Glory Hunter

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01 Apr. '19

Theo loved his new job. He’d finally got a position as a Sales Representative with a blue-chip pharma company and he was learning the ropes, travelling a lot of miles every day in his shiny new company car. At only 23, he was the youngest guy in his team of eight and he’d spent the first four weeks in the job accompanying other team members on their planned days or being accompanied by somebody on his. He was getting to know his customer base quickly and learning the geography of his assigned region. Having only ever worked in retail before, all this travel was a revelation and he had frequent nights away from home, staying at hotels in towns he’d never even been to before.

Being single, he had no need to hurry home at the end of each day and staying away was no problem, offering him some welcome variety in his life. After only three months with the company, he’d managed to hook up with one of the other reps who worked up-country. Her name was Caroline, Caro for short, and they’d met at a national sales conference which was held every six months. She had made it clear from the outset that she wasn’t after a relationship and as she lived 250 miles away from Theo, that was just as well. They had shared a couple of passionate nights together since the conference, but it was a friends-with-benefits type of relationship and it suited them both just fine.

Since meeting Caro, Theo’s sexual appetite had increased ten-fold. She was a bit older than he was and had introduced him to sexual experiences he’d only ever dreamt of, or more accurately, fantasized of while watching porn. Things like rimming and anal, snowballing and light BDSM. She was a hell of a girl and he didn’t doubt she had many other ‘friends’ like him, but he wasn’t complaining. ‘All part of my education,’ he thought to himself, rather smugly. During Theo’s long car journeys between clients, he would often think about the time he spent with Caro, so much so that when he stopped at a service station, he would get out of his car with a throbbing erection in his pants and head to the nearest toilets to jerk himself off. He got to know many convenient places where he could use the facilities, both to empty his bladder and often his balls too!

The last time he’d met with Caro, at a little motel roughly half-way between where they lived, she had surprised him by bringing a friend with her. Tina was tall and muscular with very long legs and a flirty disposition. They were having a drink in the bar next to the motel and Tina was being very obvious in her desire to get Theo back to the motel room. Caro was encouraging them both, saying how hot she thought it would be to watch them fuck. After a few lubricating drinks, the three of them headed back to the room, Theo’s dick stiff with anticipation. What he didn’t know was that Tina’s dick was also stiff. Caro had been very naughty in not telling Theo that Tina was a transsexual and wanted to see his reaction when he found out.

Stunned amazement doesn’t begin to describe Theo’s reaction! He wasn’t horrified, just bewildered how such an attractive girl had male genitals. This was something he hadn’t discovered via pornography, although he now viewed it regularly. Caro encouraged him to fuck Tina and despite his initial apprehension, by the end of the evening he had fucked both girls and sucked Tina’s cock, finding that to be a particularly erotic experience. When he was driving back towards home the next day, he stopped at one of the convenient ‘pit-stop’ places he knew. It was a large Service area with a busy café, shop and public toilets. The toilet block was being renovated so a temporary block had been erected in the car park near where the coaches parked. Theo was thinking back to last night’s amazing sex with Caro and Tina as he drove, so he pulled in to the services with a hard-on, keen to relieve himself. He enjoyed masturbating in public toilets, it seemed somehow illicit and he always came hard, being careful not to make a mess in the cubicle. He was a pervert, not an animal!

Theo locked his car and trotted into the main atrium of the services, conscious of the throbbing boner in his pants. He’d tried jerking off while driving once and even though he was careful to keep his eyes on the road, he wasn’t prepared for the truck that passed him, horn blaring, driver shaking his fist at him and laughing. He never did that again! So when he felt the urge, it was always in an area away from prying eyes. Or so he thought…

This day he was particularly horny, thinking about how he had stroked and sucked a cock for the first time ever. It wasn’t something he had ever imagined himself doing but Tina was so feminine, it didn’t feel gay at all, not that being gay bothered him, he just didn’t fancy men. As soon as the door closed behind him, he clicked the lock, dropped his pants and shorts, sat down on the toilet and started to stroke himself. He had his eyes closed and he was imagining it was Tina’s cock he had in his hands, pulling the foreskin back and forth, enjoying the feeling of throbbing hardness in his hand.

