Travels With Peter (ch. 05)

Heading home on the road. I had left Kentucky and was now heading almost due west. I had one more stop to make on this road trip and then it was home to Kansas. I had stopped off to enjoy Mammoth Cave National Park and was now just taking in the landscapes I was passing through. Spring was breaking out in little patches as I moved through prairie and hills. I loved seeing the Mayflowers popping up beside the road. I was not in a hurry.

After taking some side trips I neared my final rendezvous in the central part of Missouri. I was actually visiting with two little flowers who were roommates. They were online at a site as a pair. Being bisexual meant they loved sharing their bodies with each other and were looking forward to sharing with me. This was not a Dom/sub relationship. They were both in charge at one point or the other. At least, that was what they expressed online. Perhaps they were switches. Perhaps the reality would be different. But I did, indeed, look forward to having two red heads showering my body with their ecstatic love-making.

I was on the phone as I pulled into the college town. The cupcakes were students at the school. Both were studying engineering but had spent lots of time earning extra money by posing for the art classes which worked from life. So they had no problem displaying their bodies I guessed. I planned to observe as much as they had to offer, every nook and cranny of their luscious bodies. I was directed to an apartment complex right next to the campus. I was told to park my Prius in their parking spot. They didn't have a car and so it was not being used. God, I loved college towns and college pussy.

The two girls met me at the door of their third floor apartment. I was pleased to see they matched their pictures on Lush. Wendy was a dear with a pixie cut of her ginger hair. She was about one hundred twenty pounds and had a pixie body, too. Short and with lovely perky breasts pointing hard nipples through her tee shirt. Fine lithe body with a flair at the hips to handle her sweet rounded ass. She was very giggly. I could see I would get a workout kissing her every time she giggled. I gave her the first of many right then.

Beth was more voluptuous. Her hair was a brighter red and was longer down her back. Her breasts were large and not droopy at all. She was what we called curvaceous. A tiny waist gave way to large hips and a great ass waiting to be used. Her accent gave her away. She was from the UK somewhere. Studying abroad. She was about five feet eight inches. More my height. I had a great choice of pussy for fucking this Friday.

Both girls were obviously eager to get started. There was no spending time getting to know each other. They knew all they needed to know from my profile on Lush, the many cybers we had spent together or separately, and the agreement in their eyes that I met their expectations. They both gave me a juicy kiss and then they grabbed me, pulled me into the single bedroom, which had a large bed obviously shared by the two, and started tearing my clothes off. I allowed it. I was in heaven.

My cock was hard already. I did not need any "fluffing." My prick was bobbing up and down in anticipation. I stood waiting for the show to really begin. The two of them disrobed quickly, wearing only tee shirts and shorts with no underwear of any kind. They kept touching each other as they did this. They really liked using each other. That was clear.

They threw me onto the bed, face up, and they joined me. Wendy hopped onto my face and started rubbing her hairy pussy on my eager lips. Beth straddled me and with her pussy already juicy. She lowered herself onto my prick, sliding down slowly to get me more and more excited. Her pussy was hairy too. Both still had their ginger curleys. I was later told this was for their art classes. The professors preferred bush for the students drawing or painting from life.

I like pussy hair. I am old school, being sixty-five years old. I did, indeed, love eating and fucking waxed or shaved pussy, but I had not problem at all with hair pie. And I had no problem with how they were using it. Wendy was rubbing so hard that I almost smothered, but I licked and nibbled her pussy lips with enthusiasm. I like juice from a cunny. I used my hands to reach up and maul her taut titties with their rock hard nipples. I pinched them hard and she moaned as I twisted her nipple studs. I bit her clit and she whimpered and grabbed my head and fucked my face harder.

Beth was fucking me briskly, humping up and down with lots of gusto. Her huge tits were hanging like fruit waiting to be picked, bouncing and bobbing and wanting to be played with. I did so. I could not hold all she had to offer, but I squeezed and pinched her soft boobs and nipples with all the joy of a young lad.

All this time Wendy and Beth had been touching and fondling each other. The kissed as much as possible while fucking my face and fucking my dick. They clearly were terribly fond of each other and of making love together with or without a man sharing the fun. Wendy kept oozing more and more quim liquids into my mouth. I took them all. And Beth was bringing me closer and closer to cumming. Both girls had orgasmed several times already. I knew from the moans and squeals they gave out when they had a cum. It was close to my turn.

At last I screamed into Wendy's cooze that I was going to shoot my spunk. "Here it comes Beth." She fucked me faster, wanting to be filled with my seed. I did it. I shot a load. My cum squirted in streams up her pussy and filled it so much that it was dribbling down my dick and spreading over my nuts. Then she pulled away and rolled off of me to the side. Faster than lightening Wendy was off my face and had her face in Beth's pussy, licking up the pussy juices and, especially, all of my cum leaking out onto Beth's hairy pussy. Beth humped up into her pixie face and caressed her ginger hair.

