The Escort's Taxi Ride - Part 6 (The End - for now)



This isn’t going great, and that might as well be the understatement of the century. Okay, I didn’t exactly think that Jim would let us go, or be satisfied by my proposal, no. I rejected Suzanne’s offer, the one that originated from him, and no one rejects him. In Jim’s world, bullets fly first, questions are asked later. Still, he hasn’t killed us yet, which means there is something he wants from us. I just have to figure out what that is, or at least keep stalling until my guys get here.

Which should have been ages ago.

I push the dread back deep inside from where it came, concentrating on the breathing techniques I learned many years ago. Having switched from being a taxi driver to an undercover cop does have its advantages, but what good does it do if I can’t save the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with?

“Is that it? You want to have fun? In what way?”

I cringe as the words come out, only hoping he doesn’t notice my discomfort. Part of me knew he was a sick bastard, but seeing him this close up is a whole new story. His laughter makes my skin crawl, but it never reaches his eyes, no. They are fixated on me, their cold glint chilling my blood. His voice is calm, almost friendly when he replies.

“It’s simple, really. You stole something from me five years ago, and now I’m taking it back.”

His gaze flicks to Suzanne, and I silently thank God, because I can steal a glance this way, too, without being discovered. Her beautiful angelic face is ashen, her hair dishevelled, and her cheeks flushed – part from our lovemaking, part from fear, I’m sure. Tears are running down her cheeks, and right now I would give anything if I could just walk over to her and wipe them away. I would give anything to reassure her it’s all going to be okay. I would give all I have, just to keep her safe.

I watch him watching her, and then it hits me. The almost tender way Jim looks at her. The softness of his hard eyes when they roam her body. The hunger in them when they skim her exposed breasts. Under normal circumstances, what I’m about to do would make me want to vomit, but my sudden idea might just be the only thing to save our lives. I will figure out a way to stop it from happening. I won’t hesitate this time, she has my unspoken word. I just hope she will forgive me. But you know what? If she doesn’t, it’s fair enough, too. At least she will be alive.

“By all means, please do.”

My voice’s calm tone betrays the nausea and disgust I feel inside, and I instantly regret what I said, because her crystal blue eyes go wide with fear. And what makes it worse is the fact that they look at me. Even if I live to tell her about my motives, I know it will be too late. My heart breaks, but I have to look away. My eyes search Jim’s, and when our gaze connects, my breath hitches. Did I push the right buttons? Or did I simply accelerate our demise? We do the staring contest for way too long, and I fear if I blink, that would be it. It’s like a test of sorts. He has to think that I’m serious. And, because his fingers tighten around the trigger, I continue sugar-coating the offer to make it more believable.

“Look, I’m not saying I don’t want her, I do. But I’m not the kind of guy who minds sharing. I fell in love with an escort, for god’s sake.”

I force a laugh, and luckily, it sounds more natural than what I could muster for a long time. I curse myself for forgetting all my training, especially the most important rule: always take a step back and look at the situation as an outsider. This is crucial for survival. Yeah, there is just one problem with that: I know I’m not going to survive this, so screw all the rules. They aren’t helping me anyway. Not this time.

Jim looks at me with raised eyebrows, but then slowly, but surely, something changes in his features. There is a glint of hope in his eyes. I guess he does love her in his own fucked-up way. I guess it wasn’t only his pride as her pimp that I ruined, nor was it my rejection. It was her rejection that hurt him most. Because she chose me, not him. I wait patiently (well, with as much patience as I can gather, considering), but he doesn’t move, nor does he speak for a long time. The sound of Suzanne’s cries echoes in my fake classroom, and the embarrassment and shame starts to creep in. Have I made the right choice? Will I get a chance to stop him before he lays a hand on her? His voice confirms my inner fears, and my heart sinks instantly.

“Let’s see how serious you are about all this, shall we?”

I nod, unable to move a muscle. There is a knot in my stomach, and it takes all my strength not to jump at him and try to snitch his gun. I have to remind myself this is the only way. I just hope I’m right. He takes a step towards me, and I can smell rotten eggs on his stale breath. Funny enough, it doesn’t make me gag. God knows I’m only keeping it together for Suzanne. As soon as she is in safety, the world will come crashing down once and for all. Which might be a blissful release, as long as I take Jim with me.

“I will allow you to watch this time. Who knows, if you behave in a way that pleases me, you might even live. Both of you. Hell, you might even join our family, but let’s not get too carried away yet.”