 He heard a grunt from the next cubicle and turned his head in the direction the sound had come from. In his haste to start jacking off, he hadn’t noticed a spy-hole had been cut into the wall dividing the toilet stalls. He peered through it curiously and was shocked to see somebody else jerking their cock as well. He wasn’t sure what to do because he now realized if he could see the other guy wanking, then the other guy could see him too. This moment of realization and uncertainty was fleeting. He had been close to cumming when he’d heard the grunt. When he looked through the hole, his own cock engorged and throbbing with his jerking action, he saw the other cock start to cum. Four thick spurts of cum erupted from it and the guy grunted again as his jerking slowed and a few dribbles of cum trickled off his knob. The memory of seeing Tina cum the night before made his own cock start to tingle and the sight of this new cock spurting cum made Theo gasp as his own orgasm hit him, four or five spurts exploding out of his cock as he jerked it furiously. He heard a sigh from the next-door cubicle and saw the guy pull his pants up, heard him flush the toilet and leave the cubicle.

Theo was red in the face, feeling bemused by what had just happened. He grabbed some toilet paper, scrunched it into a ball and pushed it into the spy hole. He was suddenly nervous and didn’t want another person to enter the now-vacant stall next to his and see his softening dick dripping with cum. He cleaned himself up, wiped the back of the cubicle door which he’d splattered, pulled up his pants and exited, all the time feeling he was being watched. He washed his hands and almost ran back to the safety of his car and drove off like he was escaping the scene of a bank robbery. He spent the last hour of his journey home thinking about what had happened, questioning his own sexuality but mostly grinning to himself at how incredibly horny it had been. He had gone from never having seen an erect cock at close-quarters, never mind touching one, to jerking and sucking a transsexual’s cock, then watching another guy jerk and cum all within the space of a few hours. He shook his head at this bizarre turn of events and noticed his cock stiffening again. Jesus, he thought, what’s wrong with me?

Over the next few weeks and months, Theo had watched quite a lot of trans porn but never repeated the experience he’d had with Tina. He still very much fancied women and had no desire to be with a man, but he certainly had a new appreciation for a hard cock. Whenever he was horny while on the road, he stopped off to see if he could find a toilet with a spy hole. He’d managed to find a few and got a huge thrill when he was sat in a stall, slowly jerking himself, when somebody entered the stall next to him. He would look through the hole, watching the new occupant drop his trousers and hope that the hole wouldn’t be filled with toilet paper. Theo was always discreet and covered himself until he saw the guy next to him take his cock in hand. Sometimes, nothing happened, like the guy hadn’t even noticed there was a spy-hole. Often, the hole was quickly covered up and Theo had to wait until the guy finished and left before he poked the paper out, eagerly waiting for the next person to enter. Despite these setbacks, he never failed to get lucky and find another horny guy who had come in for the same purpose as him and it always ended in a satisfying orgasm. This had become a kind of hobby for Theo. It would never replace his love of sex with a hot girl but it had become an interesting distraction and much more fun than wanking alone at home.

A new client request came up on his phone and being eager to gain new business, he made an appointment to see this potential customer the next day. The company was based in an area Theo hadn’t been to before, so he set off with plenty of time to spare. As always, when he left extra time, it wasn’t needed! He sailed through the traffic and arrived close to where he needed to be at1pm, an hour before his appointment. He decided to grab a sandwich to kill some time and parked up at a pub nearby. He enjoyed a sandwich and a soft drink and with 40 minutes still to kill, went to the pub toilet to freshen up before his meeting. He was standing at one of the urinals doing what one does when he heard a sigh coming from one of the stalls. Theo recognised this sigh and wondered if there was a spy-hole here, not the kind of place he would have expected to find one. He zipped himself up and wandered over for a look. There were four stalls, two of which were occupied. He glanced into one of the vacant cubicles but saw no signs of a hole in the wall that adjoined the next stall. He looked into the other vacant one and again, nothing. He decided to wait for one of the engaged stalls to become free and this didn’t take long. Once he’d heard that person leave the rest-room, he slipped quietly out of one cubicle into the one which had just become vacant.

