Tempting The Beast - Part 2


Jenna woke up in a sudden panic, unsure of where she was, unknown noises surrounded her, smells different, it took her a moment to realise she was in Radley's bed in his apartment, she looked over expecting a Radley to be fast asleep but he was gone, she awoke to an empty bed. She got up and slipped on one of his shirts from the chair in the corner. Jenna explored the apartment, it was a warehouse conversion with one bed and an open plan living room and kitchen. She spied an open window with a fire escape, she popped her head out, nothing. 

"Hey trouble, your awake?" A hushed deep voice came from above. 

"Radley its 5am what are you doing up there?" Jenna found him perched on the roof of the building.  

"Come up, I want to show you something."  

Jenna ran inside and found her thong and slipped it back on. She clambered out the window and a gust of wind caught her and blew the shirt up over her baring her breasts to the world.  

"Haahahaa! So lady like Jenna!"  

"Oh, like your complaining?!"  

"No, not at all, I like the world to see what I get to play with!" Radley smirked. 

Jenna cosied up to Radley in the light breeze of the morning.  

"Ha! Only because I let you play with them, these babies belong to me! I don't just let anyone play with them you know" Jenna smiled back jokingly.  

"You belong to me." Radley's tone turned gruff and deeper, a protective voice.  

Jenna looked out to an incredibly dusky view of London, sunrise was on its way and the world was slowly stirring awake, ready for a busy bustling day of work. It was a strangely peaceful view and calming. 

"I come up here every morning, it helps calm me before the day...I like to watch the world, observe it and those in it...also when I'm Hanging its good for the headache." 

Jenna laughed "Oh he's a sensitive one!"  

"NO! You tell anyone young lady and you will be punished." 

"Is that a promise?" 

Radley looked at her, he lifted Jenna as if she were a feather, and sat her on his lap, her legs spread round his waist. He pulled her thong to one side and slipped his fingers deep, slowly pleasuring her as Jenna bit her lip and moaned lightly at his touch. He had such a way with her body she couldn't fight it. 

She leaned in to kiss him, "You tell anyone I'm sensitive and you will be punished." 

Radley pulled out his fingers and slipped his erect shaft out, Jenna slid herself down him gasping as she felt her hungry entrance eat him up. He growled deeply.  

Jenna looked around worried they would be spotted, but they were on the roof where no windows pointed in their direction, she looked down at Radley who was watching her closely, she gave him a little smirk, knowing that they were doing something terribly naughty. Jenna bounced slowly, riding him and pushing his cock deeper inside her. Leaning her head back and moaning softly Radley's grip tightened on her hips, he spread his legs to widen her, he had full control as he started to thrust harder and faster growling harder and panting as he started to pound her tight pussy. 

Jenna couldn't help but squirt as he fucked her harder and harder. Her hot juices running down them both. She bounced on top of him with hard wet slapping noises, Jenna slipped once again into her trance, he was taking her someplace else. They were once again in a new world of just them two, waves if pleasure hit them both as Jenna smashed down on his thick dick, Radley's wet fingers slipped up her tight little asshole.  

Jenna screamed in shock and pleasure, like fireworks going off she was so sensitive feeling both his cock and fingers sliding in and out her holes.  This world Radley sent her to was where all their surroundings fell away around them, it was a mash of colours and swirls, as if the world had been smeared into a blur and they were the only ones still intact, intertwined on each other.

"Mmmm you’re a dirty little bitch aren't you. I want you to fuck my cock and make me fuck this ass" 

"Ohhh!! Fuck Radley! Yes, yes, yes!!" Jenna rode him as fast and as hard as she could. She felt him stiffen up and tense as he came hard inside her his fingers fucked her ass hard making Jenna scream. 

Her mind exploded. Her body was pulsating, goose bumps rippled through her skin, he wasn't finished with her. He picked her up off of his soaking rod, she felt his warm cum run down her thigh, her pearl entrance was quivering and throbbing for more. Radley turned her around facing her away from him. 

He had let the beast out last night and there was no getting him back in the cage, it scared Radley but he couldn’t control it, it was as if something else had taken his body and demanded that he destroy this beautiful creature that was opening herself up to him. He must have her now.