Then, turning his attention to his puppet:

“Roy, tie him to a chair.”

The gorilla nods, and panic floods my system. What now? But then the unimaginable happens: the familiar sound clicks, and Roy’s gun lands safely in his pocket, un-cocked. Could I be so lucky? He approaches me, and I let him tie me to a school chair.

 Let the real show begin.






I know what Mario is doing, or at least I think I do. And yet, when he says those  awful words, the indifferent look in his gorgeous eyes makes me feel queasy. I know a lot of time has passed, and I only fucked the guy a couple of times, so I can’t exactly claim to know him, and still, I was hoping this would go in a different direction. I am also painfully aware of the barrel of the gun we are both looking down, even if not literally right now. And part of me wants to believe that he is just trying to protect me from it all.

But is this the only way? Does he really have to shove me into the lion’s den? Or in this case, arms? A shudder runs through me at the way Jim looks me up and down. There is carnal desire in his eyes, something I haven’t noticed before – or maybe I was just ignoring it for as long as I could, hoping I imagined it. Nope, I’m out of luck this time. There is no doubt about the direction his thoughts have taken at Mario’s suggestion. Trying to put on the too-well-practiced act I clear my throat, purring seductively, even though my stomach is threatening to get rid of my lunch at the thought of sleeping with my boss.

“I’m game if you are, sugar.”

Mario cringes, and I blush, realizing he probably didn’t know that was an inside term. For some reason, I feel defensive all of a sudden. It isn’t my fault he didn’t have sex with another escort before me. Nor is it my fault that he said no all those years ago. No. And now, after so much suffering, it’s my ass on the line because of his selfishness once again. Quite literally this time. The room is spinning now, and if I wasn’t still on the desk, I’m afraid I would lose my footing.

“Are you now? Why?”

Jim’s voice is deceptively sweet, but I’m no fool. I know he is toying with us. He might want to fuck me, but I can’t let my guard down. Knowing him too well, this doesn’t mean he wouldn’t end this game right here and right now if he sensed I was lying. The problem is, he knows I’m lying, because I never showed any interest in him. Ever. I sigh, rolling my eyes. My usual tactic isn’t going to work this time.

“Look, I’m not a fond of this idea, okay? But if that’s what it takes for you to let us go, I will do it.”

He narrows his eyes at me, and I fold my arms in front of my naked breasts in defiance. He can do whatever he wants, but he isn’t going to take my dignity away. God knows, if I didn’t have the option to reject a client who wanted something way out of my pay range, I would have lost my sanity by now. But this isn’t one of those times. I know as well as him that it isn’t me who’s calling the shots. I cringe at the unintentional pun. After a lifetime he simply nods, moving closer. I involuntarily tense up when he reaches out a meaty finger, but his gentle caress on my left cheek takes me by surprise.

“Is he worth so much to you?”

Now, how do I reply to that? Jim continues caressing my skin, his finger circling my collarbone. His voice is nonchalant, but his eyes aren’t even trying to hide the storm that’s raging inside. But I can’t lie this time, I know that much. A sob escapes me, and just as easily I’m out of character. Screw all those years of training, all the acting classes. This shit is real and scary and..


I mumble, unable to look into Jim’s eyes. But what’s even worse is the fact that I’m even more afraid to look at Mario. Does he already know how I feel? Will it scare him? I have given up on the picket fence the moment Jim pointed his gun at me, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want it just as bad as I did all those years ago. Even if I refused to admit it to myself. The violent blow to my left cheek comes as a surprise, and the aftershock of the ripple of pain coursing through my body robs me of breath. Jim’s laughter fills my ears, while I’m struggling to fill my lungs with precious air.

“Tell me that you love him. Tell me, so I can see the look on his face while I fuck you senseless.”

Another sob escapes me, the release of all the pent up anger, humiliation, devastation and hopelessness I have felt deep down for all these years. Yep, being an escort is fun and sexy, until it becomes something sinister instead. Not sure when the shift happened. Maybe when Jim realized I wasn’t fully his. He could sell my body, and I was fine with that. It was easy money, if I’m honest. I could do what I was best at.

And after all the rejection by both employers and men alike, it was a relief that someone wanted me. That all those men wanted me. Or at least a precious part of me. But now, laying back on this stupid desk, I wish I took an ordinary job all those years ago. Even scrubbing toilet seats seems to have been a better choice than this. But who could have thought?

