After the massage...

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30 May. '19

Jane was a vision of cool, confident beauty as I looked at her through the peephole of my hotel room door. I had almost fallen asleep while thinking of her, now she was at my door and could have only one reason for being here. My cock started to twitch in my boxer shorts at the thought of me returning the favour of the fantastic happy-ending massage she had given me earlier.

I quickly opened the door and stood aside so she could slip into my room. She smelt like heaven. I closed the door behind her and she looked me right in the eyes and said “So, were you serious earlier about ‘returning the favour’? I’ve been thinking about you ever since.” Wow! This thirty-something goddess of a woman had been thinking about me? I was absolutely speechless and couldn’t think of anything at all to say, smart or otherwise. Instead, I smiled, leant towards Jane, cupped her face with one hand and kissed her on the lips. I pulled back, saw her eyes were closed, so I moved back in and this time, gave her an open-mouthed, tongue-charged kiss, dropping my hand down to pull her closer to me. We kissed for what felt like ages, the lust and passion between us manifesting itself in little sighs and heavy breathing. When our lips finally parted, Jane spoke as if she had only asked her question a second or two before. “I’ll take that as a yes, then!” and I simply smiled and nodded.

OK, had I actually fallen asleep and was having the best dream of my young life? It felt real and I was immediately glad I’d left the dinner early when Jane said “I can stay all night if you like? It’s my day off tomorrow.” I had finally composed myself, although my brain hadn’t informed my penis of this, which was pushing out a satisfying bulge in my boxers following our passionate kiss. “Jane, that would be amazing. Would you like something from the mini-bar? I think there’s some wine or…” Jane interrupted me with “No need Sweetie, I planned ahead!” and produced a bottle of red and two clinking glasses from the canvas bag she had brought with her. Still pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t in a dream, I sat on the edge of the bed and took the bottle from Jane. I opened it and half-filled the two glasses, handed one to her and said “Here’s to massages!” Jane giggled her infectious laugh as we took a long swig of wine, both of us suddenly a little nervous.

“Now Andy, I don’t want you thinking I do this all the time. I promise you you’re not just a perk of my job. This is the first time I’ve ever been up to a client’s room, honest!” Well, if we’re being honest, I couldn’t have cared less right then if she did it every night and twice on Sundays! She was here now with one thing on her mind and being a horny twenty-year old, already aroused from the earlier fun we’d had, I was NOT going to let this opportunity slip by. I felt I had to reassure her though. “Of course I don’t think that Jane. I can tell you are a very classy lady. I’m just so pleased you liked me enough to come and see me again. You’re so beautiful, I really can’t decide whether or not this is real or if I’m only dreaming!” I smiled and Jane responded with her own dazzling smile. “I was thinking about you as I was drifting off to sleep, so you can forgive my doubt?” I added, imploringly.

Jane stopped smiling, took my hand in hers and said “No doubt, Sweetie, none at all,” and reached forward to kiss me again. We put the wine glasses down on the bedside cabinet and I removed my robe. Jane stood in front of me as I sat on the edge of the bed and said “Mind helping me get undressed?” With slightly trembling hands, I reached for the buttons on her blouse and one by one, undid them. She pulled the loose blouse from her waistband and shimmied her shoulders until it fell to the floor. Now for the skirt. She span around and her hips were level with my face. I unbuttoned the skirt and pulled the zip down. Jane let it drop to her ankles then daintily stepped out of it. She turned back to face me and was now wearing just her delicate white underwear, which was see-thru and looked terribly expensive. Classy underwear for a classy woman, I thought to myself. My dick was stretching the fabric of my boxers now, as any man’s would with this beautiful woman standing before him. “I need to get naked!” laughed Jane, as she unclipped her bra and swiftly dropped her panties.

Oh my God! Her body was even better than I had imagined. Slim but not skinny, firm but not muscular, all curves where curves should be and her breasts! I don’t think I ever have or ever will see better breasts on any woman. Leonardo couldn’t have sculpted anything better, perfect size, perfect shape and already-erect nipples, just begging to be tweaked and sucked. I must have looked like a total numpty as I stared, open-mouthed at Jane’s stunning physique. Jane smiled at my appreciation of her perfection, so being the type of guy I am, I said “Meh, not bad, I suppose!” Jane raised her eyebrows at my sarcasm, but before she could say anything, I added “Perfection will just have to do.” I got a forgiving smile and Jane said “Well, I seem to be having the desired effect on you, young Andy,” as she gazed down admiringly at me fully erect penis.

