Ellie and Grace - Ch 4 of 4 (Complete)

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Chapter 4 of 4 (Complete)


Chills ran down Ellie’s spine and Grace could feel her shiver. Grace’s breath tickled her ear which tickled other parts of her body, though not noticeably enough that Ellie registered her body’s response. Grace’s face was so smooth against her cheek and it made Ellie wonder how smooth the rest of her body would be. She blushed at the thought. Then, she felt Grace shift once more, only this time she pulled back from the hug to pull her legs underneath her on the couch. Her knees lightly touched Ellie’s thighs and she leaned forward to take Ellie’s face into her hands. Her palms perfectly cupped Ellie’s jaw, her fingertips framing her ears on either side.

Ellie could hardly contain herself. What was unexpected confusion became excited curiosity, and her mind and her body were ready to explore the new frontier. As their faces drew nearer, she closed her eyes and slightly puckered her lips, waiting impatiently for Grace to make first contact. When nothing came, she opened her eyes.

“Are you sure you want to do this? Ya know, with me?” Grace asked.

Ellie silently nodded her consent and Grace pressed her lips to Ellie’s, more emphatically than she had meant to. Ellie was grateful for the passionate kiss, having already accepted that she wanted more than light contact. Each time their lips touched, her mind felt as if it erupted into a million colorful brush strokes fired off into a million different directions. Her mind tingled with joy and anticipation at what further contact would bring. After a minute of passionate, but closed-mouth kissing, Grace moved one hand to the back of Ellie’s head, and the other to the small of her back, pulling the remainder of her body onto the couch.

With a better vantage point, she pressed the back of Ellie’s head forward, hungrily devouring her mouth. Ellie felt Grace’s lips part slightly, and she opened hers in response. Even this slight change of sensation was enough for Ellie’s mind to flash with stimulation. Ellie felt Grace’s tongue enter her mouth, dancing with her own as they found their unique rhythm. Ellie’s mind exploded and she began to register the increasingly erotic sensations in her body. There was a tightness in her chest from the excited energy permeating her body. Grace’s hands that explored other parts of her body under her blouse raised goosebumps wherever they passed, sending an electric current directly to her cunt.

Ellie felt unhinged, yet uncomfortable with her lack of experience with women. This lack of confidence left her hands limp and her mind numb to making any advances on her own. Grace was accustomed to this reaction in her partners. As a gay woman, she was often someone’s first lesbian experience, just as Jessica had been for her. Surmising Ellie’s lack of assertiveness came from uncertainly rather than disinterest, Grace moved Ellie’s hands to her breasts. Ellie panicked but was encouraged by Grace’s direct instruction. Ellie moaned as she felt Grace’s breasts through her shirt, her hardened nipples poking through the thin bralette underneath.

Grace broke away from kissing Ellie’s neck. “Do you want to feel them?” she asked in a husky voice.

“Ohhh, yeah, Grace.” Ellie’s hips began to gyrate subconsciously as she imagined freeing Grace’s breasts.

Grace grabbed Ellie’s hands once more and place them over the top button on her shirt.

Okay. Be sexy. Ellie took a deep breath and unbuttoned Grace’s shirt with surprising ease, the expensive fabric slid off easily. She pulled the shirt open to reveal Grace’s breasts confined in the lacy bralette. She could see her nipples more clearly now, their dark color contrasting against the thin white fabric. She lifted the bottom of the elastic band with shaking fingertips and pulled it over Graces head. Ellie cupped one breast in each palm and closed her eyes, allowing the sense of touch alone to explore them.

They were perky, yet their size caused them to droop slightly, allowing her to lightly toss them in her palms. She squeezed them wanting to hold as much of the breast in one hand as she could. She felt powerful fondling Grace’s breasts, knowing that she was her source of pleasure. She opened her eyes to examine Grace’s naked form and was entranced with her figure. She was full-bodied and healthy-looking which was much different from Ellie’s rather thin and bony frame. Ellie wanted to take it all in, but Grace was busy unbuttoning her shirt.

“How about no more button ups for work?” Grace laughed as she struggled with the not-so-expensive fabric on Ellie’s shirt.

Ellie laughed her response and kissed her deeply, not content with not having access to Grace’s body. With both of their shirts removed, Grace broke the kiss and lowered herself down to Ellie’s breasts, kissing the small cleavage between them while she unclasped her bra. Ellie’s breasts, though on the smaller side, bounced out of their restraints. Grace thought they looked happy to be relieved of duty and smiled as she slid the bra down Ellie’s arms and threw it onto the floor. She licked Ellie’s left nipple while cupping the breast with her left hand. Already firm, her tongue travelled in circles around its tip so she could feel the bumps and wrinkles on her surrounding areola. With her right hand she pinched Ellie’s right nipple, rolling the tip lightly between her fingertips.

