Breast Guess

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06 Jun. '19
Breast Guess

Eric walked himself through the crappy day he just had in his mind.  He couldn't wait to get home, so he could kick back and relax.  The last week had been trying, because the company he founded was going through some major growing pains.  He wasn't personally going to lose anything, but he felt bad for the people who worked for him, because major changes were coming soon.  When he walked in the door of his penthouse, he was pleased to see his beautiful wife wearing an apron, and nothing else.

Cammie knew her husband would be stressed out when he got home, and prepared him a dinner like 'momma' would make.  He would eat, relax briefly and be treated to an adventurous evening in the bedroom.  A middle class-raised, everyman, until his app took off and made him his first millions, Eric drug the last little chunk of bread through the remnants of gravy left over from his meatloaf dinner.  He then sat back and admired his stunning wife of three years as she stacked the dishes into the washer.  She bent over, ever so slightly, so he could catch glimpses of her shaved snatch from behind.  Beauty!

Cammie fell hard for the 'everyman' Eric was, and knew she would be his wife eventually.  At the time, he was struggling with his several earlier attempts at 'overnight' success.  They didn't have any children, because she wasn't able to conceive.  It was a sad topic for them sometimes, but it left them lots of time to travel and do the things 'jet setters' were supposed to do.  Eric looked at her perfectly tanned, silky smooth back and decided to get things going a little earlier than planned. 

He moved behind her as she scraped plates into the garbage disposal side of the sink.  Cammie uncharacteristically jumped a little as he pushed his hands inside of her naughty apron and massaged her breasts.  She could feel his hard cock pushing through his dress pants against her ass, and again seemed a little startled.  Eric appreciated her 'acting' like this was more exciting than it really was.The two had been married three years this June and were no longer newlyweds.  Cammie turned over her shoulder and offered her lips to the man she loved; the man who was molesting her quite nicely as she tried to concentrate on the job at hand. 

She seemed less surprised when his, now, bare penis, was pushing against her ass crack as he massaged her shoulders, and rested his face against the back of her head.  Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a freckle on her right ear he wasn't sure he had ever seen before.  It seemed, that no matter how well you thought you knew someone, you couldn't possibly know every little detail; every inch of a person physically, or otherwise.  He figured that he was being more observant to take his mind off of the fact that he could smell that she had been sneaking around and smoking again.  "Pour us some wine you perve", she said, as she closed the door on the dishwasher, and began to wipe off the counter.  She could feel his erect manhood graze her ass cheeks as he turned to man the wine bottle. 

The two lovers spent thirty minutes exchanging sweet kisses, without much hand work; while polishing off a half bottle of wine.  Eric was really starting to relax, after the trying day at the office.  Cammie shivered several times as they 'made out' on the couch, and whispered sweet 'nothings' to each other.  She seemed a little tense to Eric, but he knew that she would soon be too engaged in the bedroom to think about her husband's troubles at work.  As she so often did, his wife grasped his hard penis in her hand and led him to the bedroom.  'There's my gal', Eric thought to himself as he wrangled the bottle of wine and two glasses, while being pulled by his ‘leash’. 

With thirteen-hundred dollar sheets underneath them on their king sized bed, Eric and Cammie spent a few minutes recreating the 'kiss fest' they had on the couch earlier.  It was a little unusual for her to spend this much time on the 'preliminaries'.  Normally, his cock would be 'visiting' the back of her throat, and giving her a taste of what was to 'cum'.  Eric played along with her, apparently new, patient approach to getting the party 'started'!  The two were now lying on their sides; facing each other.  After a small hesitation on her part, the came together in a clinch and began their 'normal' grab ass approach to love making.  He pushed her onto her back and alternated kissing and nibbling at each of her nipples.  She took control of his head and pulled him flat on top of her.  He began sucking on her neck and waited for her to signal 'foul' for unnecessary hickies.  The nudge on the side of the head didn't come as he continued sucking and kissing her neck and shoulder.  He put more emphasis on her shoulder, as she would be able to hide the 'evidence' later.

Cammie pushed his head back and guided him to her lips.  Eric's cock, like it was on auto pilot, slipped right into her snatch.  It felt plenty hot and slippery in there, as usual.  He fucked her slowly as he continued kissing her.  Her eyes were closed tightly at first, but then she opened them up and stared deep into his eyes.  They betrayed that something was different.  He couldn't quite put his finger on it, and wondered if she might have something important to tell him later.  They had additional partners join them a few times, so her jerking off the doorman, or something like that, wasn't something that would normally worry her, so he became a little concerned.

It felt really good inside her, and he began to fuck her a little harder now.  Their lovemaking had always been like a church service; following a written program ‘religiously’.  Today, however, they skipped right over the part where his penis would spend a little quality time in her mouth, and it seemed like his favorite part, getting her off with his tongue, was going to be skipped over as well.  He would be damned if he was going to 'get off' without taking her to her special place first.  Cammie was really enjoying the good fucking, and she seemed like she really didn’t want him to pull out, regardless of it benefitting her.  He did it anyway and slipped down to suckle her nipples briefly before moving down where his face was staring at her lovely pussy. 

