Jake's New Client

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07 Jun. '19

Jake was on his way to meet a first-time client. He’d taken the booking from her two days ago and he chuckled to himself as he remembered the phone call.

“Hi, Jake speaking”

“Oh, yeah, um, hi, my name is, um, Mary. Sorry, I’ve never done this before, um…”

“No problem, just breathe a few times and tell me a little about yourself then we’ll see if we can arrange to meet. How’s that?”

Deep breaths….

“OK, I’m a grown woman, for Christ’s sake, I can do this!”

Jake chuckled quietly.

“Start again. Hi Jake, I’m Mary and I really want to hire a stud to come and fuck me while my pathetic husband watches. Wow, I said it. Is that something you could help me with?”

Jake toyed with the idea of pretending to be an insurance salesman, not an escort, but quickly dismissed the idea as too cruel!

“Sure, that sounds like fun, when did you have in mind?”

“Oh my God, really? Awesome, how about Friday afternoon? 4pm would be perfect as it’s the time my husband gets home and I want him to catch us at it.”

Jake thought for a moment.

“Hmmm, well I’m free Friday afternoon, but I have to ask, does your husband own a gun?”

Loud laughter from Mary.

“Of course not, he does what I tell him, you’ll be in no danger. I want him to find us in the middle of it and I’ll order him to sit down and watch, to see what a real man fucks like. You are a real man, I take it?”

Jake smiled, knowing the feedback on his website was probably why Mary was phoning him. There had been many ex-wives and ex-girlfriends lamenting their own ex-partners performances compared to Jake’s.

“No complaints so far, Mary. If you’re sure you want to book me, can you click the booking tab on my website and select “Couples” and take it from there? I’ll keep 4-6pm free on Friday for you.”

“Perfect, I’ll do it straight away. See you Friday, Jake, I can’t wait!”


Jake arrived at the address Mary had given him a few minutes before 4pm. He prided himself on his punctuality, knowing it was professional as well as not wanting to keep nervous clients waiting. Mary didn’t sound nervous once she’d composed herself when they’d spoken, She seemed to know exactly what she wanted.

Jake knocked the front door of a smart detached house in a quiet cul-de-sac. The door opened quickly and Jake walked straight in. He turned to look at the lady who had opened the door and was quite surprised to see a girl no more than twenty-five eyeing him up and down. For some reason, he had expected a more mature woman, but he’d learnt over the past couple of years doing this job never to pre-judge a situation.

“Mary?” he asked.

“Mmmm, you bet! Hi Jake, come on in.”

Mary had paid, via Jake’s website, for two hours of his time, and based on the fact that she was a great looking girl, he was optimistic of a good meeting. He was still a little apprehensive of being ‘caught’ by Mary’s husband, but suspected it was a pre-planned roleplay. He’d been booked for cuckold play before, but always by the male partner. Still, he liked variety in his job and today was looking promising.

“My pathetic worm of a husband will be home in about half an hour. That’ll give us time for a shower together and I want you to be fucking me hard when he enters the bedroom. You OK with this? We’ve done it before and it was fantastic, but to be honest, the guy we booked wasn’t that hot. You’re fucking gorgeous, so I reckon we’re gonna have a great time!”

Jake nodded and smiled.

“Mary, fucking you hard will be my absolute pleasure. Show me to the bathroom!”

Mary squeaked and clapped her hands together.

“This way, Jake.”

Mary led Jake up the stairs and he very much enjoyed the view of her sexy butt cheeks as she wiggled in front of him. She was only wearing a thong under her shortish skirt and Mary knew she had a great ass. She hoped Jake liked what he saw.

The bathroom was large and had a double shower cubicle. Mary was starting the water, checking it wasn’t too hot.

“I want to watch you undress, Jake. It’s so long since I’ve had a real man.”

Jake started to undress slowly. He stripped down to his boxers and saw the look on Mary’s face as she licked her lips. He turned away and dropped his boxers, then turned back to face Mary. Her eyes were wide and her mouth open.

“Fuck, that’s huge and you’re not even hard yet! I’ve never had one that big before. Jon is going to be so fucking jealous!”

Jake smiled and watched Mary slip out of her clothes. She had a lovely body with quite large, soft breasts. She had a little fat around her tummy and the odd ripple on her thighs and looked a little self-conscious when she stood fully naked in front of Jake. He knew exactly how to handle this.

“Fuck me, you’re sexy. God, I love my job!”

