I cheated on my date with a woman I didn't even know!

Dear Diaries,

I thought I would share with you one of the most mind-blowing sexual experiences of my life.  Granted I am still young at only age 25, but I imagine this will stick with me for a while.

In traditional fashion, this didn’t happen today, but a couple of weeks ago during the holiday break.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent, or in this case, not so innocent. This story will be a little long, as I think a short back story will help set the mood and scenario up a bit better.

Last year I finished my degree in Electrical Engineering and immediately took a job in Detroit.  Because of my busy school schedule and then the load of starting a new high paced career, I haven’t had much time to get back home to see my parents.  So I decided I would use my saved up vacation time to take a couple of weeks off for the holidays and head home.

At 25, I am the oldest of three, so I am first to graduate, and the first to move away.  As you can imagine this has been a bit hard on my mom. Especially since I haven’t been back as much as she would like me to be.  She has also started to take way too much interest in my “love life”. Always asking if I have met any nice girls. Telling me that now that I have a good job, I need to meet a nice girl, and give her some grandchildren, and so on.

I won’t lie, part of me thought about not going back home for Christmas just so she wouldn’t have as many opportunities to nag at me about being “SOOOOO” far away, and needing a girlfriend.  But I wanted to be a good son and hoped that maybe being home for a few days would help ease her mind a bit. Oh, how I should have known better!

I got home late in the evening on Saturday a week before Christmas.  A bit too late for dinner, but not so late as to be rude. I did that on purpose as I didn’t really want to have to go do some big meal after a long drive.  Of course, my mom was having none of that. As soon as I walked in the door, I could smell dinner. The scowls I was getting from my brother and sister made it pretty clear they hadn’t been allowed to eat until I got there.

So we got the hugs, kisses, and a good ole fashion arm punch out of the way and hurried up to dinner.  Once my siblings got to eat, they were a bit happier, and most of the dinner was spent telling everyone about my job and apartment in Detroit.  By the time we started finishing up, it was around 9:30pm or so. Mom asked if I wanted to hang out and do anything, but I told her that I really just wanted to get some rest after my drive.  Not that Chicago is that far of a trip, but still. After a little initial disappointment, she agreed.

Just as I was getting up from the table though, she stopped me and informed me that we “WOULD” be going to church at 7:30 in the morning.  I started to protest, but she quickly made it clear it wasn’t an option. I grumbled a little bit but didn’t figure there was much point being too prickly about it.  So I started to head upstairs to my old room. My dad got up and helped with one of my bags. My mom said she would be up in a minute too, as she needed to grab my sheets from the dryer.

Dad and I had a couple minutes of banter before mom got up there and then excused himself once she arrived on the premise that I needed my beauty rest.  My mom, of course, had other ideas. She wanted to make my bed for me, made sure I had clean clothes for the next day, etc. I tried to politely shoo her away telling her that I could make my own bed, and all my clothes were clean.  After some persistence, she conceded and headed for the door. Before she closed it though, she took a moment to remind me that I needed to be ready to leave at 7:30 sharp. I should also dress fancy because she has someone special she wants me to meet.

I think we all know where that was heading.  My mom is a great mom, but I honestly have no desire for her to play matchmaker for me.  I just sighed and re-assured her that I would be ready. I’m not however sure that anyone can ever really be prepared for their mom to try and introduce them to girls.

Sunday morning came, and we all loaded into the family SUV and headed off to church.  The service went as well as can be expected, and surprisingly other than a few “mom gushes” over me being back home, it wasn’t a bad time.  As we filed out of service though, my mom was quick to start pulling me around to meet different people. Most were just her normal friends, but then we ran into Mrs.Tucker.  She was a single mom that I had met a couple of times when she came over to hang out with my mom. At first, they just seemed to be saying hello, but then the bomb dropped. My mom asked her if “they” were still good to meet up for brunch.  

Unless things had changed in the last couple of years, Mrs. Tucker was still single.  (Rightfully so if you ask me, she’s a bit out there.) That meant the “they” would include her daughter.  My mind started to race. I had met her daughter a couple times in passing. We lived several miles apart, so we hadn’t attended the same schools.  As we milled around and made our way back to the car with the rest of my family, I started to put bits and pieces of old memories back together.

Brunch was only a couple miles from the church, so it didn’t take long to get there.  Long enough for me to remember that Sarah Tucker wasn’t a bad looking girl, but had always seemed a bit too much like her mom for my tastes.

We walked in at nearly the same time as Sarah and her mom.  My memory wasn’t wrong, she was indeed a looker. Long blond hair, blue eyes, and a pretty decent body.  Maybe not all so bad? I gave her a quick smile, and I think I got a bit of a grin back, but it was very fleeting before she returned to her phone and whatever she was doing on there.  With church just letting out, and this being a favorite spot for brunch afterward, it took a few minutes to get seated. We didn’t really interact during that time. She mostly texted on her phone, and I spent the time catching up with my brother and sister.

They sat us at a set of two tables pulled together.  My mom was quick to ensure that the seating arrangements had me sitting on one end, with Sarah sitting at the side next to me.  Both our moms quickly pointed out that we should get to know each other a bit better. This was all a bit embarrassing for me, but I figured I wouldn’t hear the end of it if I didn’t at least try and satisfy my mom.

The first few minutes were filled with awkward silence, and a little too much attention being paid to the menus in front of us.  Neither of us really saying anything. I’m generally not all that shy, and I didn’t get the feeling that Sarah was either. I think neither of us just really felt all that comfortable with our moms trying to set us up.  The waiter finally came around taking orders and breaking the silence. I decided then, I would try and break the ice and at least make some conversation. I mean she was beautiful so it couldn’t be that bad, right?

The waiter took my order first, and then hers.  After he took her order, she reached over to take a sip of her water, and I used that moment to get things going. “So what are you studying in college?” I asked.    I guess she was off in her own thoughts as it took her a moment to realize that I was looking at her, and must have asked her a question. “I’m sorry did you ask me something?” she responded, using her napkin to dab excess water from her lips.

I smiled and repeated my question, this time with her attention turned my way. “Well, I’m not really in college right now. I’m focusing on my career instead,” she said with a smile.  I could tell she was excited about her career from the inflections in her voice. So I continued the conversation by asking her what she was doing as a career. She proceeded to tell me how she was going to be an actress and was planning to move to Hollywood and star in the movies.

With a considerable amount of prodding to keep the conversation going, I learned that she had starred in a commercial for a car dealership she was working as a receptionist at.  This gave her the acting bug, and she had decided to focus all her energy on being the next big star. While she seemed excited about the fact that she was going to be a huge star, it was evident that she was far more interested in whatever was happening on her phone than having a conversation.  As the food was delivered, I decided to give up on the conversation and just eat my food.