Jane dropped to her knees and positioned herself between my knees. I suddenly remembered just how much I wanted to feel her luscious lips wrapped around my cock earlier and before that feeling had a chance to develop, I felt pursed lips against my glans and I let out an involuntary moan. “You have no idea how much I wanted to do this earlier,” she said and I replied “Oh fuck, I have to tell you I thought exactly the same!” Jane giggled at my cursing, like she had done earlier, then dropped her head as she took my full length into her mouth. My head started to spin. I had gotten blowjobs before, but never like this. Her mouth felt so hot and the feeling of her tongue on my knob and shaft was absolutely mind-blowing. “Mmmm,” purred Jane, “I absolutely love your cock Andy, it’s so hard and feels so good in my mouth.”

Sure Babe, go on, I thought. Talk dirty like that and you’ll be getting a protein shot in about 5 seconds flat! I was desperately thinking about that bad offside decision I’d got at the end of the football match earlier. Then I tried to picture the referee’s face. Anything to try and hold back a few seconds longer, to make this blowjob to end all blowjobs last. Jane was tickling my perineum again with one hand, gripping my shaft with the other and swirling her tongue all around my cock head. You have to remember here, I’m twenty, not that sexually experienced and at the mercy of a goddess. “Cum for me, Baby,” whispered Jane, huskily. She wrapped her lips back around my cock and sucked, moving the fingers that were tickling the underside of my testicles down by an inch or so, deliberately tracing them around the opening of my anus.

I thought I had died right there. I gasped as I felt her fingers on my asshole and let out the loudest “Ooooooooooooooooooh! as I filled Jane’s mouth and throat with cum. I couldn’t moan loudly earlier and I more than made up for it now as spurt after spurt of semen shot out of me and into Jane’s very naughty mouth. She slowed her sucking and stroking when my hips started to buck and she placed her hand flat on my tummy. She looked up at me and said “No good?” with a smile and with cum dripping from her mouth. I always thought ‘love at first sight’ was an exaggeration, but I have to tell you, ‘love at first blowjob’ is very definitely a thing! I wanted to marry this woman and have six babies with her at that moment. Maybe even seven. When she stood, reached down and gave me an open-mouthed cummy kiss, I nearly fucking fainted!

The power of a beautiful woman, I thought to myself, as I recovered from the second earth-shattering orgasm given to me by this awesome girl. It’s no wonder men through the ages have fought wars and done anything a woman has asked them to when feeling like this. Fortunately, for me, Jane simply asked “Would you like to see if I taste as good as you do?” and crawled onto the bed next to me. Of course I wanted to. I’d been wanting to taste her since I’d first clapped eyes on her. But I had a plan. I wanted to make her first orgasm extra special, as well as get some ‘revenge’ for her teasing me on the massage table! “Mmmm, you bet I do!” I replied. “How about you lie on your tummy first and I can give you a nice massage?” Jane beamed up at me and said “Oh, great idea! Nobody ever massages me!” and flipped her body over. I was now presented with Jane’s perfect body, face down her head resting on her arms, ready for me to grope. Sorry, I mean massage. I didn’t have any oil to hand, so I decided to rub my hands over her quite gently and I reached down to give her little kisses all over her neck and her ear lobes. I felt her shudder as I did this and I was confident she was enjoying my touch. I was sat astride her thighs and my flaccid cock was nestling in between her firm ass cheeks. It didn’t stay flaccid for long as my hands moved down over her soft, firm flesh. I shuffled down the bed so I could reach her ass cheeks and marvelled at the feel of them in my hands, loving the sound of Jane moaning softly as my hands parted those sexy buttocks and my thumbs brushed against her anus. Jane parted her legs a little so I could caress the inside of her thighs and trace a finger around her labia. Her moans grew louder and louder until I spread her legs wider and pushed a finger inside her. I immediately felt her pussy contract and pulsate on my finger. Had she cum so quickly? I pulled my finger out of her, moved my hand under Jane’s tummy and lifted her so her ass was pushed up towards my face. Without any subtlety, I buried my face in her ass and stuck my tongue out, darting it into her open pussy lips.

The shriek that emitted from Jane’s mouth would have disturbed the guests in their rooms on the entire floor! I remember thinking I hope I don’t get a call from reception, or worse, the police! But Jane’s moaning didn’t stop there. She kept saying “Oh my God, oh my God,” over and over as my tongue explored her beautiful pussy. I hadn’t received any formal training on how to eat pussy (imagine what those classes would be like…) but my inexperienced technique seemed to be to Jane’s liking. I ran my tongue up and down her outer lips, eased it into her then back out before concentrating on her clitoris. Oh, and all the time, my fingers were exploring too, especially around her puckered anus. Dare I slip a finger into her bum? What the hell, I thought. I had my lips fastened around her very erect clit, so I sucked hard as I pushed the middle finger of my right hand into her anus. Jane responded by shouting “Oooooh Myyyyy Goddddd!” and pushed her ass into my face hard as she experienced a shattering orgasm, her body shaking, shuddering and convulsing and her blissful moaning arousing me again.

