Lust At First Sight A SERIES ~ Ch 2: Things I Imagine

Info fantasybutterfly000
13 Jun. '19

Chapter 2: Things I Imagine

I’ve imagined us hooking up a million times. I lust after slutty encounters with you, dominating me. Me fuflilling your sexual wants, however you want. 

I imagine you being chill and not really caring as you rest on a couch, slouched back. Then I draw you in with slow, arousing touches. I stroke your neck, that space behind your ears, down your arm, and then... the inside of your leg.

You beckon me closer with your eyes, but I try to take it slow before giving into you fully, like you know I want to. I tend to every part of your body with kisses and licks before I begin to tease the zipper of your jeans. I move closer to you, my boobs directly in your side view and began to graze your dick through your pants. I look into your eyes for what seems like forever and then I lean in for a kiss. You wrap your tongue around mine, touch my chin gently and then proceed to wrap your hand around my neck. You place your other hand on top of my hand that is rubbing your hard on. 

We stay like this for a while, our hands and lips touching. Gradually, we begin kissing more intensely. I’m getting wetter every second, just from touching you. 

At last, I unzip your jeans and take your dick out of your boxers. I began to stroke it up and down and then suddenly, your firm hand still around my neck, you slam me down on the couch beside you. I’m now laying on my back with my legs open. You kiss me down my body, roughly but sweetly. I begin to moan as you kiss my vulva through my lacey underwear. You go down on me relentlessly, your tongue massaging my clitoris. You swirl your tongue around, putting all the right pressure on my clit. You stick your tongue in my pussy and I get shivers up spine. Your hand is still around my neck as I climax. 

You don't stop until my body curls upward, and that’s when you pull me into your lap. I feel your hard dick against my ass as you feel me up. We stay like this for a while, I wrap around you fully and we kiss, my tits pressing against your chest and my ass rubbing against your dick all the while. Moments later, I’m ready to give you the attention you gave me. I whisper in your ear “I want to put your cock in my mouth”

You whisper back “What are you waiting for then?” So I move from your lap and down to the floor, between your legs. I run my fingers up and down your legs as I tease your dick with my tongue. I start by wrapping my lips around just the tip and swirling my tongue around, making you breathe heavy. I suck on the head and look into your bright eyes, and you can’t help but close them as you leans back in pleasure. 

I run my hands up towards your chest and ask you if you like what I’m doing. “It’s fucking amazing". 

“Deep throat it” you command. 

So I do, or I try. You thinks it’s cute how I can’t fit all in. I have spit trailing down my lips, my chin. It drips down to my exposed cleavage. 

"Take your top off” You direct me, once again leading the way. I don’t mind it at all. I slide the straps down my shoulders and pull them down to reveal my puffy tits and aroused nipples. I play with them as I’m perched there between your legs. I rub your dick around my nipples, the saliva making them slippery. 

You can’t fucking contain your arousal as I begin to bounce my tits up and down while your dick rest on top. I then slide your cock right in between my boobs and rub it up and down. I spit on it more, your dick getting so hard between my tits. 

“This makes me so wet, you getting turned on like that” I say. “Such a big hard dick” I keep going, hugging your cock on my soft chest. 

“Fuck,” you let out a deep breath. “I’m about to cum” you tell me “It feels so fucking good

"Give it to me” I beg you. “I want your cum all over my tits”. 

Seconds later, you release cum all over me.

That's just one scenario I've imagined ;)