This new level of contact elicited quiet moans from Ellie, each moan in time with one rotation of Grace’s tongue. “Oh my god Grace. No one’s ever made me moan from this.”

Grace smiled with Ellie’s nipple in her mouth and said, “Most guys don’t know how to handle the nipples. Or the breasts. Or the pussy.” She paused to smirk at Ellie before she licked the rest of her breast down to where it met with her ribs. She pulled in her tongue and proceeded to plant light kisses down her abdomen until she got to the top of Ellie’s waistline.

Ellie’s heart raced as Grace’s lips moved delicately down towards her... She couldn’t get her brain to catch up with what was happening. She woke up that morning a heartbroken straight girl and now she was putty at the hands of a woman. So far, though, she liked the change. Except for when Grace paused. “Hmph,” Ellie protested and stuck out her bottom lip.

Grace rolled her eyes with a smile and forcibly lifted Ellie’s ass into the air. She saw Ellie’s eyes go wide and her hand unconsciously moved to cover herself. Grace hesitated for only an instant before she reached her hand underneath her to the small of her black, playfully feeling around until she found and pulled on the zipper. She eased her hold on Ellie’s hips, setting her down while she removed the skirt from her legs.

Ellie was panicked. For a split second, she thought Grace was going to go straight for her pussy without any warning. Her heart was still racing even as Grace set her down. She felt more exposed than she ever had in her life with her bare legs on either side of another woman’s head. “Grace, I... I don’t know if I can do this,” she said shaking her head slightly.

Grace was disappointed that she couldn’t continue her exploration of Ellie’s body, but she didn’t show it. “Aw, honey.” She kissed the inside of Ellie’s knee before resting her head on it. She wrapped both of her arms around Ellie’s calf in a comforting gesture. “We don’t have to keep going if you don’t want to,” she said, rubbing her thumb on Ellie’s leg to comfort her. “This is a lot to take in.”

Ellie stared at her wide-eyed as she nibbled on her thumb. Ellie knew what she said was genuine. If she wanted to stop, she could, and Grace wouldn’t think any less of her. And though a part of her wanted to close her legs and pull them into her chest, she was entranced by how beautiful Grace’s naked body was against her legs. She felt Grace kiss her knee again, this time with more passion, and it sent shivers up and down her body. As much as she was afraid to explore a side of herself, she had successfully repressed for all her life, she needed to know what it felt like. She nodded briefly at Grace.

“I’ll go slow,” Grace said.

“No.” It came out as a whisper. “I want this. I want you.”

As one, they reached their arms out and entangled in a passionate embrace, their tongues exploring even deeper into one another’s mouths. Grace pulled her skirt above her hips and began to grind her pussy into Ellie’s. Her actions were erratic, their clits only making contact occasionally, but the drive to experience the current every time they touched excited them just as much. Grace pulled Ellie’s hands to her chest. Ellie was inexperienced, that much was sure, but it felt good to have someone massaging her breasts regardless.

Grace threw back her head and slid down from the couch onto her knees on the carpeted floor. Her hands traced Ellie’s figure the whole way down. She looked up at Ellie as her fingertips fluttered up her thighs. She cupped her hands beneath her ass, fingers slowly climbing towards the waistband of her underwear. She teased the taut fabric, sliding her fingertips back and forth in the band, savoring the smell of Ellie’s ever-increasing arousal. With a look of firm determination, Grace pulled them down, exposing Ellie’s pussy.

Ellie sharply inhaled a breath as she felt the cool air of the apartment on her wet pussy lips. She looked down at herself and became self-conscious. Oh my god, I look so gross! She saw Grace look up at her and smile, almost as if she could read her thoughts. “It’s beautiful,” she said.

Ellie wasn’t quite sure she believed her, but with the words of encouragement she was able to remain engaged. She waited expectantly, not sure what would happen next. Then, Grace released hot breath around her cunt as she moved in towards her slit. Ellie released a loud moan as Grace’s tongue slid deep inside of her, slowly dancing as she drank in her juices.

With her tongue inside Ellie’s pussy, she reached a finger up for Ellie’s mouth. Ellie grabbed it with both of her hands and licked her tongue up and down its length. She didn’t know how to lick someone’s nipple, but she did know how to move her tongue on a phallic-shaped object. Ellie pulled her finger into her mouth to create a tight suction and it tickled the back of her throat. She released it only to pull it in deeper so she deep-throated it, causing her to gag.

“Fuck, you’re so hot Ellie,” Grace muttered in between licks. She pulled her finger away from Ellie’s succulent lips to stroke the small pink nub above her cunt.

“FUCK!” Ellie closed her eyes, completely absorbed in the fiery sensations between her legs. “Oh, more Grace, more.”

