Boy For Hire

Boy For Hire.                      All characters are 18 years and over.

I am an 18 year old boy, and as sexually frustrated as hell.

I attend the local gym which is used by many rich ladies and yummy mummies that are bored, horny and cock hungry.

What is more, they are willing to pay.

The perfect environment for a fit, sex starved 18 year old who is best described as hung, young and full of cum.

After three months I was given free membership and a small weekly pay packet because the owner said I am eye-candy, the sort the female members like to be around.

The gym is a meat market for rich, idle women who are out to escape the boredom of their home lives. Some staff, like me, can help with that problem.

There are many trophy wives, thirty to fifty year old women married to much older guys. You can put two and two together and you will be right.

Rather than have a frustrated wife flash her pussy at every guy she fancies, it is better to use the discreet services of a young guy and pay for his trouble.

Everybody knows, but everybody pretends not to know.

The result is that the trophy wife is satisfied, the old guy is happy, the young guy has cash in his pocket and the gym takes a percentage. Result, all are happy.

When the boss at the gym called me to his office and told me I had been "selected by the client" asked to personally supervise (gym code for “she wants you”) one of the bored females, I knew the score and reminded him of my virginal status.

I was surprised when he told me that was precisely why she had asked for me.

I told him I would do my best.

That was on a Friday. I was required on the Sunday.

Waking on Sunday morning I found I had the hardest boner in my living memory. I sleep naked, the bet is that if I didn’t my cock would rip my shorts to shreds.  I normally wake up hard, but this morning was special because today I was hoping to lose my virginity. I was fired up with all the fantasies of an 18 year old.

After years of masturbating, I was at last to have a shot at fucking my virginity into history. Inserting my cock into a pussy, fill it with my young cum and still have plenty in reserve to massage into a pair of firm tits, and fill a mouth maybe. 

To be precise, experience the pussy of a luscious, petite lady that I only know as a member of the gym. I have never spoken to her and do not know her name, but to me she is as hot as a steaming volcano, and I lust for her.

Well, to be perfectly honest, for her cunt.

She had apparently, ‘booked’ me after being told I was a virgin!

I chuck the sheet off and Mrs. Palm and her daughters grab my engorged cock. Five strokes are all that it takes before my pole erupts, sending fountain after fountain of baby-lava into the stratosphere.

Well it would have got that far, had it not splattered on the wall behind my head.

With my deflating dick swaying in front of me I head for the shower, passing brother Reg on the way. 

He sees my half rigid, cum slicked cock and says, “Hey, baby brother, be careful with that thing, you might trip over it.”

I give him the finger and duck into the shower where I beat off again.

I get on well with my older brothers. They are not into the weights like I am, so are skinny. I guess I could lift both above my head quite easily.

They needle me about my lack of girlfriends and, to be fair, have introduced me to some they think I might like. They do not know about my virginal status.

The girls they have pushed my way were no help in that department. I just never got to the crease with them and they drifted away, probably thought I was gay.

‘Never got to the crease’, now that conjures up thoughts of a pussy with lips as the crease. Anyone for cricket? I have the bat and balls, all I need is the wicket.

What does this virgin know of a pussy? Well, I have seen the pictures and studied the porno movies, so am confident I will recognise the first one I see.

The shower water swirls the fresh cum into the drain as my imagination places me at that crease, as I beat out a tune on my trusty bat and empty my balls.

With that in mind I start preparing for a day that I thought would never come. The mere idea elevates my member to readiness level 10/10.

My boss at the gym had talked to me in his office and offered some advice. He told me that, as I was inexperienced, I needed to know certain things, or I would come across as a complete twat. He told me to prepare myself so that the lady was not repelled. “Kid, you are not going to be with some young girl that is as inexperienced as you are. The lady you will visit knows the ropes, if you get my meaning”. I had a pretty good and vivid idea of what he meant.                                                

He gave me the following advice:

a.     Be ultra clean and well shaven. (I started shaving when I was sixteen.)

b.     Clean your teeth, floss and use a mouthwash.

c.     Trim your pubes and ball bag, an untidy bush is gross.

d.     The same for your ass crack.

e.     Wear clean underwear.

f.      Have clean finger and toenails.

g.     Arrive neatly dressed, not overdressed.

h.     Wash your ass out and douche it. After that swallow an Imodium tablet.

i.      Aim to be invited back.

j.      Keep control, remain in charge.

k.     Do not rush. 