I could at least tell my mom I tried right?  If it was only that easy! As though our moms had some kind of “silence” detection alarm, they both seemed to immediately notice that after we finished eating, we weren’t really interacting.  Her mom reached across my sister who was sitting between her and Sarah and pushed her daughter’s phone screen down. “So are you two getting along well?” Ms. Tucker asked. Sarah glared at her mom but put her phone down on to the table with a bit of a huff.  My mom took this as a sign that she also needed to get involved. “Have either of you seen that new movie? A Star Is Born. It’s excellent.” she asked. Sarah and I both shook our heads no, and Ms. Tucker took that as her queue. “Maybe you guys could go see it together this week?” she said. “Oh that’s a great idea.” my mom chimed in. 

At this point, neither Sarah or I were really involved in the conversation, other than as servants to our mother’s will.  By the time we all got up from the table, the mothers had decided I would be taking Sarah to see the movie on Tuesday afternoon.  The only interjection we got into the mix was that I would be meeting Sarah there, instead of me picking her up to take her.


I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my siblings and avoiding my mom.  I knew she would be a little naggy about getting a girlfriend, but this was overstepping as far as I was concerned.  Especially since it was clear that Sarah really wasn’t interested. I seriously considered just not going. Boy am I glad in hindsight that I went.


Tuesday came around pretty quickly, and I found myself just lounging around waiting for the inevitable.  Sarah and I had texted a couple times to confirm the plans, but nothing really beyond that. I guess honestly, I didn’t really try that hard to engage her in conversation, as I didn’t get the initial impression she was interested.

The movie was at 5:30pm, but the afternoon seemed to be dragging on forever.  The theater was one of those newer, fancy theaters, with a bar in the lobby, the big comfy recliners, and so forth.  So I decided about 4:30 to head on over. It was a bit early, as I was supposed to meet Sarah at 5:15 in the bar area.  However, I wanted to grab a long island iced tea beforehand, just to loosen my social anxiety a bit. Who knew, maybe if we each had a couple of drinks, we could break the ice a little better.

Being a Tuesday night, it wasn’t super busy.  I got parked and headed on in. The place was nice for a theater, and the bar area was bigger than I expected.  I had planned to just sit down at the bar and grab a quick drink. As I approached the bar, I noticed it was mostly empty.  There was however a group of girls around one of the tables, giggling about something. Their giggles caught my attention, and I noticed Sarah was one of them.

As I walked up, she saw me and waved briefly.  She was still conversing with her friends, so I found a table nearby.  The waitress came over and took my order for a drink, and about the time it arrived Sarah also came over. 

We exchanged a few pleasantries, and I confirmed she had gotten the tickets.  Since they sold the tickets online and reserved specific seats, it had been easier just to send her the money for mine and let her get both ours at the same time.  She handed me my ticket and then ordered a refill for her drink.

We made some small talk about what we expected from the movie, and if we wanted to get any popcorn or anything.  It wasn’t long though before Sarah was back on her phone texting away with someone.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that her messages and brief smiles on her face seemed to coordinate with the girls she was initially talking to giggling.  I mentally sighed to myself and sipped my long island down a little faster than is probably acceptable. I thought a couple of times about pulling my own phone out but decided I would try and avoid going down that road.

As I sat stirring the last of the ice in my glass around with my straw, I noticed one of the girls at the other table also seemed to be spending a little too much time nursing her drink and not engaged with the other girls.  They were all standing around their bar height table, mostly paying attention to their phones, but she seemed to be staring into the abyss of the bottom of her glass.

About that time she looked up and caught me staring at her.  As is customary, I quickly glanced away and back to my now empty drink.  For some reason though, I found my eyes gravitating back up towards her. Where I promptly found her eyes still fixed on me.  I felt my cheeks blushing, and gave a bit of a stupid little grin. I’m not sure why, but at that moment my brain decided to pick up my glass and give a mock toasting gesture.

To my surprise, she smiled back and returned the gesture.  Before my brain had more than a few milliseconds to ponder this interaction, it registered that Sarah was no longer looking at her phone but at me.  I wasn’t really sure what to do here. I mean I had just made toasting gestures with some girl I didn’t know at all while sitting at a table with my “date.”  Probably a total dick move, but what could I say, she had been ignoring me. Still, my brain said I needed to save face, and I quickly asked if she wanted a drink refill.

Sarah looked back to see who I had been looking at, and then with a bit of an eye roll accepted my offer for a drink refill.  Not seeing the waitress handy, I decided this was an excellent opportunity to step away from the table for a second. I grabbed both our glasses and headed for the bar.

My brain was starting to feel the first drink, but only a little.  Not enough to help me figure out what I was doing here. Then for some reason, as the bartender took my order for refills of our drinks, I also blurted out that I wanted to order a refill for the brunette with shoulder length curly hair at the other table.

He gave me a bit of a questioning look and then just shrugged. “I think she was having a long island iced tea as well,” he said.  I asked if he could send it over to her, and he agreed. Grabbing my drink and Sarah’s cosmo, I headed back to our table. I set the glasses down and tried to pay attention to Sarah again.  She took a sip of her drink, but never stopped looking down at her phone.

This was growing a bit old quickly, and I was starting to wonder if I should just leave.  Then I saw the waitress heading over to the other table carrying a long island iced tea. She set it in front of the brunette at the other table and then after exchanging a couple words pointed at me.  This promptly resulted in our eyes meeting again, and her raising her glass with a nod in my direction.

I smiled a little and then looked down.  Was I really sitting here flirting with another girl while on a “date” with Sarah?  What did that say about me? As I sat there for a moment pondering what I was doing, Sarah stood up and asked if I was ready to go get seated.  I snapped out of my thoughts and agreed that it was time.

This theater had reserved seating, so we quickly found our exact seats.  They were plush leather recliners with little pull out trays for your drinks/food.  After we sat down, a waitress came by and offered us some small airline pillows and blankets.  She also offered to get us some new drinks and asked if we wanted to see menus. I decided the two I had were enough but accepted a blanket and pillow.  Sarah and I were paying for ourselves on this “date,” and she ordered some caramel corn and a bottle of water.

A couple minutes after we sat down, the group of girls that Sarah had initially been with came in.  They immediately made their way right to where we were sitting. Three of the girls made their way past us and sat on the other side of Sarah who was on my right.  Given that the theater was not expected to be full, I suspected this was on purpose. As I was looking in their direction, I felt someone sit down in the chair on my left.  Looking over to see who was sitting there, I quickly froze up. It was the brunette I had been flirting without in the bar.

After a couple of moments of shock, I snapped out of it and sat up a bit straighter in my seat.  Nothing was said by Sarah, the brunette, or myself, but I certainly was starting to feel a little uncomfortable.  Why had I bought this other girl a drink, why did I keep finding myself staring at her. While I knew that nothing was going to develop between Sarah and me, it just felt wrong to be thinking about this other girl while here with Sarah.

The theater started to darken, and the pre-movie trailers started to play.  As the waitress took other people’s orders, and eventually brought the items Sarah had ordered, I reclined my seat a bit and covered up with the blanket.  I think they intentionally keep it too cold in here just so you will have to cover up.