Yeah, I should have had more common sense. But I was naïve and reckless. Another fist connects with my jaw, and I hear the popping sound rather then feel the pain. I’ve gone numb, which might as well be a good thing. Jim grabs my face, forcing me to look at him. I can feel something warm trickle down my chin, and the coppery scent fills my nostrils.

“Tell him how much you love him, or I will have Roy shoot your boyfriend while you watch.”

He hisses the last words inches away from my face, and I can’t stop shaking. To emphasize his words, he nods at Roy, who in turn points his gun at Mario’s temple. I want to close my eyes, I want to scream, but neither happens. I feel like I’m watching a movie scene, one where I’m rooting for the main characters, silently cursing at their life choices, and yet unable to do anything but wait for the outcome, biting my nails in agony.

“I will count till three.”

Jim’s voice reaches me through the fog, but it’s a million years away.


My vision blurs, but the shaking stops. I’m staring into space, unable to make out the three figures in front of me.


My lips feel like parchment paper, but licking them takes all my strength.


“I love you.”

Was it me talking? Or am I hallucinating now? The movie scene finally stops playing, and I close my eyes, waiting for the inevitable shot. Jim’s harsh voice adds to my pain, probably prolonging my suffering before he kills us both.

“What was that? Roy, did you hear what she said?”

I assume Roy shakes his head, because Jim’s voice reverberates through the room, filling me with dread. Why can’t this be over already?

“Be a good girl, and stop mumbling, would you?”

I force my eyes open. I have to look at Mario if I’m going to do this. He has to know I mean the words, especially if this is the last chance I get to tell him. This new sense of purpose is all I have, it’s all I want to feel. I turn slightly, ignoring the huffing noise Jim makes at the movement. Then, locking my eyes into Mario’s, I say as loudly and as confidently as I can. Just the way I mean it.

“Mario, I love you.”

And, because Jim doesn’t react immediately, I add, letting another sob escape:

“I always have.”

Mario’s eyes flutter closed, and I sigh. To my utter shock and surprise, Jim reaches out to grab my chin, forcing me to face him. Then he kisses me, forcing my lips open with his tongue to invade my mouth. I can tell he is more aroused than ever, having interrupted our intimate moment this way. I hear what I assume to be Roy slapping Mario. And, although I can’t see them this time, I’m pretty sure it was to force him to watch. Just as Jim promised.

Jim’s filthy hands roam my body, and I feel sick. He draws blood when he bites down on my lower lip, his hands tearing at the bodice of my dirty maid costume. This is the first time I wish I went for something less revealing. This is the first time I ever felt humiliated by being an escort, at the complete mercy of my boss. But nothing could compare to the humiliation I feel because I feel Mario’s eyes on me. Is there a way back from this? All I know is that I have to find my courage to act once more if I want us to survive this.






I clench and unclench my fists in agony. Nope, it isn’t helping. Counting to ten doesn’t work, either. Every fibre of my body and soul wants to rip the asshole apart who’s touching my girl. Yes, Suzanne might be an escort, but she belongs to me, she always has. Her words confirmed our connection, and part of me is furious at Jim that he forced this intimate confession out of her this way.

Because this isn’t how I planned it. I thought it was going to be me ravishing her body after such a revelation, bringing us both to unknown heights. And yet here I am, watching as Jim has his way with her, and there is nothing more I can do. Every time I give as much as a slight indication of my desire to jump at the boss, his loyal hound hits me with the barrel of his gun. If I could only grab hold of it next time…

Closing my eyes, I try to calm my nerves, bringing my training to focus. The room slowly starts to fade, all sounds cease to exist, and I feel the power course through my veins; a rush of adrenaline. I snap my lids open, ready for battle, just as I hear Suzanne moan. The sound makes me shiver, and I’m tempted to close my eyes again.

“Don’t you want me to dance for you?”

I look at them, and for the first time, it’s as if I was an outsider, as if none of this mattered. It’s strange, but I feel nothing but indifference right now. I know she is acting, and I have accepted that this is all it is. Good, I need to hold on to that feeling for a bit longer. Jim’s laboured breathing isn’t lost on me though. No, he clearly doesn’t care anymore whether her interest is genuine or not. He looks her up and down with lustful eyes, and she nods, a genuine-looking glint in her eyes. God, she could have fooled me.

Focus, or you won’t be able to do what you must.

“Look, sugar, I did the same for Mario. But you probably knew that already anyway. Did you watch me undress for him?”