He told me all this in a very matter-of-fact way. I was embarrassed, but knew he was genuinely trying to help. I suspected he was also trying to make sure I did not screw up as he was wanting to keep the gym clients happy and paying.

I was a bit worried about the cost of kitting myself out with some decent clothes. He must have sensed that because he gave me seventy-five folding ones. I took it and asked if he would deduct it from my pay over a few weeks, I could not afford to repay him in one lump sum.

He looked at me, “There will be no need to take it off your pay, no need at all for that, if you live up to expectations.”

Once I had showered and shaved, I pulled on a pair of shorts, ordered my cock to have a nap, and went down to breakfast.

After breakfast I started my preparations.

I had already showered and shaved but I shaved again. Then I got in the shower, took the head off the hose and carefully shoved the end of it up my bum. Being a novice at this I only used cold water and just about freaked out when the jet of cold hit in that place where the sun does not shine.  I quickly changed to a warm mix of hot and cold and filled myself up.

Dropping the hose, I clenched my butt cheeks and hopped over to the toilet, sat down and let it go, squeezing my insides. The water jetted out, carrying with it a lot of crap. I repeated that three times. Colonic irrigation, they say it is healthy.

Then I stood in the shower for five minutes and allowed whatever water remained to trickle out of my ass and down my legs, finishing with a final and vigorous all-over shower and scrub.  

After that I swallowed an Imodium tablet, an anti-diarrhoea medicine that dries up any remaining water retained up there.

After that I trimmed my pubes and ball bag. I liked how it looked, cock in full view and balls hanging like juicy ripe plums. Very cool, very sexy!              

My just under nine-inch cock is cut, so the head stands clean and proud.

Tastier to suck, so I am told, and easier to handle…  besides being a lot healthier.

All that was left of the undergrowth was a closely cropped, one-inch strip of hair tapering up to my navel, an artistic touch I created when busy with the razor.

For my bum crack I used some hair remover for the recommended three minutes and then wiped it, removing a lot of hair. I washed the surplus hair away and applied a moisturiser to soothe the skin.

Having silky-smooth pubes and bum crack is a great sensation, you should try it.

Finally, I put on clean shorts and a tight tee shirt.

Tucking a Speedo costume into my tog bag, I was ready to roll.

The address I was headed  to is in a gated community about 45 minutes north, down the coast from Durban.                       

I was to arrive at 12.30pm. I had borrowed a motorbike from my brother and rode along in high anticipation.

My cock was behaving itself, but it was a struggle. Arriving at the gate some ten minutes early, I told the security guy that I was expected at #7.

He called the house to announce me and told me to follow the road around to the ocean-side properties and the gates to #7 would open. He gave me a knowing leer as I set off. I guess I was not the first to be visiting that house. 

The massive gates to #7 opened as I reached them. I rode up the long drive to the house.

There was a tough looking guy in a suit standing under an entrance porch that is bigger than most houses, he signalled me to stop.  I cut the engine and pulled the bike on to its stand, dismounted and removed my helmet. The guy just looked at me then told me to push the bike to one side and follow him.

He led the way around the side of the house until we came to a huge lawn, which faced the Indian ocean. The lawn ran to an infinity pool on what must be a cliff edge.

Sitting in a deckchair about 25 yards back from the pool was this fat old guy.

His eyes hidden behind dark glasses.  I had no doubt that he was looking directly at me. He raised a pale hand, beckoning me to approach. I walked across the lawn and stood in front of him, extending my hand. “Good afternoon, sir.”

He ignored my hand, just nodded, I was aware of him inspecting me closely. After about three minutes of silence he said, “My wife asked for you to visit today. You understand that you will never talk of this and will not try and make contact again. When and if she wants to see you, I will get a message to you. Fuck up on the rules and you will not be a happy boy. Understood?”

There was real menace in that voice.

I nodded. No way was I going to mess about. He looked like a mafia type that could make me disappear and end up as sausage meat.

“Good. My wife will be with us shortly, you jump in the pool and wait for her.”

He noticed the tog bag. “What have you got there?” he asked.

“My swim costume,” I replied.

A smile cracked his lips. “Very private here, you can forget that. Strip now and leave your clothes on that chair.”

You will appreciate that stripping naked in front of the old guy was not exactly what I had anticipated.

In front of his wife would be a different matter entirely. Believe you me, I was looking forward to that.

My brain told me to just do it or he might put a call in to the sausage factory and I would be served up on a plate somewhere that night.