Sarah offered me some of her caramel corn which I declined, and it was then passed down to her other friends.  Finally, the movie started, and for a change, Sarah actually put her phone down.

We were about 20 minutes into the movie when something very unexpected happened.  I was sitting there reclined with the little blanket they gave me covering me up. My arms were under it with my hands crossed in my lap.  At first, I thought Sarah had just bumped me by accident, but it only took a second for my brain to realize that the fingertips moving down my arm were searching for my hand.  I adjusted my arm moving it up onto the armrest between the chairs, but still covered by the blanket. I felt her hand slip into mine. It was so warm, and her skin felt like soft velvet.  Our fingers interlaced and I felt a little squeeze.

I absolutely wasn’t sure what to make of this, I certainly hadn’t expected it.  My brain started to race a bit, trying to figure out what Sarah was doing. I started caressing her hand a bit with my thumb, rubbing it gently along the side of her thumb.  I think it was mostly nervous energy causing me to do this. Then I suddenly froze my movement. I was moving my left thumb, not my right thumb.

Those long island teas must have been stronger than I realized.  My brain was clearly running slow because I should have realized this much sooner.  Sure it had only been a few seconds, but when the wrong person is holding your hand, you would generally know it pretty damn quick.  I wasn’t sure what to make of this at all. There was no one on the other side of this mysterious woman holding my hand. Was she doing this on purpose?  Was she holding my hand out of habit from going to the movies with her boyfriend? Did she realize what she was doing?

I started to try and slip my hand free of her gently, but she just squeezed harder.  Looking directly at her, I saw she was focused on the screen but had a grin on her face.  I stopped trying to free my hand and returned to caressing her thumb with mine. I may not have understood what was going on here, but I certainly wasn’t going to pass on an exquisitely beautiful woman holding my hand.

My mind raced down a thousand different possibilities of what was going on here, some of them weird, some of them erotic.  None of them reconciling with any basis of reality that I might have. This just seemed to out there in the realm of possibilities for my brain to really put a valid scenario together.

I started to worry about what might happen if Sarah realized what was going on.  I glanced over at Sarah, she was focused on the movie, and turned about a ¼ turn up onto her side in the chair, showing me a bit of her back.  She likely wouldn’t see the lump of our arms on the armrest. We were under the blankets, but anyone looking could have seen that our arms were entangled under them.  What if she turned or got up?

My mind was now overloaded between trying to figure out what was going on, and hoping the Sarah didn’t notice.  Watching the movie, or keeping track of any semblance of time was out of the question.

After what was probably a couple of minutes holding hands, I felt this other girls hand start to pull away from mine.  I released her hand, and my brain immediately assumed that she had realized what she was doing and was stopping. However, it wasn’t a jerking motion I would associate with someone who realized they were holding a stranger’s hand.  It was slow, deliberate. Then I realized she was moving her hand to cup the back side of mine. As she wrapped her hand around the outside of mine, she pressed my hand down to the armrest. I laid it flat, palm down under her hand.  She then started to run her fingers gently up and down the length of my fingers.

Her fingertips were so smooth, like little points of silk, gently gliding up my fingers.  She was using the tips of her fingers. Starting at my fingertips, she would caress back towards my knuckles.  She would circle my knuckles a couple of times, then brush again down my finders with the back side of her fingernails, ever so gently.

It was a simple caress, but for my 25-year-old brain, it was a bit too much.  As a nerd, I would call it a buffer overload. Too much information coming in too fast.  It wasn’t an overly sexual caress, just slow, and gentle. My body, however, decided it was going to process this in the only way a 25-year-old man’s body knows how.  My heart started to race, my cheeks most definitely blushed, and I began to feel myself growing hard.

It was ok I was telling myself, the blanket would hide any evidence of the lump growing in my pants.  We sat like this for a bit, I don’t know honestly how long. My brain had separated itself from the space-time continuum at this point and lost all track of reality.  It was only focused on the soft fingertips that were touching my skin. The warmth of her arm pressed against mine. The desire to feel her hands on my body. Touching my back, my chest, my legs, and oh god yes, my now throbbing cock.  

All this blood rushing from my brain to my cock was, however, causing me a bit of an issue.  As the tip of my member was now pressing uncomfortably into my zipper. I tried to ignore it, but the discomfort was starting to become a distraction.  So I tried very carefully to use my right arm to lift myself up a little and adjust the position of my zipper. It was subtle, but I think she noticed.

Her hand stopped caressing mine and slowly slide away.  I cringed, she had figured out why I was adjusting and was pulling away.  Then I heard the power recliner in her seat come to life, and she started to sit up a bit.  I sat still, trying to focus on the screen, not to look at her. Here I was with this beautiful woman caressing my hand, I had to get a damn boner, and she figured it out.  Probably grossing her out, and now she was about to get up and move.

My brain was too busy self chastising to immediately realize when her hand returned to the armrest.  She was trying to get her hand under my arm, and I didn’t know it until she pressed really firmly against me.  With an awkward motion, I lifted my warm up and felt her hand and arm slide undermine. Her hand then came to a rest on my thigh.  My erection had started to fade with my self chastising, now in only a few heartbeats, it was coming back with a vengeance.

It was just a hand.  It was just resting on my thigh.  No big deal right? But it was the hand of a beautiful woman.  She was a stranger, that should worry me, but it didn’t. It made it all the more exciting.  The warmth of her hand, mere inches from my incredibly hard cock. The possibilities. The lust.  The desire. They were flooding my mind with unbridled speed.

The positioning of our arms was a little weird, with me having to hold mine up a bit to allow hers under it.  So I slowly pulled my arm back towards my chest, allowing her to have a more comfortable resting place for her elbow.

Now you are probably sitting there reading this, and thinking “yeah right”!  Well just imagine how my brain was thinking. This wasn’t real. There was a beautiful stranger, now gently squeezing the top of my thigh.  I had absolutely no idea what to make of this. I was beyond excited, I was so nervous, I was confused, I was scared, and oh my god was I getting horny.

She shifted a bit, sitting up a little more and leaning onto her elbow on the armrest.  She checked the blanket was still covering her arm, and then her hand started to move down my thigh and back up slowly.  She was dragging the tips of her fingertips along my jeans. Those little points of contact became like small electrical explosions to my nerve endings.  Each was radiating an irrational level of sensitivity and pleasure.

She had started on top of my thigh.  Little by little though, her fingertips were moving towards my inner thigh with each trip up and down my leg.  Each caress a little more sensitive than the last. Each one sending sparks flying through every inch of my body.

The theater was cold, but I started sweating a little bit.  My logical brain said I needed to stop this, it was too fast, I didn’t know who she even was, I was here with Sarah.  My other brain was screaming a bit louder and was starting to win out. This was incredible, it felt good, maybe something was going to happy here?

I started to get lost in my own thoughts again when her hand slide over my cock and then back down my thigh.  I jumped a bit, banging my right knee against my food tray which only contained my now empty long island iced tea glass.  She froze, and I did as well as Sarah heard the commotion and turned her head to look at me. I looked at Sarah and gave her an apologetic shrug.  She gave me a bit of a suspicious second glance but then went back to watching the movie.

