his movement. He decided that the task should be fulfilled otherwise; he could not risk other guys fishing out one slut each, which would utterly disrupt Sidney’s plan for an orgy. He waited until the girls he desired got tired dancing and went to their table, and then followed them. As the females went off of the dancefloor and sat around the table, Sidney could not allow for an awkward pause to emerge and so immediately started to talking with Susan.

            “Hey, Sue, you having fun?”, he asked the most generic question, yet with the level of confidence in his voice that definitely suggested he wanted to sleep with Susan

            “Hihihi, yes Sidney, it’s so much fun”, she responded and each girl around the table looked at her with jealousy, which Sidney noticed, “I am so glad that the whole prom worked out so well. I mean me and Martha and my parents really worked on it to throw out a good party”

            “Wait, you organized this year’s prom?”, Sidney asked with fake amazement as everybody knew who was involved in organizing the prom. It worked anyhow.

            “Yes, Hihihi. Are you having fun?”

            “Oh am I having fun? I love it!”, he said, “You know, it’s not easy to throw a good party, especially with a lot of people”

            “Yeah, well tell me about it”, now Martha joined the conversation, to which Susan responded cheerfully

            “It really is hard, isn’t it?”, she said with a note of lust in her voice

            “Especially if you really want to have fun”, Sidney started, “It’s not enough to have just two people, even with good music and everything”

            “Oh, you think that more people are necessary?”, Martha asked, also with desire gleaming from underneath her curly hair, “How many would you need for a good party?”

            “Well, quite a lot – as much I could find, really”, he responded, but then looked at Martha and Susan sitting at his both sides. As they flirted, he realized that really he wanted to fuck these two the most, “But I think three persons can be a let’s say… satisfying experience”

            “Oh, you’re throwing a party?”, Carol asked with visibly no idea as to what the three has been talking about

            “No, no, I was just asking Martha and Susan here, hy-po-thet-i-cal-ly, how many people they needed to enjoy themselves”, Sidney replied evasively

            “Well, Sidney”, Susan said in a dreamy voice as her hand dived underneath the table and landed on Sidney’s thigh, “I think that you and Martha would be a perfect company for a good party. Don’t you think Mae?”

Martha smiled lustfully and too moved her hand underneath the table. She, however, went straight for Sidney’s crotch and he felt a bulge growing as her skinny white hand massaged his cock.

            “I want you to fuck me”, she whispered in his ear shyly and Sidney felt her curls in his face and small breasts pressing against his shoulder

            “Ok, girls”, he said with an official tone, “Shall we get some air?”

The three stood up and as they turned around Sidney put his arms around the swaying, warm hips of the two girls. The three smiled at each other and started towards the exit. Along the way, Sidney with glee made eye-contact with Sophie, Daphne, Tom, and Joe, who returned to their table. Their faces were full of faked contempt as Sidney knew that Martha and Susan looked really hot in their outfits and only he would see how hot they looked without them.

            The three went downstairs to the cloakroom, but stopped in the middle of the way and hid in a large fold of velvet that covered the walls. Susan was first to lay her hand on Sidney’s chest, which warmth could easily felt through the thin shirt. Sidney has been very well built and all three were perfectly aware of that. Encompassing more and more of his torso with her hands, Susan finally kissed Sidney. Her lips were soft and shaky from her horniness. Soon another pair joined and left its mark on Sidney’s neck. As one of his hands grabbed Martha’s curly hair and the other the slim neck of Susan, he felt his penis hardening. They made out there, in the corridor and as Sidney grabbed Susan’s ass, he felt just how much he wanted to fuck the two right there, between the hall and the cloakroom. Susan must have thought the same, as she started to unbuckle the belt from Sidney’s pants. He took his tongue out of her mouth

            “Girls, be patient”, he sighed as Martha kept licking his neck, “There will be time for everything”

            “But I want to suck your dick”, Susan said with a sexy, infantile-sounding disappointment

            “You will, I promise”, Sidney said, “Jesus, you two make me so horny. Ok, so where are we going?”

Martha ignored the belt and put her hand gently into Sidney’s pants. He could feel her fingers touching his glans and moaned slightly.

            “Well, my house is empty… My parents are gone…And I have a huuuge bed”, Susan signed just how big her bed was with her hands, “And how big is yours?”

            “My bed?”, Sidney replied, “I guess you’ll find out once we get to your place. I will let you feel it”

Difficult as it was, the three managed to stop their already ajar foreplay and collect their coats. Susan had a long, beige trench coat that made her look even more slutty and Martha wore a dark-green velvet coat, which kept her bosom visible. Susan then called for a taxi and Sidney asked Martha:

            “You are not very talkative, aren’t you?”

            “That’s one way to put it”, she replied flirtatiously, “Another way would be to say that I prefer different modes of communication”

            “Like…?”, Sidney asked, but did not have to wait long for the response as Martha instantly glued her lips to his and crammed her long, smooth tongue into his mouth. They remained like that, kissing all the way from the cloakroom to the taxi.