Mary giggled at this and felt reassured that Jake found her attractive.

“I hope you mean that, cos you’re like a fucking Greek God!”

Mary held her hand out to Jake and led him into the shower. As soon as they were under the stream of water, Mary turned to face Jake and reached up to kiss him. He returned her kiss with a passion that he wondered might be missing in her life. His hands started to explore her body and he felt her knees buckle a little when he squeezed her delectable buttocks with one hand and rolled one of her nipples between the finger and thumb of his other hand.

Mary couldn’t wait to feel Jake’s cock, which was growing quickly. She gasped as she tried to wrap her fingers around it and realised it was too thick for her fingers and thumb to encircle.

“Oh my God, it’s beautiful. I want it so badly!”

Mary reached around to get some shower gel and squirted a dollop onto Jake’s chest and a dollop onto her breasts. They both worked up a lather on each other’s bodies, making sure no area was left un-soaped.  Needless to say, Mary paid particular attention to Jake’s thick cock and balls and also thoroughly soaped his ass crack.

“I might get my tongue up there later…” she teased.

Jake did the same, slipping a soapy finger into Mary’s ass, making her squirm.

“I’m definitely getting mine up there later, and maybe something else too!”

Mary closed her eyes, imagining this Adonis of a man rimming her then fucking her ass hole. It wasn’t just the water from the shower dripping down the inside of her thighs now. Her pussy was soaking wet and when Jake slipped his thumb into it while still sliding a finger into her asshole, he felt Mary shudder.

“Oh fuck, I need you right now!”

Mary stepped out of the shower, pulling Jake behind her by his massive cock. She grabbed a towel and quickly dried them both off, then led Jake into the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Jake closer to her. His cock was now fully erect and twitching, inches from Mary’s face. She grabbed it firmly at the base and fed the head into her mouth while moaning loudly. When Jake felt Mary’s hot lips around his glans, he let out a sigh as well.

“I can deep-throat my hubby’s little dick, but Jesus, I can’t take all this!”

But she tried valiantly and managed to get about three quarters of Jake’s cock into her before she gagged. Mary was an accomplished cock-sucker, much to Jake’s delight. As she was straining to take this huge cock into her throat, she was massaging Jake’s balls and running her fingers up and down his ass crack. It felt really good and he couldn’t wait to fuck this sexy girl.

Mary came up for air and checked the clock on the wall.

“He’ll be home any time now. I think he should walk in and see you fucking me hard from behind. What do you think?”

Jake grinned. He suspected poor Jon would be shocked at the sight of Jake’s massive cock plunging in and out of his wife’s hot pussy. Wasn’t that the idea?

“I think you’ve thought this through pretty well! OK, sexy-ass, jump on the bed and get on your knees. I’m gonna start gently, don’t worry, but you’re gonna know you’re being fucked. When Jon walks in, I’m going to take your breath away!”

Mary moaned her agreement and with wobbly legs, climbed on to the bed. They had already discussed not using condoms for this encounter and as Jake had a regular check-up and was scrupulously clean, Mary was only too pleased to be taking Jake’s huge cock raw into her pussy.

Jake eased up behind Mary, who was on all fours, face down, ass in the air, just inviting Jake to mount it. He decided to squat down to penetrate Mary, rather than kneel behind her. This way, he could monkey-fuck her for maximum penetration and to better shock Jon when he caught them. He could really smash her from this position and he’d never failed to make a woman cum several times when fucking like this.

He stood shakily on the bed, then bent his knees until the tip of his cock was touching Mary’s slippery pussy lips. Her breath was coming hard and fast now, bracing herself for the rogering of her life. Mary’s pussy was so wet now, Jake’s knob slipped in fairly easily and they both let out a little gasp. Slowly and gently, Jake penetrated Mary with short thrusts, going in deeper each time, until his full length was buried deep inside her.

“Oh my good God! It’s so big, it feels amazing. Please fuck me Baby, and don’t stop if I shriek out. If I can’t take it, I’ll flop forward, but I really want you to fuck me hard and deep.”

Even before Jake pulled his hips back ready to thrust himself back in, he heard a car pull up on the drive. Jon was home and the show was about to begin.

“Perfect” said Mary. “For once, the little weasel has got something right.” As the front door opened and a male voice said “Hi Hun,” Mary shouted “Up here, you pathetic piece of shit. Now!” She then looked over her shoulder directly into Jake’s eyes and said “Earn your fee, you fucker!”