She runs a finger along his jaw, and, lifting his chin up she steals a slow, sensual kiss. Her sarcastic pet name got lost on him, but I sigh in relief. As a mantra, I keep repeating in my mind that this is just an act, just an act… Jim moans into Suzanne’s mouth, moving his hand back to her bare breast. My Adam’s apple bobs, her eyes flash with anger, and Roy snickers in the background, but the woman I adore manages to smack the unwanted hand away, almost playfully. God, I love her even more for this.

“Nah-ah, no touching.”

Jim is left with a stupid look on his face, staring at her with huge, puppy eyes. If the circumstances were different, I would probably feel sorry for the guy. But they aren’t, and all I feel is rage. It’s simmering underneath the surface, thanks to my training and my ability to control it. As soon as it’s time though, well, even God won’t be able to help him then.

Suzanne gets up from her predisposed position, seductively sliding down the side of the desk, until she is standing flash against Jim’s chest. She steadies herself by placing a hand on his shoulders, gently caressing the spot between his shoulder blades, while plastering a sultry look on her face. I hear Jim’s gulp as she turns her back on him, slowly, deliberately climbing back onto the desk, on all fours this time.

Despite everything, for a brief moment, I let her arousal reach me, turn me on. She might be performing for Jim, but I know the show is for me. I wonder how many times did she imagine it was me watching her? I know how much I wished every single time it was my hands touching her, it was my…

Focus. If you survive this, she won’t have to pretend anymore.

I shake my head sadly, because I must stay on course. It could be any minute now. She stands up on top of the desk, with her back towards Jim. Is it because she can’t look him in the eye? I wonder. Maybe she just wants to create an escape route, should things go south.

That’s my girl.

When she starts gyrating her hips, I almost forget the mission again, but when Jim reaches up to sink his fingers into the skin of her ass cheeks, my anger flares up once more, and I let it through this time.

It’s time.

Pulling on my restraints, I lean forward, not leaving Roy in any doubt about my intentions. Thankfully the gorilla doesn’t notice that I got out of mentioned ties almost as soon as he did them up. Turns out he doesn’t have as much training as I do, which is very lucky for me. Nor is he the sharpest tool in the shed, which is an added bonus. All he is good at is following orders, but when it comes to improvisation…

Seeing my attempt at attacking his boss, Roy swings his gun towards my temple. Just what I wanted. With a swift motion, I reach up, grabbing hold of the barrel, yanking it out of his hold, taking him by surprise. In no time flat, the tides are turned, and I don’t hesitate. Roy jumps at me, but I swiftly sidestep, and he crashes onto the chair. A million pieces shatter to the floor, and he collapses on top of them.

Okay, that was easy. And I didn’t even touch the guy.

I don’t have time to revel in my short-lived victory though, because Jim catches onto what’s happening, his dull puppy-eyes directed at me this time. He grabs Suzanne’s ankle with his right hand and yanks. My heart skips to my throat as I watch Suzanne fall flat on her stomach on the desk, then everything happens in slow motion and at the same time. Me cocking my gun at Jim; him returning the favour.  Two shots fired, one from each gun. Suzanne rolling onto her back, kicking Jim in the jaw, sending him tumbling to the side. The door bursting open. Shouts, people rushing in.

I hear two simultaneous shrieks, one from Jim, and the other one from behind me. Something heavy drops on the floor, and it’s a mirror effect: I watch as Jim crouches down, clutching a bleeding ear. Behind me, Roy takes his last breath. Suzanne’s kick sent both bullets on a different path, that’s what saved both Jim’s and my life, and that was also what cost Roy his. I glance at Suzanne, mouthing “it’s over”, letting the first tear roll down my cheek. Fuck being strong, I’ve done that for way too long. Now it’s time to show the woman I love just how much she means to me.






Once I read somewhere that you never really get over trauma, you just learn how to deal with the aftereffects on a daily basis. Some days might be bad, while others could be worse. On days that the memory haunts your soul, you won’t even want to breath, let alone get out of bed and be productive. On days like that, mere existence could be your worst nightmare. The same article also said that some people even start acting as if everything was okay, as if nothing happened to them. Well, the article was wrong about one thing: I’m done acting.

Glancing at my husband, I note the way his nostrils flare when he takes a deep breath. I watch his muscular chest rise and fall. He suddenly flinches, and I know he is having the same nightmare again. Snuggling closer I start caressing his shoulder-length brown hair, until his movements cease to be so erratic. He has done the same for me many times during the past year, just as I have done the same for him, and would do it as many times as it takes.