I took advantage of the chance, as Wendy's ass was up in the air. I leaned in and began licking her ass and giving her a rim job. She pressed back into my tongue up her hole and got a small ass fucking while she ate her roommate's pussy. Finally she had drained her lover and she leaned back into my arms. I held her close, giving her the cuddling she needed. I liked both of these flowers, but I had always held Wendy close to my heart. She was not aware of it, but it was true. I had always dreamed that we would be not just cyber lovers, but dear friends.

In any case, we had completed one fuck session. Another could come later. Now we were going to get cleaned up and go out for typical college food fare. The girls showered together and spent more time than was necessary, I thought. Then I was allowed to shower and did so quickly. They were dressed and ready when I finished. I was a fast dresser. Soon we were out the door. This time there was a car available, so I took them across town to a popular local restaurant. I had eaten there many times years ago. It had not changed. They had a vegetarian pizza and I had the gyros. Just as good as I remembered. It was a pleasure to treat my cupcakes to dinner.

Tonight we did something I had not done on this trip so far. We went out to a club for some alternative rock music. I was completely into it. I loved my music. And we did some three person dancing, too. I tried to grind up both of their asses to make sure they both felt loved and wanted. It kept me hard most of the evening. I loved that club on Broadway. Always had.

After a long evening we walked back to the apartment. We had parked there earlier because they lived so close to the club, as they did the campus. I had planned to spend the whole weekend if they had no problem with that, and I knew they didn't. Tonight would be interesting. I was sixty-five and tired. I was going to let the little flowers play and I was going to watch. I was sure they would love it. My cock would too.

"Wendy, that was a great evening. I want it to go on. Are you and Beth ready to put on a show for Daddy?"

"Oh, Peter, Daddy, I want to please you. You want to watch us? Beth, are you ready to make me and Daddy happy?"

"Fuck yes, baby. Let's have some fun! Daddy Peter can watch and his little girls will play." And she giggled. I kissed her well for it.

It was about midnight, the witching hour, and my little birds were going to show me how it was done by girls when they were a little drunk and a lot horny. First on the agenda was to get naked. They had lots of practice with that. So did I. I was hard and my prick was ready, but the old body was starting to feel the long trip and all the hard fucking. I found a chair at a study desk and sat back to avidly watch girl on girl sex.

Wendy and Beth had done this so many times, but it never lost it appeal. They were both grinning like loons as they watched each other strip, admiring each other's body and planning what to do to it. They came to each other and embraced, then looked at me and smiled. Loving online girls might be the best. Who knows? They pressed their bodies together and Beth was so much taller that Wendy got to lick and suck some huge tits immediately. Beth placed her hand behind Wendy's head, pressed her face into a melon tit, and moaned with ecstasy.

I had a feeling they could do that all night, but they were eager to put on a show for Daddy, so they broke the embrace and moved to the bed. I was slowing stroking my prick as I enjoyed every moment. Beth and Wendy moved together on the bed. They reached out together and began fondling and lubricating each other's pussy. Fingers went into pussies and found G-spots. They both had little orgasms and their bodies twitched and wriggled with the pleasure of it.

It was time for some serious girl fucking. They each spread their lovely legs apart and twined them into each other like a pair of scissors. They pressed their quims together and started tribbing. The moaning and whimpering began almost immediately. These were sexual beings. They loved sex. And they loved fucking each other. Especially with Daddy watching. They rubbed themselves harder and harder and each was rubbing their own tits. They knew how to please themselves. I could see their nipples harden and protrude out like little rubies. I wanted to suck them badly.

But I just jerked as they made each other cum and cum. They both squealed together and collapsed into each other's arms. Then they kissed and began making out with plenty of tongue, pressing their bodies together. But they were not yet finished with their evening's lovemaking. They slowly spread apart and Beth lay supine while Wendy moved over her placing her pussy above Beth's waiting mouth. Then Wendy bent down and began lapping up the wetness of Beth's cunny while Beth stuck her tongue into Wendy's quivering labia, licking each lip one after the other. And both attacked the other's clit with nips, and squeals were coming from each. I kept jacking harder and harder.

I watched as they ate each out for at least thirty minutes. They were insatiable. But I was growing tired, and my cock needed to cum. So I moved over to the girls and I placed my middle finger of each hand to a girl's little ass hole. I began to press my fingers in and they started both squirming and humping their asses back into the fingers. I fucked them and made them cum with my hands. And then I started jerking again until I was ready to cum. They had stopped eating each other and both looked up into my eyes pleadingly. I would have given my spunk to Wendy, but I felt bad about the way I was hiding my feelings for her. I decided to give myself to Beth as a way to show her she was dear too.

I moved to her mouth and she gobbled it up. I was ready to cum. I started squirting into her open mouth and she gagged and began swallowing, with watering eyes. I placed a hand on Wendy's head and caressed her. I looked into her eyes and she saw what I was feeling. She smiled and was happy. Beth licked her lips and my cock and then kissed Wendy. They did love each other.

