Sports Massage

Sports Massage

“Ref! That was NEVER offside!” The whistle had blown so there was no use complaining. The free kick turned out to be the last kick of the match and, pissed off by losing 2 – 1, our heads slumped as we returned to the dressing room.

It was only an inter-branch game, but we took it seriously, so much so that the part-time players amongst us were suffering from over exertion. I was one of those part-timers. I’m only 20, but since working full time, I don’t get the chance to play as much as when I was at college so I’m a bit out of condition. Every part of me was aching after my shower and I was looking forward to an early night, not the big dinner that the company had planned for us. They had to present the trophy to the winners, after all and it would be churlish of me not to attend.

We were staying in rather a fancy hotel as the guests of the flagship branch. They loved to challenge, and beat, all the satellite branches, but then dinner was on them and all on-field rivalries disappeared in a haze of alcohol and bonhomie. The bus arrived to take our aching, battered bodies back to the hotel and the talk on the bus was how unlucky we had been, the penalty that never was and THAT offside decision. We had a few hours to kill before dinner so I intended to take a nap. However, when we got into the hotel lobby, I retrieved my key from reception then heard a pretty voice touting for business. “Special today in the spa, sports massages for just twenty pounds. Book at reception; we have some free spots right away.”

I turned to look if the face of the voice was as attractive as the voice itself. It was! A lady in her early thirties, at a guess, wearing a white smock which was tailored to show off her superb figure. I guessed she was a personal trainer as well as a masseuse. She was very pretty and had the sexiest legs I’d seen that day, which considering the knobbly knees and bruised shins I’d been playing with all afternoon wasn’t that difficult! No, she really was a knockout. Despite being exhausted by the game, I was still horny! I thought a massage from a hot lady sounded like an excellent idea, so I went over to her and asked if she could help ease my pain! As chat-up lines go, it’s pretty lame and being an upmarket hotel, I didn’t expect any funny business anyway, but the idea of her hands all over my body was now in my mind. I heard a few chuckles from some of the guys and some suggestive comments, but I ignored them and followed the pretty masseuse to the hotel spa.

“We can bill this to your room if you like. The lockers are through there,” she said, pointing to the men’s changing area, “just wear your shorts and bring this with you when you’re ready.” She handed me a large white towel and said “I’ll be just here. My name is Jane.” I smiled and said “Thanks Jane, I’m Andy. It’s room number two-eleven. See you in a few minutes.” I decided to have another shower before letting this beauty get her hands on me. I’d cooled down now after the match, so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t sweaty. My thighs and glutes were aching like crazy and I was ready for a nice, soothing massage.

I returned from the locker room and Jane was chatting to another masseuse. When she saw me, she broke off her conversation and led me to a semi-private area where there was a big massage table. It was a very comfortable-looking table, thickly padded and had one of those holes you place your face into. I was really looking forward to this. I was wearing just my nice white CK boxers now and Jane took my towel from me and laid it on the table. “You don’t strike me as the shy type,” she said, “so use the towel to lie on. No point in covering your legs, I’m going to work on them.”

I climbed up on to the table and laid face down. I’d never had a proper massage before and I was feeling a little nervous, but also excited. Excited enough that I had a semi hard-on in anticipation of feeling Jane’s hands work on my near-naked body. She started by warming some oil in her hands, then stood at the foot of the table, rubbing one hand up each of my calf muscles. She was quite firm and it felt good, if a little tender.

“So, you’ve been playing football today?” she asked. I muffled my reply “Yes, and it was a real hard game!” Jane chuckled and said “That’s OK, just relax and I’ll massage your aching muscles. Have you had a sports massage before?” It was hard to converse with Jane with my face pushed into the hole of the head rest but I did my best. “No, I’ve never had any kind of massage before, this is my first.” Jane chuckled again, she had a very cute laugh. “Mmm, I love breaking in a massage virgin!” she said, wickedly. She was now pushing her hands up to my thighs and really digging in to my muscles. She even pushed her fingers up into the legs of my boxers and it made me jump. “Andy, try and relax,” said Jane. “I promise it won’t hurt.” It wasn’t pain I was worried about. I loved the feel of her hands on my thighs and I was more concerned that when she asked me to turn over, I’d have a raging boner which would be impossible to hide.

