Eden Beach: Caribbean Erotica - "Article 2" Dinner Date

As our love has flourished over the entire time we have spent together especially during this vacation, we both have grown immensely in our own infatuation with romance, physical desires and erotica of each other that has intensified our relationship to a level others envy. We both love doing simple things that turn out to be big meaningful encounters between her and I. Since being exposed to the lure of the tropical ambiance, our sexual desires and frequency has become much more amplified with no limitations. It has spurred the both of us to become much more romantically and erotically creative. No holds barred. I had planned this special type of dinner engagement prior to the start of our vacation in the Caribbean. At the time we checked in, I made the dinner arrangements with the resort’s gourmet restaurant. I had also pre-written the dinner invitation on romantic stationary enclosed in an envelope with her name on it. The invitation read:

“To the Love of My Life,

As we enjoy our Caribbean encounter and advantage,

I am inviting you to an “Article 2” dinner engagement.

Now you ask, “What is an “Article 2” dinner engagement?

Simply defined, with the exception of chosen footwear,

we are allowed to wear only 2 articles of clothing for

our dinner engagement. Reservation is for 7:00 p.m.”

Knowing she was going to do her stretching exercises in the morning on the beach just after sunrise, I left the invitation by her water bottle. On this morning, I purposely stayed in bed when she awoke and watched her put on her workout clothing consisting of just a sports bra and low-rise yoga shorts. Even when she rolls out of bed and dresses, she looks hot and very sexually appealing. She opened the sheer curtains and sliding glass doors letting in the sun and sound of the ocean’s surf into our suite. She grabbed her water bottle and the invitation. As she walked down to the shoreline, I saw her open and read the invitation. I got out of bed, made my coffee, put on my linen shorts and stood out on the patio as I again, thoroughly enjoyed watching her do her stretching exercises as she faced the ocean. God, she had such a firm ass and fit slender figure. Where it was the early morning with no one out and about, I wanted to take advantage to getting some photographs of the resort and beach area. Of course, I took several photos of her. Because Thomas had finally arrived at the resort, we had not seen Tori for over a day. Neither she and Thomas were seen at the bar and during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Probably making up for lost time.

On my walk back, I saw Tori was with her doing stretching exercises, talking and laughing loudly. I said good morning to Tori and asked her where she had been hiding. She told us from the time Thomas had arrived, they never left their suite. The minute his luggage hit the floor, he embraced her, pulled off her shirt, dress and panties. Because of their separation and pent up horniness, they engaged in non-stop fellatio, cunnilingus and love making to make up for lost time. There wasn’t an area in their suite where they had not fucked. She laughed and told us it was the longest time where they had not worn clothes of any type. She added they even fucked down on the shoreline when it was late at night when no one would be awake. She asked Tori have many times they made love. Tori said with a laugh, “It was by far, his best performance. He never had this much stamina since they’ve been together. We fucked seven times. It was as if he was on Viagra. I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up pregnant.” She added her horniness added to their efforts to their marathon session. A feeling she’s never experienced before. She told Tori she’s felt the same way since arriving on the island and at the resort. Like her, she can’t get enough sex with no limitations. Tori again, asked us not to disclose or hint about our sexual experience and encounter to Thomas. She still described it as the best sex she has ever had taking a quick glance at the outline of my cock on my shorts. I asked Tori where Thomas was. She told me he was sleeping in before they would take advantage of the beach and bar. We all made arrangements about meeting at lunch time so we could meet Thomas. Tori then made mention about the dinner invitation and date I made. She said, “You have a unique erotic romantic dimension I wish more men had.” She added with a humorous giggle, “So what are you kids going to do after dinner?” We looked at each other and exchanged mischievous grins. I told them I wanted to finish off my photos and continued my stroll down the beach. I did turn back and take several more photos of both she and Tori doing their tantalizing and teasing stretchs at the shoreline.  

I walked into our suite placing my camera down on the coffee table and walking up to our bedroom area. I heard the shower running in the bathroom. I untied my drawstring to my shorts having them drop to the floor. I walked into the bathroom naked finding she was in the shower shaving her armpits and legs. Standing in front of the large vanity, I started to shave. While shaving, I looked in the mirror to see she was now shaving her vaginal area. I finished shaving and then brushed my teeth while still occasionally watching her shave herself from the mirror. Even doing this, she did so in a teasing way. She always made sure she consistently maintained her hygiene grooming for a female. After rinsing out my toothpaste, she asked me from the running shower, “So honey, what do you think?” Looking at her through the mirror, she was standing with her legs partially spread with water pouring over her tanned body. Her hands were on her thighs. She had shaved off the remaining small patch of pubic hair she had to now having a completely bald pussy. She added, “I thought you just might like this better after seeing Tori being bald down here.” Looking at her wet glistening body, I replied, “Hmmm, let me check this out.” I turned and walked over to and into the shower next to her, reached down and rubbed the vaginal area that once had pubic hair. Of course, it was silky smooth to the touch. She jokingly said, “Why don’t you take a closer look?” Finding her suggestion to be extremely enticing, I seated myself onto the shower floor in between her legs leaning back on my arms having her bald pussy in front of my face. She shuffled her legs forward and slightly bent her knees to have her pussy closer to my face. I said to her, “Now that looks nice. I love it!” I leaned into her and kissed her sea turtle tattoo. With the water raining down on us, she looked down on me while at the same time using her fingers to spread open the lips of her labia. She looked absolutely delicious to taste. With my tongue, I flickered and licked the lips of her labia. Grabbing the sides of my head, she sporadically twitched and jerk from my stimulation. Gripping the back of her thighs, I drove my tongue deep into her clitoris. Still looking down on me, she responded, “Oh God! That feels so fucking good!” as I continued with my passive aggressive cunnilingus on her.