With his arms under her legs, he took the time to gently bat her titties on the sides a little.  She shivered again after that, but settled right in when he put his face against her pubic mound.  Eric's tongue found his lady's 'special' cave and explored it like he had never visited it before.  He had a strict routine for the business at hand, and stuck to the script.  He probed inside of her vulva, like he was looking for something.  He knew that his wife liked him to cover every inch of her snatch area, inside and out; with little licks and kisses.  He massaged her breasts as he worked his way around the main event, and then moved to the middle and inserted the tip of his tongue inside her.  He pushed the thought of her ‘entertaining’ another out of his head, when he didn’t find any out of the ordinary debris in there.

He took long licks from the bottom to the top of her 'slit', on his way to the clitoral main attraction.  Cammie was immediately into what was happening and began to murmur, under her breath, like she always did.  He licked and sucked, and licked some more.  Her very small clitoris wasn't made for nibbling, but he always tried to do so.  Foiled again, he sucked on it and concentrated his tongue on her 'main spot'.  His wife of three years threw him a little 'curve' ball as she became juicier than she ever had before as she cum.  Eric dutifully lapped everything up that he could, as her delightful, uncharacteristic 'gush' subsided. 

Eric caught his breath for a moment, while holding the palms of his hands flat on her probably sore titties.  He always did that; part of his 'routine'.  He didn't know if it helped or not, but it did keep his 'pinchers' and mouth off of them for a couple moments.  After deeply kissing her snatch, during her titty 'cool down' period, he pulled away and moved up to begin fucking his wife again.  She smiled broadly as he kissed her with his cummy lips.  He was delighted that she didn't give him her normal 'grimace' face as he continued kissing his wonderful bride. 

As they fucked, he decided to forgive her.  She would never know that he so graciously did so, because he wouldn't mention that he suspected she had been smoking, and probably fucking one of his friends.  They had invited his closest buddies, and their wives, into their bed at one time or another, so 'what was the difference?' he thought.  With that put aside, he increased his normal 'fucking' cadence; hoping to screw the guilt out of her.  After five (surprising) minutes of keeping up the 'blistering' pace, he felt his nuts begin to tighten; signaling the beginning of the 'man flood'.  He slowed down and began to push himself up, but was surprised that she pulled him back down.

This was a lady that liked her man's semen laid neatly across her face, with one or two pumps into her mouth.  He wondered, sometimes, why she didn't often let him finish inside her, but didn't question it.  He thought, for a split second, once that it had something to do with her not being able to produce what might combine with his seed to make little Cammie 's and Eric's'.  He would just enjoy the ride, because, like all men, he knew this was a penises' favorite place to finish off.  They kissed deeply as he pumped his goo inside of her.  He wanted to continue fucking her, because that's the other thing penises love to do after they've made their mess.  She pulled him close and held him there for nearly five minutes.

Cammie looked up at her beloved husband, while they traded sweet, loving kisses during his 'soak' time.  He decided that he was more in love with his woman, than he ever was before.  This was new, and he hoped to repeat it many times before death, or money did they part.  Eric got up and took his wife's hand.  He pulled her toward their 'traditional' shower after sex, and was surprised, for the fourth or fifth time tonight that she pulled away.  'Uh Oh...the shit's getting ready to hit the fan', he thought as she opened up the doors to their private, enclosed veranda. 

Cammie walked over to a window that was 'cracked' open a little.  She pushed it open wide; even though there was another building facing it, and people could see her breasts if they looked out.  She reached out onto the ledge and produced a pack of cigarettes.  She put one in her mouth and lit it, while her husband just stood there; looking just as stupid as he felt at that moment.  She leaned her back on the window sill and took a long drag before trying to blow the smoke over her shoulder; out the window.

Eric hated that habit and was preparing his 'lecture' that he would give her...later.  He looked at his confusing, contrary woman, who was standing there, flaunting her disgusting habit in his face.  He had to admit that the 'confident bitch' look was a pretty big turn on.  He knew he couldn't control his wife's life and hoped that she would listen to reason.  He knew better though, as he sat on a 'lawn' chair and studied his silent, almost resolute better half.  The moonlight, coming through the window, made her face look like that of an angel’s.  Her beautiful eyes and pursed, perfectly proportioned lips turned him on to no end.  Her wonderfully symmetrical, teardrop-shaped breasts…  Eric’s face became contorted and he gave her a confused look.  He walked closer, without ever taking his eyes off her breasts.  He looked at the left, then at the right; then at the left again.  "Who are you?” he asked as he walked away to find his underwear and modesty.

Eric's mind was racing a thousand miles an hour as he tripped, while trying to get his underwear on.  What kind of sick delusion was he in the middle of?  How could his wife not be his wife?  He knew she wasn't Cammie, but couldn't figure out what science fiction movie he had watched to provoke this nightmare.  He would wake up with his head lying on his desk at work, like he had done several times in the last month.  He just knew it!  When he got his underwear and slacks back on, he walked out to confront the tremendous piece of ass, that turned out not to be his wife.  He didn't feel good about it, but he hoped the rest of his nightmare would involve the Cammie Clone fucking him again.  ‘Maybe two or three times!’ he thought.  Oh the poor decisions and pratfalls of being a man!