Wow, Jake wasn’t used to being ordered about by a girl younger than himself, but he quite liked it. He nodded and started to thrust in and out of Mary’s soaking pussy, making her moan loudly. Jon would have no doubt what he would be walking in on as he climbed the stairs. He heard Mary shout out “Oh yes! Fuck me with that huge cock. Fuck me like my husband can only dream of!”

Jon entered the bedroom to the sight of his sexy wife, fully naked on the bed, face down, ass up. She was being forcibly fucked by a great-looking guy with the biggest cock he’d ever seen, moaning loudly with each thrust and he could hear the sound of Jake’s balls slapping her ass.

“Mary? What the fuck?” shouted Jon.

Mary replied “Jon, you pathetic wimp, sit your ass in that chair and watch a real man fuck me. Oh my God, it’s so fucking good!”

After just a few more thrusts, Jake could feel Mary starting to cum and cum hard. She was already screaming and now with her husband watching, she let herself go and rubbed her clit hard as she came over and over, Jake not letting up with his deep thrusting. He looked over to Jon and grinned as he saw him stroking his own cock, which to be fair, wasn’t tiny like Mary had led him to believe. That must have been part of the humiliation roleplay, but judging by his erection, Jon was enjoying seeing Mary being fucked almost as much as she was enjoying cumming over and over on Jake’s huge cock.

Jake loved the feeling of a hot pussy cumming and convulsing around his cock. He was starting to feel the familiar feeling rising in his loins as his own orgasm approached but he wasn’t sure how Mary wanted to play this part.

“I’m gonna cum soon, you filthy slut. Shall I breed you or cover your face with cum?”

As Jake said this, Jon moaned loudly. He hadn’t cum but was obviously close and the suggestion of covering his wife’s face with cum nearly pushed him over the edge.

Mary slumped forward, her pussy now too sensitive to take any more thrusting.

“I’ve got a better idea,” she said. “Jon, come here, now!” Jon eased himself on to the bed, still jerking himself. She slapped his hand and said “Stop that, you cretin. Only Jake gets to cum today. Now, suck his cock and taste your wife’s cunt on it. NOW!”

Wow, Jake wasn’t expecting that. He had no problem being sucked off by a guy, hell, he’d even sucked a few cocks himself and he liked the idea of Jon tasting Mary’s pussy straight from his cock. Jon reluctantly took Jake’s cock into his hand, then pushed his tongue out, licking at it like a popsicle. Mary looked furious.

“Not like that, you stupid prick. Suck it properly, get Jake close, then jerk it over my face till he shoots. Got that?”

Jon nodded meekly, then wrapped his lips around Jake’s engorged cock. Mary placed her hand on Jake’s ass and pushed him so he thrust deep into Jon’s mouth, almost choking him. Jake got the message and started to face-fuck poor Jon, who was struggling to breathe, so full was his mouth of Jake’s massive dick. He was obviously loving it though because he moaned hard as he came without any further jerking of his own cock. Jake smiled then figured Mary would be mad at this.

“Uh-oh” said Jake, motioning his head down to where Jon had spurted cum out onto the bed. Mary looked down, saw what had happened and shouted “Pathetic! Didn’t I tell you not to cum! You’ll pay for that, now watch a real man cum. Finish him off on my face now, you little shit!”

Jon pulled Jake’s cock out of his mouth and jerked it hard, pointing it straight at Mary’s face. Jake relaxed his muscles and let his orgasm rise from his loins and erupt from the tip of his cock. He shot spurt after spurt of hot semen onto Mary’s pretty face and mouth. His knees were shaking with the strength of his orgasm and he heard Jon muttering “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” over and over. Mary yelped with delight as Jake emptied his balls over her. He had cum so much that her mouth, cheeks and chin were dripping with cum, covering her breasts too. Her nipples were as hard as bullets and they looked fantastic with Jake’s cum running down them.

But Mary had one more surprise in store for her husband. She pointed to her breasts and said directly to Jon “Clean them. NOW!”

Jon looked nervous as he dropped his head to Mary’s cum-covered tits. “NOW, loser!” she commanded and Jake looked on as Jon licked his cum off his wife’s breasts. “All of it!” ordered Mary, mercilessly, and Jon obeyed, licking and slurping all the cum from her chest and upper belly. Mary pushed all of the cum from her face into her own mouth and when Jon was done, she said “Now kiss me Jon, I fucking love you, Baby!”