Her twitches and jerking became more frequent as my tongue landed her g-spot. She gave off several gasps and moans. With her hands on my head, she motioned me back off her pussy wanting me to lay on my back on the shower floor. In doing so, she moved around me for us to get in a sixty- nine position. Getting on her knees, she slowly spread her thighs open and lowered her aching pussy back over my face as she descended down to my groin placing her mouth onto my semi erect cock. It did not take long to get me fully erect. As I continued to drive my tongue deep into her clitoris stroking her g-spot, she was furiously bobbing up and down on my hard-hot shaft. She would pause and gently nibble the head of my cock before going back to sliding her lips and tongue up and down my shaft again. As the shower water poured down on us, we both whimpered and moaned in ecstasy. Because of the amount of water flowing across my face and mouth, I couldn’t tell if she was cumming but the frequency of her twitches and quivers were steady and consistent. Judging by the pace she was devouring my cock and fondling my balls, she definitely wanted me to cum in her mouth. My climax point of fulfilling her intentions was building and building rapidly. As she has expressed to me in the past, she thoroughly loves giving and receiving oral sex. As I continued to tongue massage her inner clitoris and labia, she was trying to take my entire cock into her mouth and throat but due to her being on top, she could not position her head to accomplish her sexual appetite. My cock was now throbbing and she could sense I was just about ready to release a large quantity of semen. She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock while flickering the rim of my head with her tongue. This caused me to quiver in unimaginable sexual pleasure. She triggered my climax causing me to explode strands of cum into her mouth and onto her face. Without breaking tempo, she went right back to bobbing up and down on my cock with her mouth and tongue using my semen as a natural lubricant. She was right. I loved her newly shaved and bald pussy.

We all met for lunch like we planned and finally met Thomas. He was very fit and attractive looking but was in need of some serious tanning when looking at the backdrop of other resort guests and how well tanned everyone was. After talking over cocktails and lunch, Thomas had a great sense of humor but did give a persona of being reserved and conservative. He seemed to be the complete opposite of Tori. As everyone seems to believe, opposites do attract one another. I was thinking to myself that there was no way in hell Tori was going to convince or even coax Thomas to spending a day at Eden Beach. I noticed as we all talked and laughed amongst ourselves revealing our backgrounds and individualities, Thomas was fixated on her beauty and personality. Then again, she was wearing a killer bikini that naturally complemented her deep bronze tan shimmering with coconut oil. When she told Thomas she was the mother to two children, I thought Thomas was going to fall out of his chair. He commented there was no way in hell she has had two children. Her physique just does not reveal that. Both she and I told Thomas and Tori we had come from real bad marriages and she had her children at a very young age when first married. Tori jokingly asked if we were legally divorced or if we were on a tropical affair. We blurted out with a laugh and told them we were divorced and steadily dating each other. She added with a laugh while looking at me, “And since leaving my ex, the sex has been beyond definition!” Looking back at her with a laugh and then to Thomas and Tori, I said, “She’s shown and done things with me I thought were physically impossible to do!” We finished our lunch and cocktails. Thomas and Tori were going to do some shopping before going to the beach. She and I were going back to our suite to relax in the sun and sand.

Spending the day at the resort’s beach, sunbathing and reading selected literature, we wanted to do some snorkeling to see the undersea beauty. Even though it was the beginning of the island’s off season, we were still quite surprised as to how empty and barren the beach was for the afternoon. We were able to use a large paddle board provided by the resort to venture out from the shoreline. Having our snorkeling gear and my small underwater camera, we swam out 20 to 30 yards from the shoreline. She was wearing an unlined beige bikini making herself very seductively attractive especially when the bikini was wet. She was laying on her back on the paddle board taking in the sun as I guided us out using swim fins. Her legs dangled off the sides of the board in the ocean providing me a view of her covered bald pussy. With her deep bronze tan and wet unlined bikini, I could see a faint semi-transparent outline of her labia and tattoo. It was quite sexually appealing to the eye to say the least. The ocean was relatively calm making it much more enjoyable to snorkel. Stopping at a small end cay of the resort, she rolled off the paddle board into the ocean, surfaced and put on her swim fins and snorkeling gear. We spent a good thirty minutes viewing and photographing the various coral formations and variety of tropical fish. Of course, I could not resist taking several photographs of her underwater in her beautiful bikini swimming downward exploring the areas we had found. I also found her unlined bikini became much more transparent and revealing under the water.

Taking a break from snorkeling, she got onto the paddle board and seated herself with her legs dangling in the water. So did look quite stunning with her wet body, swim fins and snorkeling gear on her head. I was holding onto the side rubbing her thigh. We commented on how clear and warm the water was and the beauty we saw when underwater. We talked about how great our vacation has been and joked about each other. She wanted to see some of the photographs I had taken when we were underwater. When she saw the photos of herself, she commented with a light laugh, “Oh my! I guess my bikini is a little bit more revealing than I thought when wet. Oops.” I told her there was no need to be embarrassed and complimented how beautiful and erotic she looks in her swimsuit. Pulling her mask over her eyes, she slid back into the water holding the camera. She said it was her turn to get some photos of me underwater. I dove underwater swimming atop of the coral and looking up at her as she took the photos. Although my swimsuit was loose fitting and low rising, she could definitely see the outline of my large cock. We both came to the surface and grabbed onto the side of the paddle board. We pull up our masks and kissed. She started grinding her body against mine causing me to get semi-erect. I said to her, “I got one more thing to do before we head in.” She replied, “What’s that?” I told her I wanted her to remove her bikini so I could get some photos of her snorkeling nude. She loved the suggestion provided I do the same.