She moved up to my waist and sides, pouring some more oil on to my lower back. She dug her expert fingers into my muscles and I let out an involuntary moan. “Is your lower back tender, darling?” she asked. “Yes,” I replied, “my back, thighs and glutes hurt the most.” Did she just call me darling? I chuckled to myself at that. I was enjoying her ministrations but I also realized that the job couldn’t have been too onerous for her either. I am, after all, a healthy, OK-looking young guy, so I’m sure she was enjoying my body as much as I was enjoying her hands. So, she’d done the back of my thighs and my lower back. As I was wondering if she’d do my glutes, she asked “Would you like me to do your glutes? It’s not for everyone and it means I’d have to drop your shorts otherwise I’ll get oil on your expensive underwear.” I thought about this for around half a millisecond before saying “Oh, yes please, they really need it!”

“OK, no problem,” said Jane. “Can you ease your shorts off please?” Oh God, if I was horny before, I was pushing a hole through the table now. My cock was stiffer than ever and it took a bit of jiggling to get my shorts down around my ankles. It was worth it, though. I felt some hot oil dripping on to my buttocks, then two very firm hands started to knead and squeeze them, just the way I like to do it to a girl, if I ever get the chance! She was pushing her thumbs up my crack then spreading them across my firm butt cheeks, over and over. She was careful not to go too deep into my crack but when she parted my legs slightly to reach my inner thighs, I let out another moan as her fingertips brushed against my testicles. My cock was fully erect now and I got the impression she knew she was driving me wild. She couldn’t see my cock, which was under my tummy, but there would be no hiding it when I flipped over. I was half hoping my erection would subside before I turned, but also half hoping it would stay fully hard and she’d be impressed with my manhood! Like she hadn’t seen a million before, but hey, this was mine and she hadn’t seen this one!

Jane completed the back part of my massage by kneading my shoulder muscles and the tops of my arms. I was fully relaxed in every aspect but one. My erection hadn’t subsided at all when Jane had moved up to my back and shoulders, mainly because I could now smell her perfume and I could see her legs just above her knees as I looked down through the head hole. Now I was nervous about turning over. This wasn’t a ‘massage parlour’, it was an upmarket hotel spa and although I couldn’t be blamed for an involuntary human reaction, I didn’t want to get thrown out of the spa! I decided to grab a handful of the towel as I turned and at least try and be a little discreet.

“Would you like to turn over now, Andy?” asked Jane, very politely. I felt my face flush as I awkwardly span my body around, the towel clutched in my hand and I did my best to hide my boner, which was throbbing harder than it had ever done before. It would take a good few minutes for this beauty to subside even if somebody doused me with ice-cold water. Jane immediately saw my awkwardness and said “Don’t worry, darling, it won’t be anything I haven’t seen bef.. Oh my God! I think you enjoyed that!” I whimpered a pathetic apology, “I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to, you know, I mean I know this isn’t, um. Oh fuck!” Jane giggled as I cursed. She took the towel from me and placed my hands down by my sides. My cock was twitching wildly but she just smiled and said “Not that it doesn’t look good enough to eat, but we’d better cover that up, don’t you think? It’s not very private here and I don’t want to lose my job!” and she draped the towel across my groin and belly.

Wow. Jane had said my cock looked good enough to eat! God, I wanted her mouth around my throbbing penis right now! But she winked at me and got back to work on my legs. I was able to prop my head up with my hands now, so I could watch her hands work on me. She started with my feet, which was actually quite nice, then she worked up to my knees via the sides of my calf muscles. Once past my knees, she concentrated on one thigh at a time, moving her hands higher and higher and letting out little giggles as my throbbing cock twitched. She was enjoying this nearly as much as I was! When she moved around to start on my other thigh, I’m sure one of her smock buttons had opened and I could see she had no top on underneath, just the hint of a white lacy bra and a little cleavage. This did nothing to ease my arousal and I’m certain Jane knew exactly what she was doing.

