A perfect day with a perfect person


        I wake up with light beaming into the room all around me, the sun rays come in through the excess of windows in our open concept cottage, showering me with warmth, but not quite as much warmth as the princess nuzzled up beside me is giving off. I spend a few minutes just admiring her sheer beauty before gently moving the strands of flowing golden blonde hair out of the way and leaning in to give her a soft kiss on the forehead. I quickly start giving her gentle kisses wherever an inch of her silky soft and smooth skin is exposed, I pull back the covers to expose her godlike body in its full glory, hinting at the vigorous love making we did the night before. 

           I waste no time in continuing to shower her naked body with gentle kisses, slowly working my way down to both of our favorite places. It doesn’t take long for you to start to stir from your deep somber after I spend a few minutes on our favorite spot. I look up into your sleepy,warm, and inviting eyes and see the passion and eagerness within. You can barely ask me to make love with you before I am already on top of you propped up and positioned right in front of where I belong. I slowly sink into your warmth and pay attention to the pure pleasure painted on your pretty face from me being inside of you. I start out with painfully slow thrusts until you are so eager that you start to thrust back matching my thrusts. I quickly oblige to your obvious want and start to thrust inside of you faster and faster getting all of my motivation from your loud moans and the look of bliss on your face. As we go faster and faster I let you know that I am getting close, you just wrap your legs around my back and beg for me to come inside of you, it drives me over the edge and I pump all of my cum inside of my naughty little princess. 

        After I give us both a few seconds to settle down I lower myself down and cuddle up against your warm and sweaty body holding you tightly, still inside of you. I just lay there and bask in your warmth and softness holding you tightly as you are all nuzzled up against me, our bare skin touching and sending waves of happiness to my brain. It doesn’t take long for me to start exploring your body once again, wanting all of you; you call me a rat but I know you love when I run my hands all over your body and caress every single inch of you. 

       Before we get too carried away I decide that I should get up and make breakfast, you start to get up but I push you back down and tuck you in so you are all cozy, I insist you get a little more rest while I make you breakfast. I make you a simple meal of eggs bacon and toast with some orange juice and bring it all to our bed so we can eat together while we cuddle some more. I wake you up with a gentle kiss on the forehead and I little shake of your shoulder. I hand you your plate and set your orange juice on your nightstand before I crawl back under the covers and cuddle up with you again right where I belong.

       After our nice meal we decide that we should clean ourselves up some after the vigorous “workout” we just had earlier. I lead you to our large shower (one of my favorite features of the house) and start the water, turning around and giving you a deep passionate kiss while I give the water time to warm up. We both step in the shower and just let the water cascade over us as we passionately make out and grab and caress every part of one another. After a few minutes of that I get the bar of soap and start lathering every inch of you up, I spend some extra time at a few of my favorite places just to tease you. After rinsing you off you grab the bar of soap and do the same to me like the little hooligan you are, I love it. 

         We start kissing again and it doesn’t take long before I have you pushed up against the shower wall kissing and grabbing every inch of you that I can. I am rock hard again and I can see the eagerness in your eyes, I know you want me so badly. I position myself right in front of where I belong and rub it up and down, teasing you and making you softly moan into my neck. I quickly bury myself deep inside of you that causes you to give a loud moan in surprise, I continue making love to you with fast and deep thrusts, loving every single one of your moans and the feeling of your nails digging into my back. We make love for what feels like hours but probably was really only 15 minutes and when I’m finally on the edge I tell you. You quickly drop to your knees and start licking up my shaft just how you know I like it. You make me moan and gasp so much, you know just how to make me feel so amazing. When I tell you that I’m getting close again you take me fully into your mouth and start eagerly sucking me until I can’t take it anymore. I grab the back of your head for support and unload into your warm and tight throat so much. I admire how sexy you look on your knees in front of me one last time before I help you up and we finish our shower together. 


Chapter 2- 

          After our shower we get dressed and walk outside onto our raised patio. We are greeted with a view of a large back yard filled with beautiful trees and flowers and a nice lake. It is so peaceful and quiet that all you can hear is the gentle lapping of the lake and the occasional birds chirping. That is until our husky barks at us from below the porch landing, it must be lunchtime for the animals.

