Best. Shower. Ever.

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23 Apr. '19

I was only just eighteen and this was to be the last family holiday before I went off to University. I was very inexperienced sexually and I admit I was nervous about moving away from home. I’d heard a lot of stories about student debauchery and whilst technically not a virgin, I didn’t know a great deal about sex or men in general. Still, we all have to learn, I guess.

“Janine, can you bring your case and put it next to your brother’s in the stern please?” asked my Dad. Stern? Wow, he was really into the boating terminology already. It was a rather swanky river boat that Mum and Dad had rented for a week messing about on the Thames. “That’s the blunt end, in case you’re not sure,” Dad said, in his usual sarcastic tone. Hmm, this was going to be a long week! We finished loading the boat and Dad fired up the engines. “Want me to be Skipper?” I asked, knowing there was more chance of a blue whale surfacing and offering us a tow, speaking to us in perfect English. “Uh, no, you’re all right,” Dad replied. Mum laughed and my brother Jack, two years my junior, piped up “Dad said I can steer once we get going, so you’ll have to wait your turn.” I winked at Mum, then pretended to sulk as I gave Dad mock encouragement and steering advice. If he was going to be sarcastic with me, I would tease him back.

The holiday was going well and three days in, we’d all loved spending time on the river and mooring up at lovely pubs where we ate and drank late into the evening. The only problem with the boat, which was really nice, was the shower cubicles. There was one at each end of the boat next to the sleeping quarters. The cubicle at the sharp end was no better than the one at the blunt end, both being tiny and offering only the slowest dribble of water. Now I like a good shower in the mornings and before bed, so when I moaned how inadequate they were, I wasn’t surprised that Mum agreed. Dad, however, full of surprises, said “Yeah, I thought you might not like them. But don’t worry, tonight we’re mooring up at Portland Marina and we can use their facilities. I’m told they’re first class!”

Nice one, Dad! I found myself looking forward to having a good, proper shower for the first time in four days. It turned out that the reason Dad had chosen this marina to moor up at was because it was within walking distance of a large theme park that we were intending to spend the day at the next day, which was Jack’s 16th birthday. It’s funny, I like to think of myself as grown-up but whenever we go on holiday as a family, Jack and I regress to our childhood and marvel at things which we enjoyed when we were much younger. I think Mum and Dad quite liked this. We had so many happy memories as a family growing up, we all loved to relive them. Dad especially liked to tell embarrassing stories about the daft things Jack and I used to do or say as kids.

We pulled in to the Marina at about 4pm and Dad suggested we take it in turns to use the washing facilities before we enjoyed dinner at the marina bar. Wow, Dad was right, this place was top class from the mooring location for guests, through to the showers and on to the clubhouse. I had to wonder how much this was costing for a twenty-four hour pass. As river-boating goes, this was five-star luxury. Mum went off to the showers first and after about half an hour, returned with a blissful look on her face. “Wow,” she said, “I want that shower at home, it’s wonderful!” Jack slinked off next, sponge-bag in hand. I called after him and asked if he meant to go without a towel. He called me something unmentionable, then winked and said “Thanks, Sis!” and off he toddled. He too came back looking refreshed. “Good?” I enquired. “Awesome!” came the reply.

“You go next, Jan,” said Dad. “I don’t mind being last…”  I scooped up my sponge bag, grabbed a towel and a change of clothes and wandered over to the shower block. Unlike showers at campsites I’d been to when on camping holidays, this one was more like a hotel spa. It was gleaming white, spotlessly clean with a choice of ten cubicles in two rows of five, opposite each other. There was no indication as to which ones were for men or women and as the cubicles were large enough to dry off and change in, it didn’t really matter. I chose the centre cubicle on one side and stripped off, ready to feel a torrent of steaming hot water on my skin, instead of the dribble of luke-warm water we ‘enjoyed’ on the boat.