Acting like it was perfectly natural, I stripped and stood naked in front of him, like prime beef on an auction block.

I am proud of my body. If people want to look at it, they can do so. Be my guest.

He looked me over. “Good, now get in the pool”.

Trying to look as if I did this sort of thing most days, I walked to the pool, my cock half erect, and dived in.

The pool extends out over the cliff edge, with a glass floor. The opposite side to the house is a glass wall. While underwater you can look down to the beach below, or out to sea. It was like diving naked into a goldfish bowl.

I swam about for a few minutes and then floated on my back, cock standing proudly at a 45-degree angle to my body.

I could see the old guy in his chair, he was talking into a ‘phone.

Seconds later a lady I recognised from the gym walked from the house, stopped by him briefly and then she was standing on the pool edge. I liked  the look of her. Tight body, firm tits and legs that were in a class of their own.

I guess the ‘phone call was to tell her I had passed and was all hers to enjoy.

Through slit eyes, I watched her as she inspected the meat on display. 

I pretended not to notice her as I idly put a hand to my nuts and lifted them into clear view. Then I stroked my cock and slowly ran a finger-tip up the shaft and round the head.

Licking her lips, she raised her dark glasses to get a better view.

She looked to be twice my age or more, so 26 or maybe 40. A great figure and nice tits, the sort all masturbating teenage boys imagine as they beat off.

Without my eyes moving, my brain looked from her to the old guy and back again. Shit, there must be 50 years between them!

No wonder he allows her to play with boys.

She would be getting no pleasure from his cock and, as it shelters under his gut, I doubt he has seen that part of his anatomy for a three or four decades.

I guess she liked what she saw because she smiled at me. “Hello, sweetie, I am so pleased you could come and visit me.”

I acted surprised to see her and climbed out of the pool, as if not remembering my nakedness.   

My hard cock had her full attention. “My, my, what a big boy!”

Holding my erection, she used it like a dog-lead to tow me along as she walked over to the old guy.

He smiled at his wife as we stood in front of him, she is gripping the rigid cock of a naked 18-year-old boy, a cock that was slowly releasing a flow of pre-cum from the single eye in its bulbous head.

“Thank you darling, thank you so much,” she said, addressing her husband, the fingers of one hand holding the sticky cum-coated cock while the other hand is cupping and fondling two large and very full balls. She bent down and kissed the top of his bald head. I wanted her to kiss the head of my cock.

I twitched my erection and her fingers tightened possessively around the shaft. Not that she could encircle it, far too big, but you get my meaning.

What could I do, I was the paid for toy-boy provided by her husband.

The old guy extended both hands, palms upward, in the universal gesture of giving, “My pleasure, darling. Have fun, I hope you will not be disappointed. You chose the boy.”

She smiled. “I am sure I will not be disappointed dear, such a cute and lovely boy.”

The “cute and lovely boy” was fighting his mounting excitement.

She squeezed my cock and then removed her tight blouse to release her tits, they stood out like missiles about to launch. There was no bra. Then she dropped her tiny shorts. There were no knickers and I was looking at her perfectly formed pussy. Smooth shaven and very prominent, pouting lips.  Must be Botox, I wonder.

She jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around me. Her hairless pussy mound hot and wet on my abs, my cock jumped like it had been fed rocket fuel.

Taking my face in both hands she plugged her mouth to mine, thrusting her tongue between my lips to tonsil depth and gave a low-pitched moan as her tits bored into my pecs.           

All this just three feet in front of hubby.

I was amazed that I was not freaking out and spraying cum everywhere, but I had control of the situation and it seemed so natural to have this naked woman moulding her body to mine. Not an everyday thing in my life so far. How about you? Ever experienced anything like this?

As I was facing him, and she was clamped to my front, his view was of my ready inches pointing directly up at the cute bum and cunt of his wife. Simply put, if she slipped a tiny bit her pussy would come to rest on an engorged cock head that had been efficiently lubricating itself in anticipation of just such a meeting.

She sure as hell knew where that cock-head was. 

I felt her loosen her grip on my neck and sink her glorious pussy down till cunt and cock kissed.

Electricity flowed through our entwined bodies, we both tensed, my toes tingled as I felt a rush of power into my muscles, an empowering sensation.

As her moist cunt lips nudged the targeting cock, she disengaged her arms from round my neck. I was now supporting her with two hands cupped under her bum. She still had her legs clamped around my waist, ankles locked.

All those inches were waiting for her to impale herself. I was in full control, in no imminent danger of cumming.               

