Lust At First Sight A SERIES ~ Ch 1: Forever Fantastical Crush

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13 Jun. '19
Lust At First Sight A SERIES ~ Ch 1: Forever Fantastical Crush

Chapter 1: Forever Fantastical Crush

From the moment I first saw you, I knew I had to get your attention somehow. I didn’t even stop to consider that it felt like I had seen you in some far away fantasy. My eyes couldn’t believe that you were real. Every moment with you in it seemed like a dream.

One day, we walked past each other in the hallway and it was truly one of those corny high school movie moments in real life. Your eyes met mine and you said “What’s up”... I was shocked that you even recognized me. I will never forget the way that you looked at me that day. 

You don’t leave my mind a year later. You’re not interested, and that’s okay, but that doesn’t mean you’re not the main character in all my twisted little fantasies. After all, it was lust at first sight. I wanted you. I wanted you to want me, touch me. I wanted to touch you, wrap your strong arms around my body, and look into those eyes again.

My mind concocts out of this world fantasies about you to this very day. I feel some shame, because of the way I like someone who doesn’t have the same feelings about me, and how I can’t let go of the idea of him as the one for me. But I swear he’s all I want, even if I can’t have him, even if it’s just horny fantasies. 

I’ve forgotten about all the other crushes, except him. I want to move on, and I have for the most part. No more feeling sorry for myself because of rejection, just learning from the past and moving on. 

As I keep noting though, I still want for him. I have these images of him in my mind that become more vivid every time I close my eyes and touch myself. I wonder how he’d come after me, if he’d be aggressive and take me like a prize, or if he’d approach me gently with soft desires to fuck me passionately. I go between him dominating me, and me dominating him, fulfilling all my wants. It’s hot as hell either way, and I can’t shake the thought of it. 

The only problem is, nothing manifests in real life. I’ve never experienced his touch. When I see him around, I can’t hide my smile. I react to his all encompassing presence before I can even think about it. Honestly, with all the times I’ve acted awkward in response to his mellow “what’s up”, I wouldn’t be surprised if he sees clearly how much I like him, how much I want him close. I think he can tell how I feel about him, how I think about him, because of the way my eyes meet his body. 

 Whether or not he feels the same, this is real for me. And at this point I’ve just accepted that he’s what comes to mind when I get horny...