        We make our way down to the back yard and our husky quickly joins up with us, licking at our hands and being an attention hog. We stop and give him lots of pets and let him lick our faces before we continue on a short path to an old house. It was on the lot when we bought our nice homey modern log cabin, it is a gutted out house from the 80’s and it quickly became like our own mini zoo with just a little bit of work. 

       We open the front door to be greeted by two huge sulcata tortoise’s because one just wasn’t enough for my princess. The main level of the house was converted into a sanctuary just for our two cuties and they absolutely loved it. As you went to the fridge and grabbed some heads of lettuce and watermelon I stroked the soft shell of the nearest tortoise and admired his intricate designs. The second you got their food out for them they could care less about me, they made a beeline towards you anticipating their yummy meal to come. They made quick work of everything, leaving a huge mess behind in their wake but we cleaned it up together with smiles on our faces.

           We then made our way upstairs and it looked like we were transported to the reptile exhibit at the zoo. Glass cages lined the walls and held so many cute creatures. We had 2 snakes, 2 Russian tortoises (Pickles and Zippy still healthy and happy), a side neck turtle, painted turtle, bearded dragon, 2 frogs, and a chameleon. We spent close to 2 hours feeding and playing with all of them, but the time flew by with you, laughing and kissing as we worked, I would’ve thought you’d get tired of me grabbing you from behind and holding you tight while I kissed your neck and whispered in your ear that I loved you, but you would always love it and grind up against me in a playful yet sexy way in response that would drive me crazy. 

        As we stepped outside we were greeted again by our fluffy attention seeking husky again and it was obvious he was hungry. We made our way back to the house and topped off his food and water bowls, playing fetch with him and petting him for a while before finally going back inside. It was nearing 2pm so I decided to quickly make us a nice simple meal of turkey sandwiches on lightly toasted bread. We ate together on the couch with you sitting on my lap and cuddling up against me. We talked together as we ate, joking and enjoying each other’s company, you are always so easy to talk to and joke around with. 

          As we finished our light lunch I began to kiss your soft lips, forehead, and neck just admiring your beautiful face as I did so. I grabbed your waist and flopped over with you so that you were laying on top of me, now it was your time to shower me with kisses, and you wasted no time in doing that. 

       You went sicko mode kissing every inch of skin you could get to, and when you ran out of space you pulled my shirt over my head and instantly were back to kissing me again. You gave me gentle kisses, hard kisses, sloppy kisses, and when you got carried away you’d give me small hickys. I laid there loving all of the attention I was getting and was quickly becoming rock hard again. 

          The second you felt me get hard you started to grind up and down and continued your constant barrage of kisses. I interrupted your plethora of kisses for a few seconds to slip off your shirt and wasted a few more seconds fumbling with taking off your black lace bra, my favorite. I couldn’t help but admire them, they still distracted me as much as they did the first time in the shagginwagon years ago. 

         You didn’t give me much time to caress your bare skin before making your way down to my pants with a trail of small kisses just to tease me. You fumbled with my belt and zipper, either you haven’t gotten any better in the past few years or you do it on purpose to tease me, I can’t quite tell. Once you pull down my pants and underwear you didn’t waste a second. When you grabbed it and felt how rock hard I was you let out the cutest little gasp that made me want you even more somehow. You quickly tore off your leggings and black underwear that matched your cute bra. You got back on top of me and with my help lined yourself up and slowly took all of me in, I let out a soft moan in response and that does nothing but make you more eager. You keep raising up so only the very tip stays inside of you and then quickly taking me all back in again, earning a light moan from me every time. After a while I couldn’t take anymore, I started thrusting back and developing my own pace for you to follow, at first you were sad your little game of teasing me was over, but soon enough you were moaning and begging me to go faster. 

       We made love for almost an hour, we would occasionally slow down and make out for a while, giving us each a chance to catch our breath, but soon we would pick up the pace and before we realized it we were making vigorous love once again. As I got closer and closer to cumming you got more eager and would thrust back just a little harder every time, determined to make me cum for you. And when the time came and I said I should probably pull out after I came in You this morning just to be safe, I could tell from your devilish smile that you had no intentions of letting me pull out. When I told you I was cumming you fully sank down onto me and started passionately kissing me once again. We both fell asleep on the couch in each other’s arms with me still inside of you.