I whispered in her ear. “Condom?”

She replied by slipping down till my cock head pushed the pussy poor ajar.

Clearly, she wanted me raw. So bareback it was to be.

She wanted me to fuck her and fill her with cum and a few million sperm that were anxious to go swimming in her love passage, with no barrier to stop them.

The head of my cock slipped half an inch into her cunt. It took superhuman effort not to release the tsunami of sperm-laden cum waiting in my balls.

The old guy was getting a front-row view of me invading his property.

She hung away from me, head thrown back, eyes wide open, bum cradled in my hands, looking up at the clear blue sky. Like a sacrifice to the Gods.

I bent my head and started licking her tits, the nipples were jutting up like organ stops and my tongue was roaming like a lunar-rover across those gorgeous mounds, lips hungrily exploring the terrain.

I am strong, her weight hanging off my waist and away from my torso was nothing at all.

She rolled her hips slightly and her wet snatch greedily took another inch as her breathing rate rose a few notches. 

I was slightly thrown when she suddenly said, “Oh God, darling, so big, so strong, thank you, thank you, thank you”.  It took a moment for me to realise that she was talking to her husband who was watching the action taking place, practically in his lap.

I could see him over her shoulder. He caught my eye and gave me a silent clap of appreciation, followed by a double thumbs up.

I guess I was functioning as required. I felt reassured, I was unlikely to become the main part of a sausage and mash meal in front of a TV somewhere.

I remained calm and unhurried, not easy but there was no way I was going to spoil this!

My heavy balls were relaxed and swinging, my rigid cock felt great and I was in no hurry as her hubby watched it disappearing into her cunt. 

As I ventured into the interior her cunt opened before me. I could feel her gripping my tool and she was starting to moan quite loudly.

I was grunting like a rutting stallion and fighting to control the sensations.

Knowing that her husband was watching was a great turn-on, but it also calmed me. I was able to suppress my excitement and think of what I was doing as a "job". I felt calm and professional.

The show was for his benefit and her pleasure, I aimed to please both.

Tell me, just how much more unselfish and considerate can a boy of 18 be?

I was standing with her bum cradled in my linked hands.

Her head was still thrown far back, and she was making those soft moaning sounds as she looked to the sky.

I let her slip a little more, she accepted another inch and her mouth opened in a silent scream.

Finally, she looked at me and smiled, her cunt lips clamped around my shaft. “You are no virgin, you are a naughty boy and a fabulous lover, now put me down on the grass right here and fuck me properly.”    

I protested that I really was a virgin, so she just said, “Never mind. Now fuck me right here. Fuck me hard, there’s a good boy.”

I decided it was best to assert my authority before obeying her instruction.                                      

Without warning I dropped her, impaling her completely with the full length of my rock-hard cock. I felt sure that it had by now grown to exceed nine inches. 

The “good boy” gave her the lot, balls deep.

The shock of that caused her to scream, she fainted as my cock-head hit the buffers at the very deepest part of her love tunnel.

I stood there holding her limp body, nuzzling her tits as she was coming around.

As I did so her eyes opened, they had a glazed look, her mouth open in a silent scream. Beginning to focus she was quietly muttering “Please, fuck me now.”

Her fingers had clawed my back, I knew I would have the evidence of this encounter on my back for a few days. The scars of a warrior!

When first giving her instruction, she had said “Right here.”

Having been taught to obey my elders there was no way I was going to do otherwise. I knew that “right here” meant right there in front of her husband.  There was no other place called ‘right here’ that I knew of, and I was not going to waste time searching for another place of that name. No sir!

I bent my knees and knelt on the grass in front of the old guy.

His wife folded down with me, her legs still clamped around my waist, all the meaty inches of my cock buried in her cunt.

I tipped forward until her back was on the grass, removed my hands from under her bum and placed them flat on the grass on either side of her, supporting my weight. She unlocked her legs from my waist, and I pulled out.

I looked up into the old guys face, across all of the three feet that separated us.

My face was saying, “I am now going to fuck your wife, okay?

He raised a thumb and nodded, I took that to be “Permission granted”

Let the main event of the afternoon begin.

I am about to pump my cum into a pussy for the first time.

The tip of my cock was resting on the wet lips of her cunt.

I slowly sank into the very tight passage beyond, I had been there before on dry-runs.

This time I knew that I would not emerge until I had emptied my balls into her.

Feeling the hot grab and suction pulling on me I allowed her to take what she wanted, at her own pace.