He looked suspiciously at his naked, smelly ‘not’ wife.  Before he could get a word of out his mouth though, he heard the apartment door open, and then close.  "Now what?” he said as he looked into the bedroom.  He almost caved into a puddle of 'man emotion' when he saw his wife walking through the bedroom.  He looked back at the smoking, naked 'robot' that had fooled him into having really great, wonderful, totally enjoyable, incredibly hot sex with it.  "Carrie", he said dejectedly as he waited for his wife's wrath to rain down upon him.  He couldn't figure out what kind of 'soap opera' cave  or prison Cammie had to escape from, but wished she could have done it before he fucked her evil doppelganger.  He kept his eye on the 'criminal' who had perpetrated this hoax on him, while trying not to look his disappointed, heartbroken wife in the eyes.

He didn't blame Cammie for walking past his sorry ass, and approaching her sister instead.  She stopped just short of the monster that 'made' Eric have sex with her.  She reached out and took the cigarette from her hand and joined her; leaning against the window sill.  She took a drag and looked at her pitiful, guilt-ridden husband.  "Take a shower Eric", was all she said.  He jumped at the opportunity to get as far away from this 'mess' as possible.  He turned on the water and waited to see if loud arguing would ensue.  He heard nothing, and mulled calling the police to be a buffer between the 'warring' sisters.  He wasn't sure what to do, so he defaulted to what he always did in tense situations, when his wife gave him an instruction.  He got into the shower.

His mind was racing a demolition derby figure eight as he stood there worrying that the two women might hurt each other.  At the same time, he was a little aroused at the thought of them ‘duking it out’ over ‘little ole’ him.  He leaned toward the shower wall and chided himself for not being able to tell the difference between the two beautiful women.  He looked down at his traitorous penis getting hard at this extremely inappropriate time.  He searched his brain for what he was going to say to one or both of them when he rejoined the two in a few minutes.  What happened next would turn out to be one of Eric's fondest memories.  The shower door opened with a 'click', and two naked Cammie' sisters!...stepped into the shower.

They were almost a perfect match.  Eric looked down at the two beautiful women, before telling his wife, who had a slightly larger right tit, how sorry he was for all of this.  Cammie smiled and kissed her beleaguered husband.  She held Carrie's hand as Eric's earlier conquest also gave him a kiss.  The two women slowly, erotically, and very deliberately gave Eric a 'sponge' shower.  They cleaned every inch of him, while giggling and talking back and forth.  He felt like King....well...King somebody, as they adoringly cleaned him up.  Eric, ever a man, waited for the two to begin soaping up each other.  That didn't happen.

Over coffee, after everyone was dressed, Cammie confessed that she had been talking to Carrie for months.  Carrie's love life, and life in general, was virtually non-existent, and she had thought about moving closer to her sister, after Cammie tracked her down last year.  The 'bad blood' that made the entire family turn on Carrie fifteen years ago, was water under the bridge, as far as Cammie was concerned.  The formerly inseparable twin girls were determined to never be apart again.  Eric sat stupefied that his wife orchestrated him having sex with her sister.  Not just sex, but unprotected, vaginal sex; with a 'happy' ending.  'Maybe she couldn't have children, like his wonderful wife', he thought.  'Maybe they 'both' want to be my wife', he thought and laughed out loud.  Cammie looked at her strange, laughing husband, turned her chair toward his, and put her hands on his legs. 

"I love you", she started.  "Carrie is going to come live with us", she added before giving him the 'but' look.  'Great...there's a but', he thought.  Maybe this would be the one in a hundred times when a 'but' was a good thing.  He didn't hold out much hope.  "With any luck, you can get Carrie pregnant soon, and we can all be one big happy family", is what came out of his wonderful wife's lips.  Eric tried to look thoughtful as a 'dick shaped' space shuttle was launching in his head; with all the fanfare attached.  "Well, maybe", he answered before smiling so big Cammie thought his face was going to split in half.  "You're such a fucking man", she said as she grabbed his and her sister's hands and brought them to her lips.

The three of them walked, in a clinch, into the bedroom to consummate their union.  Over the course of ten years and two children, the threesome (Eric loved saying that!) went on to be a successful something!  Eric often urged the two of them to engage in sex with each other, but that never happened.  Neither of them was really that into other women, except for 'what's his names' wife Donna from work, and, of course a couple of the ladies, who came over for play dates with the kids.  Being twins worked out pretty well for that; with one babysitting and the other...well, you know.  With the kids fast asleep in their rooms, Eric watched as the two women he loved were busy getting themselves off with ‘toys’.  He looked them over and couldn’t quite decide if he was going to get to go to 'church’ or the ‘carnival’ tonight.  Maybe both!  The only thing he knew for sure was that he felt lucky to be their extremely grateful,  always horny, deeply appreciative, immensely happy, exceptionally satisfied, enormously overworked husband.