A Proposition For Michael

Info mysteria27
16 May. '16

Did you ever just know when you’re different from other people? I've always known that I liked men. However, I have a little crush on my stepfather. He's always been very supportive in my life. I have always thought that my parents have engaged in swinging adventures. They have wild parties sometimes where lots of things happen. Both seem to like both sexes. Although, they don't talk about these things with me. Whenever they've had parties, I usually will stay with friends.

My mother was out of town on a business trip and my stepdad and I were going to be alone together. I planned on talking to him about liking men. I was wondering what he’d say about that. I’ve been with girls too, but I really love to be with guys. I wondered if my stepfather would want to have a little fun with me. I was hoping maybe he could show me things. Things that I didn't experience yet.

I wanted to talk about the feelings I was having. Just ask him random questions. Maybe it would get him aroused and he might want to explore with me. This is what I was hoping for. I kind of wanted my first time with a guy to be with somebody I knew. I wanted to be with somebody who loved me and not just somebody who would treat me like a piece of meat. 

I planned on having a heart-to-heart conversation with my stepdad. I was hoping he'd share situations that he’s come across with other men. I wanted to know that my decision to like men is not dirty in any way. I wanted to hear his thoughts on the subject. I think my mother would be open to me liking both sexes. I’m not sure she’d want to share my stepfather with me. I wasn't planning on telling my mom about anything that I planned to do.

My name is Ryan and I’m nineteen. I recently left college to take a semester off. I was involved in a relationship with a guy name Jason. We were dating for a little while, but we were caught giving each other blow jobs. Some of the other kids were teasing Jason. Jason was very embarrassed from the situation. He had never been with another guy before and was experimenting with me. It was too much for him to handle and he committed suicide. I found him hung by the ceiling. He hung himself in shame. The whole situation left me confused about my own sexuality.

I left college and went to live with my mom and stepfather. Some people are not to accepting of gay men. I don’t believe I am gay. I just think I like both sexes. Girls are very exciting and so are men. I’m hoping to discuss a lot of topics with my stepfather. I want to just make sure that the feeling's I'm having are okay. 


It was a warm day in June. The birds were chirping and you could hear lawns being mowed in the neighborhood. My stepfather, Michael was outside sunbathing and reading the paper. I grabbed my bathing suit and a towel and walked outside to join him. 

“Ryan, did you sleep okay?” 

“Like a baby. I think I slept for about thirteen hours.” 

“That’s awesome. Come get some sun.” 

“I think I will."

I went next to my stepdad and got onto the lounge chair. I borrowed his tanning oil and rubbed it all over my body. My stepfather was wearing a speedo style bathing suit which he looked amazing in. I could see his cock outline which was making my own cock stir in my bathing suit. 

“It’s a beautiful day. I think the tanning rays are a ten today.” 

“That’s good. I haven’t sunbathed since last week. All the rain was a real bummer.” 

“I think we’ll have good weather for a while. I talked to your mother. She’s doing well at the convention. She’ll be home tomorrow night.” 

“Glad she’s okay. Are you and mom having any parties this summer?” 

“Next weekend we are. You should come to it.” 

“With your swinger friends? I wanted to ask you about that.” 

“Your mom really enjoys the 'Open Life.' Marriage is hard enough when you only have sex with one person. This way we get to experiment with things. Enjoy all different scenarios."

“It does sound really good. You know I was having a relationship with Jason before he hung himself. I think I may be bi-sexual.” 

“There’s nothing wrong with that. Do you like girls too?” 

“I find having sex with both sexes exciting. Although, I never got around to having sex with a guy yet. Jason and I just kissed and gave each other blow jobs. We were both in love until he took his life."

"I'm so sorry about that Ryan. It just breaks my heart to know you went through that. I pray for you every day to get through it. Your mom and myself are here for you, if you need anything. We both know it's a very hard thing to get through alone. If you need to see a therapist, we'll pay for it. Just ask."

"Thanks. I'm doing much better. I think leaving school was probably a good idea. I need to clear my head before going back."

"We understand. You must come to our party. I’m sure you could hook-up with somebody there. Get your mind off of things. We have lots of fun people that attend our parties. All different ages and lots of different flavors."

“I was kind of hoping maybe you could be my first.” 

“You want to have sex with me? Uh, Um, I’m your stepfather. I don’t think your mom would understand that.” 

“You’re both swingers, what’s the difference?” 

“You’re my stepson. I think it would just be kind of strange. Ethically, it’s not right.” 

“We’re not blood related, Michael. I’d really like to have my first encounter with you. I really find you very attractive. I love you so much. This would be amazing if you could do this with me. Please, would you consider it?” 

“Let’s talk about in the hot tub. A nice good soak might change my mind. Lose your trunks. The bubbles feel great on your ass.” 

We both giggled and walked together by the hot tub. We removed our suits and got into the warm tub.

“The water feels great. I guess we could have a little fun together. We’re not blood related. I notice you’re a big boy. Mind if I hold yours?” 

“I’d love that. Could I hold yours?” 

“Of course, you can. Be my guest.” 

My stepfather moved right next to me in the hot tub. He grabbed my cock and worked his hand up and down my shaft. I held his cock in my hand and did the same thing. We moved our fingers up and down and held each other’s smooth balls. 

His fingers on my shaft felt really good. I could feel how excited I was becoming. I put my head back and enjoyed the pleasure that he was given me. His hands were strong and held my cock with a firm grip. He was pulling and tugging on it. I felt almost high while he played. I tried to do the same thing back to him. We were both moaning in pleasure.