She finished my thighs and moved on to my waist and tummy. She pulled the towel down a little and my cock twitched hard again. I’ve never had a hands-free orgasm before, but I was getting damn close to having one now! “I need to get to your lower tummy muscles, Andy, if you don’t mind?” I wasn’t sure what she meant, but nodded my agreement. Oh my God! She slid the towel down making my hard cock spring upward. She very gently held my thick cock with one hand, eased it away from my body and started to rub my tummy muscles. I was in heaven but desperately trying not to cum. I was breathing hard and Jane was experienced enough to know exactly what was going through my mind. She released my cock, took a step back and looked around to see if anyone else was around. Luckily for me, there wasn’t. Jane dripped some more oil into her hands, rubbed them together and resumed her previous position, my cock held gently in her right hand and her left hand rubbing my tummy and my pubes.

“Of course, sometimes the body can do strange things when being massaged,” Jane half whispered to me. She then started to move her right hand slowly up and down while snaking the fingers of her left hand around my testicles. Had she just given me permission to cum? Was there any chance I could stop myself anyway? No chance at all! With barely a dozen gentle strokes of my cock, Jane tightened her grip, pulled my foreskin fully back and held her hand still. She had slipped her fingers down to my perineum now and was tickling me down there. How could a poor, defenceless 20 year-old boy resist? Jane had been massaging me for around 45 minutes and my cock had been hard the whole time. With her holding my cock tightly and her fingernails tickling the underside of my balls, I came hard. When I say hard, I mean hard! A first small spurt followed by five huge eruptions shot out of the tip of my penis, covering my belly and chest in sticky white semen. The final three or four spurts were smaller and covered Jane’s hand and dribbled down onto my balls. I had managed to keep the volume of my moans down and this added to the intensity of my orgasm. Jane stroked me gently until no more cum oozed out and giggled. “That was the biggest one I ever saw!” she said, still laughing. I was about to splutter my reply when I saw her move her hand up to her mouth and lick my cum from her fingers. I looked at her open-mouthed as she said “Mmmm, I knew it would taste good!”

I was still breathing heavily, even harder than I had after a 90 minute football match. It took me some time to come down from my massive orgasm as Jane busied herself cleaning up, first her hands, then my body. She gently wiped a warm wet towel over me and said “I expect you’ll want another shower now, help yourself,” and she sat on the edge of the table, smiling. I had just about composed myself enough to splutter some words out. “Jane, that was sensational, I feel a million dollars. But I’m a little concerned,” I said. Jane raised her eyebrows and asked “Oh? What’s wrong?” I grinned and said “How am I going to be able to return the favour? I bet you taste as good as you smell!” Did she blush as I said that? She certainly looked a little flustered and said “Um, there’s really no need, I enjoyed it too.”

“Well,” I replied, “you know my room number if you change your mind,” and slipped off the table. As I passed Jane on the way to the shower, I couldn’t resist giving her a peck on the cheek and I’m sure she blushed again.

I really did feel amazing after I showered and returned to my room. I swear there wasn’t an ache left in my body, just a small ache in my heart! I enjoyed the big dinner and a few drinks afterwards but fatigued after a long day of travel, football and an unexpected massive orgasm, I decided to slip back to my room unnoticed. It was only 11pm and I bet the party downstairs would go on well into the wee small hours of the morning. I would be one of the few of us returning home tomorrow without a hangover.

I lay on my bed, my mind wandering back to the massage table and the eroticism of being brought off by an older woman who had magic hands. As I was drifting off to sleep, I heard a faint tap on the door. I quickly jumped off the bed and threw a robe around me and peered out of the peephole, half expecting to see one of my mates, either locked out of their own room or here to persuade me to re-join the party.

Imagine my surprise and absolute joy to see the beautiful Jane, looking nervous but hot as hell in a tight top and a short skirt…