Being at a distance from shore, no one would be able to tell we were going to be swimming and snorkeling nude. We both removed our swim fins and placed them on the paddle board. She reached to my waist line, ran her open hand slowly across the outline of my cock on my swimsuit and then pulled on the drawstring untying it. I pulled my swimsuit down over my legs and place it on top of the paddle board. She turned her back to me so I could untie and unclasp her bikini top. As I was removing it I gently caressed her breasts. I placed her top on the board. With my free hand, I rubbed her lower abdomen slowly moving downward to her vaginal area where I would rub and massage her labia over her bikini bottom. She tilted her head back onto my shoulder and said, “I love the way you seduce and tease me.” At the same time with her free hand, she was slowly stroking my growing hard cock. I submerged myself at the same time pulling downward on her bikini bottom over her legs and feet, then resurfacing so I could place her bottom on top of the board. Holding the side of the paddle board, we were facing one another. We embraced in a deep kiss while grinding our bodies against one another. She said to me, “When we get to shore, let’s go back to the suite and make wild love again. O.K?” I replied, “Absolutely. I’m definitely game for that.”

We got our swim fins on, put our masks over our eyes and dove underwater. We both took turns taking photos of one another snorkeling nude. We would then take several photos of each other just using the swim fins. Of course we had our occasional embracing, groping and fondling of one another while underwater. We got to the surface next to our paddle board where we took off our swim fins and snorkeling gear. It felt so exhilarating swimming naked at a deep depth of the warm clear ocean water. As we floated in the water, we noticed a two person kayak paddling in our direction. As it closed in on us, we noticed it was Tori and Thomas. She turned to me and with a laugh, asked if we should put our swimsuits back on. I told her I didn’t think we would have time by the time they reached us. Because of the clarity of the ocean water, you could not notice that both she and I were naked in the water. As Thomas and Tori paddled up to where we floating in the water. Tori immediately noticed we were naked and jokingly commented, “Is there any time you two are wearing clothes?” We jokingly replied together, “No!” Thomas was embarrassed and apologized emphatically for imposing in our private moment. We both told him there was no need to apologize as all we were doing was snorkeling and taking underwater photos. Thomas replied, “Yeah, but you guys are completely naked. Aren’t you concerned someone else might see you?” We both chuckled and told him we really were not all that anxious of being seen and did not care. She told Thomas he and Tori should try it. It is very invigorating and erotic. You could tell there was some apprehension on his part to partake into this type of risqué activity. One thing I did notice was how Thomas’s eyes were fixated on her naked tanned body as we both floated next to the paddle board. Even through the water, he had a clear view of her breasts, bald pussy and firm body. We told them we were wrapping up for the day and heading into shore. We told them we would meet up with them either on the beach or at the bar. 

We waded out of the ocean and onto the shore in front of the beach area where we had been sunbathing and reading. I pulled the paddle board up onto the sand in front of our loungers as she carried up the snorkeling masks and fins and placed them alongside where we were laying. I took her hand and in a brisk walk, led her up to our suite during which time, I was beginning to get hard. Reaching the patio, she paused for a moment in order to quickly rinse off the sand on her body with the outside shower head as I opened the screen slider. She stepped away dripping wet and I took my turn doing the same. As I turned to her as she was wringing out her wet hair, she could see the wet outline of my hard cock on my swimsuit. As the water poured over me, she stepped towards me, reached in and slowly rubbed the outline of my hard cock on my wet swimsuit. I stepped away from the shower head as she was entering our suite ahead of me. Closing just the sliding screen door and at the same time she got into our sitting area, I grabbed her lower waist to stop her. Both of us being wet from our quick shower, I grabbed the sides of her bikini bottom and pulled them down causing them to drop to her ankles. As she turned to me, she kicked off her bikini bottom at the same time she was untying my swimsuit’s drawstring. I had reached around her to untie and unclasp her bikini top causing it to drop to the floor. She got my drawstring untied and pulled my swimsuit downward having it drop to my ankles. I leaned into her as I caressed her breasts, stepped out of my swimsuit and we kissed.

We shuffled up towards the bed as we continued to kiss. My rock-hard cock was rubbing up and down against her naval as we got closer to the bed. Both of us we now moaning in sexual agony as we ached to erotically enter into each other’s body. When we got to the side of the bed, we both climbed on and with her being on her back giving me an anxious glare to penetrate her, I slinked upwards in between her legs. Just as we got face to face, my hard cock found the opening of her hot velvety wet clitoris without using hands and I plunged it deep into her. As she gave a long loud moan of sheer pleasure, she wrapped her legs around my waist. I could not restrain myself from giving her continuous long hard deep thrusts as our breathing got heavier while we kissed. As her legs constricted around my waist, in an anguished voice, she said, “Oh Christ, don’t stop! Keep giving it to me hard!” I was thrusting in long deliberate strides so she would feel the entire length and girth of my cock. She shifted her legs so her heels were pressed into the back of my thighs at the same time her hands gripped my buttocks. With her legs spread wide open as I would thrust into her, her hands pushed my buttocks forward forcing me to give my entire cock deep inside her pussy. With her mouth next to my ear, in a labored whisper she said, “I love the feeling of your cock deep inside me!” We were both overwhelmed with the sexual sensation we were delivering to one another.