“Fuck. That feels so nice.” 

“I could make you feel even better. Why don’t you sit on the ledge?” 


I stood up and sat on the ledge. My stepfather stood up and wrapped his mouth around my cock. He brought my cock down this throat. He bobbed along my purple head. 

“Ooohhh Fuuucckkk!” 

Michael was making all kinds of sucking noises while he gave me a blow job. I played with my stepfather’s hair while he went to town on my cock. I felt so excited and blew my load down his throat. 

Michael swallowed my big load. He looked at me and we shared a passionate kiss. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. His hands were pressed up against my chest. He turned and played with my hard nipples which made me feel excited again.

Michael bent down and rubbed on my cock some more. I could feel myself getting aroused. I was enjoying the pleasure he was giving me.

“You could give me a blow job now!” 


We changed places and my stepfather sat on the ledge. I held his cock in my hand and stroked him. I moved my fingers up and down his shaft. I held his smooth balls and lightly squeezed each one. Michael’s cock sprang to action. I stood up and bent down and wrapped my mouth around his dick. He had a nice head on his cock. 

I took it down into my throat. Feeding more and more of him slowly down my throat. He was moaning and groaning. I put my fingers on my own cock and jerked myself off, while giving him head. I wanted nothing more then to taste my stepfather’s cum. I wanted to please him and make him feel really good. I bobbed along his hard and delicious tasting shaft. 

“We could take this party into the house. I really want to fuck you now.” 


We both got out of the hot tub and walked back into the house. Michael held my hand while we walked up the steps. Once we reached the room, my stepdad opened his drawer and took out a condom and some lube. 

We both walked over to the bed. We sat down and shared a passionate kiss. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. We both played with each other’s cocks. We were both hard as iron. I was excited with the thoughts of enjoying anal pleasure.

“Get on your hands and knees.” 


I stood up and went to the edge of the bed on my hands and knees. My stepdad opened a condom and rolled it onto his cock. He opened the lube and squeezed it onto his palm. He wiped the greasy solution onto my asshole. 

“The condom is lubricated. Just relax and enjoy. We can switch afterwards.” 

“Okay. Just go slow. I’ve never done this before.” 

“I always enjoy popping an anal cherry.” 

We both laughed. My stepfather spread my buttocks and inserted his pinky into my asshole first. 

“You’re very tight. Nice!” 

He moved his finger in and out of my anus. 

“I’m going to use my fingers to open up your asshole first.” 

“Okay. It feels good.” 

My stepfather pushed two fingers inside of my asshole and continued to move his fingers in and out. He pulled out and pushed four fingers inside of my asshole. He pulled out and slowly pushed his cock up inside of my anus. I could feel his iron hardness take my small hole. It felt so tight while my asshole opened up onto his dick. 

Once he was comfortably inside of my asshole, he grabbed my hips and fucked me. 

“Fuck. Jesus! Go slow.” 

My stepfather got in a good rhythm while he fucked my asshole. I was grunting and making noises which excited my stepfather. 

“Your asshole feels great. I’m going to blow my load. Open your mouth.” 

My stepfather pulled out of me, he rolled the condom off of his cock, and exploded down my mouth. I swallowed his hot cream. 

“That was so hot. Fucking hell!” 

“It’s my turn. Grab a condom from the drawer and lube me up.” 

I felt amazing after my stepfather fucked me. I was excited to fuck him too. I grabbed a condom and rolled it onto my cock. I was nice and hard and wanting to experience giving anal sex. My stepfather was on his hands and knees near the edge of the bed. I did exactly what he did to me. 

I pushed my pinky into his anus first and used several other fingers to open his asshole up. 

“Fuck me! I need to feel your cock. Do it!” 

I held my stepfather’s hips and slowly put my cock deep inside of his asshole. When I pushed through my stepfather's asshole, he was grunting and moaning. 

“Fuck me. Do it harder!” 

My cock was deep inside of his asshole. I held his hips and fucked him deep and hard. 

“Slap my buttocks. Do it!” 

I slapped my stepfather’s buttocks while moving my cock in and out of his asshole. My stepfather was pulling on his own cock while I fucked him deeper and harder. I felt like I was going to explode. 

“I want to cum.” 

“Pull out and take the condom off. I want you to come all over my chest. I’ll lay down. Come on Ryan!” 

I pulled out of my stepfather and stood on the bed. I jerked my cock and came all over his body. He rubbed the semen all over his skin. 

“Fucking hell.” 

My stepfather grabbed me and we shared a passionate kiss. We each played with the other’s cock. I felt really energized after having my first ass fuck. I really enjoyed it and was happy he was my first. 

“Thanks for having sex with me. I really enjoyed the whole thing.” 

“Let’s not tell your mother about this. She wouldn’t care that you are bi-sexual, but wouldn’t like to know that I was your first.” 

“I won’t tell. I promise.” 

“You must come to our swinging party. I know the guys will love you. Will you come?” 

“I’ll think about it.” 

“I’ve got some things to do. I need to get cleaned up. Will go out to dinner later.” 

“Sounds good. See you later.” 

I left my stepfather’s room and took a bath. I was pretty excited that we were together. I really felt I was bi-sexual and enjoyed both sexes. My asshole was a little sore after having sex. I soaked in the tub for a while and thought about the amazing day we had. I was planning on going to my parent’s party over the weekend. I was looking forward to having more anal sex.