Jake marvelled at how Mary expressed her love for her husband – with a mouthful of Jake’s cum! They kissed for some time, allowing Jake to recover after his huge orgasm. He could tell that this couple were deeply in love but obviously both got off on humiliating Jon. Jake didn’t judge – it takes all sorts to make a world. Besides, he was getting very well paid to help them live out their little fetish, so he was hardly about to complain.

Mary and Jon eventually broke from their passionate kissing, both sighing with contentment. Mary slipped into the bathroom to freshen up and Jon introduced himself to Jake properly.

“That was fucking amazing. What are you, like some kind of rent-a-stud?”

Jake grinned and said “I guess you could say that. I’m Jake, the pussy slayer! Nice to meet you Jon.”

Jon shook his hand, a slightly superfluous action, thought Jake, considering he’d had his cock in Jon’s mouth a few minutes ago.

“You don’t mind helping us live out our little fantasy?” Jon asked.

Jake shook his head and said “On the contrary, I feel honoured to be invited in to your bedroom. Mary is a very sexy girl, you’re a lucky guy.”

Jon smirked at this comment. He knew he’d hit the jackpot when he landed Mary. He was ten years her senior and very thankful that she was into older guys.

“We don’t do this kind of thing every day, you know. Our sex life is fairly normal, to be honest, but every now and then, Mary feels a strong urge to dominate and humiliate me. I love it too and we’ll have the best sex for the next few weeks, until she gets the urge again.”

Jake smiled. He’d learnt a lot about people’s sexual peccadilloes over the last few years and not much shocked him anymore. He could even understand Jon’s feelings a little, finding it quite erotic when Mary was ordering him around earlier.

“Oh, one more thing,” said Jon. “It’s gonna get worse. Mary will really lay into me and encourage you to humiliate me as well. The more you get into it, the more Mary will love it, so don’t hold back. I can take whatever you say to me. It’s roleplay, after all.”

Jake thought for a moment, then said “OK, you pathetic, snivelling piece of shit, you fucking asked for it!” and winked at Jon, who smiled back at Jake and gave him the thumbs-up.

Mary reappeared from the bathroom, looking and smelling lovely.

“That was the best fuck I’ve had for months Jake. If only Jon could fuck me half as good I wouldn’t need to hire a real man. He can’t help having a tiny limp dick though. I married a fucking pussy who’s only good for watching and wanking while a proper man fucks me.”

Mary was back in full roleplay mode now. Jake decided to add to the fun.

“He can’t even suck dick properly and the pussy-ass sissy came when I fucked his throat. Are you sure he even is a man?”

Mary was delighted that Jake was embracing this scenario.

“Ha, you’re right. He’s a fucking eunuch. Now Jake, tell me what you’re going to do to me next. You really should show twat-face over there how you make a girl scream when she’s fucked properly.”

Jake remembered what they’d talked about in the shower earlier.

“I bet when your piece-of-shit husband tries to fuck you, you can’t even feel his tiny cock. Well, you’re gonna feel mine all right, especially when I fuck your little asshole!”

Mary squealed with the thought of Jake’s massive cock impaling her anally.

Jake added “And when I’m fucking your ass, twat-face is going to lick mine. Got it?”

Jon looked at the floor and Mary beamed. “Fucking great idea, Jake. That’s all he’s good for.”

Mary sat back on the bed and lay back, her legs splaying to either side. Jake, who loved to eat a fresh young pussy, knelt on the floor and started to caress her thighs, lifting her legs to squeeze her buttocks too. Mary’s eyes closed and she whimpered loudly as Jake worked his tongue all around her pubic mound. He planted hot kisses on her clitoris, ran his lips over her labia, then parted them with his tongue. Mary’s juices started to flow again and she caressed her own breasts as Jake feasted on her wet pussy, slurping loudly and tongue-fucking her as deep as he could.

He alternated darting his tongue into Mary’s pussy with pushing it into her anus, making sure she was well-lubed for the anal assault that he was about to give her. When he pushed her legs back as far as he could and forced his tongue deep into Mary’s ass, she came again and Jake felt her whole body convulse and shake with the power of her orgasm.

He eased her legs down gently and let Mary recover a little, catching her breath before the main event.

“That’s how you eat pussy, twat-face. I hope you were watching,” said Jake to Jon.

He obviously was watching as his cock was now fully erect again.