Wow! It wasn’t just a spy-hole, this was a fucking glory-hole, easily big enough to fit a good sized erect cock through. Yes, he’d done a bit of ‘research’ online since he’d discovered spy-holes and found that gay and straight glory-holes really did exist. So far, he’d only looked, but he’d fantasized about wanking a cock through a glory-hole despite never having found one yet. Now he had. He sat down and looked through the hole and sure enough, he saw a guy stroking his hard cock. Then he saw the guy stand up and move closer to the hole. Theo was transfixed but also aware he didn’t have long before his appointment. He decided to curtail this visit and quickly left the stall. He knew the guy would be disappointed, so as he left the rest-room, he heard himself say “Sorry man, gotta go, but I’ll be back in two hours if you’re still around.”

Theo couldn’t believe he’d just made a date with an anonymous guy for a glory-hole wank. Would he be able to go through with it? He didn’t know, but despite these thoughts filling his head, he made his appointment on time. It took just over an hour and a half, like he thought it would. When he got back to his car and wrote up his contact report, he had ten minutes to decide whether or not to return to the pub. He drove off in that direction and as he approached the pub, he felt himself turn into the car park, like he was on auto-pilot. He also had a bulge in his trousers.

How was this going to play out, he thought to himself? Only one way to find out! Theo got out of his car and locked it. The entrance to the toilets was just inside the main door of the pub so he could slip in unnoticed, without having to walk through the bar. With his erection throbbing in his pants, Theo walked in to the toilet, saw that only one stall was occupied – one of the two that shared the glory-hole. Was it the same guy in there, he wondered? He entered the stall and locked the door behind him. He dropped his pants and shorts and his hard cock sprung out. He sat on the toilet, stroking himself, knowing he was in full view of the guy in the next stall. He lowered his head to look through the hole and got the shock of his life! He was expecting to see a guy jerking off. What he saw was a cute, sexy girl’s ass, her hands between her legs frigging her pussy hard. He looked closer to check she wasn’t in there with a guy, but he could see nobody else. The hole was big enough so he could see clearly into the cubicle and now he had a perfect view of the girl fingering her pussy, her bright-red painted nails, even her wedding ring! She must know he was in there watching, she was obviously putting on a show for Theo and his cock got even harder. He saw the girl turn around so now she was facing him. She was still rubbing her clit as she approached the hole. Theo took a step back and started to jerk himself slowly, showing off his hard cock, hoping the girl liked what she saw. When he heard a whispered “Oh fuck, yes!” he knew he’d struck gold. He saw a finger appear through the hole and tap the edge. From what he’d read, he understood that to be a sign that the other person wanted him to push his cock through the hole. Nervously, Theo edged closer to the hole and heard “Mmmmm.”

His head was spinning as he guided his cock through the hole and immediately felt a hand wrap around it, squeezing quite firmly and stroking it slowly. This was so incredibly horny, Theo felt he was going to erupt within seconds, but he held himself together and relaxed, enjoying the feel of this naughty girl’s hand stroking him. He was disappointed when she stopped jerking him for a moment, then elated when he felt her warm, moist lips wrap around his glans. The mouth moved forward to take as much of his cock into it as its owner could manage. The hole was big enough so Theo could see the lipstick covered lips wrapped around his thick shaft. He started to moan as his orgasm started to well up in his loins. The lips pulled away and he heard a voice whisper “Not yet, I want to feel your fingers in me.” Oh my God, yes please, thought Theo! He looked through the hole and saw the girl spin on her heels so her ass was pushed against the partition, her pussy lips right there for him to play with. He’d caught a glimpse of her face as she’d turned around and was pleased to see she was a pretty girl, he guessed around 30 years old. The ring had given away the fact that she was married, but Theo didn’t care about that. He wasn’t about to propose to her, after all.

