Jeri's Love

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13 May. '19

Shawn came home for a short leave right after basic. He was awaiting deployment to the Mid-East and Jeri was determined to make love to him while he was home. Her eighteenth birthday had come and gone almost three months ago. She was so very sure that she was in love with her Shawn and she was determined to have his love in the physical realm as well as the spiritual.

As she waited on his arrival at LAX, she recalled their entire relationship. She has always felt a closeness to Shawn ever since his family moved in down the street from her some eight years ago. At first, his parents were reluctant to let their son play with Jeri but after getting to know the family their fears were allayed. They had gotten the lowdown on Jeri from a next-door neighbor the day they moved in. You see Jeri had been born Jerry, a bouncing, healthy seven-pound boy. His father Steve was so proud. He had always wanted a son to follow in his footsteps.

But when he bought Jerry toy cars or a football, he showed little interest in them. He preferred to play with his sister Zoey's dolls. Steve considered this to be a phase reasoning that Jerry was close to his sister and just wanted to play with her toys for a time but eventually he and his wife Laura saw the writing on the wall. Laura, who was working on her doctorate in psychology at the time, homeschooled both children until she was offered a job at a local university. With both of their salaries, they were able to hire a nanny with a teaching certificate and the homeschooling continued. Everyone who met the family remarked on how intelligent their two daughters were, a fact that pleased Steve and Laura very much. Things were not always so idyllic in their neighborhood, however.

Jeri became the talk of their small town which was difficult for the whole family. Some of the neighborhood kids taunted her as she played outside with Zoey. After that, she rarely played outside unless one of her parents were there. Shawn changed all that. He kept the bullies at bay not with his fists so much, although he would use them in a heartbeat to protect his friend. He reasoned with other kids, told them how great Jeri was. In time the two had the run of the neighborhood. She and Shawn became the greatest of friends. As they grew they remained "besties" as Jeri put it. Both sets of parents were strict, and as the pair grew older they were afforded precious little time alone. They did hook up once, however.

Just two weeks after her eighteenth, Shawn came by one bright afternoon to find to find Jeri alone, still wearing her short PJ bottoms and her most comfortable old cotton tee. She sat on the family room sofa playing video games. The pair had spent countless hours on the plush couch playing these games. He called out to her as bounded through the front door, ran headlong toward the sofa and with a flourish leaped over the back of the sofa and plopped down hard beside her,

"What ya playin' there retard, Ahh the new Resident Evil... switch to 2 players."

"Go get your own game, spazz!"

"Give me the controller butthole," he laughed as he reached across his friend toward the end table for the device,

"No!" she cried playfully, grabbing both controllers and stuffing them down beside her.

He raised up and looked the giggling girl straight in her pretty eyes and said, "That's ok, I really didn't want toooo," then dove back at the device, winding up lying across the girl's lap. He was able to grab both controllers, then tried to withdraw to the other side of the sofa when Jerri attacked. She sprang at his midsection full force wrapping her arms around his torso and pushing him onto the carpeted floor with her atop, holding on for dear life. They were laughing boisterously the way they always did when they wrestled about.

After their tussling slowed, both she and Shawn suddenly became aware of each other's bodies. She'd always been impressed with his body, now more than ever. He was six feet, one with broad shoulders, strong legs, and a flat rippling abdomen. He began to feel her presence as well. She was five feet, six inches. Her frame was thin but not painfully so. Her skin had the delectable glow of both youth and good health, a look that most women would pay anything to have. Her tresses swung carelessly down in a cascading torrent of honey-hued resplendence. Her breasts that started sprouting the previous year when her parents agreed to let her take hormones suddenly seemed prominent to her. This was the first time she had ever felt curvaceous.

Shawn looked into her smiling face as she sat astride his abdomen. He had begun having nightly fantasies about her in which he imagined her beautiful face and pouty lips as he masturbated, but this was the first time he'd ever noticed... her nipples. They were poking through her thin tee shirt and his eyes were drawn to them. Jeri noticed his gaze and looked down. When she saw what he was ogling her first response was to recoil but this time she did not. Instead, she leaned down further, arching her spine so her budding breasts protruded even further,

"What are you looking at Shawn?' she asked in a singsong manner.

He smiled broadly, flashing the lustrous white smile she had grown to adore and spoke to her in a serious monotone, "I'm looking at your titties, Jeri."

The laughter that burst forth from her was sudden and reflexive. It was a response to the Shawn she had always known, but somehow now she knew that this Shawn has not him. Her eyes flashed both eros and concern, something Shawn had never witnessed. For just a moment it was if they were two were perfect strangers.

As they stared with locked gaze there was an unspoken agreement forged. He gave her the "can I?" look and she returned his query with a look of "please do."

They fell together in a rush. Even though both of their visions were obscured by Jeri's luscious curls, each one of their mouths knew where the other was. Their lips locked and their tongues swirled and danced together in unison. Shawn's back arched and Jeri ground her pelvis up and down against his hard stomach.