After a few seconds, I felt the hand on my inner thigh start to slide back up, this time across my balls and then follow my shaft.  My jeans were obviously still in place, but my erection was no doubt very easy to feel. Gently, slowly, she was rubbing the palm of her hand down the underside of my cock, then gently gripping my balls through my jeans into her fingertips.  She was then pulling her fingers up my ball sack, and then down each side of my shaft.

Her touch was amazing, yet completely paralyzing.  My cock was throbbing so hard with every motion, and it wasn’t long before I could feel the pre-cum starting to soak the front of my boxers.  I was trying to control my breathing, but this was so fucking hot, I just couldn’t completely control it.

After what had to have been at least 5 minutes of this rubbing action, she slowed her hand at the tip of my cock and then started to rub just the underside of the tip through my jeans.  I knew immediately she had felt the wetness of my pre-cum soaking through my pants. She shifted in her chair a bit and then brought her hand higher feeling for my waistband. Her fingers then slipped inside the waistband of my pants and boxers.

If it was possible for a heart to really skip a beat, mine had just skipped a dozen of them as I registered the exquisite feeling of her fingers sliding down my stomach and under my waistband.   She pushed the palm of her hand under my cock and wrapped her index and middle finger just under the head and gave it a little tug, pulling it a bit towards her direction. When her thumb then slid across the top and found itself resting right on the underside of the tip, I felt goosebumps form all over my body.

Slowly, gently, she started to rub my frenulum with her thumb in a clockwise motion.  The lubrication of my pre-cum making her thumb slide across my skin like the finest of silks  After a few circles with her thumb, she would push further down my shaft, then back up with a slight pulling stroke.  Each of which sent jolts of pleasure straight up my spine.

Now I haven’t had a girlfriend since just before my senior year in college, and I’ve honestly been too busy for any kind of hanky panky.  So nobody has touched me like this in a long time, and I’m not going to lie, it was taking a lot of effort not just to blow my load into her palm right then.

She felt my cock twitch and started to circle her thumb a faster.   I closed my eyes and felt the moisture at the tip of my cock start to rapidly increase.  Her index and middle fingers squeezed a bit harder, and she pulled gently on me. My thighs tightened, and I knew I was about to lose the battle to keep my cum inside me.

As quickly as she started, she stopped and pulled her hand entirely back to her side of the chair.  I opened my eyes in time to see her grinning at me as she took her thumb which was clearly covered in my pre-cum and placed it into her mouth, licking it clean.  Then without any notice, she just stood up, grabbed her purse and walked towards the exit.

I watched her walk off, without so much as a glance back at me.  What was her game? She doesn’t know me at all, then she basically brings me right to the edge of cumming, and walks off?  Was I supposed to follow her? Was this all some weird fetish? My brain raced as I tried to figure out what I was supposed to do.  

I pressed the button to set my chair up and just sat there for a few moments, my mind trying to figure out what I should do.  Finally, I decided that I needed to get up and go to the bathroom, maybe dry myself off a little bit. I hoped I would find this mysterious woman there waiting for me, the logical part of my brain said she had probably left.

Not wanting to look suspicious, I sat there for a couple of minutes pretending to watch the movie.  At this point, I hadn’t seen any of it for at least the last 20 minutes, so I was basically lost on what was happening.  When I was sure nobody was paying attention to me, I slowly got up and started for the exit. Sarah glanced back at me, but only for a brief moment.  I felt terrible leaving her sitting there, knowing I was hoping to go out and find this other woman, but I also knew she just wasn’t interested.

I exited the theater and quickly looked around.  She was nowhere to be seen. My heart sank a bit, and my logical brain told me it was all just too good to be true.  Disappointed, I decided I still needed to make my way to the bathroom. It was down the hallway a bit, and I was starting to feel a bit of chill on the front of my pants.  So I began to walk quickly to avoid anyone seeing the visible wet spot on them. It wasn’t big, but you know how the brain works. If I knew it was there, everyone was going to see it.

The screen I was watching the movie on was at the end of a long L shaped hallway.  As I came around the bend, I saw her. She was leaning up against the wall just under the restrooms sign.  My heart jumped, and blood started flowing again. As she saw me come around the corner, she pushed off the wall and disappeared into one of the bathrooms.  Did she want me to follow her? Did she go into the men’s or the women’s? What if someone else was in there. It was 100 feet to the bathroom, and my brain processed 100 different what if’s in that time.  When I got there, I realized there were three bathrooms. Mens, Womens, and a family restroom. The door to the family restroom was closed.

I took a chance and knocked lightly on the door to the family restroom.  There was no answer. Was I wrong on where she went? I decided to open the door and look inside.  I gave the handle a test, and it wasn’t locked. Slowly I opened it and peeked in. There she was, standing by the vanity, facing me, with her back to the mirror.

She was smiling at me, and I guess I paused for a moment, admiring her body.  She was wearing a short floral flare dress. Maybe five foot six in height, shapely hips, smooth skin, bright eyes, and a million dollar smile. “Well are you just going to stand there and stare at me, or are you going to get in here and fuck me?” she demanded, placing her hands on her hips.

My lust took over my actions, and I quickly found myself slipping into the bathroom door and then turning around to close the door and make sure it was locked.  When I turned back towards her, she was now leaning on the vanity facing the mirror with her ass pointed right at me. Her panties were already pulled down around her knees.

I didn’t need any more of an invitation than that.  Quickly I made my way behind her, and then knelt down.  Her ass was right in front of my face, the smooth skin of the thighs and ass cheeks barely hiding the cleanly shaved mound between them.  I reached up and took a cheek into each hand, pulling them apart a bit and giving me a clear view of her majestic pussy.

I quickly pressed my mouth against the backside of her thigh, just left of her slit.  First I kissed gently, and then placed my mouth firmly against her, my tongue caressing her skin.  She shifted pressing back against my face and moaned a little. Goosebumps formed across her skin with her excitement.  My hands gripped her hips tightly as I started to slowly work my lips and tongue up her left thigh and onto her ass cheek, then lower back.  

Each kiss, every lick, elicited more and more goosebumps, encouraging my actions.  She rewarded me with soft moans and arched her back towards me as I reached the dimples just above her butt.

As I kissed her lower back, I reached an arm forward and cupped her right breast.  She moaned again as I gently squeezed her orange sized breast in my hand, feeling her firm nipple beneath the fabric of her dress.  After squeezing her firm bosom a little more while kissing on her lower back, I gave her nipple a gentle pinch and then knelt back down, kissing and licking down her right ass cheek and onto her thigh.  

I could feel the warmth of her womanhood against my cheek, the moisture caressing me.  I took a moment to admire her beautiful mound once more, using my hands to spread her cheeks a bit.  She had a drip of her own juices dangling from her clit, and I took that as an invitation to lick it up.  My nose pressed into her as my tongue licked her slit from the front towards her clit. As I found her clit with my tongue, she reached back and grabbed the back of my head, pressing me into her.  