            As the three gave the destination of Susan’s house and the cab driver turned off the lights from above them, they continued the foreplay. Sidney grabbed Martha’s neck and with his fingers in her curls started to again make out with her passionately. Their tongues touching made Sidney even hornier, which he did not think was even possible at that point. His cock did everything to get out of his pants and Sidney felt relieved when on his right-hand side Susan started to unzip his fly. With some difficulty, she took out Sidney’s penis through the created hole in his trousers. His dick was already fully erect and Susan spat on it. She started to jerk him off. Sidney turned right, kissed Susan and asked:

            “You want to do it now?”

            “Yup, that was my plan”, she replied and smiled as he caught her hair firmly, destroying her hairstyle

Susan kissed Sidney’s neck and chest and went down and down, eventually ending at the level of his dick. Sidney turned around to Martha and started kissing again. He felt Susan working, sucking his penis slowly at first and then faster and faster, adding her hand into the blowjob. He felt her tongue moving to the side and stimulating his frenulum. He let go of her hair and moved his hand into Martha’s bust. Sidney felt just how much fun the girls had when his fingers reached Martha’s nipple, encompassed by a thin layer of sweat. Her breasts were magnificent; they were small, firm, with pointy nipples. Sidney wanted to suck on them, but remained touching them and moved his lips to Martha’s neck. Meanwhile, Susan shoved Sidney’s cock deeper and deeper into her mouth and he could feel her spit flowing down his shaft. It felt amazing, having the two sluts on his sides; one sucking his dick and the other letting him cup her great breasts. The three attempted to nevertheless remain quiet, not to alert the driver, so Susan slowed the tempo of the blowjob and not for a moment took out the erect cock out of her mouth. Martha moaned quietly in the corner of the cab as Sidney kissed her neck and bosom. She took his hand from her breasts and directed it towards her crotch. Sidney dove with his fingers underneath the short dress and felt Martha’s panties, totally soaked. He moved them to the side and started to rub her clit with his middle finger. Martha opened her mouth, stopping herself from moaning.

            “Inside”, she whispered to him

Sidney put his two fingers into her vagina. It was warm, tight and extremely lubricated, to an extent that he did not experience ever before. He started to move his fingers in and out of Martha’s pussy in the rhythm of Susan’s suction. Martha bent slightly, still making no sounds, but visibly feeling intense pleasure and wanting something even bigger to be stuck inside her. After Susan finally let go of Sidney’s dick, the girls exchanged their tasks. They continued until Susan, with Sidney’s finger stuck inside her, said in the most neutral tone she could produce:

            “We-we’re here…”

            “Oh, okay”, Sidney said, looking out the window at a street of old villas, a type of place where really rich parents live with their perfect children, “Uhm, Martha…”

Martha looked up and slowly took Sidney’s dick out of her mouth. It was throbbing and covered with the girls’ saliva. Sidney managed to put his cock back into his pants just before the cab driver turned around for payment.

            They stood in front of the Livingroom leather sofa, waiting for Susan to unzip her overall, which proved loose enough to let Sidney penetrate the girl’s vagina with his fingers, but too tight for being simply torn off of her hot silhouette, as the boy intended. While Susan took time to undress, Sidney stood in front of her, with his pants at the height of his ankles, being jerked off by Martha, who kept kissing him.

            “Are you two…”, he asked, trying to unglue his face from Martha’s, “…like willing to do shit with each other, or is that…”

            “I mean…”, Martha started, but Sidney received his answer as Susan walked up to her and kissed passionately on the lips. This made him even hornier.

Susan undressed and had only high heels on her, which Sidney instructed her to leave. She looked just like he wanted her to; long legs, a  thigh gap and the abdomen with a visible curve that ended on a stripe-shaved spot of pubic hair. A nice, slutty touch, Sidney thought. Susan’s breasts were bigger, or maybe her body was just more muscular than Martha’s because her boobs definitely stood out. As Martha stepped back from Sidney, Susan seized his cock and jerked him off for a moment, smiling and staring into his eyes.

            “What?”, he asked confused by the expression of silliness on her face

            “No, nothing…”, Susan responded, still smiling, “I really like you and want us to have fun”

Sidney smiled back and turned the naked girl around dynamically. He pressed her body against the backrest of the sofa and looked for a while at Susan’s ass; it was small but well-formed. It looked clean; just the kind of ass that Sidney needed that night. As he entered her, he felt how tight she was. She must have felt that too; she sighed continuously as Sidney’s cock entered her, inch by inch. It was not that Susan was not lubricated (drops of juices flowed down her leg), but apparently, she was not with as many guys as Sidney thought. Martha disappeared somewhere, but he did not care at the moment. As he felt that he has reached the end of Susan’s vagina, he started slowly to retract from her pussy. Susan moaned as he did that. Sidney saw her inner labia, stretched around his dick, extending further outwards as he pulled out his hard cock.