Wow, I could see what Mum meant. The shower was amazing and I took great care to soap myself thoroughly, twice, taking as much time as I wanted to rinse myself off in the never-ending supply of hot water. I could hear voices in the communal area of the wash-block as I dried myself. In my haste to get to the shower, I’d grabbed my pile of clothes but I’d left my cut-off denim shorts in my cabin. No problem, I’d wait until nobody was around and sneak back to the boat with the towel wrapped around my waist. I was ready to go back, so I slid the curtain back a little on my cubicle to see if I was alone.

There wasn’t anybody in the sink area but I heard a male voice singing quietly from the cubicle opposite mine. I was about to leave when I noticed he’d left his curtain half open and as he was drying himself off, he was standing so I could see his body. He was towelling his hair with one hand, and to my amazement, stroking his very large, very hard cock with the other! Oh my God, it was huge! Like I said, I’m not very experienced at all, but like most girls my age, I’ve watched some porn. This guy’s cock was a match for the biggest porn star cock I’d ever seen and he was stroking it with gusto, really enjoying himself. Did he know I was watching? Was he an exhibitionist? Why was my pussy instantly wet at the sight of him masturbating so publicly?

My hand slid subconsciously down to my pussy and when I touched my clit, a shiver ran up my back and I let out a little moan. My masturbating friend didn’t hear me as he was singing, rather tunelessly, and he continued to massage his own throbbing cock. He was pulling his foreskin back so his shiny glans was visible on each long stroke and I was mesmerised by this beautiful penis. When I was able to take my eyes off it, I checked him out properly. He was tall, muscular and not bad looking. He reminded me a bit of the actor Bradley Cooper, only younger. I would say he was no more than late twenties, maybe early thirties. The more he stroked himself, the wetter my pussy became and I was shaking with lust. I so wanted to feel his cock in my hand, take it into my mouth and suck him until he came. I was imagining what it would be like, how it would taste, how a real big throbbing cock would feel in my tiny hands. I was frigging my soaking wet pussy hard now, getting close to cumming myself. It normally takes a lot of stimulation to make myself cum, but I didn’t normally have a gorgeous guy stroking his awesome penis to help me!

I watched in anticipation of him shooting a big load. When I do watch porn, it’s always the man’s cum shot that turns me on the most. I was focussed on his cock-head waiting for the inevitable and I failed to notice he was looking right at me. I was showing as much as he was now and it hadn’t gone unnoticed. As I looked up to his eyes, he smiled and said “Come and join me, there’s nobody around,” Oh my God! He’s seen me. I froze in horror but he didn’t move, he just kept stroking himself. “It’s OK, let’s just enjoy each other playing, you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.” When I’d recovered from the shock of him watching me finger myself, I thought about what he’d said. My pussy was dripping juice down the inside of my thighs now, I’d never been so aroused. I popped my head out of my cubicle to check there really wasn’t anyone else around, grabbed my bag and clothes and tip-toed across to his cubicle. “Atta girl,” he said, almost gloating. When I was inside his cubicle, he pulled the curtain shut and stood naked in front of me. I slipped my top off so I was naked again too, shaking slightly, not knowing how this would play out.

He could tell I was nervous and said, calmingly, “You’re in charge, sweetheart. I’ll only do what you say.” What a gentleman! No, really, he could have tried to take advantage of me or worse, force himself on me. Fortunately, he wasn’t the kind of guy that got off on that kind of thing. I smiled weakly at him and said “Can I touch it?” He nodded and put his hands on his hips, thrusting them forward slightly towards me, making his cock look even bigger. I reached forward and tried to wrap my fingers around this monster cock. It was thicker than my forearm and I couldn’t touch my thumb with my fingertips. I dropped to my knees and brought my other hand into play, then used both of them to jerk his foreskin up and down. He let out a low moan as I did this, so encouraged, I moved my hands a little faster. His eyes were closed with ecstasy and I surprised him, as well as myself, when I moved my head down and ran my lips over his glans. “Oh fuck, baby, yes!” came his delighted reaction. I parted my lips and allowed the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it and slurping as I sucked gently. It tasted amazing, kind of musky yet sweet. I moaned with lust and I loved hearing him say “Wow, you’re good at that, sweetheart. See how deep you can take it!”