I began to use my tongue on her clit, licking it slowly with the length of my tongue, then circling it with the tip.  Every few seconds I would give it a little suck and gently flick it with the tip of my tongue. She squirmed and placed my hands on either side of her hips and helping to pull her against me, burying my nose into her vagina.  I wiggled it from side-to-side a bit and then pulled back. I repeated this action several times until I could tell she was getting intensely worked up.

When I thought she was getting close, I took her right vulva into my mouth, sucking gently and licking it. “Oh Jesus Christ, don’t stop,” she said with labored breath.  I gave her vulva another lick or two and then licked her slit from front to back.

The moisture from her vagina was now starting to drip down my chin, and I needed to taste it.  I pressed my tongue inside of her, slowly at first, but the incredible sweetness of her juices made me ravenous.  My tongue began to push inside her with lust, and she pressed against me with all of her strength. After a few moments she pulled away from me, and I heard her demand that I “Stop fucking teasing her, and fuck her with my cock now!”

I didn’t need any more encouragement, and quickly stood up and unbuttoned my pants, letting them fall to the floor.  My boxers promptly got pushed down to my knees, and I was at full attention behind her. I moved close and could feel the burning warmth of her mound against the underside of my cock.  

She reached around and took hold of me.  A couple of quick strokes with her hand and she was pressing the tip of my cock against her.  The moisture of her excitement glistened on the tip of my cock, and I took hold of her hips. I pushed in gently at first, but it wasn’t needed.  She was burning hot and so fucking wet, I slid right in. The sensations of entering her were just indescribable. So warm, so soft, so smooth, so tight.  As I penetrated deep inside her, I had to pause for a moment, enjoying the sensation, but also trying to get control of myself.

I began to thrust into her, slowly at first.  Each time I slide mostly out, and then back in, I felt as though her body was trying to force me to cum.  It had been so long since I had felt the magic of being inside a woman, and I was so horny from the actions inside the theater.  I know I wasn’t going to be able to last long. I was trying to pace myself, but she kept begging me for more. Soon I was thrusting rapidly, gripping her hips firmly, pulling her hard against me.  Her juices were dripping down my balls, and she was getting louder. Too loud.

I pulled back from her and then spun her around to face me.  I lifted her up and placed her on the edge of the vanity. Our eyes locked, both filled with raw lust.  Then our lips met, and I once against found myself pressing into her. She bit into my lower lip as I pushed into her, my arms wrapping behind her ass, and helping to leverage a deeper thrust.

We kissed with unrestrained passion as our rhythm resumed.  She wrapped her arms and legs around me as well and pulled against me with all of her might.  Our pace quickened, and I felt her begin to contract against me. She pulled her lips away from me and buried her mouth into the base of my neck.  Then I felt the warm gush of her cum flowing down my shaft as she contracted against me with force. My neck did little to stifle her scream of ecstasy.  She bit gently into my flesh, and I pressed deeper into her. The sensations were too much, and I exploded inside of her with a force I hadn’t felt in a very long time.  Every twitch caused her to pull herself against me, her juices flowed again, and I nearly lost control of my knees.

Just then we heard a pounding at the door, and an angry voice demanding we come out immediately.  We both froze in utter silence. She looked at me, a bit of fear and a clearly mischievous grin. She backed away and pulled her panties up.  She waited for me to get my pants back up, and then kissed me passionately. The pounding resumed on the door, and she broke our kiss. She leaned up and whispered just one word into my ear. “Run!”

She quickly moved in front of me and then with one swift motion she unlocked the door and sprang it open.  She bolted like an Olympic runner and I took just a second to get my feet going and follow behind. Thankfully the two employees, one of whom seemed to be the manager, were caught off guard by her rapid departure and seemed to have not noticed me just yet.

I bolted out after her and struggled to catch up.  We both hit the exit, me just behind her, and as I came out, she was slowing down to let me catch up.  “Where’s your car?” she asked. I looked around for a moment trying to remember and then headed in its direction.  She followed closely behind me as we continued to run.

As we got close to my car, a good dozen spaces or so back from the door, I used my keyfob to unlock it.  We reached it and both climbed in quickly. Before either of us had time to buckle in, I was starting to back out.  As I did, I saw the manager and two employees come flying out of the theater entrance. We drove off in the opposite direction, heading for the main street.

“Where are we going?” I asked her a bit out of breath as we neared the parking lot exit.  “Go right!” she exclaimed, trying to get her seatbelt on. I slowed down at the end of the parking lot, looking back to see nobody was chasing us.  As we prepared to turn out of the parking lot, I also got my seatbelt on.

“I live just a couple miles away, we can go back to my place,” she said with a mischevious smile.  I didn’t argue. I didn’t know what was going to happen there, but if the events of the last little bit were any indication, I was going to like it.

After we got turned out of the parking lot, she started giving me directions.  It was already dark out, being winter, and traffic was a bit heavy still. As we made our way slowly to her place, she put her right foot up on my dashboard, and spread her legs.  This gave me an unhindered few of her cum soaked cotton panties. She smiled as I noticed and started to rub herself through her panties.

I’m not going to lie.  I’ve never driven while intoxicated, but I can’t imagine how it would be harder to drive intoxicated than it was to drive with her doing this next to me.  Part of me screamed that she needed to stop so I could pay attention to the road. The other part of me was getting so fucking turned on. Not that I wasn’t already turned on, but damn my cock was starting to really throb in my pants.

After a mile or so, she was starting to moan quietly in the seat.  Her right hand rubbing herself, now under her panties, and her left massaging her breast.  I nearly hit someone coming up to the light and had to hit the breaks pretty hard. She jolted and told me to turn left.  I squeezed into the left lane and we proceeded. She kept at her masturbation but was giving better directions.

It took about 10 minutes or so to go the couple miles to her apartments, and she quickly directed me where to part.  We both got out, the cool winter air snapping a bit of the horniness out of me. She started running for the building but stopped briefly and reached out to grab my hand.  We ran up the flight of stairs and down the hallway to her door. She reached into her small handbag and grabbed her key, fumbling to get the door open.

As soon as we both got into the apartment and I had pushed the door closed behind me she jumped into my arms.  I fell back a bit into the door but managed to stay upright as we began to kiss passionately. Her hands grabbed the sides of my neck as her legs wrapped around me and squeezed tight.  Her right hand was still damp from playing with herself in the car, and I could just barely make out the delightful aroma of her sex. It was exotic and drove me to kiss her with even more passion.

Soon I broke the kiss and started kissing down her neck, taking time to gently suck on her skin while flicking my tongue against it.  Her nails began to dig into my back and she started pulling my polo up. I broke from the kissing for a moment to allow her to pull my shirt off, and then turned both of us so that her back was to the door.  With the door helping me to hold her weight, my kissing of her neck, should, and ear continued. She played her fingernails across my back, the pressure causing a weirdly intoxicating pain.