With this sign of encouragement, Grace fluidly moved her tongue to just below Ellie’s clit. She noted the beautiful simplicity of the small nub before grazing it with the tip of her tongue. Ellie’s hip jerked into her face, bumping into Grace’s nose. Grace’s eyes stung briefly with tears before she went back down and planted her hands firmly on Ellie’s hips to prevent them from bucking so fervently. I forgot what taking a girl’s lesbian virginity is like, she thought, touching her tongue once more to Ellie’s clit.

“FUUUuuuucK,” Ellie exclaimed. She was embarrassed at how turned on she was, but she couldn’t help it. She’d been eaten out many times before but doing it with a woman was far more enticing than anything else she had experienced with a man. She stole a worried glance at Grace and noticed she was staring at her. What did I do wrong?

“It’s so hot that you’re so turned on right now,” Grace said, biting her lip. “I’m gonna make you cum all over my face.” Knowing Ellie would be too uncomfortable to respond, she didn’t wait for permission before she dove back down and pressed her tongue hard onto Ellie’s clit. Her tongue moved slowly at first, then more frantically as Ellie’s exclamations continued to escalate. She slid one finger into her slit and marveled at how she was dripping wet.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, Grace that feels so *breath* good,” Ellie said, placing her hand on the back of her head. “Fuuuuck!”

When Grace felt Ellie’s palm press into her head, she couldn’t control herself anymore and added another finger into her slit. Her rhythm was steady, but her fingers penetrated deeply, and her tongue pressed even harder into the pink nub.

Ellie felt as if she was going to explode from the tension building inside of her and groaned, “Grace...fuck. I...”

“Uh huh,” Grace murmured.

“I think I’m...”


“I’m going to – FUCK!”

“Uh huh, uh huh!” Grace’s fingers moved in and out of her pussy with lightning speed. Come on baby, she thought. Let me show you how it feels to cum from a woman.

“Fuck, Grace! Unnng, I’m *breath* cumming!!! Oh, fuck, Grace, oh, oh, unnngggggg...” Ellie grinded her hips into Grace’s face, moaning from what was the single most impressive orgasm of her life. “Fuck!” she whined, as Grace very dutifully continued her assault despite Ellie’s hips smashing into her nose. Her orgasm was a gradual crescendo of rises and falls before she finally reached her peak: “FUCK! OH MY GOD! GRACE! HUH, UNG, UH...uh...uhhhh.” Ellie collapsed, limp and sweaty.

Grace pulled her face away from Ellie’s clit and her fingers out of her pussy. She only paused for a moment before licking Ellie’s juices off her fingers.

“Ew! You mean you really like that?!” Ellie panted.

Grace laughed in response, “Of course I do! It would really suck to be a lesbian that doesn’t like the taste of pussy.”

“That’s not what I meant!” Ellie retorted indignantly, crossing her arms across her chest.

Grace snaked her way up to the couch and pulled Ellie into her arms so that her breasts pressed into her back. “Then what did you mean?” she asked.

Ellie could smell her pussy’s scent on Grace’s breath. “I mean, I just think I taste weird is all and I can smell myself on your breath and that’s, well, weird.”

Grace smirked darkly and asked in a low voice, “So you taste yourself?”

Since she had cum, Ellie was beginning to feel the same sort of embarrassment from earlier. Her brow furrowed and she squinted her eyes as she “No, I mean. Well come on. Isn’t that something everybody does? Like, not all the time, but sometimes you get curious.” She tried to curl up in a ball, but Grace held on to her tight.

“I’m just teasing!” she said laughing. “I think that’s very normal.” She gazed down at Ellie, admiring the sheen of sweat on her body, the way she pushed up her glasses as she teased her. “And I think you’re very beautiful.”

Ellie just smiled and snuggled deeper into Grace’s body. “I’m sorry I didn’t... Ya know...” She buried her face into Grace’s arm.

“I don’t mind at all. For your first time I wanted this to be all about you.” Grace brought a hand to play absently with Ellie’s hair.

“But...” she paused. “Maybe one day? Maybe you could teach me?”

“Does that mean you want to do this again?” Grace was suddenly very serious.

Ellie’s body stiffened in her arms. Is this just a fling? OH MY GOD why am I always embarrassing myself around her!? “I mean, not unless you wanted to because I’m totally cool if you are cause I’m so cool.”

Grace chuckled to herself. “Well I’m not very cool and I would definitely like to do this again. Actually, I’d like to take you out on a real date instead of eating takeout in your apartment,” she promised. She couldn’t help but hold Ellie just a little tighter.

“I’d like that,” Ellie stated simply, blinking her eyes sleepily. They lay like that until they fell asleep, entangled in one another’s arms.