My mouth was open as wide as I could open it. His cock filled my mouth completely and I took as much into my mouth as I could. The tip of his penis pushed against my tonsils and I was trying hard not to gag, even though I only had about two thirds of his length inside my hot mouth. I withdrew his cock, then pushed my head down again, sucking as best I could and taking it in even further. He placed his hand on the back of my head and cooed his appreciation. “You’re such a beautiful girl and you are so fucking good at doing this. But sweetheart, I want to taste your beautiful pussy!”

I was shocked and excited equally. I was wondering how he intended to do this when he held out his hands and lifted me to my feet. With one swift movement, he gripped my hips, picked me up like I weighed nothing, flipped me around and held his arms around me tightly. I was now upside down, my pussy inches from his mouth, his cock head in line with my mouth. I started to lick and kiss the head of his penis again, then felt his hot breath on my open pussy lips. I was still soaking wet and when he pushed his mouth onto my clit, I almost fainted. Little bolts of lightning rose up from my clitoris and exploded out through my limbs and my head. I started to cum so quickly but he didn’t stop licking and sucking my clit and labia. I had his cock filling my mouth again and my muffled cries as I came seemed to make his cock throb even harder. I hadn’t had chance to recover from my first orgasm when a second one rose up and took me by surprise. My pussy muscles started to convulse and my whole body shook as I came again, but still he kept licking and sucking my pussy, tasting the juice that was running out of it freely.

My head was spinning and I was feeling faint but I had the presence of mind to keep jerking his massive cock with my hand and the head slipped in and out of my mouth. I was desperate for him to fill my mouth with his seed and I jerked him hard. His low moan became a growl, then increased in volume. He suddenly shouted “Oh my fucking God!” and clamped his mouth to my clit, sucking hard. I felt his cock twitch and the first spurt of cum hit the roof of my mouth, quickly followed by a second and third big spurt. I spluttered as I swallowed some cum and let some dribble out of my mouth. More big spurts followed, Jesus, this guy really could be a porn star! With his final spurt, my whole body was wracked with a third orgasm, this time much bigger than the first two. I bucked and writhed and it was all he could do to hold me, such was the power of both our orgasms. I couldn’t breathe and let out a big gasp. As I eased his softening cock from my mouth, a small river of cum followed. It was way too much for me to swallow, but as the last of it dripped out, I licked his glistening cock-head clean and he laid me gently down on his lap. I managed to spin around so I was sat on his knees facing him. He traced his finger around my face and put his hand behind my head, pulling my face towards his. He kissed me full on the mouth, darting his tongue in and tickling my own tongue. The cum that was on my chin and my lips was now kissed away by his own hungry mouth and he licked his lips appreciatively. I reached down to my pussy and pushed two fingers in, then pulled them out and put them in my mouth. The taste of our combined essence was amazing.

I stood up and suddenly felt very guilty. He smiled and said “Sweetheart, you’re one in a million. Thanks!” and blew me a kiss. I swiftly pulled my top and panties on, wrapped the towel around me and scurried off, sponge bag in hand. As I left the cubicle, I blew a kiss back to him, then hurried back to the boat. I passed Dad who was on his way to the shower block. “Wow, you took your time,” he said. “Best shower ever?”

I smiled as I replied “It was amazing, absolutely took my breath away!”

I turned to look at the shower block to see the guy exiting and heading off to the clubhouse. I was relieved as I didn’t want him bragging to the man about to enter what fun he’d just had with a horny little eighteen year-old! I wondered if I might see him later when we all went over to eat. I didn’t see him later or the next morning, then we were gone.

I wonder if he ever looks back on our encounter in the showers with as much nostalgia as I do. I’m 25 now and I swear I’ve never had three better orgasms before or since than on that afternoon in the shower.

Not just any shower.

The Best. Shower. Ever.