In an instant Shawn threw his arms around her, pulling her even closer. As he did he planted a hand on her ass grabbing as much of it as possible while pushing it forcefully into her thigh gap. She slid her body forward to afford his hand the ability to reach further. When she did so to the delight of them both one of her petite cotton encased breasts slid right into his mouth. She squealed with delight as he first sucked the entire breast and then bit the hard nipple. Her breath made a sharp sound as she pulled the air in through her teeth.

She whimpered, "oh baby, that feels so fucking good." She pulled her tit from his mouth only to shift her weight and push the other in. "Oh Shawn, suck it hard, I've been wanting you like this forever. "

Shawn didn't have to be told twice. He sucked with a passion he never knew existed. As he sucked her pint-sized nipple he used the hand that was not probing her backside to flick and twist the other. His cock was already achingly hard, and he became aware of a speck of wetness as precum began leaking from his rod.

She sat up with a start and considered the man before her. She knew that she wanted him badly. She also knew that she wanted him to be on top. Again, by using their well-practiced silent language she caught his gaze and gave a winking nod, informing him that she required his presence on the couch. Again, Shawn needed no encouragement.

They sat side by side on the edge of the sofa exploring each other's bodies. He had his right arm firmly around her torso clamped onto her right tit. His left hand alternated between her left tit and her cock. Her cock... The petite appendage that she'd wished so many times didn't exist was now pulsating, straining to receive Shawn's impassioned fingers. He eagerly explored her privates through her Pj's and her white cotton panties. Soon his hand had the whole area mapped out. At the base, he could feel her delectable orbs and couldn't help giving them a squeeze. Then he meticulously ran the tips of his fingers up the shaft and found the tip, which he squeezed as well, causing Jeri to say, "Rub it harder, Shawn. "

Shawn's cock was receiving similar treatment from Jeri except that when she discovered the length of his shaft inside his jeans she simply grasped as much as she could and massaged up and down, holding on to her besties cock as tightly as possible.

Shawn thought, 'Damn, she is going to make me cum in my pants. I have to fuck her now.'

He leaned down and again started alternating between her sweet tits, one then the other, sucking them through her T. Her breath became ragged and sharp and she knew she was cumming.

"Oh Shawn, I'm cumming baby... I love you. "

"I love you too, Jeri. Let's go to your room."

It was then that two things happened simultaneously. Jeri came in ferocious spurts, her eyes closed tightly, her head thrown back moaning loudly, forcefully rocking back and forth as her young lover continued rubbing and sucking. And...

Her parents came home.

The pair did not hear her dad's SUV on the concrete drive, but they were suddenly cognizant of the couple's voices right outside the door. Quickly they jumped back into the game playing position giggling nervously as they grabbed the controllers. Jeri was able to un-pause the game a split second before the door opened.

Upon entering and seeing the pair on the sofa playing, a sight they had seen a hundred times, Steve yelled out...

"Hey, I get to play the winner," He waddled in toward the kitchen carrying eight plastic bags full of groceries, four on each arm.

Laura said coyly, "Oh my big strong man. Groceries stand no chance against your powers." This statement caused the man to start strutting like a professional wrestler.

"Those games are going to rot your brains, kids," Laura stated as she shuffled through the mail in her hand.

Laura was somewhat of an icon to the men both young and old in their neighborhood. She was not exceedingly tall but the five-inch ankle strap sandals she was wearing today made her look near Amazonian. She loved tall heels and tight skirts. The combination accentuated her legs and doing what they were designed to do they made the curves of her ass even curvier. She loved slinky, silky tops and jewelry. No one had ever seen the woman outside of her home unless she was immaculately clean, coiffed, and made up. In addition to her sensual beauty, she was smart, kind, and jovial. Everyone loved her and her devotion to her family was unfailing...and, she sensed that something was up.

"So, you guys having fun?" she asked, sidling up to the couch

"Yes, ma'am," Shawn blurted quickly. The rapid-fire answer from the usually placid young man piqued her interest even more.

As she got closer she knew what had been going on... she could smell it. Neither youth looked up from their game; they concentrated on the screen as if transfixed. She knew she needed to separate them and talk to Jeri. It wasn't that she didn't want Jeri to have a relationship, she'd always wanted that for the girls. However, she knew trans women in her capacity as a social counselor and she was keenly aware of the problems associated with dating, especially for younger women.

"What are you doing today, Shawn?' she queried

"Well, I came over to tell Jeri the big news and when we started playing, I forgot,"

Jeri felt a rush of curiosity. 'What news?' she wondered, not daring look at either Shawn or her mom at that moment. She wasn't scared anymore. She was just trying to suppress her laughter after hearing Shawn's "playing' remark. 'If only mom knew what we were playing,' she thought. She still had no clue that Laura knew exactly what was going on.

"What news, Shawn?" Laura asked, arms folded.

"Yeah Shawn, what news?" She was now staring intently at the young man, her desire to laugh fading rapidly.