Just as I gave her one deep hard thrust and kept my throbbing cock inside of her while arching my back, she rolled me over, unwrapped her legs and was now on top of me. She had grabbed my wrists holding down my arms as she pressed her breasts against my chest. She was motioning her hips back and forth loving the sensation the head of my cock was giving her inner walls of her clitoris. Looking eye to eye, she said, “God, I love fucking you!” I replied, “Baby, you feel so God damn good! You’re so fucking hot!” Both of us were sexually out of control as I was nearing my peaking point as she experienced orgasm after orgasm. The pace of her hip motions intensified as we both groaned in exhilaration. I said to her, “I’m going to cum, baby! I’m going to cum!” Now shaking in sexual delight, I pulled my arms away from her grip and grabbed onto her thrusting hips. Just as I reached my climax, I had arched my back lifting her upwards so my entire cock was all the way inside her. I let go of a pleasurable painful stream after stream after stream of semen deep inside her. She let out a loud groan telling me she was feeling the throbs of my cock and the streams of cum inside her. You would think this would slow us down but it didn’t as we continued to fuck. I rolled her back over onto her back as she wrapped her legs around my thighs again and continued my thrusting in and out of her until I went completely soft. Looking into each other’s eyes, we kissed and stroked one another’s hair exchanging our “I love you’s” before getting off the bed. We both went to the sitting room where we had discarded our swimsuits. We put our swimsuits back on. Holding hands, we went back out onto the beach, down to the shoreline and into the ocean. What an afternoon romp.

Having dozed off while reading under the sun, I realized it was time to start getting ready for our dinner date. I walked into our suite to find she had already showered and was applying a body lotion on her naked body that had small particles of sprinkles that shimmered when she moved in the light. She had also applied a perfume that was absolutely sexually captivating. Knowing there is no real scientific study supporting the physiological phenomenon of pheromones and sexual enticement between a man and a woman, this sure as hell was very close as I became instantly horny from the bodily scent she was emitting. I asked her what fragrance she was wearing. She asked me if I liked the scent. I told her I loved the scent and it was making me instantly horny for her body. With a laugh, she told me it was a tropical perfume both she and Tori had purchased at the resort’s boutique. They were told by the boutique’s clerk the fragrance was guaranteed to physically and sexually attract any man. As I stepped into the shower, she left the bathroom to change for dinner. Because of her aroma pervading throughout the bathroom, I became semi-erect as I showered. It was such a sexually arousing fragrance. I dried myself off and walked into the bedroom area to change. I remained semi-erect. She had already dressed and looked so beautiful and erotic. She was wearing a light white fabric dress with a deep scooping back. With a completely open back going all the way down to the edge of her buttocks, she definitely was not wearing a bra. She was wearing a beautiful gold belly chain. When she turned to me and asked me what I thought about her dress, I could see her nipples protruding out against the light fabric. Because of her dark tan, I was able to see the faint outline of her firm slender body against the white of the dress. To say the least, she looked so erotically hot. I told her I loved the dress she selected and she looked stunning. Jokingly, I reminded her about the canons of an “Article 2” dinner date. She said, “Oh, don’t worry. That’s not going to be a problem for me.”

As she went to the bathroom to put on her remaining makeup, I dressed in just a pair of black linen pants and coral colored buttoned linen shirt. She came out of the bathroom and said she was ready to go to dinner. She then commented how hot I looked in the attire I selected. She said with a snicker, “I’ll have to check you out later to see if you followed the “Article 2” dinner date rules.” I replied, “Oh trust me honey, I followed the rules.” In passing through the main entrance of our suite onto the paved walkway in order to head for the restaurant, she walked in front of me while at the same time, the setting sun hit her backside. I could see the faint outline of her tan spaghetti string thong as she walked. Appealing to the eye with very minimal coverage. As we walked the pathway side by side with an arm around each other’s waist, the fragrance of her perfume and bodily scent she was emanating was intensifying my sexual arousal. I was getting really horny. Uncontrollably horny. Because I was not wearing any underwear, I had a noticeable outline of my semi-erect cock on my pants. In wearing black linen pants, my excitement was concealed even though up close, the outline could be seen alongside my upper inner thigh. We arrived at the restaurant and had a beautiful romantic dinner over wine while looking out over the beach and ocean. The restaurant was open air and because it was a warm Caribbean night, we were mildly perspiring as we continued to talk and laugh while drinking our glasses of wine after dinner. Thomas and Tori arrived at the restaurant to have their dinner. Both stopped by our table to say hello and commented about the restaurant’s romantic ambiance. We told them food was outstanding and to enjoy their dinner. As we talked, she moved her chair closer to me and we held hands while looking into each other’s eyes. At a time, my horniness had calmed during dinner, with her moving closer to me, the combination of her bodily scent and perfume was deepened by her perspiration triggering my erotic sexual desires causing me again to become extremely horny. Noticing my facial expression, she asked me, “Honey, you have a bizarre look on your face. What are you thinking?” I smiled and replied, “It’s that perfume you’re wearing. The fragrance and scent of your body is driving me into a sexual frenzy.” Leaning towards me and giving a light laugh, she said, “Well, I guess we’ll have to take care of that later.”