That was it for the night. We all went to bed together. I was the Peter sandwich filler. We didn't bother to shower or clean up. We smelled of sex and we loved it. I went to sleep with a tit in each hand and two little hands holding my peter.

I awoke with two tongues on my cock. They were so sweet. They were cleaning any leftover spunk off of my dick. I repaid the favor. I licked each pussy clean and asked for more. They both giggled and I kissed both, starting with Beth and then giving Wendy some tongue.

Of course we showered and cleaned up. We were spending the Saturday lounging and talking and walking around campus. Just taking in the college ambience. I loved it and missed it. It was a good day and I really got to know both ladies. I liked them more and more. Tonight was going to be great.

I had rested well during the night and I had built up plenty of spunk for the evening. I was planning on fucking each girl as they had not been fucked in a long time. And I wanted each to watch and fuck themselves any way they pleased, with dildos or just their fingers. I wanted to repay them for the show they had given me the night before.

"Here's the plan my little flowers. Each of you is getting fucked tonight. Fucked well. The only question is who goes first and who gets me later. So tell Daddy who wants me first?"

They must have discussed something between themselves and Wendy came to me first. I realized that I had fucked Beth the night before and so Wendy wanted me fresh tonight. It was only fair. I took her hand and led her into the bedroom. Beth followed eagerly, with a vibrator in her hand. She was grinning. She enjoyed her girlfriend and she enjoyed watching her get fucked.

Wendy and Beth again undressed together, leaving me to my own devices. Nothing to it. All off in a snap. And old trustworthy was standing proudly. The ladies were lovely as they could be. And their pussies were glistening with the juices they were already producing. I had pre-cum dripping from my dick head.

I decided that I needed to get things moving. I took Wendy's hand, then picked her up in my arms and tossed her on the bed. She started giggling and I jumped to her and gave her the kisses she needed. Then I pressed her down on the bed, spread her beautiful legs, put the around my waist and entered her greasy twat. I rammed in hard to let her know what was coming. And she squealed with glee. I thrust into her as hard and as deep as I could. I began thrusting and she started humping back. Her eyes were fixed on mine and we were making love, not just fucking.

Beth was diddling her pussy and clit with the vibrator and whimpering as she watched us screw. She was making herself cum and getting ready for what was to come later.

Wendy and I were becoming one in our passion. I kept fucking her hard with her legs up on my shoulders and she took it and begged for more. I gave it to her. I had been giving her all I had and I was ready to cum. She had not stopped cumming since I first entered her. It was time to end this lovely moment with a burst of cum filling her cooze with my spunk. I groaned and she whimpered and I started filling her. She felt every surge of cum as it shot out. She was moaning with lust and she squeezed her legs tighter around my waist and wrapped her arms about me. She was crying. What a dear. I was spent at this moment. I pulled out and kissed her with passion.

Beth came over and sucked off our cum from my cock. Sweet girl. Then she licked Wendy clean. Wendy sighed with happiness and love for both of us.

We all relaxed on the bed. I was resting up for Beth. She had earned her reward from Daddy. Oddly enough we cuddled and watched a romantic comedy on their TV. Funny. We spent about two hours just relaxing. Then I kissed Beth and asked her, "Sweet Beth, do you want Daddy to fuck you now?"

"Yes, please Daddy Peter. Fuck me please. But I want it different tonight please. I need some ass action. Wendy fucks me there with her strap on, but I want the feel of some man meat. Please Daddy?"

Hell, yes, I thought. I could use some ass fucking!

I kissed Beth and then placed her on the bed and got behind her. I licked her ass hole and lubed it. Then I eased my cock into her puckered hole. She started moaning with pleasure. I pushed harder and she pushed back. I got it all in and then pulled back. With that I rammed it in and she whined and whimpered and pushed back for more. And I started fucking some tight as hell ass. God, this was nice fucking, too. I thrust into her and she started opening up for me. It was so tight and smooth and good. I fucked her hard and her whole body shook as her tits wiggled and I reached around and squeezed them for my pleasure and hers. Her nipples were hard so I nipped them with my finger nails. She loved the pain. I kept fucking her ass for as long as I could take it and then, after feeling her cum juices streaming down her thighs I shot my last wad for the night. My spunk filled her up. I pulled out and her cream pie formed. It was lovely to look at.

I then cuddled with both of my cupcakes. We again spent the night with me in the middle. Life was good.

On Sunday morning Wendy woke me very quietly with a kiss on the lips. I came wide awake and was reaching for her when she put her finger to her lips, shush. Okay. We softly got out of bed. Beth stayed asleep.

"Peter, I wanted you to know that you are special. You understand. You are special to me and I want us to be special friends to each other. Do you feel the same?"

"I do, Wendy. I have known for a long time you were special to me too. This is it. I will always be there for you."

This was a great end to a great road trip. It was just what I needed for my life. We awakened Beth, and we all had showers and played together, but I had to leave. This was the end of the trip. I had been very happy with every lady I had met. They all made online lovers proud. And I was on my way home with a new and great friend to always turn to.

Who would care for a better Road Trip?