I know neither of us will ever forget the way Roy’s eyes stared into nothingness. Nor will we ever get rid of the pain of the cuts and bruises we suffered, even though the wounds have healed a long time ago. I will never be able to wash away the stain Jim’s hands left on my skin, or the foul taste of his lips on mine. But then again, I will also never forget the way Mario saved my life, just as he will never forget the way I saved his – and we continue to save each other every single day for as long as we live. I have never been so certain about anything in my entire life.

It is true, you never get past a trauma, especially not one we both went through. But the fact that we went through it together changes everything. It might not erase or even soften the memory, but it gives a tiny amount of comfort knowing that we don’t have to go through it alone. And, even more importantly: when it’s just the two of us, we never have to pretend. He stirs awake to my touch, and I note proudly that something else stirs awake, too.

“Good morning, sugar.”

He chuckles at my endearment, heat rising in his eyes as he looks me up and down. I stay corrected. We do pretend from time to time, but only when it comes to pleasure. Well, I don’t mean that we fake our orgasms though, because they are very real. And God, they are the best I ever had. Somehow, in that department, all the terror we faced benefited us. Mario brushes a finger along my jaw, tracing a line all the way down to my cleavage, and I roll my eyes at him, making him laugh even more.

“Good morning, wifey. Or shall I say: Mistress Suzanne?”

A genuine smile spreads on my lips, and his gentle teasing is already leaving me breathless. Yet, he barely touched me. I’m not going to lie, peaceful moments like this aren’t without an inner turmoil. Every single time I wonder what would have happened if he didn’t trick Roy the moment he did. Or if I didn’t act quickly enough, kicking Jim in the jaw. Or if Mario’s team didn’t burst through the door at that exact moment, taking care of the situation once and for all. I also wonder what happens when Jim gets out of jail, although he got a lifelong sentence. He will get out, I have no doubt about that. He always had his connections.

“You are thinking of him, aren’t you?”

I cringe at my husband’s voice, although there is no accusation in it, just genuine concern. I nod, because, as I said, when it comes to us, there is no need to pretend. He lets out a sigh, pulling me in for a tight embrace. I close my eyes, finally feeling safe. Inhaling his scent does that to me. I feel home. You see, I did get my white picket fence, after all.

“You know I won’t let him hurt you anymore, right?”

His sweet lips brush mine in an attempt to calm my nerves, and the threat is soon pushed to the back of my mind. Jim will always be there in the shadows, but that’s where I intend to leave him. Mario is right, he can’t hurt us anymore. Although he isn’t right about one thing…

“Who said I need saving?”

I look up at him with a challenge in my eyes, hoping to have the desired effect, and I’m not disappointed. He laughs whole-heartedly, melting my insides in an instant. A smile spreads across my lips as I realize something crucial. I might even tell my husband one day, but for now, I will relish in the feeling this certainty gives me. I’m glad I gave in to temptation all those years ago. Even after all this, I’m glad, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have met this amazing person I’m sharing my everything with.

“You are right, wifey. As always.”

He kisses my forehead, but soon his lips travel down south, grazing my ears, my throat, my left shoulder, to finally settle on my exposed left nipple. I sigh in anticipation as he tugs at the erect nub with his teeth, making me tremble in his arms. I know I should protest, because we both have to go to work, but I wore the mistress outfit for a reason. I clear my throat, only to lose my train of throat when his palm cups my right breast, massaging gently but firmly. With a smacking sound his lips disconnect from my nipple, and it hardens even further in the cool morning breeze.

I close my eyes when he kisses me passionately, leaving no doubt in my mind that he already forgot about our mission for today. Remember when I asked him to join me at work and he rejected the offer? Well, I wasn’t that stupid when he asked me the same.

For the past year, we have been training together, preparing for Jim’s escape, preventing many other crimes in the process. Before I joined the force, his sole mission was to save me. Now we have a new purpose, one that’s bigger than either one of us. When our lips part, I look into his gorgeous green eyes, the ones that changed my fate for ever. I finally found a place where nobody judges me, where they know my past, and respect me for it. They see me for who I really am: someone who can survive and overcome everything.

And on that note, I push Mario down into the mattress, glancing at the clock hastily. We have half an hour before we have to get going. And I intend to make use of every precious minute. 

It feels so good to finally be living.