Not realizing how much time had passed, Thomas and Tori had finished their dinner and stopped by our table as they were leaving. They invited us to join them down at the beachfront bar for after dinner cocktails. Of course, we accepted even though I had other intentions to relieve my horniness with her. We got up to leave with them and Thomas got a view of her dress. As she turned having her back-facing Thomas, he saw the deep open back and belly chain. When she turned to face Thomas and because of the dim lighting, he was able to see the very faint outline of her darkened breasts and nipples. Still being horny, I had a semi-erect cock that was not noticeable because of the lighting. We all exited the restaurant and waked down the lighted walkway. Thomas and I walked behind the women as we all talked amongst ourselves about our dinners. Tori was wearing knee length skirt and tight fitted shirt. She looked quite attractive. As we walked past our suite, she turned to me and stated she needed to go into our suite to get her camera. I told Thomas and Tori to go ahead of us to the bar and we would meet them down there. She took my hand, walked up to entry door and entered our suite. She walked down to the sitting area. She opened the sliding glass doors and looked out at the beach. The sound of the ocean surf is so mesmerizing. Going over to the coffee table she picked up her camera and walked back up to where I was standing waiting for her. She wrapped her arms around me and told me how wonderful our dinner together was. We embraced in a deep and passionate kiss. Smelling the combination of her bodily scent and perfume fragrance heightened by her perspiration, I became instantly hard. Because of the overwhelming aroma of sexual desire, I had the hardest hard-on I’ve ever had. The potency of the sense of smell threw my hormones into overdrive. We both started to quiver in wanting to sexually devour each other. I asked her if we had time for a quick love making session. She responded, “Oh hell yeah!”

We both kicked off our footwear. I lifted the shoulder portions of her dress and pulled them outward off her shoulders pulling her dress downward causing it to drop to the floor. At the same time, she had quickly unbuttoned my shirt, untied and unbuttoned my pants having both fall to the floor. With both hands, she reached down and grabbed the vertical shaft of my rock-hard cock. I had reached down and slid her thong to the side and inserted my middle finger into her pussy. She was so wet and hot inside. She immediately twitched and moaned as I massaged her g-spot. With our heads pressed together, in an excited gasp, she commented, “Baby, we’ve had a lot of sex since dating, but this is the biggest and hardest you’ve ever been. What did you do?” I softly replied back, “It’s your damn perfume babe. The scent it gives off. It’s driving my sexual longings into overdrive. You have no idea how horny it makes me and how badly I’ve been wanting to plunge my dick deep inside you tonight. You’ve been driving me crazy all night” We embraced in another romantic kiss driving our tongues into each other’s mouths with our breaths becoming heavy. She stepped back to the edge of the bed. With both her hands still holding my cock, she looked down and said, “Jesus, baby! We’ve had some intense love making before, but your cock is so red and hot!” I nudged her backwards onto the edge of the bed. Falling backwards and laying on her back, I grabbed the side spaghetti stings of her thong and quickly pulled them off. She let go of my shaft and bent her legs inward by grabbing the backs of her knees pulling her legs towards her ears exposing a wet and open clitoris. Pressing down on her thighs, I spread her legs wide open. Looking at her appetizing pussy, I couldn’t resist, bent over and inserted my tongue in and around the lips of her moist labia. She moaned in passion as she ran her fingers through my hair. Standing over her, I pulled her hips closer to the edge of the bed and guided the head of my cock into the opening of her pussy. In doing so, I noticed the head of my cock to be larger than usual and much more sensitive. I was bewildered as to how the sense of smell could so erotically overwhelm my sexual yearnings and ensnare my innermost lust in making love to her.

She slightly leaned forward extending her arms out and placing her hands on my waist. Holding her thighs down, I slowly thrusted into her. She was so tight as the head and shaft of my cock glided into and became engulfed by the inside of her pussy. She let out a loud and continuous moan of sexual ecstasy as I worked my entire cock deep inside her. After just a couple of thrusts in and out of her, she softly cried out, “Baby, I don’t know what you did, but Jesus, this is the biggest you’ve ever felt! And you’re so hot inside me!” With gasps of air coming out of her as I continued my thrusts, she added, “Oh my God! You feel so fucking incredible!” Her scent was radiating in the room driving me to fuck her harder. With my legs slightly bent, I pumped my hard stiff cock in and out of her. Her shaking hands on my waist motioned me to stop for a brief moment. In doing so, she locked her legs around my upper thighs while at the same time, she tilted her head back and was gripping the bed spread. Constricting her legs pulling me towards her, she then arched her back lifting her hips off of the mattress with her hands still gripping the bed sheet. In a gliding motion using just her back and hips, she was slowly sliding my cock in and out of herself trying to control her own overwhelming manipulation of her clitoris while propelling me into a sexual tumult. Taking long deep breathes, she suddenly blurted out, “Oh God, I cumming!” Just as she said that, her love juices spirted out from where we sexually joined as our bodies banged against one another. For five intense minutes we fucked like two sexually deprived people until reaching our climax points and cumming in close unison. We finally tamed both our emotional and physical horniness for at least a little while.

With a smile of satisfaction on her face, she extended her arms and hands up towards me. I pulled her up off her back from the bed. We both directly walked into the bathroom, turned on the shower and rinsed our sex off our bodies. We did pause for a long passionate French kiss as the water cascaded down upon our heads and bodies. Quickly finishing our shower, we toweled off. I went out to the bedroom to put my clothes back on. She came out of the bathroom naked shortly after putting her wet hair up in a pony-tail. As I was pulling up my pants and adjusting my soft elongated cock, she leaned into me, kissed me on my cheek and said with a light laugh, “You realize you are an incredible lover? I love you. And you did abide by the rules of our “Article 2” dinner.” I could smell she had applied a slight hint of the perfume that started this quick and brief rendezvous. I replied, “Yes I did. And see how easy dessert it was.” Putting her dress on, she opted not to wear her thong. Just her dress and belly chain. She gave me this humorous sinister look that this evening was just getting started. We put on our shoes, closed the sliding glass doors and headed to the bar to meet up with Thomas and Tori. As we exited our suite and I was closing the door, her hand slowly caressed my groin area. She commented, “You’d better be just as good as you were just now later tonight.”