As inch followed inch she began to get louder and louder until she was howling in ecstasy, if that is what ecstasy sounds like.

Her fingers were again digging into my back, her mouth open, heels kicking on my butt.

I paused and we smiled at each other, totally in a world of our own, not caring that her husband was in touching distance.

I lifted my head and stared right at him, my teeth gritted, concentrating on fucking his wife.

Showing great bravado, I winked at him.

He winked back as he watched an 18-year-old boy ravishing his wife, hearing her howls of pleasure ringing in his ears.

This was heaven on earth. I was finally living the dream.

She suddenly began to buck her hips, her fists pounded on my back as she screamed, “I am cumming, cumming, fuck me hard, I am cumming!”

I had to forcibly hold her down to control her wild movements as the first orgasm crashed and rolled through her beautiful body. It seemed to last for ever.

Her juice needed to escape so I withdrew the cock cork halfway to release the pressure. That caused a strong flow of cunt honey to emerge before I shoved the meaty cork back in, tight.

I guess she thought it was all over bar the shouting as she smiled at me and said, “Oh my god, you are a real find, a complete natural, fuck me for ever!”                                                            

That was when I fired the first salvo into her. I was as far in as I could get. Up against the cervix the range was short so there was speed and power as my cum hit the wall and a frantic “sperm hunting the uterus” chase began.

I know the mechanics, like any boy I had spent hours studying the subject in fine detail. I could draw her insides in my sleep.

She felt me pulsing and firing and was off again, screaming those welcome words, “Fuck me! Fuck me boy! Fuck meeeeeeee, harder, harder!”

Her wish was my command.

I withdrew all but an inch, threw her legs over my shoulders to give direct, almost vertical, access and powered into her until our pubic bones crashed together. As cock impacted cervix, she went crazy, her second orgasm in three minutes broke all her previous records, she almost fainted again as she bucked wildly. I felt her hot cunt juice squirt as I held on for dear life.

Her legs around my waist went limp and she lay there pinned to the grass by my cock which was now firing multiple broadsides of cum, flooding her and filling up every space, carrying boy sperm on a mission to conquer.

My cum bubbled up around my thick shaft every time I hit bottom, powering through a deep pool of cum, displacing it to rise to the surface and spread in a growing lake on her stomach.

Like fracking for gas I expect, only more environmentally friendly.

A cum lake teeming with the millions of sperm that had poured out of my balls. I bent to the lake, sucked deeply from it and kissed the potent mix into her mouth to be swallowed.

She had a dreamy look on her face as she gripped my upper arms and braced herself take the relentless power fucking I was subjecting her to.

We finally just lay there, locked together with my hard cock deep in her pussy.

Keeping her attached, I rolled over. Now I had my back on the grass with her on top. I pushed her shoulders up until she was sitting on me.

As she sat on me cum started trickling out of her cunt to drip on my abs.

It ran into the washboard grooves of my abs and pooled there. 

She dipped her fingers and fed them to her mouth, slowly licking them with obvious enjoyment, then licking her lips and dipping for more.

Her husband sat there watching her run her fingers in the grooves, that were filling up like drainage ditches with the cum dripping from her cunt lips.

She fed those fingers to me and I tasted what I had gifted to her, it was good.

Then she moved up and straddled my face so I could work her cunt with my tongue and drink directly from the tunnel through which I had invaded her to deposit my sperm.          

In no time at all my face was covered in cum and I am gulping it down, as what I had dumped in her cunt now ran out and filled my mouth to overflowing. Reaching up I started massaging her tits with cum.

We fucked again as the old boy watched. I bucked upward and blasted a couple more loads deep in her.

I feel her next orgasm start and grow.

Holding her as she starts to buck and moan. I pace myself to be with her as she climaxes yet again, laughing, crying and moaning all at the same time, enjoying herself as we build to another climax.

We smash the barrier together with an intensity not achieved before, and I deliver what feels like gallons of baby batter into what is my first ever pussy.

I am sprawled on the cool grass as she leans down, our lips meet, tongues intertwine. We kiss like besotted young lovers, watched by the old guy.

Let me assure you, I am no longer a virgin.

I guess it is my age, but I feel like a triumphant gladiator, who has finally defeated previously unconquered defences and claimed his reward.

Feeling a rush of adrenaline, and hugely pumped, I stand over her sexually sated body. I am getting noisy, the naked young warrior has conquered and is announcing it with an arm pumping, chest beating Tarzan routine.