She began gently bouncing up and down in my arms, rubbing her pelvis against my jean covered cock.  I was so hard again and throbbing with every motion. I could feel a burning warmth coming from her, and her panties were so wet I could feel the moisture.  Soon my hands were lifting her dress over her shoulders leaving her only in panties, with her pert c-cup breasts and firm pink nipples pressing into my chest.

It was dark in the apartment as we hadn’t managed to hit the lights, and I had no idea where the bedroom was.  I fumbled on the wall for a switch while kissing her with absolute lust. Finally finding one that illuminated the entry, I could see just well enough to find my way towards the living room.  I thought about slowing down for a moment to find the bedroom, but desire and lust were 100% in control of my body at this point.

I found the sofa and sat her down on the arm of it, with me standing to the side of the couch.  We continued to kiss while she undid my pants and let them fall to the ground. She stroked my cock a couple of times and then slipped off the arm of the couch.  She turned around and bent over the sofa giving me a perfect view of her ass.

I didn’t need any more of an invitation.  I knew she was wet and as ready as I was, so I stepped up and allowed her to guide me into her.  The couch put her at a perfect height, her 5’6” frame matching up perfectly for entry against my 5’10” standing height.  For the second time today I was entering heaven. The warm tightness of her body wrapping around me. She moaned loudly as I pressed deep inside of her.  She was so wet that I slid in without any hesitation, and soon we had a good rhythm going.

My hands were wrapped around her sides just below her rib cage, and her ass was padding each thrust.  Our breathing was labored and I felt her body beginning to clench against me. She started to scream for me to go harder.  I tried but it wasn’t enough, so I took her arms behind her, and grabbed her wrists, using them to help pull her against me.  

I felt her juices start to run down my shaft as her body tensed.  She was cumming and yet still begging me to go harder. I was starting to shake myself, sweat dripping from my brow.  I pushed deeper into her, my balls slapping against her clit over and over. She told me to spank her, and I gave her a swat.  She begged me to be harder and I smacked her ass good and hard.

This sent her body over the edge.  She exploded onto my cock, her warm juices flowing like a water jet.  They splashed on my body and my balls, and I thrust once more, pulling her convulsing body against mine.  For one of only a handful of times in my life, I had a real orgasm. My cock exploded into her, squirt after squirt of my seed flowed into her body.  Each spasm caused her muscles to contract on my cock and more juices to flow. She milked every last drop from me as we both finished in shaking, trembling orgasms.

I released her hands and held onto her hips as her body continued to contract against mine.  Our juices mixed together and ran down my shaft, dripping from my balls to the floor. I could barely stand, my legs shaking, my breath too labored.  As I went soft, I slipped from her and backed up. She slinked down to the floor, sitting on her knees, and I caressed the top of her head.

After a few moments, she reached up for me to help her up.   I did and she led me to the bedroom. We crawled on top of the bed with me laying on my back, and her laying on her stomach with her head laying on my chest.  I wrapped my arm around her, and we both wordlessly fell asleep.

I don’t know how long we slept, there wasn’t a clock in the room visible.  I guessed it had to have been at least a couple hours, as I felt somewhat rested from the activities, but not rested enough to have been the whole night.  She was climbing off the bed and noticed I had awoken to the motions. She asked if I wanted anything to drink, and I asked for water. She smiled and left the room.

I laid there on the bed, butt ass naked except my socks, which seemed to be hanging on through all the action.  I couldn’t logically make any sense of the evening. My brain was struggling to understand, my body just wanted my brain to shut up.  I was laying in a strange woman’s bed, having had amazing sex with her not once, but twice. Once which led to maybe my third or fourth real orgasm ever!  (For those that don’t know, cumming is not having an orgasm, two separate things, the latter of which is actually hard for men to achieve usually).

Should I spend the night? Would she expect me to show myself out soon? Was this just a one night stand?  So many questions, so few answers.

I was jolted out of my thoughts as I felt a water bottle bounce against my arm.  “Catch!”, she squealed as she also tossed a banana my way. I caught it and gave her a puzzled look.  “You’re going to need the energy she said,” another mischevious grin on her face. Seemed she liked those grins.  She stood at the end of the bed, her body bare of anything to block my view. She was amazingly beautiful. Her lightly curled shoulder length brunette hair, sparkling eyes, plump lips…  She dribbled a little water from her water bottle as she drank and it dripped between her breasts. I watched it flow down her body to her belly button, where her hand stopped it. She slid her hand up the water trail and then licked her fingers clean.  I felt my cock twitch involuntarily.

She must have noticed and giggled.  “Eat up big boy, you're going to need it!” she exclaimed.  She stood there watching as I took a swallow of the drink and then put the lid back on.  She then dipped her head towards the banana now laying towards my side. As I picked it up and started to eat, she crawled onto the end of the bed.

Her hands found my legs and started gently caressing above my knees.  As I slowly ate the banana and took sips of water, she moved her caresses up my legs.  It was hard to concentrate on eating, but if I slowed too much, she would stop. I didn’t want that!

Normally a naked woman caressing my legs would lead to a pretty much instant hard on, however, I noticed I wasn’t getting very hard yet.  I started to worry that maybe we had worn it out and I was about to disappoint her. She didn’t seem concerned yet, and I finished off the bottle of water.  As I was taking the last swallow of water, I felt her hand wrap around my mostly soft shaft and guide it to her lips.

Gently she began to wrap her lusciously soft lips around just the very tip of my cock.  Kissing it like a prized possession. One kiss, a second kiss, she took a little more into her lips and I felt her tongue just barely caress the tip.  I closed my eyes and laid my head back against the pillow. She was so gentle in her kisses and fondling. Working ever so patiently as my cock started to respond.  She would take the whole mushroom tip into her mouth, circling her tongue around it while lightly sucking.

As I started to finally grow hard again, she began taking more and more of me into her mouth.  Her right hand wrapped around the base of my shaft and her left started to caress my balls. I was breathing harder, and starting to moan.  I started to gently thrust myself into her mouth, and she started sucking a little more eagerly.

After a couple of minutes of me fucking her mouth, she pressed her hands against my hips and lifted her self up.  She scooted down towards the end of the bed, and then gave me a come to her motion with her finger. She was sitting on her knees on the edge of the bed, right about where my ankles were.  I wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted me to do, so I scooted down a little. She looked at my position and then motioned for me to come down a little more.

When my legs were hanging off the bed, just bent at the knee, she came up beside me and turned around.  She straddled herself over my face, positioning her womanhood where I could easily reach her with my mouth.  

As I began to gently kiss and then lick her womanhood, her hands pressed into my chest and she lowered her body on her knees a little more.  I teased her with my mouth for a couple of minutes, grabbing her thighs with my hands. She had the musky smell of sex and the sweet and salty combination of our juices from earlier.  It served to turn me on even more, like an aphrodisiac. I began to like, kiss, and suck with more passion and as I did so, she leaned forward, taking my cock back into her mouth.