We arrived at the beach bar. Walking in, arm in arm, Thomas and Tori were already seated at a table right by the beach having a cocktail and waiting for us to arrive. As we walked over to them, the fragrance of her perfume once again enamored my sense of smell reviving my sexual desires even though we just shared one unbelievable and powerful orgasm in our fused bodies back at our suite. In looking at Tori who was now smirking, she strongly suspected we had just spent the last fifteen to twenty minutes fucking each other due to our wet hair from the shower. Tori leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, “Did you two just do it?” She smiled back at Tori and said, “It was a lot of fun.” Tori added, “I can’t believe you guys.” Thomas asked, “What was a lot of fun?” Tori told Thomas, “I’ll show you later.” Both she and Tori blurted out in a laugh. We all talked about our dinner and exchanged general conversation. As we talked, Thomas commented to her, “What is that perfume you are wearing? The bouquet on you is absolutely exhilarating. Wow!” She smiled at Thomas for the compliment. She told Thomas she and Tori had purchased the perfume at the resort’s boutique. Thomas asked Tori, “You got the same perfume? How come you didn’t try it on yourself?” Tori told him she had forgot while getting dressed for dinner. I noticed the ladies needed another cocktail. I got up to go to the bar and asked Thomas if he wanted another. He told me he’d go up with me. While we were at the bar, she and Tori continued to talk and laugh, comparing each other’s intimate encounters since being at the resort. In talking about the perfume again, she told Tori she put the perfume on before we went to dinner tonight and because of the fragrance mixing with my bodily scent, the allure triggered a sexual lust like we have never had before. Looking around and then speaking softly, she asked Tori, “You remember our threesome and how intense it was?” Tori replied, “How can I forget! You two are so wild!” She told Tori, “Now really intensify that feeling!” Tori said with a laugh, “No way! There’s no way to intensify that experience.” She added, “We’ve had a ton of sex but let me tell you, tonight, he was the largest and hardest he’s ever been since we started dating.” Tori gave her a look of amazement and said, “I could barely take all of him when we were fucking. And he was larger and harder? Wow!” She told Tori it was unbelievable. That was why it took us a little longer to meet them at the bar because we had one incredible quick love making session.

Before we returned back to our table with our drinks, Tori told her she was going to put on some of the perfume, got up from the table and went to their suite. When Thomas and I returned to the table with the drinks, Thomas asked where Tori was. She told Thomas she went to the restroom. We continued to converse awaiting Tori’s return. When she sat down next to Thomas as we were talking, Thomas immediately sensed the fragrance Tori was wearing. He asked, “ Did you put on the perfume you purchased? The aroma is absolutely heavenly on you, honey.” Jokingly, he added, “Good enough to eat.” Tori looked at Thomas with a seductive smile and replied, “That’s my intention, babe.” We all chuckled. She looked at Tori and said, “See, I told you.” As we continued to have cocktails, talk and laugh, my sexual arousal and attractiveness for her continued to escalate due to her permeating scent enhanced by her and Tori’s perfume fragrance. I’m pretty confident Thomas was feeling the same way just by the way he was looking at Tori. Because of the number of cocktails we drank, our talks became much more open and loose. Thomas asked us, “Hey, you guys seem to be very carefree and fun. And by the way, sorry we interrupted your intimate moment earlier today. Anyway, since being here, how frequently have you guys had sex?” He continued, “I ask because this place has a peculiar romantic and erotic aura to it. I’ve sensed this since being here. What about you guys?” We definitely agreed with Thomas. She then added as she looked at me then looked at Thomas, “We make love or have sex when the moment or urge hits us. We both love sharing our bodies. It also helps when we are both naturally horny.” Tori had facial expressions showing she was taken back by Thomas’s openness in our conversations. Then again, the number of cocktails we had probably contributed to being real relaxed in our verbal exchanges

As the evening pressed on with our conversations and laughs, my sexual urges for her once again blossomed from both the women’s enticing and inviting aroma. As we sat next to each other, on occasion she would rub her leg up and down against my leg. She would lean into me to give me a quick kiss at the same time her hand would gently caress my inner thigh. Of course, this caused me to get semi-erect. In our quick glances to one another as we all talked, she would give me that look of yearning to be passionately ravaged in bed by seductively biting her bottom lip. I also noticed Thomas to coyly tease Tori gently running his fingers up and down the side of her dress along the side of her breast. Tori, in return, would slowly stroke Thomas’s upper thigh by his groin. Late into the night, there were a couple light bursts in the sky signaling a rain shower. A unique characteristic about Caribbean weather is that when a rain storm comes in, the rain shower is real heavy with little or no wind but very short lived. Experiencing the effects of all the drinks we had just from our laughing, we all decided to end the evening and head back to our suites before the rain. We left the bar and were walking back to our suites along the lighted pathway. The skies suddenly opened up with a heavy downpour of rain quickly drenching all of us. Rather than run to our suites to get out of the rain, Thomas said, “Ahhhh…fuck it!” as we continued to walk. Of course, the rain saturated us making our light clothing completely transparent sticking to our bodies. Her entire wet dress stuck to her completely wet tanned body exposing she was wearing no under garments. With the wet light fabric pressed against her skin, you could see she was clean shaven in her vaginal area and while also displaying her sea turtle tattoo and belly chain. Her breasts and nipples were easily visible. She looked so erotically hot. Through her wet dress, Tori’s perky breasts and sexy high cut thong underwear were easily revealed as the wet fabric pressed against her skin as we continued to walk down the pathway. I was fortunate for wearing black linen pants even though there was outline of my cock on the side of my upper thigh. Thomas, on the other hand, was also exposed through the wetness of the rain shower as he to, was not wearing any underwear.