Steve entered the room after hearing talk of big news. He regarded Shawn almost as one of his own. Shawn's parents were workaholics and he delighted in being able to help Shawn in any way possible. He, with Jeri at his side, had driven untold miles with Shawn. He took him to practices, movies, and most every family outing. Jeri loved being with her friend and Steve was thankful that she had such a devoted one. He did it without complaint and always refused Shawn's parents offer of money for gas or food. For Steve, living in a house full of females it was nice to have someone to throw the ball around and listen to his many sports stories.

"Well, I did what we talked about a month ago... that day at the park"

Jeri knew what he was going to say, and the tears started welling up in her blue eyes.

The young man continued, "I've joined the army. I report to Fort Leonard Wood in three days."

The three were in shock. Steve, clueless to the way Jeri really felt about the young man was concerned for Shaw. He congratulated him, told him to use his bonus check for education and warned him to be careful.

Laura was at once full of pity for Jeri's plight and happy that the young man was doing something with his life even though she was so afraid he would get hurt.

Jeri was dumbstruck. Her beautiful blue eyes were already turning red, just like her father's did on one the few occasions that anyone had seen him cry. As she rubbed her stinging eyes her sadness turned quickly to anger. 'Why,' she wondered, 'Is he doing this?'

The pair talked so many times about going to college together. She was under the impression that he was enrolled along with her at the college close to their home. She could not look at him. She folded her arms and stared straight at the television.

Even Steve, who could never read a room, realized what was going on. He congratulated Shawn again and asked him to come out to the garage and look at the new rims that he had just bought for his project Mustang. He knew full well that Laura would get all the facts and tell him later anyway. He just wanted to extract Shawn from the situation and give Jeri time to cool down.

"I know what's bothering you, Jeri," Laura said as sat next to the fuming girl.

"Really mom. Why don't you enlighten me because I have no idea what you're talking about."

'"You are angry at Shawn for leaving because he is your boyfriend... right?"

Jeri snapped her head around and looked at her mother defiantly,

"Who says he's my boyfriend?"

Laura pointed to her daughter's shirt. As Jeri looked down she understood. There were two wet mouth sized circles on her shirt and her nipples were still trying to poke through the material.

"Oh, mom!" she cried... Why is he doing this? I love him, I always have." Those words were the cue for the tears from her red swollen eyes to flow. Seeing her daughters' tears was all Laura needed for her waterworks to turn on as well. The pair threw their arms around each other as Jeri sobbed uncontrollably,

"Shhh, it's ok, baby, it's ok," Laura said. "Believe me, it will sting like all hell, but it will only make you stronger in the long run." As she spoke those words she didn't know whether she believed them herself.

Later that night after a good shower, some food, a very long phone conversation with Shawn that morphed from terse sniping to cathartic weeping to mutual masturbation, Jeri finally fell asleep. On the other end of the house, Steve sat on the bed, checking stock reports on his laptop but more and more he was looking at Laura sitting at her dresser,

'Damn... I hit the jackpot with that one,' he thought.

And hit the jackpot he did. Besides being drop-dead gorgeous, Laura had a very strong libido. She loved sex, bottom line. Steve had friends who complained constantly about their wife's sex drive. Not him. He never had to ask for sex. She was the most sensual woman he had ever known. As she sat in her silky spaghetti strapped top, sheer panties, and satin robe doing maintenance on her thick eyebrows his cock started to stiffen just wondering what she had in store for him tonight.

Even without her makeup, she was stunning. Her dusky hued skin, her beautiful flowing chestnut hair, pouty lips, stunning 38D breasts that seemed to defy gravity, and her luscious ass made her the perfect woman. He thanked his lucky stars nightly and worshipped the ground she walked on. The woman had taken over both of the bedroom's walk-in closets, forcing Steve to use a closet in the guest room. In addition to the dresses, shoes and other clothing that filled them to the brim she had a huge antique bureau and her dresser stuffed with lingerie of every kind.

She finally arose and sauntered over to the bed sitting down close to Steve,

"Honey, Jeri was so very upset today... it made me feel even guiltier about our secret."


"Well, I think that honesty is paramount, as you know. I know we had our reasons when the girls were small but with Zoey in college and Jeri about to be, they are old enough to handle anything we tell them, they're adults."

"I know, I know, baby. At first, I didn't want to upset them and now I'm embarrassed that we've waited so long. I need to tell them about their mother... I'm so afraid that it will really upset Jeri since Jane died giving birth to her. Thank god I found you when I did, I don t believe I would have survived. We will tell them this weekend, ok, hon?"

As he spoke to his lovely wife he rubbed her smooth shoulders. She sighed and arched her back,

"Thanks, lover," she purred. "What are you in the mood for tonight?"

"You know me, hon... your wish is my command and my pleasure."

Laura smiled sweetly, stood and turned to face her Steve... She opened her robe to reveal her beautiful body and the lingerie she had chosen for their lovemaking,

"Like what you see, baby?" She asked using her sexiest tone.

Her dutiful Steve, the man who loved her more than life itself nodded his head with a huge grin on his face. She slid her hand down gently into her panties and slowly pulled out her cleanly shaven eight-inch cock

"Get on you knees bitch, Mamma needs to use your mouth"