“Oh fuck, Jake, Jon could never do that. He’s never made me cum that hard all the time we’ve been together. His tongue is as pathetic as his shrivelled little cock, good for nothing.”

Jake decided it was time to get sweaty again. He decided to take control.

“Jon, get on the bed and lie on your back. Mary, kneel down so your legs are either side of Jon’s head. I’m gonna fuck you in the ass and he’s gonna get the best view in the house!”

Mary felt a shiver run through her as Jake took control. She did as he instructed and straddled Jon’s head. Jake moved up behind her and ran his hard cock up and down the length of Mary’s slit. He then pushed his cock down to Jon's mouth so could taste his wife’s juice. Now fully lubed and ready, Jake offered his cock up to Mary’s puckered anus. He had no idea if she was experienced at anal, but suspected she was. However, he doubted she’d have been anally penetrated by a cock as big as his before.

Jake pushed his hips forward and felt Mary’s sphincter relax enough to allow the head of his cock to slip into her. Mary yelped as her ass accepted this throbbing intrusion. Jon watched as Jake started to ease his full length into his wife’s tight anus, his face and mouth just inches away. Mary was gasping and moaning loudly, overwhelmed with the girth of Jake’s cock, stretching her tiny asshole. She adored anal and this was the biggest cock she’d ever experienced. Without any clitoral stimulation at all, on Jakes third deep thrust, Mary had a knee-trembling orgasm. The feeling welled up quickly from her stomach then felt like it was exploding out of her vagina, her juices dripping down on to Jon’s eager tongue. After a few more thrusts, the same thing happened again, another orgasm engulfing her body, leaving her panting and breathless.

Jake was smart enough to pace his thrusting, giving Mary maximum pleasure. She was so lost in the moment, she completely forgot to tell Jon how amazing Jake was compared to him. The sensation of Jake’s huge cock filling her completely, his hips slapping against her buttocks, was taking her to a place she’d never been before. Her third orgasm started to build and it felt different to the previous two. She could feel heat in her chest, shivers ran down her spine and her knees became weak. Jake had reached around to finger her pussy in time with his thrusting. His other hand was kneading and squeezing her breasts and she could feel her husband’s breath on her pussy as he panted with lust.

When the orgasm finally hit her, she almost passed out. Bright lights flashed in her eyes and she felt like all the blood had drained from her legs. She cried out louder than Jon had ever heard and Jake felt her ass contracting wildly around his shaft. His own orgasm was rapidly approaching, so he relaxed and let it flow, spurt after spurt, so much that it was already dribbling out of Mary’s convulsing ass hole. The cum dripped directly onto Jon’s face and he lapped it up eagerly.

Mary eventually flopped forward, no breath left in her body, she was totally wasted and spent from three searing orgasms, the last of which was the most intense she had ever felt. When Jake lifted himself off the bed, he had to chuckle at the sight of Jon’s face covered in the cum that had seeped out of Mary’s ass. Jon had obviously enjoyed it too. Jake could see cum all over his belly where he’d had another hands-free orgasm, no doubt at the moment his wife shrieked with pleasure.

It took the three of them some time to recover from their exertions. Jake noticed the clock on the wall and he had overrun his appointment time by 40 minutes, but he wasn’t bothered by that. He smiled smugly to himself that he had another satisfied client and didn’t doubt they would book him again in the future, maybe the next time Mary got the urge to humiliate her husband. For now, Mary and Jon were lying side by side, kissing passionately again. Jake discreetly crept into the bathroom to clean up, not wanting to disturb their intimate moment.

When he re-entered the bedroom fully clothed, Mary and Jon were in bed, sat up, chatting about the experience they’d just had.

“I told you he’d be the one, didn’t I?” asked Jon.

“Yeah, Babe, you were right, as always!” replied Mary.

Ah, so it was John that had found Jake.

“Ahem,” coughed Jake as he sat on the corner of the bed. "I guess I’d better leave you guys to it.”

Jon smiled and Mary laughed, saying “Fuck, after that session, I won’t need to cum again for a month!”

Jake looked at Jon and said “Aww, sorry man!” and all three of them laughed.

As he left, Mary promised she would book him again and Jake said “Any time, I think you’re both amazing!”

On his way home, Jake couldn’t wait to tell Molly, his girlfriend, all about his latest booking. He knew Molly loved to hear, in graphic detail, about Jake’s couple encounters.

He also suspected he’d be getting intimate with Molly’s ass later as well!