Like A Phantasm She Appears

Info LorenzoAbajos
26 May. '16

My sweet one flitting in and out
Never knowing when she will appear
When and if she will be here
As if a butterfly floating free
And her beauty draws me in
To learn more and feel again
All that we have felt before
When we played as lovers
Our game of lust and joy
Wondering if we could meet
Could we ever come together
And do what must be done.

She has been astray for so long
Like a free bird flying free
Leaving no trace of her passing
But one can feel the air
And smell the perfumed mist
Of her soft and honeyed breath
As she whispers in my ear
Teasing words of want and need
That may or may not be met
Once again as many times before
When my loving sent her high
Over the rainbow of her wants.

It once was, could it be again
The way she sat in my lap 
And I slid my hardness into
Softness and moistness
That she offered only to me
I received it with reverence
And thrust into the heaven
Of her inner sanctum of love
Just for me and me alone
And I gave to her all I had
I gave my spurts of milk
Of life just one more time.

But no more I fear indeed
For she darts about my head
And never lands upon me
To receive the love that once
She begged and prayed for
Which I gave so freely
As she stroked me harder
For her tasting to begin
Again up and down the shaft
She praised and she played
With hands as soft as velvet
Bringing forth my liquids.

Little floating feather of lust
You may go as you please
You are free to be free
And find your passions
Among the throngs awaiting
Your pleasure my maiden
Of desires unrequited still
For I feel we are not yet done
And that your loss will be real
If you leave me here alone
For your womanly needs
I could more than fulfill.




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