We arrived first to Thomas and Tori’s suite. With the rain still pouring down upon us, we all laughed and said our goodbyes for the evening. Feeling the intoxicating effects of our drinks, we couldn’t help but laugh and really were not concerned about bodies being exposed through saturated and transparent clothing. Thomas leaned into her, grabbed her waist and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I did to same to Tori. Being wet with their beautiful bodies, both looked extremely provocative. Although the smell of their perfume had dissipated from the rain, both still had an alluring and seductive scent triggering my horniness once again. I pretty sure Thomas acquired the same urges. Thomas stepped away from her to take one last glance of her tanned wet transparent body through her white dress. I did the same with Tori. In stepping back from her, Tori humorously commented as she looked at the large outline of my cock, “To bad you’re not wearing white linen pants.” Thomas and Tori walked up to their suite’s entrance door and got out of the rain. We continued our walk down the pathway to our suite. Getting to our entrance door, I unlocked the door and allowed her to enter ahead of me. After closing the door behind us, I turned and she immediately draped her arms around my shoulders and aggressively engaged in a French kiss. I didn’t resist and complied by grabbing her waist. Being dipping wet, we grinded our bodies against one another as we kicked off our wet footwear. We both shuffled from the entry way, down the hall and into the bedroom area as we continued to French kiss, grope and caress each other. By this time, my cock was as hard as a rock. I pulled the shoulder straps of her saturated dress downward over her arms at the same time she ripped open my wet shirt, untied and unbuttoned my pants.

She peeled off my shirt at the same time I had peeled off her dress causing both to drop to the floor. We still did not break stride in our kissing, caressing and groping. We actually intensified our passive aggressive sexual foreplay as our cool wet bodies continued to grind against each other. Although the scent of her perfume was very faint, her physical body scent was very pungent driving my sexual desires and hormonal chemistry out of control. She immediately went to her knees, quickly pulled down my pants and placed my hard cock in her mouth. As her mouth glided back and forth on my shaft, she managed to get my pants off around my ankles. Her rapid erogenous tantalization she was creating sliding her lips and mouth back and forth on my cock caused me to bend my knees, grab her wet hair and slow her pace by grasping the sides of her head. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; God, this girl loves to suck cock. I motioned her to stand up. I pulled back the bed cover and sheets and we both fell and moved onto the bed centering ourselves. Still being moist and wet from the rain, we were really worked up to engage in some serious erotic fucking. Thinking I was going to enter her pussy in the missionary position, she rolled us over so she was on top holding down my wrists. With her thighs spread wide straddling my hard cock, she was looking down on me as our eyes locked onto each other. She said, “Just as I was hoping. Your cock is just as large as it was earlier.” As she said this, she was sliding her open hot and wet lips of her labia back and forth along my long shaft. In a sexually controlling tone, she added, “You’d better be ready because I going to fuck your brains out tonight!” Closing her eyes, she continued to slowly glide back and forth on my shaft using just her hips. This caused me to become even harder as I felt her hot moistness coating my shaft. Still holding me down by the wrists, I could feel her start to tremble in sexual excitement as her facial expression flaunted blissful arousal. We started kissing as she rubbed her breasts and nipples against my chest.

Opening her eyes and looking down on me, she said, “Don’t you dare move.” With one hand she reached under to where she was straddling me, grabbed my hard hot shaft and guided just the large head of my cock into the opening of her clitoris. I had such the urge to just ram my entire cock deep inside of her. Instead, she was motioning her hips in a circular motion while just keeping the top portion of my cock inside the opening of her pussy. She was using the head of my cock as a stimulator against her G-spot. As she slowly motioned her hips, she gave out several gasps of air as I felt the head of my cock rub against the inner opening of her pussy. She suddenly blurted, “Jesus, I cumming!” Just as she said that she started to squirt her sex juices all over my groin and lower abdomen. Her gasps, moans and trembling became much more pronounced as she continued to massage her G-spot with the head of my cock. Her pussy then engulfed my entire cock deep inside her. She let go of my wrists, leaned back bracing herself with her arms on my legs. I grabbed her thighs as I watched her thrusting her hips back and forth as she continued to glide on my glistening shaft. She was so hot and moist inside. I leaned up to a seated position. With her still leaning back, a caressed her fine firm breasts. I leaned into her and started to nibble and suck on her nipples as she tilted her head backwards and gave out another continuous moan. In a strained tone, she said, “Oh baby, you’re at your best tonight. Don’t stop.” She then leaned into me, wrapped her arms around my neck so we were now face to face with my cock still inside her. While in a crouched kneeling position with her hips spread as wide as she could, we embraced in a wild French kiss as she thrusted her pussy against my groin. I grabbed her buttocks and thrusted the entire length and girth deep inside her clitoris. We both whimpered in ecstasy. We started this sexual frolic with cool wet bodies. We were now both heated up, slippery, breathing heavy and quivering as we ravaged each other’s bodies.    

As our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths, I rolled us over onto our sides and then onto her back. We never paused in our thrusts into one another. In long repetitious strokes as my chest pressed against her breasts, I took over thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy. My strokes were much more forceful, longer and deeper causing her to dig her fingertips into my shoulders while gasping and moaning. She took the heels of her feet and drove them hard into my buttocks guiding me to keep driving my hard cock deep into her. I could feel her hot sex juices flow around my cock each time I withdrew the shaft and then thrusted all the way back into her. For 20 non-stop minutes, we were engaged in a physically despoiled love making session. The scent of our sex was so exhilarating and such a turn on forcing us to capture the moment of such incredible sexual arousal. We paused in making love in order to regain our physical composure. I had rolled off of her while at the small time she snuggled up against my side. We were both breathing heavy and trembling from our arousal and delight. She said to me, “I have never had that many orgasms during sex in my entire life. And I also had the longest orgasm I’ve ever had. Wow!” I told her as my intimate and romantic lover, I want to be able to fulfill her sexual needs and desires when we make love. Each time we have sex, I want it to be better than the last time. In a laugh, she said, “Trust me, you have no problem in that department.” She then added, “I don’t know what you took tonight or what you did to yourself, but that has to be the hardest and largest you’ve ever been. And it felt fantastic!” I explained to her about the perfume she had worn and how it enhanced and enticed the scent of her body, similar to the principles or myths of pheromones. It made me uncontrollably horny lusting me to assail her body. She told me she felt the same way, especially during our second love making session tonight. She then said, “You know, that scent is still in the air.” I replied, “Oh, I know. I’m still real horny.”