I spent time on her labia, kissing, sucking, caressing with my tongue.  Then I began to lick her clit, starting with her clit and working back to her vagina.  This caused her to moan against my cock, the vibrations exciting me even more. I pressed my tongue into her a bit and wiggled it around, resulting in a firm caress of my balls.

We continued our exchange for several minutes.  My cock now throbbing in her mouth. Her grinding her pelvis on my chin, her juices dripping down my cheeks.  Sensing she was close to cumming again, I slowed a bit, and then pressed onto her butt cheeks moving her forward just enough for me to reach her anus with my tongue.  

I kissed her ass cheeks gently at first and then tickled her anus with my tongue.  As my tongue circled her anus, she sucked my cock deep into her throat and held it.  I felt her lips reach the base of my shaft and the tip of my penis press into the tightness of her throat.  This was such a turn on that I pressed my tongue into her anus and felt her butt cheeks clench as her juices flowed.

The pulled off my cock and used her hand to give it a couple of strokes as her body shook lightly from her orgasm.  After a few seconds, she lifted herself up and moved down to my hips. She slid me inside of her while facing away from me, and I placed my hands onto her ass.  Slowly at first, she began to move up and down. Though she was wet from just having cum, her body hugged me with desire. I could see her lips gripping my cock with each thrust in the moonlight coming through the window.

She continued to ride my cock, moaning gently as she increased her pace.  My hands gripped her hips firmly, pulling her down onto me and then lifting her up.  I would occasionally spank her firmly which elicited a light screen and more eager bouncing from her.  After several minutes she placed her hands on my knees and started rocking back and forth. I could tell she was dragging my cock against her clit.  She was begging me not to cum yet, but thanks to my earlier draining, I was doing ok.

I could tell she was getting exhausted and I used my hands to hold her up and prevent her from lowering back down.  Then I began to rapidly thrust myself into and out of her. She squealed and used her left hand to start playing with her clit.  Finally, she reached down and grabbed my balls, then released all of her weight onto me, pushing herself firmly down my shaft. Her body tensed and she let out a scream which most certainly woke every neighbor in the building.

She bucked her body on my cock a couple of times, and then slowly fell to my side.  I let her snuggle up to me, and caressed her back for a few minutes. She was busy catching her breath, but kept on hand on my cock, slowly stroking it.

After five minutes or so, she climbed back on top of me, this time facing me.  She began kissing my lips passionately as she rubbed herself against my throbbing manhood.  She was so wet and so warm, I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around her and pull her tightly against me.  We kissed for what seemed to be a good ten minutes, and she continued rubbing herself against me.

Finally, I leaned up on my elbow and using one hand to push back, and the other to help move her with me, I moved towards the headboard.  Resting my back on the headboard with her sitting on my lap, she slowly guided herself down onto me. We continued to make love slowly. Our lips found each other's bodies.  Our hands explored. Our bodies melded together into one.

There was no rush to this love, it was slow, delicate, erotic.  Slowly she would lift herself on me and then slide back down. I could feel every ridge, bump, and grip of her body against my cock.  The gentle trickle of her juices flowing down me, caressing my balls. It was some of the most sensual love I have ever made.

After what seemed like hours, but was probably just several minutes, she grabbed my face and pulled it into her chest.  Her rhythm increased, and I felt the pressure building inside me. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed tight. Our bodies came together gently embracing each other with almost perfect unison of our contractions.

We slid down on the bed so I was laying down, and she laid her body directly on top of me.  Her sweaty breasts pressed into my sweaty stomach, her head lying just below my chin. We held each other for several minutes and fell asleep like this.

Morning came with the chirping of birds, and the faint sparkle of sunshine breaking through the curtains.  I found myself lying against her back, pressed up against her. My left arm was under me and pushed straight out.  Her head was resting on it, and I could hear her soft breathing. She was still asleep. My right arm was wrapped around her stomach, with her arm wrapped over it and her hand clasping mine.

As the sunshine began to peek through the curtains, I lay there, listening to the rhythm of her breath.  Her naked flesh was so warm and so soft against my body. I couldn’t bring myself to move for fear of waking her.  Instead, I lay there, still as could be, my eyes admiring every curve of her form, every tiny hair glowing in the beams of sunlight.  Wondering if this was the beginning of something wonderful or just a dream unlike any before.

I felt her stir a bit, and then she nuzzled her butt against my morning wood, and grabbed my right hand a little firmer, pulling it up between her breasts.  She said nothing, but I could tell she was starting to awaken. Softly I began to kiss her neck and ear, whispering good morning to her, which resulted in her wiggling her butt against me just a bit.  Taking this as encouragement, I started to suck gently on her ear lobe. She smiled a bit, and rolled over, turning to face me.

“Good Morning To You Too!” she said with a faint smile.  She then reached her left hand below the sheets and stroked my morning wood a couple of times.  “Someone is a bit frisky already this morning, I thought for sure I had worn him out last night,” she said with her now famous mischievous smile.

Not having had dinner the night before, my stomach chose this moment to growl loudly, which elicited a bit of a giggle from her.  “I see someone is a bit hungry,” she said while playfully poking me in the stomach. I smiled back at her and gave a little shrug, to which she reacted by reaching over and slapping my butt.  “Come, I need a shower, and then you can buy me breakfast. We can get to know each other a bit,” she said hopping out of bed and heading for the en suite.

While she got ready, I decided I better find my clothes.  I started walking back through the path I thought we took the night before, picking up both our clothes as I did.  As I was doing so, I heard the toilet flush and the shower kick on. Just as I returned to the bedroom to start getting dressed, her head popped out of the bathroom door.  “Well are you going to join me or what?” she asked. I didn’t need any encouragement, and the bundle of clothes in my arms hit the floor.

She grabbed a couple of towels from under the sink, hanging them on the towel bar, and then opened the door to her shower.  Being an apartment, I expected a typical tub/shower combo, but this was an all tile shower with a bench seat at one end, and a glass wall and door instead of a curtain.  She reached out for my hand, and then lead me to the shower. She stuck her hand into the water first and tested the temperature. She adjusted it a bit and then flung the water on her fingers at me.  “How’s the temperature?” she asked with a grin.

We both stepped into the shower, she was facing away from me and towards the bench, and I was standing directly under the water.  After collecting one of those body wash loofa things, she added some body wash and then turned towards me. She pressed it directly to my chest and then started rubbing it around in circles, lathering it up.  My hands reached out and held her hips as I admired her body. She lathered my chest, and then my arms, poking me in the side when it was time to left them up for her to get my armpits.

She then made her way down my stomach and gently washed my still erect manhood.  She stroked it playfully several times with her soapy hand. As she knelt down to get my legs, she gave it one more stroke and then cupped my balls lightly.  “I think someone still thinks it’s time to play,” she said with a bit of a chuckle. “Well you’re certainly not helping him get any different ideas,” I quipped back.

She spun me around and started back at my shoulders.  A little scrubbing, a light massage, she worked her way back down to my feet.  With a slap on my butt, she declared I was done, and it was now her turn.

