A loving adventure. Chapter 1


This is story depicts interracial sex. Racism sucks however, I’m a white guy, born and raised into a white society, I try my best not to offensive but you read my story and feel otherwise please contact me and I will gladly edit. I’m trying everyday to be a better person, a better parent and husband on an interracial relationship.


This story is not a simple erotic tale. It’s a story about love and companionship. It’s about how having my wife as my best friend led to a exciting sex adventure which made our marriage even stronger. However, I should ask you to read this as a fiction. Although based on real events, not everything on the story is true. Where the reality ends and the fiction starts I would leave up to you to imagine. So please read this slowly, delight on the details, tensions and emotions of this 3 chapter romantic novel. Enjoy.


Chapter 1: The trigger


I will start this story in New York, a few years ago, when our daughter was only 6 months old. We were taking her on a swimming classes for babies. As you can imagine, you can’t teach a 6 months old how to swim, so the class consisted in one parent staying in the water playing with the kid while the other stayed outside taking pictures. We took turns so one day I would be on the water and the following day would be my wife’s turn. It was fun though. The group was very diverse. We are a interracial couple (I’m white and she is asian), there were other asians parents, there was a gay couple with their kid and few black parents. We really liked this aspect of it as we wanted our kid to be raised without any prejudice towards different colors, gender or sex orientation.

So one day after the class, after our baby had a fun interaction with a black kid, me and my wife were talking about how stupid racism is and how pure kids are. And how we learn how to be assholes with each other as we grow up.

I don’t remember how the conversation led to this but at one point my wife said:
– And please don’t be mad at me, but I also think black man are really hot!
– Whoa! – I said – Where this came from and how is this relevant to the topic?

She blushed.

In fact, I knew exactly where that came from. That day my wife was on the water and so was the parent of the black kid my daughter was playing with. After the first few classes the guy started to wear a t-shirt to get in the water because he was distracting all the moms, the gay couple and the class instructor with his perfect 6 pack.

– Isn’t that objectification? – I asked.

– Said the guy that dated 2 asian girls before me. – She inquired.

That was true I did have a thing for asian girls.I remained silent and the conversation died. But it wasn’t the first time that she had mentioned she had a think for black guys. She said something once when we were still dating. But this time she was really explicit. I was bitten with jealousy. Specially because I noticed that the guy was also looking at my wifes butt that very same day.

She was 33 years old at the time and it was very attractive, She had decent size and firm breast but it was her butt that was a thing of beauty. Big and incredibly round. She was proud of it and protected it with a decent amount of workout.

I know that she had a very active sex life before meeting me and I always wondered if she ever had a black lover. And what the hell she found attractive on me, a white skinny dude, if that was her thing? She wasn’t very open about her past. All that she always said was that she had disastrous relationships and she was glad she found me. I did not doubted that for a moment. I knew she loved me. Our marriage was awesome, we had a very good relationship and we were very happy as brand new parent.


A few years passed and as our child was growing up, we decided we needed more space and more nature in our lives. I didn’t like the idea of living in NY ‘burbs or Jersey. The long commute would kill me. So I left my full time job as a Copywriter to become a freelancer and moved to a small town up on the coast. My wife, as an artist was already working from home anyways. Now she could even have a bigger studio.

The problem with that is that we moved even further away from our parents. And since we were both home all the time we didn’t put the baby on a day care either. Public schools would only start at the age of 4 which would not happen until next year. For that reason, our sex life was basically quiet quickies during naptime. We were really in need for a weekend for ourselves.

Aiko, my wife, decided to call her mom and asked her to come and stay with our little one as we rented a small cabin in the woods. We would be staying within reach in case anything happened But isolated enough to enjoy each other.

The plan was to lock ourselves in the cabin for at least 48 hours and catch up on our sexual life. For that we ended up buying a few sex toys on Amazon. We got a vibrator, some cuffs and blindfolds and she even allowed me to buy a buttplug to use on her. Those with a fake diamond on it. She wasn’t really a fan of anal play but I always wanted to see that beautiful butt wearing one. We also got some weed and edibles. Something that we haven’t done ever since we had the child. And we always loved high sex.

Off we went, on a beautiful friday morning. It was early spring and the weather was great. It was pleasant during the day and cold enough to lit the fire place at dawn. The cabin sited next to a lake, and although we weren’t planning on living the place a lot, we could have a view during sex.

At night we were sipping wine by the fireplace, there was a very comfy couch there but we were sitting on the floor. She was wearing nothing but a wool sweater. I had just rescued my boxer from somewhere in the house and we were talking and snuggling under a blanket, watching the fire, waiting for the THC candy to kick.

The bag with the sextoys was lying around as we had used a few of them but I was waiting for her to be more loose with the wine and the weed to try inserting the buttplug, pun intended, in the conversation. We were slowly feeling the high, testing the waters I asked:

– Is there anything on your sex bucket list that you haven’t crossed out yet?

She got quiet for a second. I’m not sure if she was trying to remember of something or if she had something specific in mind that she was thinking about telling or not. After a few seconds she replied:

– Sex on the top of the eiffel tower. – And giggled. The candy was already working on her.

– Sooooo sex in public?

– Noooo. I already crossed that one. – And more giggles. She was getting the bait.

For some reason I wasn’t surprised about that one. It almost happened the day we met on a NYE party in Costa Rica.

I was also feeling the THC kicking in. I pushed her towards me so she was kneeling over my lap. We kissed, and we laughed a little between kisses and tickles. Suddenly I remembered about that day after the swimming class.