She rolled off the bed, walked into the sitting room and opened up the sliding glass doors. She stood there for a moment and then walked out onto the patio area looking out towards the surf and ocean. The warm tropical breeze felt so refreshing. Even being naked on our patio, no one would be able to see her nude body as the dim lighting from inside our suite only produces a dark silhouette when seen from the beach area. I got off the bed and walked out behind her. As the breeze hit our bodies, my hands softly massaged and fondled her breasts. One of my hands would then caress her abdomen area. She tilted her head back onto my shoulder while her hands reached behind and stroked my outer thighs. She had her buttocks pressed up against my semi-erect cock. She turned me and we embraced in a long deep passionate kiss standing naked on our patio. As we kissed, our breathing got heavier and we started grinding our bodies against one another sparking another round of sexual provocation. With one of her hands, she reached in between us, clutched the shaft of my cock and slowly stroked it to complete hardness. In a pause from our kissing and in a whisper, she said, “Baby, your cock is really hot.” We continued to kiss as she stroked. She then added, “You know what I want?” In a return whisper, I asked, “What do you want babe?”  She replied, “I want you to inject your sperm deep inside of me. I want you to plant your love seed inside of me.” At that moment we both walked back into our suite, shut the sliding screen doors, walked up to the bed and climbed on top. We were facing each other in a kneeling position as we again embraced and engaged in more intense kissing. I was caressing her entire body as she continued to stroke my cock. We were once again emanating our strong bodily scents of sex. She started to kiss my neck and shoulders at the same time I grabbed her buttocks pressing our bodies firmly together against my vertical standing hard on.

She continued her gentle kisses from my shoulders to my chest and from my chest to my abdomen. She got herself onto her hands and knees. Just using her mouth, she immersed her lips and tongue around the large red head of my cock. I could feel her teasing the head with the warm moist twirling motion of her tongue. This put me in sheer sexual pleasure as I moaned out, “Don’t stop” and now could feel my climax point building. I leaned back on my arms as I watched her thoroughly enjoy licking and slurping as her head bobbed up and down on my long shaft. I leaned back up and as she continued to suck, I motioned her to roll over on her back. Without breaking stride in her sucking she got on her back at the same time I descended down in between her legs. Pressing against her inner thighs, I had her spread her legs wide open exposing a beautiful red and enlarged labia. With my fingers, I separated the lips of her labia and drove my tongue into her clitoris. This caused her to squirm and twitch as my tongue swirled inside of her. Both the lips of her labia and clitoris were hot and moist to the touch and she tasted so good. Simultaneously, we both sensually pleasured one another orally fixated on the ultimate stimulated reaction. We both were quivering in delight as she sucked and stroked my cock with her tongue and lips. My tongue flickered and danced around her G-spot causing her to arch her back forcing my tongue deeper into her pussy as she moaned while sucking. Her sex juices were freely flowing. I rolled off of her and had her get on her hands and knees. Positioning myself behind her, I had her spread her legs wide as I guided my throbbing thick cock into her pussy and thrusted forward. She blurted, “Oh God! Baby, fuck me hard!” as she lowered her shoulders and clutched the bed sheets. Starting slowly, I took long deliberate strokes in my thrusts so she would feel the entire length and thickness of my cock knead her clitoris. I moaned to her, “Babe, your pussy is so hot and moist.” She replied, “Don’t stop! I want you to cum inside me!” The pace of my thrusting increased where my entire groin area slapped against her buttocks. For 5 minutes, we were engaged into intense fucking doggy style. We both repeatedly whimpered and moaned in sheer sexual delight as we intently pleasured each other’s bodies.

Feeling my climax build, my last few thrusts deep into her pussy, I would stop and hold inside of her and then slowly pull back. In doing this, this caused her to squirt more of her sex juices on me. Just as I was pulling back in my thrust, she rolled over onto her back, grabbed her thighs and spread her bent legs wide open. I immediately inserted my excited large cock and thrusted deep inside her. She let out a loud passionate moan and said, “Oh God! Cum inside me!” I rapidly thrusted in and out of her pussy as she tilted her head back while grabbing my hair. My orgasm so intense and long as I injected my cum inside of her while continuously thrusting until I could not go on any further. We were exhausted. We were both sexually spent for the evening. Holding each other as we laid in bed covered in sex juices and sweat, I said to her, “Baby, you were at your absolute best tonight. Incredible! I really do love you.” She replied, “Are you sure you didn’t take anything tonight? I mean, that’s the biggest and hardest you have ever been. You made me have orgasm after orgasm. I’ve never had that happen to me before.” I said in reply, “Honey, you definitely have to buy another bottle of that perfume before we leave. That’s what did it.” She agreed and told me she had a wonderful “Article 2” dinner date. She excitedly described it as being both romantic and erotic. We cuddled, kissed and caressed ourselves to sleep to the sound of the ocean breeze and surf. What a dinner date.