She placed more body wash onto the poof ball and then handed it to me.  I repeated the process that she had used on me, although I was a bit more gentle around her breasts, and of course, I took several extra opportunities to massage her soapy breasts and play with her nipples.

As I reached her pelvis, she spread her legs and I gently washed between them, this time taking a good minute or so to play with her body and massage her clit a bit with my soapy fingers.  This elicited a soft moan, but soon she was pulling her legs back together and telling me to behave. I obliged and finished her legs. She then turned around and I started back at her shoulders.  

I scrubbed down her back and onto her butt and made sure to get plenty of soap between her cheeks as well.  As my hand gently rubbed the soap between her cheeks, she backed up into me and placed her butt against my cock.  It had started to soften a little but quickly reversed course as she slipped it between her cheeks. She slid her butt crack up and down several times on cock and then turned around to face me.

She pushed me back into the water stream and hugged me as the water began to wash the soap off our bodies.  She moved me around a bit, making sure the water had cleared all the soap from me and then scooted past me to place herself in the water stream.  She then instructed me to sit on the bench, and she knelt down in front of me. Her hands rested on my thighs and she took me into her mouth. The water was splashing off her back and getting into my face, so I rested my hands on her shoulder and then leaned my head back closing my eyes.  

She wrapped her lips firmly around my cock and began to bob her head up and down.  Each downward stroke was accompanied by strong suction, and each upward retreat was highlighted by her tongue wrapping around my shaft.  As she reached the tip, she would suck on it, swirling her tongue around it, before repeating the process. Each time she took more and more of me into her mouth.  I’m not overly large, say 5.5” - 6”, but as she progressed, she was pushing the tip deeper and deeper into her mouth, and I could feel her throat beginning to contract against the tip.

I took her head into my hands, just holding it gently as she continued.  My moans began to grow a little louder, and I knew if she continued, I would most certainly blow my load.  She pulled back and then took my shaft into her hand, giving it a couple more licks like a lollypop. She then climbed up into my lap and used her hand to guide me into her.

She sat down on me gently at first, taking measured steps to fit me inside of her.  I wrapped my arms around her, helping to guide her down. I smiled up at her face and asked “I thought you wanted to get breakfast first?” with a smile.  “Well I couldn’t let that nice hard morning wood go to waste, now could I?” she responded. With that, I used my left hand to raise her right breast up a bit and took her nipple between my lips.  I sucked gently and caressed it with my tongue, which was rewarded by her hand finding the back of my head and pressing her mouth firmly against her breast.

We kept the rhythm slow as the steam built around us.  My mouth giving plenty of attention to each of her breasts, and her arms wrapping around my neck.  I could feel her body squeezing my cock more and more each time she slid down it, and I gave a gently bit to her nipple.  She pressed her body down hard onto me, burying me deep inside of her. I held her nipple with my lips and lightly between my teeth as I caressed the tip of it with my tongue.  She brought herself down on me hard a few more times and then I felt a tight grip as she began to shake a bit and pulled me tightly against her.

After a few seconds, she stood up and then lifted me up.  She had us switch position, and she was now near the bench and facing towards the wall.  She bent over a little and I approached her from behind. She grabbed some baby oil from the side of the bench and poured some into her hand.  She reached back and rubbed my cock in the oil. I wasn’t sure her motives, as she certainly seemed wet enough not to need lube, but I didn’t complain either.

She pulled me towards her, and I started to try and press into her, but her hand stopped me and she instead guided the tip of my cock up and down a few times between her ass cheeks.  She then lined me up with her anus and told me to go slowly. I had never had anal sex before and wasn’t really sure what to do, but I wasn’t going to deny this woman her desires. I pressed myself against her and started to slide in.  I got about half of the tip in, and then pulled back a bit. I grabbed her hips and pressed again, this time pressing about ¾” of the tip in. The resistance was firm, but not too firm.

Feeling that she needed a little more lube, I spit onto the tip of my cock and then pressed in again.  This time I fit the head in and her anus wrapped firmly around my mushroom. I held still for a moment, the warmth and tightness of her ass caressing me.  After a few seconds, she started to push back against me, forcing me a bit deeper. I slowly thrust in, and then pulled back until just before the mushroom of my penis started to pull out.  After a minute or so, I was thrusting deeply, and she was moaning louder and louder.

Her ass was so tight, it was like a firm, warm, wet grip trying to milk every last drop of cum from my body.  She started begging me to go faster, and I obliged. My balls were slapping hard against her pussy, and her moans were more screams at this point.  I wrapped my right arm around her body and my hand found her clit. I began flicking my finger across it quickly and she pushed hard against me. I nearly lost my balance and had to use my left hand on the wall to steady myself.  Two more thrusts and I couldn’t hold it any longer, I buried myself deep and let loose.

One spasm, another, then another.  She screamed as my finger kept at her clit and on the third spasm of my cock shooting inside of her, I felt her warm juices spray against my ball sack.  My body tensed and I fired two or three more streams into her. She collapsed onto her knees on the bench, freeing me from her body. I said nothing as I leaned against the shower wall trying to recover from my own amazing orgasm.  After a couple of minutes, she stood up and moved into the water. She rinsed between her legs and then between her cheeks, then stepped out of the shower.

I watched as she dried off and then wrapped herself in her towel and walked into the bedroom.  I took a moment to clean myself up and then stepped out as well. Drying off, I found myself needing to use the restroom, so stopped there before heading out to get breakfast.  When I came out of the restroom, I found her laying on the bed, towel loosely around her as she talked on the phone.

“... oh yeah, it was great, he was great, and he’s going to take me to breakfast here in a few…” she said to whomever she was talking to.  I figured it was some girlfriend who she was already sharing her exploits with. I smiled up at her and then proceeded to try and dig my clothes out of the pile I had made just before the shower.  “... oh you have no idea what you were missing out on last night sister. But tell me, how did the movie end up?” she asked the person on the phone.

I gave her a quizzical look as I started to dress.  Who’s sister was this, and how were they missing out.  I must have gotten lost in staring at her, my pants halfway on, as she looked up and saw me.  “... alright Sarah, well I better get going, thanks again, and I’ll see you tomorrow ok?” she finished the conversation and hung up.  I stared at her blank-faced and she just laughed. “Don’t worry, that was just Sarah, she’s my sister you know, well have sister, same dad”.


We had breakfast down the street at a little corner cafe.  I learned that Sarah is actually a lesbian, but hasn’t told her mom.  So she decided to hook me up with her sister Michelle. She did it in a very strange way, but I’ve got to admit it was one hell of a hookup. 

We spent the rest of our holiday break hanging out together as much as we could, and dare I say, damn near every day was almost as intense as the first.  We didn’t just screw like bunnies though, we also learned a lot about each other. We share a lot of the same interests and desires in life, and I think I now have a bonified girlfriend!  She’s coming down to Detroit in a couple of weeks for a 3 day weekend, and I might even tell you guys how that goes.