"I want you to hold on to that railing" Radley demanded in a voice she did not recognise, deep, rough, it was her beast, he was ready for her.  

Jenna did as she was told, her entire body shaking with excitement. He controlled her now. He smacked her ass with one large swoop of his hand imprinting a large hand mark on her. She jerked in pain but it was so exhilarating.  

The beast spread her wobbling cheeks apart. "Now. Slowly sit down." He ordered. 

As she began to sit on his lap she felt it, a throbbing thick piece of meat piercing her tight ass. Breathing hard and panting making little pleasurable noises Jenna's ass took his solid meat inside her. It stretched her out, just as she hit the base of his cock Radley bit into her neck hard as he pressed his fingers on her wet clit.

"OH FUCK!!!" Jenna screamed loudly probably waking everyone around them. Radley sunk his teeth deeper into her fragile neck drawing blood. A flash of bright light in Jenna's head, she was falling down the rabbit hole, shire euphoria overtook her. Radley took her whole body as hard as he could, making her ride him, all she could feel was his ripe cock gliding through her sending fierce shivers through her body, his teeth gripping hold of her, sending painful pleasure into her mind creating explosions that she had never experienced before. 

The beast loved feeling her tight hole around his engorged manhood, as he thrust into her, he felt her body pulsate and shake hard for him. Devouring every bit of her essence, his fingers played with her clit and her hot entrance, that made her body tense, gripping hold of him.

Feeling his fingers rub her clit slowly, Jenna couldn’t help but release herself to him, as he took over her, his body tensed hard, she knew he had filled her up. His body softened, his teeth release her fragile neck leaving deep teeth marks and bruises.  

They sat and caught their breath before Radley got up and headed back down stairs. Jenna couldn't move, she sat looking out into the waking city and let her body calm down, taking in the pure passion she had just taken. Never had she ever had a man take her like that, raw heat, lust and sexual hunger. Her legs were shaking, Jenna could feel his warm juice inside her and oozing out of her buds. She felt, well she didn't know what she felt. A million things at once. 

Once back inside his flat she could hear he was already in the shower, Jenna collected up her clothes and made coffee for both of them. She could see Radley in the bedroom getting ready for the day, water steaming off his body, his back muscular, arms strong and protective, his chest large and bulging, Jenna felt like she was spying on the boys changing room, she couldn't help but stare.  

He disappeared from sight and Jenna continued to pour the coffee. Radley walked into the kitchen fully dressed for work, he looked at her with a mere glance as if she were a stranger on the street.  

"Help yourself to the shower, there's plenty of hot water. And er, feel free to grab something from the fridge before you go." 

Jenna gave a light smile expecting him to kiss her before leaving. He just turned and walked away out the door. Jenna was stunned. Did he just leave?! Is that it? He was so cold to her, so dismissive.  

Jenna felt bruised, not just physically, they had an entire day of heated passion, rough animal sex mixed with incredibly emotional love making. Jenna stared down at the mugs of coffee then knocked them into the sink angrily.  

"You know what, I'll stay here the whole day and.... Christ Jenna you sound like one of those crazy obsessive girls! No get in the shower and go to work. Everything is fine, maybe he was just running late and had to rush out. "Jenna thought to herself.  

Brushing off Radley's cold exit as something to do with work, Jenna ran herself a shower and climbed in. Washing her sensitive body, Jenna started to notice the bruising across her body and she couldn't help but smile to herself, flashbacks from last night popped into her head, as the hot water caressed her body. She closed her eyes and wondered off into the day dream that was Radley. Oh how he had touched her soul!

She was hungry for more. A sinking feeling hit her stomach, remembering quickly how coldly he had said goodbye. She got out the shower and instantly text him. 

"Hey, last night was incredible, I can’t help but feel I have angered you somehow?"  

As she dressed herself she kept looking at her phone waiting for a response. Nothing. Jenna grabbed her handbag and headed for the door. Just as she was about to open it her heart skipped a beat, a text.  

"Not at all. You don't think I had finished with you, do you? Darlin' I'm just beginning." The text read.  

Jenna smiled at herself in delight and headed back to her apartment to change for work.