As if more proof was needed my rampant, engorged, cum slicked erection underlines my triumph and power.

I had conquered and feasted and want all to know.

They must have heard Tarzan roaring down on the beach, I wonder what they made of it?

I agree, not exactly politically correct, but I am young, hung and full of cum and a fan of testosterone fuelled movies like ‘Conan The Barbarian’. I had never thought I would have the leading role.                         

I make the most of the moment, acting the image in my mind. Primeval throw-back masculinity telling the world, “I have fucked this woman.”

In the movies the victorious warrior then carries her to his Viking longboat to indulge in an orgy of raping and ravishing.

Hollywood, you got it right!

Something made me turn to look at her husband. He was smiling!

I lift his cum dripping, sexually sated wife off the grass and throw her over my shoulder, as if ready to carry her off to my cave.

If ever there was a more emphatic “This is mine” act, I have yet to witness it.

I look at the old guy. “Thank you sir,”                                                   

It seemed to be the right and proper thing to do. As a well brought up boy I was taught to say thank you and be polite in all circumstances.

Politeness nearly always defuses situations that may otherwise give rise to extreme violence.

No violence followed. My limbs are safe. The sausage factory will not have me.

The old boy nodded. “You have given my wife a lot of pleasure.”  

It sounded very formal, like some imaginary Hollywood King giving his blessing, before rewarding the guy with high rank and many virgin maidens.


Simple words in the ear have the power to abruptly interrupt such memorable moments.

A polite voice in my ear murmured. “Would you care for tea or coffee, sir?”

A butler stood beside me, not turning a hair as he addressed a very sexually aroused young boy who moments before had been fucking the mistress of the house in front of, and with the approval of, the master of the house.

The mistress was by now lying on the grass, legs splayed, pussy wide open as she made little whimpering sounds. There was no room for any doubt that she was waiting for her toy-boy to get back in the saddle and fuck her brains out again.

No doubt at all in the mind of the hard cock rearing out above her prone body.

Just how much of the above do you think is what one would expect to encounter during tea on the lawn on a sunny Sunday afternoon or, come to think of it, at any time, on any day of the week?

Short answer. I have no idea. But, as I have personally had that experience, I can testify to the fact that such tea-time entertainment can and does occur. You just never know when it might happen to you, so be prepared.

“Tea or coffee, sir?”, louder this time, to be heard over that sexy moaning.

I was dumbstruck. How do you answer such a question in such circumstances?

Eventually I stuttered, “Coffee, please,” as I made feeble attempts to cover my erect cock.

Failing to do so I sprinted to the pool and dived in, to be joined seconds later by my energised sex partner.

She swam into my waiting arms, giggling fit to kill herself.

“Darling boy, you are quite amazing. Such fun, and so very powerful.”

I plugged my cock balls-deep in her cunt, and we swam out to the glass wall.  

Those on the beach, looking up through the glass floor are in front row seats.

Looking down I could see some were indeed looking up.

I waved to them. It would be impolite not to.

“I think we should go inside, we do not want your lovely bottom sunburnt now, do we!”, she says as her fingers play in my butt crack. I thought that a good idea, my butt had been exposed for quite a long time. What a nice lady to show concern for a guest’s well-being, I appreciate that.

I still did not know her name.

I will ask her when our show for the beach crowd ends.

The afternoon is young, there are another three hours in which to fuck my prize and earn my cash. I will collect that from my boss at the gym. He handles all such financial matters and deducts his percentage. Rather like an agent.

I was imagining, in full and wide-screen technicolour, fucking the trophy wife in the comfort of her marital bed, and can see myself spending a long time feasting on her fantastic cunt.

That thought was uppermost in my mind as we climbed out of the pool. Inevitably, the image of us in that bed had been shared with my cock as it led the way over to where the old man was sitting.

The butler was back, carrying a tray laden with cups of coffee and some rather nice looking cakes.

It was time to replenish my energy levels before I was called upon again.

I accepted the coffee and a cake from the butler, who was in danger of tripping over my manhood. He seemed not to notice the one-eyed spitting cobra attached to the muscular young man feeding small bits of cake to the eager lips of the mistress of the house.

The way in which she was licking her lips and sucking on her fingers would excite a long dead Viking warrior back to life.

It sure as hell was exciting me.

Like Caesar, I have crossed the Rubicon.

Unlike him, but much like Arnie, I will be back, as there are plenty more trophy wives in need of attention.