He gently traced his finger around the outline of the girl’s labia. She shuddered as he touched her for the first time and sighed contentedly as he eased a finger into her wet pussy while massaging her clit with his thumb. She was so wet and so hot, Theo wondered why her husband wasn’t fucking her 24/7, but surmised that she just loved the thrill of sucking off and being fingered by an anonymous stranger. He could hear her breathing quicken and he eased a second finger into the dripping hot pussy that was being pushed back hard against his fingers with every thrust. Theo was jerking himself as he frigged the girl and had started to wonder how this would end. As the thought entered his mind, he saw a condom appear from under the stall. The girl had pushed it through and it was obvious what she wanted Theo to do. He pulled his fingers out of her, gave them a little lick, then he ripped the condom packet open. He’d never put a condom on so quickly in his life, and he was already pushing himself up against the partition, wondering how many people had done this here before.

His hard cock penetrated the girl’s pussy easily and she let out another sigh as he thrust in as deeply as the partition would allow. It was a strange experience fucking this hot girl blind and with no visual or sensory stimulation. He wanted to feel her breasts, caress her hips; he wanted to watch his cock slide in between her ass cheeks, to see her enjoying his cock, but his face was pressed up against the partition and his hands were useless. Even without the imagined stimulation, it was still incredibly hot and Theo felt the cum welling up in his balls. He reckoned he had a few thrusts left before he popped and couldn’t control himself from moaning loudly. “Oh my God!” he heard the girl half-shout and he felt her stop bucking in time with his thrusts, pushing her ass hard against the partition as she let out a yelp with the power of her orgasm. Theo felt her vaginal muscles throbbing as they contracted around his cock and that was enough. He let out a low groan as he came hard, filling the condom with what seemed like a never-ending series of spasms, spurt after spurt of cum shooting out of his throbbing cock, the most satisfying orgasm he’d had since he’d met Tina!

“Fuck, that was hot!” he heard the girl whisper and before he knew it, he heard her stall door open and shut and quick footsteps as she left the men’s room. Theo cleaned himself up, wrapped the condom in toilet paper and flushed it away. He left the stall and washed his hands, dried them, straightened his tie and left the rest room with a huge grin on his face. He was about to go back to the car when he realised how thirsty he was, so he went into the bar to grab a Coke or something before he set off for home. He was wondering how the girl had known there was a glory-hole in the men’s room. A figure caught his eye scurrying towards the bar. It was the girl from the stall! She was carrying a mop and bucket and as she disappeared behind the bar, he realised she must be a cleaner. That answers the question of how she had known there was a glory-hole in the men’s room and how she was able to go in without anyone raising eyebrows if she was seen, thought Theo.

He approached the bar and ordered a Coke with ice from the barman. Photos of the bar’s sports teams were displayed behind the bar. Darts, pool, even the football team, all of which were being presented with a trophy by a pretty blonde lady. Wow! Not just any pretty blonde lady! It was the girl he’d just fucked through a partition wall! She obviously wasn’t a cleaner. She was only the fucking landlady of the pub. Theo laughed to himself as he thought “fucking landlady”. That was a literal description, he realised as he said it to himself. Theo sipped his Coke and couldn’t help but smile. He wondered how many times the sexy landlady had been fucked in the men’s room of her own pub? Just as he was about to leave, hoping he’d have to visit this new client again sooner rather than later, he heard the barman call “Maddie! Watch the bar for a moment while I go down the cellar please?” A few seconds later, a pretty face appeared around the private door behind the bar and Maddie, the landlady, said “Sure Mike. Bring some tonics up with you when you come.” Mike nodded and went off to the cellar.

Maddie looked radiant. Her hair and make-up were flawless and Theo looked down at her hands to check the red nail polish. Yep, it was definitely her, same red nails and the same wedding ring and even though he’d only caught a glimpse of her face when they were in the stalls, there was no doubt about it. “I haven’t seen you in before?” she said enquiringly to Theo. He looked Maddie in the eye and said “No, first time today. But I’m thinking of becoming a regular. It will always be around this time of day. It’s so good to find a pub with such a welcoming landlady!” Theo winked as he said this and turned to leave the bar.

He didn’t see Maddie blush bright red as the penny dropped. Christ, she loved having sex with anonymous strangers!