I released her and let her flop down on the bed, breathing heavily. I lay next to her and cuddled her as she curled into a ball next to me. We spooned for a few minutes until Jane’s breathing returned to normal. I’d wanted to make it special for her and I think I had achieved my goal. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself when Jane turned her head to look at me. “Meh, not bad!” she said, wickedly. “Touche,” I replied. “I’ll try harder next time, Ma’am!”

“Well, you’re a dark horse, young Andy! I had no idea your major at college was pussy-eating!” I wanted to make some wise-crack about years of determined study, but Jane put her fingers on my lips to stop me. “I hope you learnt how to fuck as well, because I really need to feel you inside me right now!” I looked down at little Andy, who wasn’t so little, now I come to think of it. He was pointing skyward and as eager to fuck this beautiful girl as she was to take it. I’ve never been lucky enough to test how many times I can cum in one night before, but if this was to be an examination, I was gonna try hard to get an A+. “I’ll do my best Jane. Fancy a ride?” Jane squeaked her approval and I lay on my back. Jane dropped her head to taste my throbbing cock once more, said “Mmmm, fucking delicious!” then positioned herself in a squat above my hips. I held my cock so it was vertical and felt Jane lower her red-hot, soaking wet pussy lips onto me. She allowed the knob to slip into her, then she pushed down until my full length penetrated her. We both moaned in unison, then giggled at ourselves. I held on to Jane’s hips and helped her establish a rhythm, my hips thrusting up as her ass crashed down onto me. We started quite slowly, but before long, we were fucking like a couple of rabbits, faster and faster, deeper and harder. It was mind-blowingly good, I never wanted this night to end. I’m sure Jane came twice while we were fucking like this, her juices were flowing freely from her pussy and we squelched beautifully as my cock disappeared into her with each stroke. But Jane wanted to change things and said “Mmm, fuck me from behind, Baby,” and lifted off me to get onto her knees. As she was changing position, I took a sip from my wine glass, stroked little Andy a few times, then got behind her. I couldn’t resist dropping my head down to taste her pussy one more time, making her shudder again, then I gently rubbed my cock head up and down her slippery slit. Based on the previous position, I figured Jane wanted it hard, so I was a bit naughty.

I got my cock into position at the entrance to Jane’s pussy, paused, then rammed into her in one forceful thrust, making Jane shout out and clutch at the bed sheets. “Oh fuck, yes!” she shouted, so I knew I’d judged it right. I pummelled Jane’s pussy mercilessly, thrusting into her again and again, gripping her hips and crashing her ass into my groin. Her moans were getting louder and louder and I could feel my head starting to get fuzzy as my orgasm started to rise from my loins. A few more strokes and I would… Jane beat me to it, her orgasm took us both by surprise and the force of it pushed me back. My cock popped out of her pussy as she came and squirted cum over my belly and legs. I’d read about this, seen the pornos, but had never experienced it before. I don’t think Jane had either! Cries of “Oh My God, what the fuck?” came from her and she was almost sobbing with the intensity of it. I was so close to cumming again, I shouted “Turn over Babe,” just in time to release a torrent of sticky white cum over Jane’s belly and breasts. I had great aim, as it turned out, covering her torso with my semen and my legs were decidedly shaky as Jane traced her fingers through it. She scooped up some cum and moved her hands to her face, letting the cum drip from her fingers into her mouth. I couldn’t wait to kiss her again and collapsed on top of her, reaching hungrily for her mouth. We shared another cummy kiss and I even licked her breasts and nipples clean, it was incredibly erotic.

We actually fell asleep in this position for a good half hour and when Jane woke, she nudged me. Sadly, I couldn’t move as we were now glued together by my sticky cum. I had visions of us being discovered by the house maid in the morning, two dehydrated bodies stuck together, never to be parted again. Jane, however, decided she didn’t want to die in a sticky mess on my bed that night. She tickled me until I fully woke and eventually we peeled ourselves apart, giggling at the absurdity of our position.

“I can’t tell you how glad I am you decided to come up to my room, Jane. You are so beautiful and that really was the best I’ve ever had!” Jane smiled back at me. “Best fucking decision I ever made!” she replied, making me feel pretty darn good about myself. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to take a quick shower.” I nodded although I was slightly disappointed she had decided to go. I needn’t have been. As Jane grabbed a dry towel and headed to the bathroom, she said “Andy, tidy the bed a bit, Honey. I’m gonna need some sleep now and I bet we’ll mess the bed up again before I leave you tomorrow!”

Sleep? Oh yeah, I remember sleep. We didn’t get much that night, I can tell you. When I had said goodbye to Jane and joined my colleagues for a late breakfast, I looked as bleary-eyed as they did. Nobody thought to ask me why I looked so tired and I wasn’t about to tell them. Boy, was I glad of a three-hour coach journey home. I slept and I dreamt. No prizes for guessing what I dreamt about on that coach journey and every night for the next two weeks!