– Remember the day you said you have a thing for black guys? What about that? Have you crossed that out of your list too?

She blushed and went silent.

– Come on. You can say I won’t get mad.

– No. It didn’t happened yet. - she let it slip.  

– YEEET? What do you mean about that? Do you still think about doing it?

What was happening? Did my wife just said that she still have hopes to have sex with another guy? I was all fired up but weirdly I was also turned on by this.

No – she said Laughing – I didn’t mean that.

She couldn’t stop laughing now and I was in a swirl of emotions, angry, jealous, turned on and on the top of that, very high.

– Look at you. You are so cute when you’re jealous.

Fuck, I wanted to bring anal play into the game and instead I made her say that she would fuck another man. This wasn’t going as I planned. I wanted to change the subject so I said “nevermind” and laughing I kissed her.

We started to make out passionately, I wanted to forget about what I just heard but while I kissed her it was all that I could think about. And worse. My cock was getting hard now.

She wasn’t wearing any undies and as she kissed me, kneeled on my lap, I could feel her getting wet. Was this a thing of my stoned mind or she was thinking about fucking a black guy? I was getting crazy about this. She was kissing me with more intensity than she did during all day. I wasn’t sure if it was because she was high or because she was fantasising about another man.

– What if said it was ok?

I don’t know what led me to say that. But when I realized the words were already out of my mouth.

– What?

– What if I said it was ok for you to fuck another man. Would you do it? – What I was doing? Why I was saying that? Was it really weed that I had?

As she processed what she had just listened her eyes got wide. And I could hear her heart beats very loud. Or maybe it was mine. Her face was frozen. I had never seen her eyes so big.

– Wha-wh-why your saying this? – She stuttered trying to hide her excitement and failing.

– Are you joking right? Wh-why would you say that? – She kept talking faster now. Repeating it over and over as if wanting me to confirm what she just heard.

– I don’t know. I couldn’t stop thinking about what you said and then I got a hard on thinking about you and another man. – I was nervous and didn’t know exactly what to say – I mean, baby I love you and I would hate that you had something that you really wanted to do and you didn’t because of me. And I don’t know, I love when I know that you are feeling pleasured and… and maybe…

I didn’t know how to finish, I was looking down while I was speaking and when I looked back at her she was grinning.

– So you are serious. – She said. All the effort to hide her excitement was all gone.

– Yes. I think so. Of course I would have to consent.

– What if I said that it already happeneda few weeks ago? – As she said that I could feel all the blood on my face vanishing and leaving me with a pale, shocked expression.

– OMG I’M JOKING. - she quickly added, noting my panic – I’m joking. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Please!!! I would never cheat on you. She was concerned but she couldn’t stop laughing –  You should have seen your face!

– Asshole! I was just opening up for you and being serious and you do that... – I was pissed!

– Sorry honey. I hope you didn’t change your mind though.

As she said that I started to get turned on again. I pushed her back towards me, kissed her again. As we started to make out again I felt that she was super wet, I had never seen her like that. I grabbed her butt with both hands and slowly slid my right hand toward her pussy, slowly passing through her butthole.

– You want this so bad, don’t you my little slut? But, I did changed my mind.

She tried to hide a disappointed expression.

– I will never let you go out and have fun with another guy while I stay home with the kid. I want to see it.

Silence. I kissed her one more time. As I did she pushed my hand away from her pussy and reached for my cock and started to ride it slowly.

– Ah yeah? – She moaned in my ears – So you want me to be your personal pornstar? That’s hot.

– Yes and no. – It was getting hard to concentrate on what I was saying. – I want to see you sucking his cock. I want to see you riding him just like your riding me right now. But there is more.

I reached for her pussy once again, there was so much fluid, I could feel my balls all wet. With my finger lubed I started to touch her butthole.

– What? – she moaned impatiently.

–I want to participate. You’ll have to learn how to handle two guys. – And as I said that I slid a wet finger on her asshole.

– YES! – She moaned.

– Yes! – I thought.

She started to ride my cock faster now and she was moaning louder. I reached for the sex toy bag and I fumbled up searching for the buttplug. As I shoved the buttplug up her ass she gave a loud moan.

She had her eyes shutted and she was gaping. I could tell that she was picturing it, fantasizing about fucking two guys at the same time. Fantasizing about having the black cock she always wanted for the first time.

– I love you my little slut.

And as I said that she let a very loud moan out, and another, and another, and another... She was usually a quiet cumer. But not this time. And I was glad that we were on a isolated cabin.

She has stopped moan but she was still riding me slowly.

– Ahhh. That was soooo good. – she said and rested her head on my shoulder.

– Babe, I haven’t finished yet!

– Ah wow. Sorry hon – she laughed – it felt sooo good that I’d forgot about you…

– Humpf. I see. Did you forget about the buttplug up your ass as well? – I said with a smile.
– Oh… – She said immediately putting a hand on her butt. – I thought it was just your finger...

– Ah ah. Don’t touch it. I want see your beautiful butt. Come here.

She laid down on her stomach, her beautiful round butt with a diamond sticking out, pointing to the wooden ceiling. I played with the toy a little bit teasing her, occasionally biting her juicy cheeks.

– Are you taking out or not? – She asked.
– Yes. But I will have to put something else on its place.
– I knew it! Ok. I guess you deserve it. From this day on my ass is yours forever. – She said smiling.
– I’m not sure if it’s a fair trade yet. But I will take it.