            “Sue!”, Martha’s voice came somewhere from the stairs, “Got any condoms? Oh fuck, that’s so hot”, she added as her head popped out from around the corner. She was already naked, but Sidney managed to catch only her blonde curls with a corner of his eye. He started to pound faster.

            “Uhm...let-me-thi-ink”, Susan responded with her voice measured by Sidney’s rhythmical shoves, “Ye-ah, lo-ok in the last dra-wer on the ri-ight. In the kit-chen.”

Martha’s naked silhouette flashed by in the corridor and disappeared in an adjoining room. Sidney seized Susan’s buttocks with his hands and started to stick his cock faster and deeper into the girl’s tight pussy. He was not a quick cummer, but after everything that had been happening in the taxi, he did fell the need for a condom, if the fun was to continue. Susan, as if reading his mind, said:

            “Don’t worry, I’m on a pill”

Sidney noted that and reached with his hand to the stomach of the girl. He started to massage her abdomen, then grabbed her right breast and played with her nipple. Finally, he went further south to rub her clitoris. Sidney was able to feel his hard cock with the tip of his middle finger, wet from all the juices from Susan’s pussy. As he made a circle on the upper part of her vulva, she moaned louder and bent back her neck. Her hair was in a complete mess and just the look of the girl’s back reminded Sidney of some kind of a 90s pornstar. With his chest pressed against Susan’s back, Sidney changed from rhythmically pounding to swaying his hips back and forth and inserting his cock deeper and deeper into Susan’s vagina. She turned her head around as much as she could and kissed Sidney. Her lips were hot and filled with lust; she started to inhale more intensely and the boy felt that she really liked both of her main holes to be occupied. It really created a feeling of completeness, of full-on fucking. Just as Sidney increased the tempo of the circles made by his fingers, Martha came into the Livingroom, holding a pack of condoms. It had to be extremely stimulating for her to see her best friend, wearing nothing but high heels and getting fucked by the most popular boy in Rose High.

            Martha pulled Sidney back from Susan and again put her tongue into his mouth. She made him exit Susan, whose pussy slowly retracted after the penetration, but for few seconds remained with a gaping black hole in the shape of Sidney’s dick. Martha handed him a condom and proceeded to lie lengthwise on the sofa.

            “My turn”, she said in her soft voice, spreading her legs before Sidney

She was slightly surprised as her friend bent over and started to lick her pussy. Martha instinctively wanted to push Susan’s head back, but as she felt the first thrill of pleasure, she instead pressed it even harder to her crotch. Sidney thought that this might have been Martha’s first time with a girl. Before he unpacked the condom and put it on his dick, he went to the side of the couch where Martha laid her head and made her suck her friend’s juices off of his cock. Sidney concluded that Martha was not worse at blowjobs than Susan. Above all, he felt he could finally enjoy himself; how many times did he think about something like this? Something exactly like this; no games, no bullshit, just oral sex, lesbians and smooth, tight assess being penetrated. Sidney felt that these thoughts aroused him a little too much and, not wanting to cum in Martha’s mouth, took his dick out and put a condom on. He let Susan know he was ready with a pat on her shoulder blade and as she moved away from Martha’s pussy, he grabbed her two legs. Martha’s calves were not as muscular as Susan’s, but her body was in general thinner. Her pussy was also different; completely shaved and with less outer parts visible. She sighed and directed Sidney’s throbbing cock into her pussy. Again he felt how lubricated she was; although equally tight as Susan, it was easier for Sidney to move around inside her. Martha moaned loudly.

            “Mae”, Susan said from behind Sidney, “Can you eat me out?”

Without being given a response, she threw her leg around Martha’s face and sat on her lips. Sidney noticed how the girl he fucked at the moment took Susan’s inner labia into her mouth and then divided it with her tongue, searching for a clit. She must have found it the moment Susan moaned loudly. Sidney thought that this could not have been Susan’s first time with a girl; she seemed to know exactly what she wanted.

            After no longer than two minutes, Susan started to shake. She supported herself with Sidney’s arms and looked into his eyes. He saw her eyes squint, her arms move upwards, thrills of pleasure carrying her away and her mouth spread wide. Sidney too started to cum; he caught Martha’s legs and went deeper inside her, again swaying his hips. As Susan’s head fell on his left arm, Sidney moaned loudly.

            “O-Oh Jesus…”, he said as a river of cum inside Martha’s pussy was held back by the condom.

            Sidney kept fucking Martha for a while, waiting until the phase of refraction would come and he would have to take his dick out of her vagina. But it did not come. Regardless of cumming, he was still perfectly able to perform.

            The events of the night were to develop in a similar spirit; Susan showed Sidney her huge bed and upon her request, he came in her pussy. During that night Martha discovered that her favorite position was doggy-style, as she came, having Sidney’s dick stuck inside her from behind. After her orgasm, the three decided that they were too tired to keep on going, but the fun continued at breakfast the following morning.